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Micro Temp

Micro Temp 

Buy Micro Temp Items Including
  • L6924D: 16MX32 Mobile DDR Sdram Plastic IND Temp PBF Vfbga (Analog/Linear)
  • M29W640FB70ZA6E: High-Perfomance Eeprogrammable Logic Device 10NS C-Temp PLCC-28
  • MSP430F1611IPM: Mixed Signal Microcontroller (Ti Series)
Category: Battery Management
Bulk Terminals

Bulk Terminals 

Buy Bulk Terminals Items Including
  • 19003-0013: Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22 AWG Female 19.81MM 8.02MM Electro-Tin Mylar Tape
  • 5555764-1: MJ Right Angle SMT 8P Lpf Bulk Pack
  • 1055687-1: Board Terminated Male RF Connector Plug
  • 1050611-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • EEC-S0HD104H: Capacitor 5.5VDC 0.1F 10.5X5.5MM Bulk H-Terminal
Category: RF Connectors
Altera Cyclone

Altera Cyclone 

Buy Altera Cyclone Items Including
  • DK-START-3C25N: Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit (More Products)
  • EP2C20Q240C8: EP2C20 Cyclone® II FPGA Device (Fpgas)
  • EP2C35F672C7N: Ball FPGA: Cyclone II Family (Fpgas (SMD) )
  • EP1C12F256C7N: EP1C12 Cyclone FPGA 12060 Logic Elements
  • EP2C8T144C6N: EP2C8 FPGA: Cyclone II Family (Fpgas)
Category: Fpgas
Bipolar Nand IC

Bipolar Nand IC 

Buy Bipolar Nand IC Items Including
  • SN74LS00N: Quad 2 Input Positive Nand Gates DIP14 (Logic)
  • SN7400N: Quad 2 Input Nand Gate (Logic)
  • SN7438N: Gates Quad 2 Input Nand B Uffer OC (Logic)
  • SN74S38D: Quadruple 2 Input Positive-Nand Buffer with Open-Collector Outputs
  • 74F00SC: F/Fast Series Quad 2 Input Nand Gate
Category: Gates
EP20K160E Altera Fpgas

EP20K160E Altera Fpgas 

Buy EP20K160E Altera Fpgas Items Including
  • EP20K160EBC356-1X: EP20K160E Apex FPGA 7040 Logic Elements
  • EP20K160EBC356-2X: EP20K160E Apex FPGA 7040 Logic Elements
Category: Fpgas
Panasonic Electric

Panasonic Electric 

Buy Panasonic Electric Items Including
  • EEC-HW0D506: HW Electric Double Layer Gold CAP (Capacitors)
  • EEC-F5R5U224: Capacitor 0.22F 5.5V -20% to 80% 1000 Hr (13.5 X 7.5MM) Radial Stacked Coin 5MM 70C Bulk
Category: Electric Double Layer
Dual Dac DIP

Dual Dac DIP 

Buy Dual Dac DIP Items Including
  • LTC1446CN8PBF: DAC Dual Serial Input Loading
  • DAC8228FPZ: DAC Dual Parallel 8 Bits Input Loading
  • AD7112BN: Dual Parallel 8 Bits Input Loading 8 Bit DAC
  • AD7112CN: Dual Parallel 8 Bits Input Loading 8 Bit DAC
  • AD8522ANZ: DAC +5V Dual 12 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
Category: D/a Converters
Ss Snap Action

Ss Snap Action 

Buy Ss Snap Action Items Including
  • SS-5GL: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • SS-5GL2: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
Category: Snap
Major Brands Semiconductors

Major Brands Semiconductors 

Buy Major Brands Semiconductors Items Including
  • GB108: Assorted TTL Series DIP's & SMD's Types: 74, 74ALS, 74HC, 74HCT, 74LS, & 74S
  • 7805T: LM7805C Standard Regulator 5 Volt 1 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-220 (Analog/Linear)
  • 1N4001: Diode Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR ) 1 Amps 50 Volts DO-41
  • 1N4004: Diode Silicon Controlled Rectifier ( SCR ) 1 Amps 400 Volts DO-41
  • 1N4148.: Rectifier Diode Switching Signal 1N4148 10 mA 75 Volts DO-35
Category: Grab Bags
Rail Ttl to CMOS

Rail Ttl to CMOS 

Buy Rail Ttl to CMOS Items Including
  • MC14504BDTG: LOG CMOS Trnslatr HEX (Level Translator)
  • MC14504BCPG: LOG CMOS Trnslatr HEX (Level Translator)
  • MC100ELT22DG: Dual Ttl/CMOS to Pecl Translator (Logic)
  • DS92LV1023EMQ/NOPB: LVDS Regulator Positive 12V TO-263 (Interface)
Category: Level Translator
Right Angle Mini Universal

Right Angle Mini Universal 

Buy Right Angle Mini Universal Items Including
  • 1-770966-0: Right Angle Header Assembly with Short PEG
  • 1-770968-0: Right Angle Header Assembly with Short PEG
  • 1-770969-0: 6 Contact Male Combination Line Connector
Category: Power Connector
PCB Equipment

PCB Equipment 

Buy PCB Equipment Items Including
  • 5012: Multipurpose Color Coded White PCB Test Point -0.07 Inch Looped Eyelet
  • 5001: Miniature Color Coded Black PCB Test Point -0.05 Inch Looped Eyelet
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Contact Lead

Contact Lead 

Buy Contact Lead Items Including
  • 1-66101-9: 66101 Iii+ Socket 18-16 Tin-Lead LP
  • 66100-7: 66100 Iii+ Socket 18-16 Tin-Lead Strip
  • 66602-8: 66602 Iii+ PIN 18-14 Tin-Lead LP
  • 1-111196-9: 30 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector
  • 16020096: 7478 SL Crimp Terminal 24-30 AWG BAG Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Category: Circular
Chip Programer

Chip Programer 

Buy Chip Programer Items Including
  • LTC1263CS8PBF: 12V 60 Milli Ampere Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1262CS8PBF: 12V 30MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1263IS8PBF: 12V 60MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1262IS8PBF: 12V 30MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Straight DIN Female

Straight DIN Female 

Buy Straight DIN Female Items Including
  • MDPM6: MDP Socket Mini-DIN Female 6PIN Panel Mount
  • 85040-0012: 85040 32 Contact Female Straight Two Part Euro Connector Solder
  • 650956-5: 064 Euro Type C Recepticle ST Assembly
Category: Backplane
Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections 

Buy Electrical Connections Items Including
  • SN5S-6N: Deoxit® SN5 Shield Spray 150 mL Spray (Chemicals)
  • VS10N051C: SPDT -Nc Basic Miniature Switch
  • VS10N021C2: SPDT -Nc Basic Miniature Switch
Category: Miscellaneous
Resistor-String Dac ICs

Resistor-String Dac ICs 

Buy Resistor-String Dac ICs Items Including
  • TLC5628IDW: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 8 Bit 16 Pin SOIC Tube Onvertor
  • AD5308BRU-REEL7: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 8 Bit 16 Pin Tssop Tape and Reel
  • AD5318BRUZ-REEL7: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 10 Bit 16 Pin Tssop Tape and Reel
  • TLV5631IPW: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 10 Bit 20 Pin Tssop Tube
  • AD5314BRM-REEL7: Digital to Analog Converter 4 Channel Resistor-String 10 Bit 10 Pin Msop Tape and Reel DAC IC
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
AC SCR Output

AC SCR Output 

Buy AC SCR Output Items Including
  • ASO242: Solid State Relay 1 Channel SCR Output Optocoupler
  • MOC3023SM: 1 Channel Triac Output Optocoupler
  • MOC3052VM.: 6 Pin DIP Rand Phase Triac Output, VDE
  • MOC3032: Optoisolator Zero Crossing Triac Driver DIP-6 (Opto Components)
  • MOC3063M.: Optoisolator MOC3063 Isolate O/Cross 7.5KVISO 1.5VF 30MA 600VB (Opto Components)
Category: Optoisolators
Tape & Reel Flat Transistor

Tape & Reel Flat Transistor 

Buy Tape & Reel Flat Transistor Items Including
  • LTV-352T: Optoelectronics 1 Channel Darlington Output Optocoupler
  • PC355NTJ000F: Dual Channel Differential DSL Line Drive
  • PC357N1TJ00F: 80-160% CTR Ranked PC357NT Lead Free
Category: Optoisolators
Microchip Power Amplifiers

Microchip Power Amplifiers 

Buy Microchip Power Amplifiers Items Including
  • MCP6004-I/P: OP Amp Quad OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • MCP6002-E/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • MCP6002-I/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • MCP6004-E/ST: OP Amp Quad OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • MCP6004-I/ST: OP Amp Quad OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers
CMOS Trigg

CMOS Trigg 

Buy CMOS Trigg Items Including
  • 74ACT14SC: HEX Schmitt Trigg ER (Logic)
  • 74LCX14M: HEX Schmittt Trigg ER INV (3V)
  • SN74HC132D: 74HC132 SOIC-14 Quad Nand Gate with Schmitt Trigger
  • SN74ACT74D: SOIC-14 Edge Trigger D-Type Flip Flop
  • SN74AHC14D: SOIC-14 HEX Inverter with Schmitt-Trigger
Category: Inverter Schmitt Trigger
Switching Silicon Pin

Switching Silicon Pin 

Buy Switching Silicon Pin Items Including
  • NTE123AP: Audio Amplifier Switch Silicon NPN Transistorfor More About Transistors
  • 1N914A: Rectifier Diode Small Signal Silicon 100V DO-35
  • 1N4148,113: Rectifier Silicon Signal Diode
  • BAL99-7-F: Rectifier 0.3A 75V Silicon Signal Diode
  • BAV16W-7-F: Rectifier 0.15A 100V Silicon Signal Diode
Category: Switching Diodes
Ss Omron Electronics

Ss Omron Electronics 

Buy Ss Omron Electronics Items Including
  • SS-5GL13/SL-1W3: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
  • SS-5GL: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • SS-5GL2: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
Category: Snap
Telephone 4P4C

Telephone 4P4C 

Buy Telephone 4P4C Items Including
  • RJ11-4P4C: 7 Ft RJ11 Gray Telephone Cable Color: Grey
  • SY011M4P4C: Connector Female 4 Position 2.04MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 4 Terminal 1 Port
Category: Cable Assembly
Processor Supervisor

Processor Supervisor 

Buy Processor Supervisor Items Including
  • LTC1726EMS8-5: Processor Supervisor 3.085 VOLT4.675 Volt Adjustable Volt 30UA 8 Pin Msop
  • LM3724IM5-3.08/NOPB: Processor Supervisor 3.08V 2.5V/3.3V/5V 5 Pin SOT-23 T/R
  • STM6822RWY6F: Processor Supervisor 2.63V 2.5V/3V/3.3V/5V 5 Pin SOT-23 T/R
  • STM809MWX6F: Processor Supervisor 4.38 Volt 15UA 3 Pin SOT-23 Tape and Reel
  • ADM1232ARMZ: Processor Supervisor 4.62 VOLT4.37 Volt 500UA 8 Pin Msop
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Clear Chromate

Clear Chromate 

Buy Clear Chromate Items Including
  • 201389-1: 201389 Jackscrew-Female -Spec
  • 5207952-3: 5207952 KIT Screwlock Female
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Cabga Pin Bus

Cabga Pin Bus 

Buy Cabga Pin Bus Items Including
  • 74ALVCH32245BFG: Logic 32 Bit Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
  • 74LVCH32245ABF: Logic 32BIT Bus Txrx 3 St
  • 74LVCH32245ABFG: Logic 32BIT Bus Txrx 3 St
Category: Bus Transceiver
Straight Interface Port

Straight Interface Port 

Buy Straight Interface Port Items Including
  • 71439-0364: 64 Contact Female Straight Board Stacking Connector Surface Mount
  • 71436-0164: 64 Contact Male Straight Board Stacking Connector Surface Mount Plug
  • 714360164: Connector Interface Mezzanine 1MM BTB PLG 30SAU 64
  • 120525-1: 120525 64 1.0MM FH Plug Withpst 8H
  • 5554501-1: 5554501 Rcpt Assy 24 POS V/M SCR LK
Category: Interface
Solder USB B SMD

Solder USB B SMD 

Buy Solder USB B SMD Items Including
  • 54819-0572.: Connector Audio and Video Conn Mini-USB B Receptacle, (Audio/Video)
  • MUSB-B5-S-RA-SMT: Musb USB Mini-B 5 Pin Connector
Category: Audio/Video
Cable Mount Pl Idc Idt

Cable Mount Pl Idc Idt 

Buy Cable Mount Pl Idc Idt Items Including
  • 8200-16-R: Connector IDC DIP Plug 16PIN 1A Use with 37671
  • 8200-20-R: 8200 2.54MM IDC DIP Plug Connector 20 Position
  • 8200-40-R: Connector IDC Plug DIP 40PIN 1A Use with 37920
  • 8200-28: Connector IDC DIP Plug 28PIN 1A Use with 37840
  • 10136-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 36 Position Plug Shielded
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

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