Circuit Skills #3 - Perfboard Prototyping

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  • Part no.: 2121092
  • Manufacturer: Jameco Kitpro
  • Manufacturer no.: KIT-PERFPROTO
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Circuit Skills #3 - Perfboard Prototyping

- A Guitar Effects Pedal -

Learn how to build an experimental circuit on a common "pad-per-hole" perforated board, also known as a perfboard or protoboard. The term "pad" refers to the small copper circles which each electronic components is soldered to. Many people are interested in building their own guitar effects pedals, so in this example project, Collin Cunningham will show you how it's done. For more information, visit the Jameco DIY Workshop.

Kit Includes

Part No.Description
1x 839826IC, LM386N-1, DIP-8
1x 893179IC, CD40106BE, DIP-14
10x 38360Transistor, 2N3904, TO-92
1x 51626Socket, IC, DIP-8, Machine Tooled
1x 37197Socket, IC, DIP-14, Machine Tooled
10x 35975Diode, Silicon, Rectifier, 1N4001, 1A, 50V
100x 691260Resistor, 47KΩ, ¼W, 5%
100x 691227Resistor, 33KΩ, ¼W, 5%
10x 93739Capacitor, Electrolytic, Radial, 22µF, 50V
10x 93731Capacitor, Electrolytic, Radial, 2.2µF, 50V
10x 29964Capacitor, Electrolytic, Radial, 100µF, 50V
10x 26956Capacitor, Film, Radial, 0.1µF, 50V
10x 15211Capacitor, Ceramic, Radial, 0.0047µF, 50V
1x 255573
Potentiometer, 500K, Linear, 24mm, 1/2W
1x 286206Potentiometer, 10K, Linear, 16mm, 1/8W
1x 255442Potentiometer, 100K, Audio, 16mm, 1/10W
1x 216452Connector, 9V Battery, Safety Snap
1x 281738Connector, ¼" Phone Jack, 2 Position, Solder Lug, Panel Mount
1x 281746Connector, ¼" Phone Jack, 3 Position, Solder Lug, Panel Mount
1x 105111Protoboard, 2.4" x 3.4"

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