Banana Jack Pomona Electronics   to   Power Supply 12 Volt 200 Amp

Buy Banana Jack Pomona Electronics Items Including
  • 3267: Standard Uninsulated Banana Jack (10 Pack)
  • 6387-ST-T-0: 4MM Black Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 2854-2: Pomona Red Banana Jacks 10 Pack
  • 6387-ST-T-2: 4MM Red Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 5935-0: Chassis Mount 2MM (0.08 Inch ) Insulated Banana Jack
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Buy Jk Flip Flop IC 74LS Items Including
  • 74LS109: LS Dual JK Positive Edge Trigger Flip Flop DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • SN74LS73AN: Flip Flop Jk-Master-Slave Type Negative Edge 2 Element 14 Pin Pdip
Category: 74LS Series
Buy Female Header Connector Items Including
  • TDH16SG-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 2 Row 16 Contacts .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • G85-20-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 1 Row 20 Cont .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • TDH16SG-VP-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 1 Row 16CONT .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • B06-1X12BG-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Female Header Receptacle
  • GOLDSUN G85-20-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 2 Row 20 Contacts .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
Category: Headers
Buy Common Cathode LED Displays 7 Segment Items Including
  • LSD3211-11: LED Display (7 Segment) Character Height: 0.300 Inch (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-5303: Common Cathode 7 Segment LED Display (7 Segment)
  • TDSR3163-G: 7 Segment Display Single Digit Display
  • LTS-367R: Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display
  • SD-525R: 0.56 Inch High Red Common Cathode Seven Segment Display
Category: 7 Segment
Buy IC Memory Chip Items Including
  • IS62WV25616BLL-55TLI: SRAM Chip Asynchronous Single 3.3 Volt 4M-bit 256K X 16 55NS 44 Pin Tsop-Ii
  • IS61C256AL-12JLI: SRAM Chip Asynchronous Single 5 Volt 256K-bit 32K X 8 12NS 28 Pin SOJ
  • CY7C199-25VC: CY7C199 SRAM 32K X 8 5V 25NS SOJ-28 (Memory)
  • IS42S32800B-6TL: Dram Chip Sdram 256M-Bit 8MX32 3.3 Volt 86 Pin Tsop-Ii
  • IS61LV12816L-10BLI: SRAM Chip Asynchronous Single 3.3 Volt 2M-bit 128K X 16 10NS 48 Pin Mini-Bga
Category: SRAM
Buy Velleman Multimeters Items Including
  • DVM810: Mini 3-1/2 Digit Multimeter -19 Ranges (Test & Measurement)
  • DVM850BL: 3-1/2 Digit Multimeter with Backlight and Protective Holster
  • AVM360: Analog Multimeter DC and DC Max 1000 Volt 5.8X3.9X1.4 Inch
  • AVM460: Analog Multimeter (with Holster & Battery Test)
  • DVM3218: Pen Type Digital Multimeter Auto Range or Manual Range
Category: Multimeters
Buy Resistor 5 Watt Items Including
  • CF1/4W101JRC: 100 Ohm 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%)
  • CF1/4W472JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
  • CF1/4W221JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%)
  • CF1/4W331JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs
  • CF1/4W471JRC: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film Resistor (±5%) Rohs 470 Ohm
Category: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film
Buy Clarostat 10K Potentiometer Items Including
  • RV4NAYSD103A: Resistor Pot 10K Ohm 10% 2 Watt 6.35MM Solder Lug Panel Mount
  • PMD-401-K: PMD 1/8W Linear Taper 10KΩ Potentiometer
  • 18STS103: 18STS 3/8 Inch Square Cermet Potentiometer
  • RV4NAYSD502A: RV4 Series 5K Ω 2 Watt Industrial Potentiometer
  • PCW1J-C28-BAB103L: Potentiometer POT 10K Ohm .75W 7/8 20% PC
Category: Potentiometers
Buy Stranded 26 Awg Hook Up Wire Items Including
  • 815-2: 26 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 815-0: 26 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 815-5: 26 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 815-9: 26 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 815-6: 26 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
Category: Hook-Up
Buy Rotary Switch Knobs Items Including
  • 35-855: Rotary Switch on-off SPST Knob Shaft Wire Lead 6A 250VAC
  • PKB70B1/4: Switch Access Rotary Switch Knob
  • 35-856: Rotary Switch on-off SPST Knob Shaft Wire Lead 6A 250VAC
  • 35-859: Rotary Switch on-off SPST Knob Shaft Wire Lead 6A 250VAC
  • PKD70B101/4: Switch Access Rotary Switch Round Knob
Category: Rotary
Buy Push Actuator Solenoid Items Including
  • 412: Small 24VDC Push-Pull Solenoid (Actuators)
  • 413: Large 24VDC Push-Pull Solenoid (Actuators)
  • 191172-001: 12VDC Stroke Push Solenoid Coil Resistance: 45Ω
  • (Actuators)
  • SMT-1325S12A-R: 12VDC Tubular Push Solenoid (Actuators)
Category: Solenoids
Buy 1uf Capacitors Items Including
  • SR215E104MAR.: SR Capacitor Radial Configuration Z5U .1uf 50V 20% 0.2X0.20.2LS
  • T354A105K035AT: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 1uf 35 Volt 10% (4.5 X 8.6MM) Radial 6.35MM 125C
  • T110A105K050AS: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 1uf 50 Volt 10% (3.43 X 7.26MM) Axial 8 Ohm 125C
  • 06035G104ZAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 Y5V .1uf +80/-20% 50V 7IN TR 0603
  • 0603YC104JAT2AT/R: Capacitor 0603 X7R .1uf 5% 16V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Tantalum
Buy 5V 3A Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • MC7805CTG: 2.2A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
  • MC7805BTG: 5V 1A Voltage Regulator Pins: 3
  • 34020: 5V Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit (Unassembled)
  • LP2951ACP: Adjustable Voltage Regulator 5V, 3.3V and 3V Versions at 100MA Output
  • 79L05: -5V 3 Pin Negative Voltage Regulator Packaging: TO-92 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Voltage Regulators
Buy Bcd to Decimal Decoder IC Items Including
  • CD4028: BCD to Decimal Decoder Packaging: DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • 7445: BCD to Decimal Decoder/Driver DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • 74LS145: LS BCD to Decimal Decoder/Driver Packaging: DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 7442: BCD to Decimal Decoder DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • 74LS42: LS BCD to Decimal Decoder/Driver Packaging: DIP-16 (74LS Series)
Category: 74 Series
Buy Flash Memory IC Items Including
  • S29AL032D70BFI040: 32 Megabit CMOS 3.0 Volt-only Flash Memory
  • M45PE10-VMN6P: Nor Flash Serial-Spi 3.3 Volt 1M-bit 128K X 8 8NS 8 Pin so N
  • S29GL01GP11TFIR10: Nor Flash Parallel 3 Volt/3.3 Volt 1G-bit 128M X 8/64M X 16 110NS 56 Pin Tsop
  • AM29F400BB-90SF: Nor Flash Parallel 5 Volt 4M-bit 512K X 8/256K X 16 90NS 44 Pin So
  • 28F020-15: Flash nor 12V 256K X 8 150NS DIP-32 (Memory)
Category: Flash
Buy Analog DC Current Panel Meters Items Including
  • AIM60005: Analog DC Current Panel Meter 50µA (AIM600005)
  • AIM605000: Analog DC Current Panel Meter 5A Ammeter Range: 0 -5A
  • AIM60500: Analog DC Current Panel Meter 500MA Range: 0 -500MA
  • AIM705000: Analog DC Current Panel Meter 5A Range: 0 -5A (Test & Measurement)
  • AIM6050: Analog DC Current Panel Meter 50MA Range: 0 -50MA
Category: Other Meters
Buy Laser Diode 650NM Items Including
  • LTLD505T: Laser Diode 650NM 2.6VDC Algalnp Laser Diode
  • UM650-5-G: Optoelectronics 650NM Line Laser Diode Module
  • UM650-5-C: 650NM Cross Hair Laser Diode Module
Category: Modules
Buy Toggle Switch Nut Items Including
  • 700201201: 1/4-40 UNS Hex Nut for Sub/Min Push Button
  • T101MH9ABE: Tiny Toggle Switch SPDT Rt.Angle
  • 7101MD9ABE: SPDT Right Angle Miniature Toggle Switch
  • 7303MD9ABE: 3PDT Mini Toggle Switch 0.4VA 20V
  • T101MH9AVB: SPDT Toggle Switch 0.4V 20V Power Rating: 0.4 VA
Category: Toggle
Buy Relay 12 Volt Items Including
  • EP2-3N1ST: 12 Volt 225 Ohm Double Pole Double Throw Relay
  • HE721C1200: Electromechanical Relay Single Pole Double Throw 0.25A 12 Volt 500OHM through Hole
  • DS2Y-S-DC12V: Electromechanical Relay DPDT 2A 12 Volt 720 Ohm through Hole
  • JW1FSN-DC12V: Electromechanical Relay Single Pole Double Throw 10A 12 Volt 270OHM through Hole
  • TXS2-12V: Electromechanical Relay Double Pole Double Throw 1A 12 Volt 2.88KOHM through Hole
Category: DIP
Buy Solder on BNC Connector Items Including
  • 4788: Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder
  • 31-3301: Cable Terminated Male BNC Connector Clamp Solder
  • 413524-5: BNC Connector Jack Decoupler PCB Rtang
  • 5227222-1: Connector BNC Receptacle 0HZ to 4GHZ 50 Ohm Solder Straight Thru-Hole Tin
  • 413194-1: Connector BNC Receptacle 75 Ohm Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Gold
Category: BNC
Buy Panel Mount Power Outlet Items Including
  • NEMA-5-2: Male AC Power Outlet Nema Receptacle Snap-in Panel Mount
  • EAC411060: Connector Male 3 Position 14.02 Mm Faston Straight Panel Mount 3 Terminal 1 Port
  • 203540-1: Connector Receptacle 14 Position Solder Straight Panel Mount 14 Terminal 1 Port Loose Piece
  • 208697-2: Connector Receptacle 3 Position Straight Panel Mount 3 Terminal 1 Port
  • 6EC1: Power Line Filter EMI 50HZ/60HZ 6A 250VAC Quick Connect Panel Mount
Category: Power Connector
Buy Arduino Motor Shield Kit Items Including
  • A000079: Motor Shield R3
  • DRI0009: 2A Motor Shield for Arduino 2 Way 7-12V Motor Drive
  • KA03: Motor & Power Shield Kit for Arduino 2 Channels
  • MEGAMOTO: Motor Control Shield for Arduino
  • VMA03: Motor & Power Shield for Arduino (Assembled) 2 Channels
Category: Shields
Buy Alpha B5K Potentiometer Items Including
  • RV16AF-10-15R1-B53: 1/8W 5KΩ Linear Taper Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • RV24AF-10-15R1-B53: Potentionometer 5K Linear Taper 1/2WATT .335 Inch
Category: Potentiometers
Buy Programmable Timer IC Items Including
  • CD4541BE: Programmable Timer Single 14 Pin Pdip
  • 8253-5: Programmable Interval Timer 5MHZ (Timing Solutions)
  • 82C54: Programmable Interval Timer 8MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
  • 8254-2: Programmable Interval Timer 10MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
  • AD2S99APZ: Oscillator 20 Pin Plcc (Timers (SMD) )
Category: Timers
Buy 1500uf Aluminum Capacitor Items Including
  • UPW1H152MHD-VP: Capacitor Radial 1500uf 50V 20% 105C 16X30X7.5MM
  • EEU-FC1C152L: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1500uf 16 Volt 20% (10 X 30MM) Radial 5MM 1815MA 3000H 105C Bulk
  • EEU-FC1E152S: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1500uf 25 Volt 20% (16 X 20MM) Radial 7.5MM 2205MA 5000H 105C Bulk
  • EEV-FK1C152Q: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1500uf 16V 20% (12.5 X 13.5MM) SMD 0.06 Ohm 1100MA 2000H 105°C T/R
  • CGS152T450X5C: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Radial 1500uf
Category: Organic
Buy DIP Wire-Wrap IC Sockets Items Including
  • 6100-18W-R: 18 Pin Machine Tooled Wire Wrap IC Socket 0.3 Inch Wide
  • 14TWW3: 14 Pin Wire Wound IC Socket 0.3 Inch Wide
  • T/W 6100-24W-R: Sckt IC 24PIN Machine Tooled Wire Wrap
  • 24S-T2WW: Socket IC 24PIN Wire Wrap Tin
  • 16S-T2WW-R: 16 Pin Machine Tooled Low Profile IC Socket 0.3 Inch Wide
Category: DIP Wire-Wrap
Buy DIP Adapter Items Including
  • 616-CG1: Connector DIP Adapter Pl/Pl 16 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole
  • 16-600-10: 16 Position DIP 0.3 Inch Wide Connector Socket Introduction
  • 14-600-10: 600 14 Pin 0.1 Inch DIP Header Fork Pin
  • 204-0003-01: Ez SOIC to DIP Adapter Row of Headers
  • 204-0006-01: Ez SOIC to DIP Adapter Pitch: 0.65MM (Prototyping Systems)
Category: Sockets
Buy DC AC Relay Items Including
  • KSD203AC2-R: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • ESR5102401000Z: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • S202TA1: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • S101S02: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay
  • KD20C40AX: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 4-32VDC
Category: Solid State
Buy Mylar Capacitor Items Including
  • MY.1/250: My .1µf 250 Volt Mylar Capacitor
  • MY.022: My .022 µF 100 Volt Mylar Capacitor
  • MY.33/250: 0.33µF Mylar Capacitor Capacitance: 0.33µ
  • F
  • MY.47: My .47µf 100 Volt Mylar Capacitor
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Buy Power Supply 12 Volt 200 Amp Items Including
  • RSP-3000-12: 2400W Single Output Power Supply AC Input 180 ~ 264VAC
  • SP-200-12: SP-200 200.4W AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply
  • PPS-200-12: PPS-200 199.2W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
  • MSP-200-12: MSP-200 200 Watt Single Output Medical Type Power Supply
  • QP-200-3A: AC to DC Power Supply 200W Quad Output with PFC Function
Category: Enclosed-Single Output