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Crimp Pins   to   Blue LCD Digital Voltmeter

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Crimp Pins

Crimp Pins 

Buy Crimp Pins Items Including
  • 1658544-1: Crimp PIN Male D-Sub Contact
  • Y-1800-TX-R: Crimp Pin Male Square Post Tin Rohs Compliant
  • JS-1105-T-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Pitch Crimp Pin Terminal
  • 500-155: 500 Female Crimp Pins -10 Pack
  • 66507-9: 66507 1 Position Male Crimp Pin
Category: D-Subminiature
Inverting Switching Regulator

Inverting Switching Regulator 

Buy Inverting Switching Regulator Items Including
  • LT1370CRPBF: 10A Switching Regulator
  • LM2597M-5.0/NOPB: LM2597-5.0 1.4A Switching Regulator
  • LT1082CN8PBF: LT1082 2.6A Switching Regulator
  • LT1171CQPBF: 5.5A Switching Regulator
  • LT1171HVCTPBF: 100KHZ 5A 2.5A and 1.25A High Efficiency Switching Regulator
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
LED Displays 7 Segment

LED Displays 7 Segment 

Buy LED Displays 7 Segment Items Including
  • LSD3211-11: LED Display (7 Segment)
  • LTS-312AG: LED Display 7 Segment 0.3 Inch Single Digit Numeric LED Display
  • LTS-6460G: LED Display 7 Segment (7 Segment)
  • LTS-360HR: LED Display 7 Segment 0.36 Inch Single Digit Numeric (7 Segment)
  • LTM-8647AG: 2 Digit 14 Segment Alphanumeric LED Display (7 Segment)
Category: 7 Segment
Nichibo Taiwan Corp Motors

Nichibo Taiwan Corp Motors 

Buy Nichibo Taiwan Corp Motors Items Including
  • QJT-360S-14280: 12 Volt DC Motor -4930 RPM
  • PC-260SB-10400-NR/38: 12 Volt @ 0.053 Amp 4719 RPM DC Motor
  • MD3BN-14280-R/51: 12 Volt @ 0.268 Amp 5260 RPM DC Motor
  • RF370CH-22170-R: 6VDC Motor 4787 Rpm 1-6V Range
  • RF-500TB-18280-R: 3 Volt DC Motor -2104 RPM Voltage: 3V
Category: DC Direct Drive
Order Capacitors

Order Capacitors 

Buy Order Capacitors Items Including
  • LTC1060CNPBF: Dual Switched Capacitor Filter
  • LTC1062CSWPBF: Gull Wing Switched Capacitor Filter
  • LTC1067CSPBF: Rail-to-Rail Very Low Noise Universal Dual Switched Capacitor Filter Building Block
  • LTC1069-1IS8PBF: Low Power 8TH Order Progressive Elliptic
  • LTC1062CN8PBF: Switched Capacitor Filter
Category: Filters
Programmable Timer IC

Programmable Timer IC 

Buy Programmable Timer IC Items Including
  • CD4541BE: Logic 14 Lead Pdip (Timers)
  • AD2S99APZ: Analog Programmable Oscillator (Timers (SMD) )
  • 8253-5: Programmable Interval Timer 5MHZ (Timing Solutions)
  • 82C54: Programmable Interval Timer 8MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
  • 8254-2: Programmable Interval Timer 10MHZ DIP-24 (Timing Solutions)
Category: Timers
Power Entry Module Delta EMI Filter

Power Entry Module Delta EMI Filter 

Buy Power Entry Module Delta EMI Filter Items Including
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 06AE2: Power Entry Module EMI Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 6A Switch/Fuse/Voltage Selector Straight 1 Port
  • 10CK3: Power Entry Module EMI Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 10A Switch/Fuse/Voltage Selector Straight 1 Port
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Flat Ribbon Cable Connectors

Flat Ribbon Cable Connectors 

Buy Flat Ribbon Cable Connectors Items Including
  • 171-20-100: 20 Conductor Gray Flat Ribbon Cable -100 Feet
  • 499252-5: 10 Position 0.1 Inch Ribbon Cable Connector
Category: Flat Ribbon
Tyco Amp Connectors

Tyco Amp Connectors 

Buy Tyco Amp Connectors Items Including
  • 1054869-1: Connector RF SMA AMP 2084-0000-02
  • 414963-1: Board Terminated Female SMB Connector
  • 5051426-2: Cable Terminated Male SHV Connector
  • 350428-1: 2 Contact Male Combination Line Connector
  • 350541-1: Connector Commercial Mate-N-Lok 3 POS
Category: RF Connectors
10000uf Aluminum Capacitor

10000uf Aluminum Capacitor 

Buy 10000uf Aluminum Capacitor Items Including
  • EC10K50LP-R: Capacitor Snap 10000uf 50V
  • CGS103U050R4C: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Radial 10000uf
  • CGS103U075V4C: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Radial 10000uf
Category: Snap Mount Electrolytic
Octal Relay

Octal Relay 

Buy Octal Relay Items Including
  • MK2P-I: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • BTA6-2C-J-CW-120VAC: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • K10P-11A15-120: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • KRPA-11DG-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • K10P-11D15-12: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
Category: General Purpose
DB9 Female Connector

DB9 Female Connector 

Buy DB9 Female Connector Items Including
  • 500-110: 500 Connector Housing Female DB9
  • DB9S-SFJ: Metal Solder-Cup Connector Female Solder Cup
Category: D-Subminiature
Tenergy Li-Poly/LIFEPO4 Rechargeable Batteries

Tenergy Li-Poly/LIFEPO4 Rechargeable Batteries 

Buy Tenergy Li-Poly/LIFEPO4 Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • 30207: 3.2V 10AH LIFEPO4 Rechargeable Battery
  • 30225: 3.2V 400MAH LIFEPO4 Button-Top Cylindrical Rechargeable Battery
  • 30200: Rechargeable LIFEPO4 RCR123A 3.0V
  • 31382: 12V 7AH LIFEPO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Category: Li-Poly/LIFEPO4 (Rechargeable)
Terminal Block 12 Position

Terminal Block 12 Position 

Buy Terminal Block 12 Position Items Including
  • PA10HDS-R: Terminal Block 12 Position 10MM Euro Strip UL 30A-450VOLT M3 Screw
  • EK500V-03P-R: EK Connector Terminal Blocks 12-24AWG
  • ES1000/12DS: 12 Position Terminal Block Current: 20A
  • PA12HDS-R: 12 Position Eurostrip Terminal Blocks H Type
  • PA8HDS-R: 24 Pole H-Type Terminal Block 1.2MM Raised Base
Category: Terminal Blocks
220uf Aluminum Capacitor

220uf Aluminum Capacitor 

Buy 220uf Aluminum Capacitor Items Including
  • UVR2C221MHD: VR Capacitor Radial 220uf 160V 20% 85C 16X30X7.5MM
  • EEE-FK1E221P: Passive Capacitor 220uf 25V 20% 8X1.2MM SMD 600MA TR
  • NACZ221M50V 10X10.5TR13F: Passive Capacitor 220uf 50V 20% 10X1.5MM
  • EEF-UE0J221R: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Solid Polymer
  • EEU-FC1V221: Capacitor Aluminum 220uf 35V 20% (10 X 12.5MM) Radial 5MM 755MA 3000H 105C Bulk
Category: Organic
Bcd to Decimal Decoder IC

Bcd to Decimal Decoder IC 

Buy Bcd to Decimal Decoder IC Items Including
  • CD4028: BCD to Decimal Decoder Packaging: DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • 7445: BCD to Decimal Decoder/Driver DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • 74LS145: LS BCD to Decimal Decoder/Driver Packaging: DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • SN7445N: Bcd-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (Logic)
  • 7442: BCD to Decimal Decoder DIP-16 (74 Series)
Category: 74 Series
Shielded Twisted Pair Cable

Shielded Twisted Pair Cable 

Buy Shielded Twisted Pair Cable Items Including
  • 8723 060100: 8723 Shielded 22AWG Multiconductor Cable (Assortments)
  • 3600B/20: Cables 20/Cab/ RC /Rjackt/Sh/Tp/Csa/Beige .3X.36 .2LS Bulk
  • 8723 060-U500: Cables Wire 2PR Chrome 8723-500 Foot Shielded 22AWG Stranded BOX
  • 3600B/14: Cables 14/Cab/ RC /Rjackt SH/TP/BEIGE/28AWG/STR/300 Foot
  • 3600B/26: 26/Cab/ RC /Rjackt/Sh/Tp/Csa/Beige .3X.36 .2LS Bulk
Category: Cables
DIN 8 Connector

DIN 8 Connector 

Buy DIN 8 Connector Items Including
  • K319-R: Standard DIN Socket Female 8 Pin Panel Mount
  • 02-060-R: Connector Circular DIN PI 8 Position Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port
  • 1658998-1: Connector Assembly 8 Mini-DIN RTA
  • 5211511-1: 211511 8 Circ DIN Recepticle Grnd Clip
  • 5750338-1: 5750338 8 POS Mini-DIN VRT Shld Conn
Category: Circular
RJ11 Connector 6P6C

RJ11 Connector 6P6C 

Buy RJ11 Connector 6P6C Items Including
  • 300-066: 6P6C RJ12 Modular Plug (RJ11)
  • 3008F-6621-R: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • 623K-6P6C-R: 6P6C RJ25 Modular Jack 6 Positions (RJ11)
  • 520258-3: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • 300-037: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Coupler
Category: RJ11
Wire Wrap Connector

Wire Wrap Connector 

Buy Wire Wrap Connector Items Including
  • 6100-18W-R: 18 Pin Machine Tooled Wire Wrap IC Socket 0.3 Inch Wide
  • 6100-8W-R: Socket IC Pin Machine Tooled Wire Wrap 0.3 Inch Width 0.515 Inch Lead
  • 6100-1X30W-R: .100 Inch Single in-Line Wire Wrap Machine Tooled Strip Socket
  • 6100-1X20W-R: .100 Inch Single in-Line Wire Wrap Machine Tooled Strip Socket
  • 6100-14W-R: Socket IC 14 Pin Machine Tooled Wire Wrap 0.3 Inch Width 0.515 Inch Lead
Category: Sockets
Voltage Regulator 6 Volt

Voltage Regulator 6 Volt 

Buy Voltage Regulator 6 Volt Items Including
  • L7806CV: Standard Regulator 6 Volt 1.5 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-220 Tube
  • 7806T: L 6V 3 Pin Voltage Regulator Introduction (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2941CS: Linear Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  • TPS78601DCQ: Low Drop-out CMOS Regulator Adjustable Volt
  • LP3965ES-ADJ/NOPB: LP3965 1.5A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
9V AC to AC Adapter

9V AC to AC Adapter 

Buy 9V AC to AC Adapter Items Including
  • PSA18U-090: AC to DC Switching Table Top Adapter Output Volts: 9V DC
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Adjustable 7 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • 900-051: AC-to-DC Adjustable 6 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • GST18U09-P1J: GST18U 18 Watt 9V 2A AC/DC High Reliability Industrial Adaptor
  • EA1018B-2U: AC to DC Slim Line Switchng Wall Adapter 9 Volts 2 Amps 18 Watts
Category: Wall Mount
Potentiometer 20K

Potentiometer 20K 

Buy Potentiometer 20K Items Including
  • 3329P-1-203LF: 3329 Resistor Trimmer 20K Ohm 10% 1/2 Watt 1 Turn Pin through Hole
  • 3386F-1-203LF: Resistor Trimmer 20K Ohm 10% 1/2 Watt 1 Turn 3.15MM Pin through Hole
  • 3386P-1-203/63P/72PR: Potentiometer 1/2 Watt 3/8 Inch Square (Trimmers)
  • 3299W-1-203/68WR20K: Resistor Trimmer 20K Ohm 10% 1/2 Watt 25 Turn 2.29MM Pin through Hole
  • 3266W-1-203LF: Resistor Trimmer 20K Ohm 10% 1/4 Watt 12 Turn 1.78MM Pin through Hole
Category: Trimmers
0.1uf Capacitor

0.1uf Capacitor 

Buy 0.1uf Capacitor Items Including
  • B32652-A6104-J: B32652 Capacitor Metallized Film Polypropylene 630V 0.1 uf
  • MD015E103MAB: MD Capacitor Radial Molded Z5U .01uf 50V 20% 0.26X0.135 Bulk
  • 0805YC103KAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0805 X7R .01uf 10% 16V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 0402YC103MAT2A: Capacitor 0402 X7R .01uf 20% 16V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • CK05BX103KTR1: Capacitor Radial Molded BX .01uf 200V 10% 0.19X0.190.2LS T/R
Category: Radial Ceramic
Circuit Board Kits

Circuit Board Kits 

Buy Circuit Board Kits Items Including
  • PCB-CUBE1: PCB for 8X8X8 LED Cube Kit -Cube Base
  • CJPCB-CUBE2: PCB for 8X8X8 LED Cube Kit -Cube Controller
  • 00106551: 106551 Mounting Hardware Kit (Spacers & Standoffs)
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
SMD Oscillators

SMD Oscillators 

Buy SMD Oscillators Items Including
  • AD2S99APZ: Analog Programmable Oscillator (Timers (SMD) )
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-14.31818-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • LTC6902CMSPBF: Multiphase 5KHZ to 20MHZ Oscillator with Ssfm
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Motor RF 500TB

Motor RF 500TB 

Buy Motor RF 500TB Items Including
  • RF-500TB-18280-R: 3 Volt DC Motor -2104 RPM Voltage: 3V
  • RF-500TB-12560-R.: 6 Volt DC Motor -2100 RPM
Category: DC Direct Drive
DC Power Adapter Plug

DC Power Adapter Plug 

Buy DC Power Adapter Plug Items Including
  • DCJ2.1 TO DCP2.5: DC Power Plug Adapter (Rectangular Connectors)
  • DCJ2.5 TO DCP2.1: DC Power Plug Adapter (Rectangular Connectors)
  • GE18I24-P1J: 18W Interchangeable AC Plug AC-to-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • GE24I24-P1J: GE24 Interchangeable Clip AC-to-DC Wall Adapter
  • 2109: 12VDC Auto/Mobile Power Adapter
Category: Wall Transformers
5V AC/DC Power Adapter

5V AC/DC Power Adapter 

Buy 5V AC/DC Power Adapter Items Including
  • FEF0500050A1BU: 2.5W Mini USB-Type Slim AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • SW013US-0500020US: 1W USB-Type AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • MAP40-3003: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/15V/-15V 3A/1.5A/0.2A 40W 8 Pin
  • MAP55-4000: AC/DC Power Supply Quad-Output 5V/12V/-5V/-12V 6A/3A/0.5A/0.5A 55W 11 Pin
  • MAP40-3000: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/12V/-12V 3A/2A/0.3A 40W 8 Pin
Category: Open Frame
Blue LCD Digital Voltmeter

Blue LCD Digital Voltmeter 

Buy Blue LCD Digital Voltmeter Items Including
  • SP 400-BLUE: 3 ½ Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Module
  • SP 300-BLUE: 3 ½ Digit LED Voltmeter Module
  • DPM 950S-EB-B: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Blue
  • DPM 750S-EB-B: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Blue
Category: 3.5 Digits

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