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Digital Station   to   Green/Red Circular Green 3MM

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Digital Station

Digital Station 

Buy Digital Station Items Including
  • LF-3000: 90 Watt High Frequency High Heat Capacity Soldering Station
  • WESD51: Weller 50W Digital Soldering Station
  • WD1002: Weller 85 Watt Digital Soldering Station
  • LF-389D: 60W Mini-Type Soldering Station
  • FX888D-29BY/P: 70W Digital Esd-Safe Soldering Station
Category: Soldering/de-Soldering Station
CMOS Rail Amp Pin

CMOS Rail Amp Pin 

Buy CMOS Rail Amp Pin Items Including
  • AD8607ARZ: OP Amp Analog Dual Precision CMOS Rail-Rail
  • AD8618AR: 20 MHZ CMOS Rail to Rail Input Output OP AMP
  • OPA2350UA: Dual OP AMP CMOS Rail-to-Rail
  • LTC6241HVCDDPBF: Dual 18MHZ Low Noise Rail-to-Rail
  • MCP6002-E/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Non-Insulated Ultra Fast Amp

Non-Insulated Ultra Fast Amp 

Buy Non-Insulated Ultra Fast Amp Items Including
  • 3-520410-2: 520410 187 Ultra-Fast Plus 16-14 Tpbr
  • 2-520084-2: 520084 Receptacle Assembly Ultra-Fast
  • 3-520408-2: Fast on Terminal Ultra Fast Flag 16-14
  • 3-520402-2: 520402 187 Ultra-Fast Plus 16-14 Tpbr
  • 2-520401-2: 187 Ultra-Fast Plus 22-18 Tpbr 2700 PCS PER Reel
Category: Terminals
Linear SMD 4 Pin

Linear SMD 4 Pin 

Buy Linear SMD 4 Pin Items Including
  • LT1086CMPBF: Linear Adj Low Dropout Pos VR 1.5A
  • LM1085IS-5.0/NOPB: Low Dropout Regulator 5 Volt 3A 4 Pin (3+Tab) TO-263 Rail
  • LM2937ES-15: Low Dropout Regulator 15 Volt 0.5A 4 Pin (3+Tab) TO-263 Rail Ator TO263
  • LMS1587CS-ADJ/NOPB: Low Dropout Regulator 3A 4 Pin (3+Tab) TO-263 Rail
  • LM1084IS-ADJ: Low Dropout Regulator 1.2 Volt to 15 Volt 5A 4 Pin (3+Tab) TO-263 Rail
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Linear Rail Diode

Linear Rail Diode 

Buy Linear Rail Diode Items Including
  • LM2937ET-3.3/NOPB: Linear Regulator Zener Diode 24VZNOM 1W SMA
  • LM2937ET-12/NOPB: Linear Regulator Zener Diode SMA 1W 10V 5K
  • LM2937ET-5.0/NOPB: Linear Regulator Zener Diode 39VZNOM 1W SMA
  • LM13700N: OP Amp Dual Transconductance ±18 Volt 36 Volt 16 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM83CIMQA/NOPB: LM83 Triple Remote Diode Sensor (Analog/Linear)
Category: Voltage Regulators
Rs-232 Pdip Pin Bus

Rs-232 Pdip Pin Bus 

Buy Rs-232 Pdip Pin Bus Items Including
  • ADM3202ANZ: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver PDIP16
  • ADM238LJNZ: Line Transmitter/Receiver 4TR 4 Transceiver 4 Receiver 24 Pin Pdip NV
  • MC145406P: Bus Line Transceiver Linear RS232 Driver/Receiver DIP-164 (Interface)
  • ADM1181AANZ: Line Transmitter/Receiver 2TR 2 Transceiver 2 Receiver 16 Pin Pdip
  • ADM232AANZ: ADM232A Dual Line Transceiver PDIP16 (Interface)
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Contact Crimp Terminal Types

Contact Crimp Terminal Types 

Buy Contact Crimp Terminal Types Items Including
  • 66590-1: 66590 Type VI Socket Cont M-Mate LP
  • 66589-1: 66589 Type VI PIN Cont M-Mate LP
  • 66741-2: Type XII Female Cont (L.P.) (Circular)
  • 1-66103-5: AMP Series 1 CPC Type III PI (Circular)
  • 1658686-4: Type VI PIN Multi-Mate (D-Subminiature)
Category: Power Connector
Female 10A Connector

Female 10A Connector 

Buy Female 10A Connector Items Including
  • 71600-010LF: 2500 10 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle
  • 71600-106LF: 2500 6 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle
  • 43223-8146: 43223 Low Drop out SOT-223 Bipolar 1.0A 1.3V 12V 1.5V Green T&R 2.5K
  • OSTTJ0231530: Osttj 3.5MM Series 2P-24P Terminal Block
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Anode Diode

Anode Diode 

Buy Anode Diode Items Including
  • 1N5711W-7-F: Rectifier Zener Diode SOT-23 300MW 12V Common Anode Rohs 3K
  • BAW56-V-GS08: Dual 70V Diode Common Anode SOT-23
  • AZ23C6V2-7: Zener 6.2V 0.3W Silicon Unidirectional Voltage Regulator Diode
  • AZ23C5V6-7-F: Zener Diode SOT-2 3 300MW 5.6V Common Anode Rohs
  • MMBZ15VAL-7-F: 1.6A Battery Charge Controller 600 KHZ Switching Freq-Max PDSO16
Category: Zener (SMD) Diodes
Port USB Connector

Port USB Connector 

Buy Port USB Connector Items Including
  • UAR64-8W2100: Dual Port USB-a 2.0 Connector Right-Angle PCB Mounting (USB)
  • 48037-1000: 4 Contact Male Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Surface Mount
  • USB-A-S-RA: USB USB-a Right Angle Connector
  • MUSB-B5-S-RA-SMT: Musb USB Mini-B 5 Pin Connector
  • USB-A-S-VT: USB USB-a Connector with Straight Leads
Category: USB
Crimp Telephone Electronics

Crimp Telephone Electronics 

Buy Crimp Telephone Electronics Items Including
  • 5-558530-3: Connector Telephone/Telecom PL 8 Position 1.02MM Crimp Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 5
  • 5-555177-3: 6 Contact Male Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector
  • 5-569278-3: Connector Telecom/Datacom 8 Contact Male
  • 5-555176-3: 6 Contact Male Telecom and Datacom Connector
  • 300-068: 300 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plug
Category: Telecom & Datacom
SPDT Vishay Intertechnology Vishay

SPDT Vishay Intertechnology Vishay 

Buy SPDT Vishay Intertechnology Vishay Items Including
  • DG419DY-E3: SPDT CMOS Analog Switch SO-8 35 Ohm
  • DG419DY: Linear Improved SPDT Analog Switch
  • DG403BDJ: Dual SPDT CMOS Analog Switch PDIP-16 45 Ohm
  • DG307BDJ: Dual SPDT Analog Switch Pdip
  • DG403DY-E3: Dual SPDT CMOS Analog Switch SO-16 45 Ohm
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Step Down Module Switches

Step Down Module Switches 

Buy Step Down Module Switches Items Including
  • LTM4600EVPBF: 10AMP High Efficiency DC/DC Micro Module Switching Regulator
  • LTM4600HVEVPBF: 10 AMP 28 VIN High Efficiency DC/DC Micro Module
  • LTM4600IVPBF: 10AMP High Efficiency DC/DC Micro Module
  • LTC1503CS8-1.8: 1 Output DC-DC REG PWR Supply Module
  • PTN78000WAH: DC to DC Power Supply Switching Regulator 3.2A
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Dallas Semiconductor Interface

Dallas Semiconductor Interface 

Buy Dallas Semiconductor Interface Items Including
  • DS1232LP: Low Power Micromonitor Chip (Interface)
  • DS1620: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 3 Wire 8 Pin Plastic DIP N
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Edip Timing Solutions

Edip Timing Solutions 

Buy Edip Timing Solutions Items Including
  • DS12887: Multiplexed Real Time Clock
  • DS1243Y-120+: DS1243 64K NV SRAM with Phantom Clock
Category: Real Time Clocks
Jency Motor

Jency Motor 

Buy Jency Motor Items Including
  • ST130-12240-38: Power Misc 3 Volt DC Motor -3588 RPM Nominal Voltage: 3VDC
  • ST130-22770-38: 3 Volt DC Motor -13200 RPM Nominal Voltage: 3VDC
Category: DC Direct Drive
Msop Power Detector

Msop Power Detector 

Buy Msop Power Detector Items Including
  • AD8361ARMZ-REEL7: True Power Detector 8 Pin Msop Tape and Reel
  • AD8361ARMZ: RF ICs Misc Minso DC-2.5GHZ True Power Detec
  • AD8361ARM: RF ICs Misc LF to 2.5 GHZ Trupwr Detector
Category: Hi-Speed (SMD) Op-Amps
Omron Electronics Interconnects

Omron Electronics Interconnects 

Buy Omron Electronics Interconnects Items Including
  • PT08-0: Connector Relay Socket SKT 8 Position Solder Straight Thru-Hole
  • PYF14A-E-R: 14 Contact Relay Socket (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Sockets
Polarized Relay

Polarized Relay 

Buy Polarized Relay Items Including
  • AGN200A03: Ultra-Small Package Slim Polarized Relay (Miniature)
  • AGN200S4HZ: Ultra-Small Package Slim Polarized Relay (Miniature)
  • TXS2-4.5V: TXS Series High Sensitivity Low Signal Relay
  • AGN200A4H: AGN Electromechanical Relay Double Pole (Miniature)
Category: Miniature
Rackmount Power Supplies

Rackmount Power Supplies 

Buy Rackmount Power Supplies Items Including
  • SS-600H2U APFC: Industrial 2U Rackmount Power Supply with Active PFC
  • RCP-1UT: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • RCP-1UI: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • HPR1-00: DC-DC Unreg PWR Supply Module 350 -1400W 19 Rack 1U 4 SLO
Category: 19 Inch Rackmount Enclosures
Rail on Semiconductor Switching Voltage Regulators

Rail on Semiconductor Switching Voltage Regulators 

Buy Rail on Semiconductor Switching Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • LM2576T-ADJG: 7.5A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2575HVT-5.0/LF03: LM2575HV-5.0 Celeron 733/66 128 on DIE Fc-Pga
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Red Plug Jack

Red Plug Jack 

Buy Red Plug Jack Items Including
  • 6387-ST-T-2: 4MM Red Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • 72913-2: 4MM Red Panel Mount IEC61010 Jack for Sheathed Plugs
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Rs-485 Pdip Pin Bus

Rs-485 Pdip Pin Bus 

Buy Rs-485 Pdip Pin Bus Items Including
  • ADM485ANZ: Analog RS-485 I/F Transceiver (Interface)
  • ADM488ANZ: Full-Duplex Low Power Slew Rate Limited
  • ADM485AN: Line Transceiver PDIP8 (Interface)
  • ADM1485ANZ: Line Transceiver PDIP8 (Interface)
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Sink Source LDO

Sink Source LDO 

Buy Sink Source LDO Items Including
  • ADR445BRZ: Ultralow Noise LDO Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source
  • ADR445ARZ: Ultralow Noise LDO Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source
Category: References (SMD)
To-92 Darlington Pin

To-92 Darlington Pin 

Buy To-92 Darlington Pin Items Including
  • 2N5306: NPN Transistor TO92 Darlington
  • MPSA13: Transistor NPN PWR Darlingtonfor More About Transistors Click here (Darlington)
Category: Darlington
0.1uf Aluminum Capacitor

0.1uf Aluminum Capacitor 

Buy 0.1uf Aluminum Capacitor Items Including
  • UVR2A0R1MDD: VR Capacitor Radial 0.1uf 100V 20% 85C 5X11X2MM
  • UVZ1H0R1MDD: VZ Capacitor Radial 0.1uf 50V 20% 105C 5X11X2MM
Category: Radial Electrolytic
SOIC N Low Offset Amplifiers

SOIC N Low Offset Amplifiers 

Buy SOIC N Low Offset Amplifiers Items Including
  • OP07CSZ: OP Amp OP-Amp 250 uV Offset-Max 0.6 MHz Band Width
  • LM358AM: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 5000 uV Offset-Max 1 MHz Band Width PDSO8
  • OP97FS: Op-Amp 200 uV Offset-Max 0.9 MHz Band Width PDSO8
  • OP162GSZ: Op-Amp 800 uV Offset-Max 15 MHz Band Width PDSO8
  • LT1037CS8PBF: OP Amp OP-Amp 110 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Screw Mount Subminiature Basic Switches

Screw Mount Subminiature Basic Switches 

Buy Screw Mount Subminiature Basic Switches Items Including
  • 111SM1-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • 1SX1-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • 311SX3-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • JX-41: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • 311SM2-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
Category: Snap
Ebbi SCSI Terminators

Ebbi SCSI Terminators 

Buy Ebbi SCSI Terminators Items Including
  • 716612568: Connector SCSI .050 Ebbi 50D Plug RA 30SAU 68
  • 71743-1040: 71743 Telecom and Datacom Connector Receptacle (SCSI)
  • 15-92-3040: 71660 40 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle (SCSI)
  • 716607068: 68 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 741395080: 80 Contact Male Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector Surface Mount
Category: SCSI
Green/Red Circular Green 3MM

Green/Red Circular Green 3MM 

Buy Green/Red Circular Green 3MM Items Including
  • 5513508F: 551-3508 LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560NM/630NM 3 Pin Bulk
  • 5513508100F: 551-3508 LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560NM/630NM Bulk
  • 5530321F: LED Bi-Level Uni-Color Green/Red 565NM/635NM 4 Pin Bulk
  • 5513007F: LED Opto 3MM CBI Right Angle
  • 5640200132F: LED CBI 3MM TRI Level LC R-Y-G
Category: Standard Output LEDs

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