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Solder Amp/Tyco Electronics Sockets   to   Step Up Switching Voltage Regulators

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Solder Amp/Tyco Electronics Sockets

Solder Amp/Tyco Electronics Sockets 

Buy Solder Amp/Tyco Electronics Sockets Items Including
  • 390261-4: Ladder Socket IC 16 PIN .300 Inch Dual
  • 390261-5: Socket IC 18 PIN .300 Inch Dual Ladder
  • 390261-9: Socket IC 28 PIN .300 Inch Dual Ladder
  • 390262-2: Ladder Socket IC 28 PIN .600 Inch Dual
  • 390262-5: Ladder Socket IC 40 PIN .600 Inch Dual
Category: Sockets
Electronic Device

Electronic Device 

Buy Electronic Device Items Including
  • ISD1110P: Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Device
  • ISD4004-08MSYI: Single-Chip Multiple-Messages Voice Record/Playback Device -8 Minute Duration
  • PTGL18AR4R7M6C01B0: NS PTH (Circuit/Device/Temperature )
  • PK-507-803WH: 8 Pin to USB Cable for Apple Devices
  • PK-507-303WH: 30 Pin to USB Cable for Apple Devices
Category: USB
Receptacle Pcmcia Interconnects

Receptacle Pcmcia Interconnects 

Buy Receptacle Pcmcia Interconnects Items Including
  • 89415-6841: 68 Contact Female Right Angle Pcmcia Connector Surface Mount
  • 89096-102LF: 10 Contact Female Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Press FIT (Backplane)
  • 88949-102: 10 Contact Female Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Press FIT (Backplane)
Category: Backplane
Single Silicone Tapes

Single Silicone Tapes 

Buy Single Silicone Tapes Items Including
  • DF08S: 1.5A 800V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF04S-T: DF04S 1A 400V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF06S-T: DF06S 1A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • MB6S-E3/80: 0.5A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF02S-E3/77: 1A 200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Db Connector Female

Db Connector Female 

Buy Db Connector Female Items Including
  • 65043-035LF: 4 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector (Receptacles)
  • S53P10A: 50 Watt Enclosed Switching Power Supply
Category: Receptacles
Electronic Strip Contact

Electronic Strip Contact 

Buy Electronic Strip Contact Items Including
  • 745254-7: 745254 Barrier Strip Terminal Block
  • 1-534237-2: 14 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 1-534206-0: 20 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 9-1437652-5: 25A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 1 Row
  • 61117-1: Contact Socket 20-14 AWG Cmnl 5K Reel
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Wirewound Wire Wound Pot

Wirewound Wire Wound Pot 

Buy Wirewound Wire Wound Pot Items Including
  • 3590S-1-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 3590S-1-104L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 100000 Ohm
  • 3590S-2-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 10 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 3540S-1-103L: 3540 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
Category: Potentiometers
Through Hole Square Pin

Through Hole Square Pin 

Buy Through Hole Square Pin Items Including
  • 3362W-1-203LF.: 3362 1/2 Watt 1/4 Inch Square Trimming Potentiometer (±10%)
  • 3296P-1-502/64P502: 3/8 Inch Square 25 Turn 3296P Series Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer
  • 3386B-1-252/72XWR2.5K: 1/2 Watt 3/8 Inch Square Trimming Potentiometer (±10%)
  • 3386F-1-500LF: 3386 1/2 Watt 3/8 Inch Square Trimming Potentiometer (±10%)
  • 3386H-1-202/72RXR2K: 3386 1/2 Watt 3/8 Inch Square Trimming Potentiometer (±10%)
Category: Trimmers
Tin Idc Receptacle

Tin Idc Receptacle 

Buy Tin Idc Receptacle Items Including
  • 65801-005LF: 5 Contact Female Straight Ffc/Fpc Connector IDC Receptacle
  • 746610-3: 746610 016 DIP Plug 100CL Tin
  • 746610-6: 4030 026 DIP Plug 100CL Tin
  • 746610-1: 746610 010 DIP Plug 100CL Tin
  • 746610-2: 746610 014 DIP Plug 100CL Tin
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Skt D-Subminiature D-Sub Connectors

Skt D-Subminiature D-Sub Connectors 

Buy Skt D-Subminiature D-Sub Connectors Items Including
  • 56-504-013-GBL: 9 Contact Female D Subminiature Connector Solder
  • 56-704-005-LI: 700 Connectors: Dsub (D-Subminiature)
  • 56-725-019: 700 25 Shell Size PIN / Socket Filtered Adapter
  • 745253-7: 745253 20 DF Socket Cont L.P
Category: D-Subminiature
Lqfp Processing Semiconductor

Lqfp Processing Semiconductor 

Buy Lqfp Processing Semiconductor Items Including
  • ADMC401BSTZ: Digital Signal Processing Motor Controller 144 Pin Lqfp
  • TMS320VC5502PGF200: Digital Signal Processing Fixed Point 32 Bit 200MHZ 400MIPS 176 Pin Lqfp
  • ADSP-2191MKST-160: Digital Signal Processing 16 Bit 160MHZ 160MIPS 144 Pin Lqfp
  • DSPB56367AG150: 24 Bit Digital Signal Processor
  • DSPB56362AG120: 24 Bit 120 MHz Other DSP PQFP144
Category: Digital Signal Processor(Dsp)
Compact Card

Compact Card 

Buy Compact Card Items Including
  • 5788667-1: 50 Right Angle Surface Mount Header Compact Flash
  • N7E50-M516RA-50: Connector Memory Card CFI Hexfet Power Mosfet in a to CFI
  • 1734450-1: Connector Compact Flash Card HDR 50 Position 0.635MM Solder Right Angle SMD Tray
  • N7E50-N516RB-40: CFI Ii/31.6MM/Inv/Metalgd/30MIAU/ CFI, (Memory Card)
  • N7E50-M516RB-40-WF: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO5 CFI, (Memory Card)
Category: Memory Card
LED Button

LED Button 

Buy LED Button Items Including
  • 8125J85ZBE225: SPDT Pushbutton Switch with Yellow LED 1A 120V
  • R13-508AL-05-BRR-L3: Illuminated Pushbutton Switch (Push Button)
  • 8121J82ZGE2: SPDT Pushbutton Switch 1A 120VAC (Push Button)
  • B3E-1100-GREEN: Tactile Switch SPST OFF-(ON)
  • B3E-1100-RED: Tactile Switch SPST OFF-(ON)
Category: Push Button
Bipolar Small Signal BJT PNP

Bipolar Small Signal BJT PNP 

Buy Bipolar Small Signal BJT PNP Items Including
  • 2N3906BU: Small Signal Transistor (PNP)
  • 2N4403: GP BJT Transistor PNP General Purpose Small Signal 40V TO-92 (Bipolar)
  • BC327: 800 mA 45V PNP Si Small Signal Transistor
  • 2N3905: GP BJT Transistor PNP General Purpose Small Signal 40V TO-92 (Bipolar)
  • SSM2220SZ: Transistor Small Signal 20 mA 36V 2 Channel PNP Si
Category: Bipolar
Threaded Momentary Switches

Threaded Momentary Switches 

Buy Threaded Momentary Switches Items Including
  • 1MD4T6B11M1QE: Miniature Toggle Switch
  • 1MS4T6B11M1QE: Miniature Toggle Switch
  • 1MS4T1B1M1QE: Miniature Toggle Switch
  • 1MS5T1B1M1QE: SPDT Miniature Toggle Switch
Category: Toggle
Packet Microswitch/Honey Accessories

Packet Microswitch/Honey Accessories 

Buy Packet Microswitch/Honey Accessories Items Including
  • 6PA69: Switch Access Micro Switch Packet
  • 18PA1: Switch Access Limit Switch Packet
  • 2MN1: Switch Access Limit Switch Packet
  • 9PA16: Switch Access Limit Switch Packet
Category: Switches
Rail N-Ch Mosfet

Rail N-Ch Mosfet 

Buy Rail N-Ch Mosfet Items Including
  • RFD3055LE: Power MOS 60V/12A/0.150 Ohm N-Ch Logic-Lvl ESD Rated To
  • LM319AM/NOPB: LM319A P-Ch Mosfet TSOP-6 30V 100MOHM @ 10V
Category: Mosfets
LDO Adjustable Voltage Regulators

LDO Adjustable Voltage Regulators 

Buy LDO Adjustable Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • LD1117STR: Gull Wing Low Drop Adjustable Positive Voltage Regulator
  • LT1587CMPBF: Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1762EMS8PBF: 1.22V-20V Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1764EFEPBF: 1.21V-20V Adjustable Positionitive LDO Regulator
  • LT1963AETPBF: Linear Regulator 1.5 AMP Low Noise
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Analog & Digital Delta Semiconductor

Analog & Digital Delta Semiconductor 

Buy Analog & Digital Delta Semiconductor Items Including
  • AD7730BNZ: 2 Ch 19 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDIP24
  • AD1859JRS: Cable Digital to Analog Converter SET Top Decoder
  • AD1871YRSZ: ADC Stereo Audio 24 Bit 96 KHZ (Analog/Linear)
  • AD1955ARS: High Performance Multibit Sigma-Delta DAC with Sacd Playback
  • AD7400YRWZ: ADC Specialty Analog Circuit PDSO16 (Analog/Linear)
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Straight Rotary Pins

Straight Rotary Pins 

Buy Straight Rotary Pins Items Including
  • ESD0D-S00-GC0006L.: ES Single Rotary Optical Position Encoder (Opto Components)
  • 94HAC16T: Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Complement Latched
  • EAW0J-B24-CE0128L: EAW Rotary Optical Position Encoder (Opto Components)
  • 94HCB10T: 94H Rotary Coded SWITCH-10POSITIONS Binary Coded Decimal Latched
  • 94HAB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
Category: DIP
Skt Socket Terminals

Skt Socket Terminals 

Buy Skt Socket Terminals Items Including
  • 193846-1: Connector Power Socket Assembly SKT Assy
  • 207526-3: Socket Header Assembly 9 Posn Metrimate
  • 207526-4: Socket Header Assembly 9 Posn Metrimate
  • 6648318-1: Connector Contact Socket 1 Position Crimp Straight Cable Mount 1 Terminal 1 Port Contact, SKT
  • 207528-4: Socket Header Assembly 12 Posn Metrimate
Category: Power Connector
Tssop Converters, D/a SMD ICs & Semiconductors

Tssop Converters, D/a SMD ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Tssop Converters, D/a SMD ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • AD5307ARUZ: DAC 2.5V to 5.5V 400 Microamp (D/a (SMD) Converters)
  • TLV5610IPW: DAC D/A Converter 12 Bit I-Temp 2.7-5.5V
  • DAC900E: DAC D/A Converter 10 Bit 125MSPS (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9752ARU: DAC 12 Bit 100 Msps+Txdac D/A Converter
  • TLV5613IPW: DAC D/A Converter 12 Bit I-Temp 2.7-5.5V
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Uni-Color Red Clear LED

Uni-Color Red Clear LED 

Buy Uni-Color Red Clear LED Items Including
  • UT0344R-41-R: LED Orange RED Clear T1635NM 2.1VF@20MA
  • UT1873-81-UR-P22-R: UT1873-81 Ur-P22 Super Red T1-3/4 (5 Mm) Clear LED
  • LTST-C930KRKT: LED SMD RED Clear 1209 Dome (IrLED)
  • LH2043: LED RED Water Clear T1 697NM 1.7VF@20MA
  • LTL-5224: Opto LED 5MM Hi-Efficency RED Water Clear T1-3/4 623NM 44 Degrees
Category: Standard Output LEDs
High Diodes

High Diodes 

Buy High Diodes Items Including
  • SMAJ17A-13-F: C Bend Quad High Performance Audio Operational Amplifier SOIC-14
  • 1N5408-R: 1000V 3A Rectifier Diode High Current Capability: 3.0A
  • FJH1100.: High-Speed Fet-Input Operational Amplifier
  • BYV26C-TAP: High-Speed Fully-Differential I/O
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
Chemical Spray

Chemical Spray 

Buy Chemical Spray Items Including
  • 1672-10S: High Precision Diagnostic Freeze Spray Contains no Cfcs, Hfcs
  • D5S-6: Deoxit D5 Spray Contact Cleaner and Rejuvenator
  • CCS-2100: Deoxit® Dustall™ Dusting Spray (Miscellaneous)
  • D100S-2: Spray Contact Cleaner Revive 2OZ Metered Spray Valve
  • DN5MS-15: Mini Spray Contact Cleaner & Rejuvenator
Category: Miscellaneous
Receptacle Cpc Cable

Receptacle Cpc Cable 

Buy Receptacle Cpc Cable Items Including
  • 206434-1: 206434 Connector CPC 8 Contact (Circular)
  • 206152-1: 206152 Connector CPC 28 Contact (Circular)
  • 206430-2: 206430 Connector CPC Series 1 (Circular)
  • 206486-2: 206486 Connector CPC 9 Contact (Circular)
  • 206039-1: 206039 Connector CPC 28 Contact (Circular)
Category: Circular
Gull Wing DIP 16PIN

Gull Wing DIP 16PIN 

Buy Gull Wing DIP 16PIN Items Including
  • 4816P-T02-103LF.: 4800P Resistor Molded DIP 16PIN Bussed 10K 2% Bulk 10KOHM
  • 4816P-T02-472: 4800P Resistor Molded DIP 16PIN Bussed 4.7K 2% Bulk 4.7KOHM
  • 4816P-T01-101: 4800P Resistor Molded DIP 16PIN Isolated 100 2% Bulk 100OHM
  • 766163472GP: Resistor Networks and Arrays Molded DIP Low Profile 16PIN, 4.7KOHM
Category: Network (SMD)
DIP 16 Flip Flop

DIP 16 Flip Flop 

Buy DIP 16 Flip Flop Items Including
  • CD4017: Decade Counter/Divider DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4027BE: Flip Flop Jk-Master-Slave Type Pos-Edge 2 Element 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • SN74HC175N: Quad D-Type Flip-Flop (Flip Flop)
  • 7476: Dual JK Flip Flop with Preset and Clear DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • 74LS112: LS Dual JK Negative Edge Trigger Flip Flop DIP-16 (74LS Series)
Category: Flip Flop
Crystal Mounts

Crystal Mounts 

Buy Crystal Mounts Items Including
  • MA-506-16.0000M-C: Passive Crystal 16 KHZ 18pf Surface Mount
  • MC-306-32.7680K-A: Passive Crystal 32.768KHZ 12.5pf Surface Mount
  • MA-505-25.0000M-C: Passive Crystal 25 KHZ 18pf Surface Mount
  • SG-615P-10.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 10 KHZ Surface Mount
  • CB3LV-3C-10.0000-T: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 10 uf Surface Mount 2916
Category: Crystals
Step Up Switching Voltage Regulators

Step Up Switching Voltage Regulators 

Buy Step Up Switching Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • LT1618EMSPBF: Constant-Current/Constant-Volt AGE 1.4MHZ Step-Up DC/DC Co
  • LM2586S-ADJ: Simple Switcher 3A Flyback Regulator with Shutdown
  • LM2585S-ADJ/NOPB: Simple Switcher 3A Flyback Regulator
  • LT1370CRPBF: 10A Switching Regulator
  • LM2587S-ADJ: Simple Switcher 5A Flyback Regulator
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators

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