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Power Resistor   to   Female Header Receptacles

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Power Resistor

Power Resistor 

Buy Power Resistor Items Including
  • MP915-50.0-1%: Power Film Resistor 15 Watt 50 Ohms 1% TO-126 Case
  • RMCF 1/2 1K 5% TR: 1 Output DC-DC REG Power Supply Module
  • RMCF 1/8 1K 1% TR: 1 Output DC-DC REG Power Supply Module
  • RMCF 1/8 1M 1% TR: 1 Output DC-DC REG Power Supply Module
  • RNF 1/4 T1 100K 1%TR: Dual Opamp Low Power Rail to Rail I/O
Category: Thick Film (SMD)
Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer 

Buy Digital Thermometer Items Including
  • FLUKE-52-2: Fluke 52 Series II Dual Input Digital Thermometer
  • PMTEMP1: Digital Thermometer Panel Mount -50 to 70C 52.5 X 27 X 14MM
  • DVM1322: Dual Channel Digital Thermometer 3 1/2 Digit LCD (Environmental)
  • TMP03FT9: TMP03 Serial Digital Output Thermometer
  • TMP03FS: Serial Digital Output Thermometer
Category: Environmental
Plug Assy

Plug Assy 

Buy Plug Assy Items Including
  • 5788798-1: 50 50SR Cable Plug Assy-Plast
  • 616-CG1: 616 CG1=Adaptor Plug Assy (Sockets)
  • 213906-1: 213906 CPC Plug Assy SRS 6 SZ 17-10
  • 212522-1: Plug Assy Amplimite 21C1 Size 3 (Crimp)
  • 5745036-2: Amplimite HDP Plug Assembly (Crimp)
Category: Crimp
LED Wire

LED Wire 

Buy LED Wire Items Including
  • UT2U1G-H113-R801-W05: LED Panel Mount Green T13/4 572NM 5MCD 12VF (IrLED)
  • NWRB15: Electroluminescence Wire (LED Light Strips)
  • NWRR15: Electroluminescence Wire (LED Light Strips)
  • NWRG15: Electroluminescence Wire (LED Light Strips)
  • LDH-45A-350W: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 350 Milliamps 30.1 Watts
Category: LED Light Strips
Voltage Counter

Voltage Counter 

Buy Voltage Counter Items Including
  • CD40163B: CMOS Synchronous Programmable 4 Bit Counters High Voltage Types (20V Rating)
  • THS8135PHP: DAC Counter BIN Dual 4BIT 14 SOIC
  • AP1184K5L-13: SRAM Synchronous Burst Counter 64K X 32 7NS 3.3VOLT TQFP100 (PK100)
  • I-30: Adjustable Timer from 1 Second to 3 Minutes Voltage . 12V. D.C
Category: 4000 Series
Microchip Programmer

Microchip Programmer 

Buy Microchip Programmer Items Including
  • DV164120: Pickit 2 Starter Kit Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger
  • DV164005: Mplab®Icd 2 in-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
  • MCP6S28-I/P: MCP6S28 Single-Ended Rail-to-Rail I/O
  • AC163020: PIC10F2XX Universa (Microchip Series)
  • PIC16F886-I/SP: Memory Programmable Chip
Category: Microchip Series
Dual NPN SMD Transistor

Dual NPN SMD Transistor 

Buy Dual NPN SMD Transistor Items Including
  • BFM520,115: Dual NPN Wideband Transistor (Bipolar (SMD) )
  • MMDT3946-7-F: Gull Wing Transistor Small Signal Complimentary NPN/PNP 40VCEO
  • MMDT3904-7-F: Fifo Synchronous Uni-Directional Super Sync II 1K X 36 7.5NS 3.3VOLT Low Power TQFP128 (PK128)
  • MMDT5551-7-F: Gull Wing N-Channel Powertrench® Mosfet 60BVDSS 1.7A SSOT-3
Category: Bipolar (SMD)
Black Fan Guards Accessories

Black Fan Guards Accessories 

Buy Black Fan Guards Accessories Items Including
  • SC60-W2B: Thermal Management Accessories 60MM Metal Fan Guard Black Anodized
  • FG92(BLACK): 92MM Black Anodized Steel Fan Guard
  • FGP-80: Black Plastic Mesh Pressure FIT 80 MM Fan Guard
  • SC80-W2B: 80MM Metal Fan Guard Black Anodized
  • SC120-W5B: 120MM Metal Fan Guard Black Anodized
Category: Fan Guards
Through Hole DC AC Relay

Through Hole DC AC Relay 

Buy Through Hole DC AC Relay Items Including
  • JS1-12V-F: JS Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: SPDT (Power)
  • G5LE-1-DC5: G5LE Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: SPDT
  • JS1-5V-F: JS Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: SPDT (Power)
Category: Power
Electronic Rainbow

Electronic Rainbow 

Buy Electronic Rainbow Items Including
  • EBST-11: Stereo Amplifier Kit Output Power: 1 Watt
  • FMST-100: FM Stereo Transmitter Kit (Radio/Transmitter)
  • IR-10: Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Kit
  • AA-1D: Super Snooper Big Ear Audio Amplifier Kit (
  • VM-2: DC Voltage Monitor KIT with 7 LEDs
Category: Audio
LM317T Nopb

LM317T Nopb 

Buy LM317T Nopb Items Including
  • LM317T/NOPB: LM317 1.2V to 37V Regulator Pkg./Pins: TO-220
  • LM317AT/NOPB: Linear Regulator 1% Version of the LM317T
Category: Voltage Regulators
Female Disconnect

Female Disconnect 

Buy Female Disconnect Items Including
  • 19003-0001: Connector Terminals Fully Insulated Insulkrimp Female Quick Disconnect
  • 19005-0005: Fully Insulated Female Coupler Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16 AWG
  • 19003-0040: .250 Inch Connector Fully Insulated Insulkrimp Female Quick Disconnect
  • 19007-0021: .250 Inch Fully Pre-Insulated Quick Disconnect Flag Terminal 14-16 AWG
  • 19005-0001: 19005 Fully Insulated Female Coupler Quick Disconnect Terminal
Category: Terminals
PCB Frame

PCB Frame 

Buy PCB Frame Items Including
  • 73847-0004: Metal Frame Assy-PCB THK.093 738470004IN (Rectangular Connectors)
  • FR-29PC-100: 30MM PCB Mountable Speaker Round Frame Design
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Opto Transistor 3 Pin

Opto Transistor 3 Pin 

Buy Opto Transistor 3 Pin Items Including
  • CNY173M: CNY17-3 6 Pin DIP Transistor Output
  • ILQ615-3: Op-Amp 100 UV Offset-Max
  • CNY17G-3: Optocoupler DC Input 1 Channel Transistor with Base DC Output 6 Pin Pdip
  • SD3443-002: SD3443 Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP803SL: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
Category: Optoisolators
Cable Connectors Male Female

Cable Connectors Male Female 

Buy Cable Connectors Male Female Items Including
  • 901-125-11SF: SMA Cable Terminated Male-Female RF Right Angled Adapter
  • 3285: BNC Cable Terminated Female-Male-Female
  • 903-422J-51A: Panel Mount Cable Terminated Male SMB Connector
  • 88741-8700: 88741 24-15 Contact Cable Mount Male-Female Rectangular Adapter
  • 770522-1: 770522 Crimp PIN Male 18-24AWG
Category: RF Connectors
Power Rectifiers

Power Rectifiers 

Buy Power Rectifiers Items Including
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
  • ASTEC LPT65: LPT65 Rectifier Schottky Barrier 100VRRM 5A Power Di 5
  • MUR820G: Switchmode Power Rectifier (Ultrafast Diodes)
  • MUR3020PTG: Switchmode Power Rectifier (Ultrafast Diodes)
  • BAV199-7-F: BAV199 SRAM Asynchronous 8K X 8 20NS 5VOLT Low Power PDIP28 (PT28)
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
Mos Transistors

Mos Transistors 

Buy Mos Transistors Items Including
  • BLF177CR,112: Hf/VHF Power MOS Transistor
  • HCT7000MTX: N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOS Transistor
  • RFD3055LE: Power MOS 60V/12A/0.150 Ohm N-Ch Logic-Lvl ESD Rated To
  • FDN338P-T/R: 20V P-Ch FET 130 MO SSOT3
  • BSS83,215: Mosfet N-Channel Enhancement Switching Transistor
Category: Mosfets (SMD)
12V Regulator IC

12V Regulator IC 

Buy 12V Regulator IC Items Including
  • 7812T: KA 12V 1A Positive Voltage Regulator TO-220 3 Pin (Analog/Linear)
  • LM340T-12/NOPB: LM340 Series 3 Terminal 12V/2.4A Positive Regulator
  • LM7912CT/NOPB: LM7912 -12V/1.5A TO-220 Voltage Regulator
  • L7812CV: 12V-1.5A Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • L7912CV: L7912C 12V-1A NEG Voltage Regulator (Analog/Linear)
Category: Voltage Regulators
Tape & Reel SMD 4 Pin

Tape & Reel SMD 4 Pin 

Buy Tape & Reel SMD 4 Pin Items Including
  • HMHA2801R2: Tape & Reel 4 PIN Transistor Output MFP
  • EXB-24V100JX: EXB2 SMD Convex 2TERMS Isolated, 1MMX1MM, 105%
  • LTST-C155KGJRKT: LED Dual Color LED Red/Green 2.7 Mm SMD 1210 (IrLED)
  • EXB-28V220JX: Capacitor SMD Convex 4TERMS Isolated 2MMX1MM 225%
  • EXB-38V510JV: EXB3 SMD Convex 4TERMS Isolated, (Resistors)
Category: Resistor Arrays (SMD)
Velleman Keypad

Velleman Keypad 

Buy Velleman Keypad Items Including
  • HAA2866: 3 Output Relay Digital Access Control Keypad (Switches)
  • HAA2890: Dual Relay Digital Access Control Reader Keypad -Weatherproof
  • HAA85BL: Self Contained Digital Access Control Keypad with Backlight
  • HAA86C: Standalone Proximity Access Control Keypad: 3X4 Keys
Category: Keypad
Cypress Programmer

Cypress Programmer 

Buy Cypress Programmer Items Including
  • CY22150FZXC: Field Programmable GEN Purpose 1 PLL CLK SYN (Analog/Linear)
  • CY22393FXC: Programmable PLL Clock Generator Triple 16 Pin Tssop (Analog/Linear)
  • CY2291FX: Programmable PLL Clock Generator Triple 20 Pin SOIC (Analog/Linear)
  • CY22381FXI: Programmable PLL Clock Multiplier Triple 8 Pin SOIC (Analog/Linear)
  • CY22392FXI: Programmable PLL Clock Generator Triple 16 Pin Tssop (Analog/Linear)
Category: Audio and Video
Fan Guards

Fan Guards 

Buy Fan Guards Items Including
  • FGP-2-R: 80MM Plastic Fan Guard with Mesh
  • SR1036: Rubber PCB Fan Guard Standoff Size: 1.5L X 0.38LIP
  • AFM-80M: 80MM Washable Aluminum Filter (Fan Guards)
  • SC120-W5B: 120MM Metal Fan Guard Black Anodized
  • SC60-P15/30: 60MM Plastic Fan Guard with Mesh
Category: Fan Guards
Mini DIN Socket

Mini DIN Socket 

Buy Mini DIN Socket Items Including
  • MRD8S: Socket Mini DIN Female 8 PIN Right Angle PCB MNT
  • GKC4P: Socket DIN Right Angle PCB Mount Female 4 Pin
  • MDPM4: 4 Pin Mini DIN Panel Mount Female Socket (Circular)
  • MDPM6: MDP Socket Mini-DIN Female 6PIN Panel Mount
  • MDR5S: Socket Mini-DIN Female 5PIN R/A PC Mount Shielded
Category: DIN Connectors

DIP 10 IC 

Buy DIP 10 IC Items Including
  • 6000-22: Socket IC 22PIN Soldertail Low Profile
  • 6000-28NDW-R: Socket IC Dual Wipe 28PIN Soldertail LP
  • LH0002CN: OP Amp Interface General Purpose Buffer DIP-10 (Amplifiers)
  • 16-600-10: Connector DIP Adapter Header 16 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole
  • 24-600-10: Connector DIP Adapter Header 24 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole
Category: DIP Soldertail
Ball AC Tube

Ball AC Tube 

Buy Ball AC Tube Items Including
  • 4710PS-12T-B30-A00: AC Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • UF80A11BWH-R: 120V AC Tubeaxial Fan Ball Bearing
  • SP101A-1123HBL-GN: AC Fan Ball 115 Volt 0.21A-0.18A 20W-18W 50HZ-60HZ 2750 RPM-3050 RPM 87 CFM-107 CFM 45DB-50DB Flange Mount
  • DP200A-2123XBT-R: AC Tubeaxial Fan Ball Bearing
  • SP101AT1122HBL.GN: AC Fan Ball 115VAC 0.21 Amp 19 Watt 2150 RPM Ball Bearing
Category: AC Tube Axial Fans
Bkt Family Connector Headers & PCB Receptacles

Bkt Family Connector Headers & PCB Receptacles 

Buy Bkt Family Connector Headers & PCB Receptacles Items Including
  • 3431-6002: BKT Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • BKT-139-05-L-V-A: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles 1MM Terminal Strip
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Modular Telephone

Modular Telephone 

Buy Modular Telephone Items Including
  • MODCBL35: Modular Telephone Cable RJ11-6P4C 35 Foot L
  • 8103-88107: 7 Foot 8P/8C Modular Telephone Cable Assembly
  • RJ124P4C-R: Modular Telephone Cable RJ11-6P4C Cable
  • 304-025SL: Modular Telephone CBL RJ11-6P4C
  • 306-007SL: Modular Telephone Cable
Category: Cable Assembly
Shorting Shunt

Shorting Shunt 

Buy Shorting Shunt Items Including
  • 7600A-R: Socket Short Blks BLK Close
  • 382811-2: 382811 Shunt Econ PHBR15 AU Bluee
  • 2012JH-R: 2012JH Socket Short Blks W TAB BLK
  • 382811-9: 382811 Economy Shunt Assembly
  • 1-382811-6: 382811 Economy Shunt Assembly
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks
Parallax Accelerometer

Parallax Accelerometer 

Buy Parallax Accelerometer Items Including
  • 28017: Memsic 2125 Dual-Axis Accelerometer (Preassembled Modules)
  • 28526: MMA7455 3 Axis Accelerometer Module (Sensors)
  • 28036: 4 Direction Tilt Sensor (Accelerometer)
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection (Measurement)
Category: Preassembled Modules
Female Header Receptacles

Female Header Receptacles 

Buy Female Header Receptacles Items Including
  • B06-1X12BG-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Female Header Receptacle
  • 1-1447032: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1
  • 7400-1X10SG-R: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1
  • 2017-254-34SG: Header Receptacle Female .100 Inch Rectangular
  • 7200-2X20WW: Vertical Female Header Contacts: 40
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

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