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Screw Terminal Block LED 48 Volt   to   Tyco Fiber

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Screw Terminal Block LED 48 Volt

Screw Terminal Block LED 48 Volt 

Buy Screw Terminal Block LED 48 Volt Items Including
  • PLC-100-48: PLC-100 100W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
  • PLC-30-48: PLC-30 30W Single Output LED Power Supply (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • PLP-45-48: PLP-45 45W Single Output LED Power Supply (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • HLG-240H-48C: HLG-240H 240.2W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
  • CLG-150-48C: CLG-150 150W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
Category: LED
HC11 Mcu Plcc

HC11 Mcu Plcc 

Buy HC11 Mcu Plcc Items Including
  • MC68HC11E1CFN3: MCU 8 Bit HC11 Cisc Romless 3.3 Volt 5 Volt 52 Pin Plcc
  • MC68HC711E9CFN2: MC68HC711E9 8 Bit Otprom 2 MHz Microcontroller PLCC52
  • MC68HC11F1CFN3: MC68HC11F1 8 Bit Eeprom 3 MHz Microcontroller PLCC68
Category: Microcontrollers
Idc Socket

Idc Socket 

Buy Idc Socket Items Including
  • 8000-6-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) Polarized 6 Position IDC Socket Connector
  • 8000-8-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) Polarized 8 Position IDC Socket Connector
  • 8000-20-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 20 Position
  • 8000-14-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 14 Position
  • 8000-40-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 40 Position
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
DC Current Converter

DC Current Converter 

Buy DC Current Converter Items Including
  • LES25A48-3V3EJ: Eighth-Brick Single Output High Current High Efficiency
  • LT1618EMSPBF: Constant-Current/Constant-Volt AGE 1.4MHZ Step-Up DC/DC Co
  • LT1305CS8PBF: ªP HI Output Current DC/DC Converter
  • LT1316CS8PBF: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Step Up 8 Pin SOIC N
  • LT1373CS8PBF: 250KHZ Low Supply Current High Efficiency 1.5A Switch
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Straight Vp Connector

Straight Vp Connector 

Buy Straight Vp Connector Items Including
  • 901-144-8RFX-VP-R: Connector SMA Female PCB Mount 19-46G-R
  • 4256T2-LP: Contact Female 39-00-0208 Vp 18-24AWG Tin Nickel
  • 4257T2-LP: Contact Male 39-00-0121 Vp 18-24 AWG Tin Nickel LP
  • 4257T2-G15-LP: Contact Male 39-00-0076 Vp 18-24 AWG 15U"GOLD NI
  • 4256T3-LP: Contact Female 39-00-0212 Vp 16 AWG Tin Nickel
Category: Power Connector
Direct Digital Synthesizer

Direct Digital Synthesizer 

Buy Direct Digital Synthesizer Items Including
  • AD9954YSVZ: 400 Msps 14 Bit 1.8V CMOS Direct Digital Synthesizer
  • 15-24-9243: 30070 Direct Digital Synthesizer 3-5V SSOP-28125MHZ
  • AD9852ASTZ: PLL Frequency Synthesizer 20 MHz PQFP80
Category: Converter
Velleman Programmers

Velleman Programmers 

Buy Velleman Programmers Items Including
  • K8048: PIC Programmer & Experiment Board (Universal)
  • VM134: PIC™ Programmer Board (Eprom/Flash)
  • VM111: PIC Programmer and Experiment Board (Universal)
  • TIMER8U: Programmable Digital Timer -Weekly (Industrial Automation)
  • K8045: 8 Input Programmable Messageboard with LCD & Serial Interface
Category: Universal
Srv Family Varaible Transformer

Srv Family Varaible Transformer 

Buy Srv Family Varaible Transformer Items Including
  • SRV-2000-R: SRV 2000VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SRV-500-R: SRV 500VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SRV-1000-R: SRV 1000VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
Category: Variable
Accelerometer Kit

Accelerometer Kit 

Buy Accelerometer Kit Items Including
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection
  • U13-C0436: 3 Axis Digital Accelerometer (±1.5G) (Arduino)
Category: Sensors
Ssop Tube Converter

Ssop Tube Converter 

Buy Ssop Tube Converter Items Including
  • PCM1798DB: DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • TLC2543CDB: A/D Converter 12 Bit 5V SSOP-2010US 11 Chan
  • SA636DK/01,112: SA636 LV HI Perf MIX FM IF SY with Rssi (Interface)
  • PCM1792ADB: DAC 24 Bit 192 Khz Sampling Advanced Segment
  • PCM1802DB: 24 Bit Delta Sigm a Audio ADC
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Quad Potentiometer

Quad Potentiometer 

Buy Quad Potentiometer Items Including
  • AD5204BRZ10: AD5204 Quad 100K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD8403ARU100: AD8403 Quad 8 Bit Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD8403ARUZ100-REEL: AD8403 Quad 8 Bit Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5254BRUZ10: Digital Potentiometer 8 Bit I2C Eemem Digipot
  • AD5263BRUZ50: Gull Wing Quad 50K Digital Potentiometer
Category: Digital Potentiometers
High Power Rectifiers

High Power Rectifiers 

Buy High Power Rectifiers Items Including
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
  • IPS7091GPBF: 1.8A Buf or INV Based Peripheral Driver
  • IR2113PBF: 2.5A Half Brdg Based Mosfet Driver
  • IR2010PBF: 3A Half Brdg Based Mosfet Driver
  • IR2117PBF: 0.5A Buf or INV Based Mosfet Driver
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
Thumb Screws

Thumb Screws 

Buy Thumb Screws Items Including
  • SPC15168: 4-40 Slotted Thumb Screw Length: 2.85 Inch
  • 7125-AL: Thumb Screw Plain AL THD6-32
  • SPC145: 4-40 Knurled and Slotted Thumb Screw
  • SPC154: 4-40 Knurled and Slotted Thumb Screw
  • GTW520-R: Connector Hardware 4-40 X 1.65 Inch Thumbscrew
Category: Mounting Hardware
Ttl Buffer

Ttl Buffer 

Buy Ttl Buffer Items Including
  • 7406: HEX Inverter Buffer/Driver DIP-14 (74 Series)
  • 74LS07: LS HEX Buffer/Driver DIP-14 (74LS Series)
  • 7417: HEX Buffer/Driver DIP-14 (74 Series)
  • 7416: HEX Inverter Buffer/Driver DIP-14 (74 Series)
  • 7438: Quad 2 Input Nand Buffer DIP-14 (74 Series)
Category: 74 Series
Grounding Connectors

Grounding Connectors 

Buy Grounding Connectors Items Including
  • 203540-1: Connector Power Grounding Conn 14 POS
  • 66262-4: Male Contact Assembly (L.P.)
  • 204814-1: Connector Accessories 34 Position Grounding Block Losse Piece Brass Tin
  • 35476: Screw Clamp 32/35 MM DIN-Rail Ground Terminal
  • NEMA-5-1-A: 15A Female AC Nema Receptacle (Power Connectors)
Category: Power Connector
Tube Multivibrator

Tube Multivibrator 

Buy Tube Multivibrator Items Including
  • SN74121N: Monostable Multivibrator with Schmitt-Trigger Inputs
  • SN74LS123N: 74LS123 Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator
  • M74HC123B1R: M74HC123 Hc/Uh Series Dual Monostable Multivibrator PDIP16 (Logic)
  • SN74LV123AD: Monostable Multivibrator Lv/Lv-a/Lvx/H Series
  • M74HC4538B1R: Hc/Uh Series Dual Monostable Multivibrator PDIP16 (Logic)
Category: Monostable Multivibrator
Fci Interconnects

Fci Interconnects 

Buy Fci Interconnects Items Including
  • 65771-005: Interconnection Device (Shunts & Shorting Blocks)
  • 68786-302LF: Interconnection Device (Shunts & Shorting Blocks)
  • 68786-102LF: Shunts & Shorting Blocks Rectangular Connectors
  • 68786-202: 1X2 Low Profile Jumper Assembly Lead Free (Shunts & Shorting Blocks)
  • 71600-006LF: 2500 6 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector IDC Receptacle
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks
SOIC W Single Inverter IC

SOIC W Single Inverter IC 

Buy SOIC W Single Inverter IC Items Including
  • MM74HCT240WM: Buffer-Line Driver 8 Channel Inverting 3 State CMOS 20 Pin SOIC W Rail
  • LM2574M-5.0/NOPB: LM2574-5.0 IC500MA Step-Down Smple Switcher
  • 74VHC541MX: Octal Bus Buffer with Tri-State
  • 74VHCT244AMX: Ahct/Vhct Series Dual 4 Bit Driver
  • 74AC540SCX: Octal Inverting Buffer/Line DR
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Qp-375 Family AC to DC Power Supply

Qp-375 Family AC to DC Power Supply 

Buy Qp-375 Family AC to DC Power Supply Items Including
  • QP-375-24C: AC to DC Power Supply 375W Quad Output with PFC Function
  • QP-375-5C: AC to DC Power Supply 375W Quad Output with PFC Function
  • QP-375-5E: AC to DC Power Supply 375W Quad Output with PFC Function
  • QP-375-24B: AC to DC Switching Enclosed Power Supply Quad Output 375 Watts
  • QP-375-5A: AC to DC Power Supply 375W Quad Output with PFC Function
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
Arduino Robot

Arduino Robot 

Buy Arduino Robot Items Including
  • A000078: Robot (Kits)
  • MEGAMOTO: Motor Control Shield for Arduino
  • MEGAMOTO PLUS: Megamoto Plus Motor Control Shield for Arduino
  • ROB0005: 2WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform (Robots)
  • ROB0003: 4WD Arduino Compatible Mobile Platform (Robots)
Category: Shields
Round LCD Meter

Round LCD Meter 

Buy Round LCD Meter Items Including
  • EM 32-1B: Round Hole Mounting LCD Voltmeter (3.5 Digits)
  • EM 32-1B-LED: Round Hole Mounting LED Voltmeter (3.5 Digits)
Category: 3.5 Digits
Presettable Counter

Presettable Counter 

Buy Presettable Counter Items Including
  • CD4510: BCD Up/Down Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4029: Preset Up/Down Binary Counter DIP-16 CD4000 Series Presettable Up/Down Counter
  • CD74HC192E.: 74HC192 Presettable Synchronous BCD Decade Up/Down Counter (74HC Series)
  • CD4018: Presettable Divide by N Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD40193BE: -CMOS Presettable Binary Up/Down Counter
Category: 4000 Series
Linear Regulator 15V LDO

Linear Regulator 15V LDO 

Buy Linear Regulator 15V LDO Items Including
  • LT1084CTPBF: 1.2V-27V Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1085CT-5PBF: 5V Fixed Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1086CTPBF: 1.2V-15V Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1086IT-12: 12V Fixed Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1585ACM-1.5PBF: 1.5V Fixed Positive LDO Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
Catv Philips

Catv Philips 

Buy Catv Philips Items Including
  • CGD1042H,112: 1 Ghz Catv Network
  • BGY67A,112: SRAM Pipelined Zero Bus Turnaround (Zbt) 512K X 36 200MHZ 3.3VOLT TQFP100
Category: Philips Semi
Basic Microcontroller

Basic Microcontroller 

Buy Basic Microcontroller Items Including
  • 32201: Prop Plug for Propeller and Basic Stamp (USB-to-Serial)
  • PBASIC2E/SS: Basic Stamp 2E Interpreter Chip (Ssop) Supports Pbasic 2.0 & 2.5
  • PBASIC2E/P: Basic Stamp 2E Interpreter Chip (DIP) Supports Pbasic 2.0 & 2.5
  • PBASIC48W/P24: Basic Stamp 2P24 Interpreter Chip (Tqfp) (Microcontrollers)
  • PBASIC2/P: Basic Stamp 2 Interpreter Chip (DIP) (Microcontrollers)
Category: Basic Stamp Series
Major Brands Memory

Major Brands Memory 

Buy Major Brands Memory Items Including
  • JEEDO7208: Legacy Memory Modules Config.: 2M X 32 (Simm)
  • 74S225: 16X5 Asynchronous First-in First-out Memory with 3 State Outputs (74S Series)
  • 28C64A-25: 5 Volt 8KX8 DIP-28 250 Nanoseconds Eeprom Fast Read Access Time: 120NS (Memory)
  • 28C256-15: Eeprom 32K X 8 150NS 5V DIP-28 (Memory)
  • 27C256-15: 27C256 Eprom 32K X 8 150NS 5V DIP-28 (Memory)
Category: Eeprom
Telephone Cable

Telephone Cable 

Buy Telephone Cable Items Including
  • MODCBL35: Modular Telephone Cable RJ11-6P4C 35 Foot L
  • RJ124P4C-R: Modular Telephone Cable RJ11-6P4C Cable
  • RJ11-4P4C: 7 Ft RJ11 Gray Telephone Cable Color: Grey
  • 306-007SL: Modular Telephone Cable
  • 304-025SL: Modular Telephone CBL RJ11-6P4C
Category: Cable Assembly
Silicon Semiconductor

Silicon Semiconductor 

Buy Silicon Semiconductor Items Including
  • 1N967B: 18V 0.5W Silicon Unidirectional Voltage Regulator Diode
  • MMBT4401: Transistor 2X SOT-23 NPN Silicon 40VFOR More About Transistors
  • MMBT4403: Transistor SOT-23 PNP Silicon 40VFOR More About Transistors
  • QSE113.: QSE113 -Plastic Silicon Infrared Phototransistor
  • MPX5700GP: Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor
Category: Bipolar (SMD)
Data Acquisition & Ethernet

Data Acquisition & Ethernet 

Buy Data Acquisition & Ethernet Items Including
  • PET-7051: 16 Channel Isolation Digital Input Power over Ethernet I/O Data Acquisition Module
  • PET-7015: Data Logger 7 Channel Rtd Input with 3 Wire Rtd Lead Resis
  • PET-7017: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hi-Volt 4 Channel Isolated
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Tyco Fiber

Tyco Fiber 

Buy Tyco Fiber Items Including
  • 501336-1: Cable Fiber Optic Dual 1000 UM Plastic
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • 5504022-2: 5504022 Z-Pack a Male Header 110P 2MM HM
  • 5504632-1: 5504632 Receptacle Assembly SC to SC
  • 502750-1: 502750 KIT Coupling Recept 2.5BAY SM
Category: Fiber Optics

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