Brass Connectors   to   LCD Graphics

Buy Brass Connectors Items Including
  • G1B235-R: Straight BNC Female Connector Panel Mount Gold over Brass Contact Pin 3/8 Inch -32 Unef
  • 500-010: 500 Connector Housing Male Brass Contact
  • 08-52-0113: 6838 .156 Inch KK Trifurcon Terminal Brass Tin Finish
  • 18-12-2602: Contact PIN Crimp Straight Cable MOUNT125 Male Termftal L Brass 10-14
  • 558527-1: Connector Accessories Strain Relief Brass Tin
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Buy Production Counter Items Including
  • CNT2: Digital Tally Counter Counts from 0-99999 (Assorted Products)
  • PEM7D/C: Counter for Mini IR Security System PEM7D
Category: Assorted Products
Buy Bulk Tyco Electronics Wire & Cable Items Including
  • 1-747579-2: 747579 Shlding Ferrule Pltd Bulk PKG
  • 1-747579-4: 747579 Shlding Ferrule Pltd Bulk PKG
  • 1658646-1: Connector Housing Receptacle 9 Position 2.76MM Straight Bulk
  • 747958-1: Connector Housing PL 37 Position Straight Bulk
  • 5747539-1: Connector Housing Receptacle 15 Position 2.76MM Straight Bulk
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Buy Differential Amplifier Msop Rail to Rail Amp Items Including
  • LTC1992-1HMS8PBF: SP AMP Differential AMP Single Rail to Rail O/P ±5.5 Volt 11 Volt 8 Pin Msop
  • LTC1992IMS8PBF: Signal Processing Differential AMP Single to O/P ±5.5 Volt/11 Volt 8 Pin Msop
  • LTC1992CMS8PBF: Signal Processing Differential AMP Single to O/P ±5.5 Volt/11 Volt 8 Pin Msop
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Buy Pm-20 Family AC to DC Power Supply Items Including
  • PM-20-12: PM-20 21.6W Encapsulated Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-20-24: PM-20 22.1W Encapsulated Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-20-3.3: PM-20 20W Output Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
  • PM-20-5: PM-20 20W Output Switching Power Supply (Enclosed)
Category: Enclosed
Buy Transformer 120VAC 60HZ Items Including
  • ITR300: 300VA Isolation Transformer Input: 120VAC @ 60HZ
  • 308-2018: 16 Watt AC-AC Wall Adapter Input Voltage: 120VAC @ 60HZ (AC-to-AC)
  • D41-06-500R: 3W AC/DC Wall Adapter Input: 120VAC @ 60HZ
  • GRP-1200: Benchtop Transformer Isolation (Table Top)
Category: Power Transformers
Buy Ceramic Transducer Items Including
  • EFR40K2: Ultrasonic Ceramic Transducer/Microphone
  • 12065A102GAT2A: 1206 Transducers Unipolar 3.8V ~ 24V 8 MA SOT-89
Category: Ultrasonic
Buy BNC Tools Items Including
  • HT-336G-R: Ratchet Crimping Tool
  • DL-806A: Crimp Hex Tool 1.7MM RG-58-59 BNC-Tnc Up to 3/8 Inch Ferrule
  • 05-A-078-R: 39 Inch BNC-to-Grabber Cable (Test & Measurement)
  • 03-701A-R: Female BNC-to-Double Banana Plug
  • 05-A-081-R: 39 Inch BNC-to-Minigrabber Cable
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Buy 18V Power Adapter Items Including
  • GS60A18-P1JU: GS60A 18V 3.33A 60W Switching Table Top Power Supply
  • GST18U18-P1J: 18 Watt 18V 1A AC/DC High Reliability Industrial Adaptor
  • GSC25B-1400: GSC25B 25W 9-18V 1.4A Single Output LED Power Supply (Table Top)
  • GEM18I18-P1J: 18W 18V 1A AC/DC High Reliability Interchangeable Medical Adaptor
  • GSM36U18-P1J: GSM36U 36 Watt AC/DC High Reliability Medical Adapter
Category: Table Top
Buy Green Lighting LED Lights Items Including
  • JE888-GRN: Green 8X8X8 LED Cube Kit -PCB Version (Lighting)
  • RL-13R-04-ASSBLY: 6 Foot Weatherproof Green LED Light Assembly *
  • RL-12F-04-ASSBLY: 6 Foot Weatherproof Green LED Light Assembly *
  • RL-13F-04-ASSBLY: 6 Foot Weatherproof Green LED Light Assembly *
  • 32501001714: Green Indicator Neon Light 2 6 Inch Wire Leads
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Buy Bz Double Action Switch Items Including
  • BZ-2RW80-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • BZ-2RQ-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • BZ-2R-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • BZ-2RQ18-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • BZ-2RQW1-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
Category: Snap
Buy Uf Capacitor Items Including
  • SR305E105MAA-VP: Epoxy Dipped Capacitor 1 µF 50VOLT Z5U 20% Radial 5.08MM
  • R220B25-R: Capacitor 220µF 25VOLT 20% Radial Rohs Compliant
  • SR151C103KAA-VP: 0.01µF 100V Radial Capacitor
  • UHE1A222MPD-VP: He 2200µF Aluminum Electrolytic Radial Capacitor
  • UVZ1H102MHD: 1000µF 50V Aluminum Electrolytic Radial Capacitor
Category: Radial Ceramic
Buy DB25M DB25 Male Female Items Including
  • 10D3-01210: DB25 Male to DB25 Female Computer Cable
  • 10D3-01215: DB25 Male to DB25 Female Computer Cable
Category: Cable Assembly
Buy Connector Terminals Molex Interconnects Items Including
  • 02-09-1615: .093 Inch Pin and Socket Connectors Terminal 14-18 Reel
  • 08-70-0106: Spox Connectors Terminal 18022 Reel (Assorted Products)
  • 38211-0102: Connector Terminal Strip 2 Position 14.29MM (Assorted Products)
  • 19003-0001: Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22 AWG Female 21.84MM 9.65MM Electro-Tin Loose Piece
  • 19005-0005: Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16 AWG Female 22.6MM 9.65MM Tin Loose Piece
Category: Assorted Products
Buy Tape & Reel Inductor Ferrite Bead Items Including
  • BLM18BD121SN1D: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 120 Ohm 25% 100MHZ 200MA 400M Ohm DCR 0603
  • CZB2AGTTD102P: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 1K Ohm 25% 100MHZ 300MA 400M Ohm DCR 0805 Paper
  • NCB1206B320TR050F: Ferrite Beads Chip 32 Ohm 25% 100MHZ 500MA 150M Ohm DCR 1206
  • BLM18BB221SN1D: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 220 Ohm 25% 100MHZ 450MA 450M Ohm DCR 0603
  • NCB0805A601TR050F: Ferrite Beads Chip 600 Ohm 25% 100MHZ 500MA 400M Ohm DCR 0805
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Buy Synchronous IC Counter Up Down Items Including
  • SN74LS193N: Synchronous 4 Bit Up/Down Counter
  • 74LS193: LS Synchronous 4 Bit Up Down Binary Counter DIP-16 5VOLT (74LS Series)
  • CD74HC192E.: Presettable Synchronous BCD Decade Up/Down Counter 4 Bits (74HC Series)
  • 74LS191: LS Synchronous 4 Bit Up/Down Binary Counter Packaging: DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74192: 4 Bit Up/Down Decade Counter Packaging: DIP-16 (74 Series)
Category: 74LS Series
Buy Electric Sensor Items Including
  • S18-05N-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
  • TS12-02N-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
  • TS12-02P-1: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
  • CYIL1SE0300AA-QDC: CYIL1SE0300AA Image Sensor Color CMOS 640X480PIXELS 48 Pin LCC
  • BA6220: General Use Electric Governor Wide Range of Operating Voltage (3.5-16V)
Category: Proximity
Buy Velleman Test Probes Items Including
  • TLM10: Test Probe Set Contents: 4 Crocodile Clips / 4 X 0.16 Inch Pins / 2 X 0.08 Inch Pins / 2 Forks
  • PROBE60S: 60MHZ Insulated Oscilloscope Probe Set Complete Probe Set
  • PROBE100: 100MHZ Oscilloscope Probe Set (Test & Measurement)
  • PROBE/TIPS: 5 Piece Spare Probe Tips 5 Spare Tips (Test & Measurement)
  • PROBE150: Modular Oscilloscope Probe (Test Leads, Plugs, Jacks & Clips)
Category: Test Probes
Buy Crimp Amp D 3 Connector Items Including
  • 448153-4: 3 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 175289-2: Contact PIN Crimp Straight Cable Mountdynamci D-3 TAB Cont
  • 205204-8: Connector D-Sub Plug 9 POS Amp# 205204-3
  • 205206-3: Connector Housing PL 15 Position Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • 1658641-3: Connector D-Sub Plug 50 POS (Crimp)
Category: Crimp
Buy Screw Mount Subminiature Basic Switches Items Including
  • 412SX21-T: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • DH4CB1LA: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C (Basic)
  • SS-5GL2: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
  • D2F-L: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
  • SS0505A: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch
Category: Snap
Buy Amp/Tyco Electronics Hoods Items Including
  • 746785-1: AMP Unspecified Connectors, (Hoods)
  • 5205730-1: Hood D-Sub Plastic 15 POS Amp#
  • 5205731-1: Hood D-Sub Plastic 37 POS Amp#
  • 5205732-1: Hood D-Sub Plastic 50 POS Amp#
  • 203743-4: Connector Accessories 160 Position Pin Hood Loose Piece Carbon Steel Nickel Finish
Category: Hoods
Buy Hardware Spacers Items Including
  • GB140LB: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • GB140: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • CS-10: 3MM Hole PCB Mounting Spacer Diameter: 0.32IN
  • PCST4C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.8 X 0.5
  • 4508-440BR7: Spacers HEX Male/Female Standoff
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Buy Tube SCR Controllers Items Including
  • BT152-600R,127: Thyristor SCR 650 Volt 220A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB
  • TYN612RG: Thyristor SCR 600 Volt 145A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB
  • TYN616RG: Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier 600 Volt 200 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-220AB Tube
  • BT152-400R,127: Thyristor SCR 450 Volt 220A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB
Category: Thyristor
Buy Analog/Linear Converters & a/D Items Including
  • ADC08D1000CIYB/NOPB: Dual 8 Bit 1 Gsps High Performance Low Power A/D Converter
  • ADC0804LCN: 8 Bit Μprocessor-Compatible A/D Converter
  • MAX110BCPE: ADC Low-Cost 2 Channel (a/D Converters)
  • ADC0808CCN: 8 Bit A/D Converter with 8 Channel Multiplexer
  • LTC2253IUHPBF: LTC2253IUH Linear Tech (a/D (SMD) Converters)
Category: A/D Converters
Buy Connector Circular Bulk Terminals Items Including
  • EN3C8F: Connector Mini Weather Tight Female 8 Position Solder Cup Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Bulk
  • EN3P5F: Connector Mini Weather Tight Female 5 Position Solder Cup Straight Panel Mount 5 Terminal 1 Port Bulk
  • EN3L4F: Connector Mini Weather Tight Female 4 Position Solder Straight Cable Mount 4 Terminal 1 Port Bulk
  • TRAPC4MSX: Connector XLR Connector Male 4 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 4 Terminal 1 Port Bulk
  • EN3P3FP: Connector Mini Weather Tight Female 3 Position Solder Straight Thru-Hole 3 Terminal 1 Port Bulk
Category: Circular
Buy Littelfuse Resettable Fuses Items Including
  • 60R135XF: PTC Resettable Fuse 1.35A (Hold) 2.7A (Trip) 60VDC 40A 1.7 Watt 9.6S 0.12 Ohm Radial 13.58 X 3.1MM
  • 30R400UF: PTC Resettable Fuse 4A (Hold) 8A (Trip) 30VDC 40A 2.5 Watt 12.7S 0.01 Ohm Radial 14 X 3 X 22 Mm Bulk
  • 1812L014DR: PTC Resettable Fuse 0.14A (Hold) 0.34A (Trip) 60VDC 10A 0.8 Watt 0.15S 1.5 Ohm Surface Mount Solder Pad 1812
  • 30R300UU: PTC Resettable Fuse 3A (Hold) 6A (Trip) 30VDC 40A 2 Watt 10.8S 0.02 Ohm Radial 11.4 X 3 X 19.2 Mm
  • 30R800UH: PTC Resettable Fuse 8A (Hold) 16A (Trip) 30VDC 40A 4 Watt 18.8S 0.005 Ohm Radial 21.6 X 3 X 31.1MM
Category: Resettable Fuses
Buy Wiremount Socket Items Including
  • 89116-0101: 0.1 Inch X 0.1 Inch IDT Wiremount Socket for 0.05 Inch Pitch Cable
  • 3421-6620: Wiremount Socket .100 In.20 SKT CB OP SRC 30AVG (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • 3448-89116: 3448 Strain Relief for 16 Position 0.1 Inch X 0.1 Inch IDT Wiremount Socket
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Buy Cable Clamp Sub Items Including
  • 3484-1: Cable Clamps and Clips Clamp Adhesive Polyvinyl Chloride Gray Box (Hoods)
  • 5745173-1: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 3 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy
  • 5745173-4: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 3 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy
  • 5745833-1: Backshell Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3 (Hoods)
  • 206070-3: Connector Accessories CPC Cable Clamp Kit Shell Size 17 Thermoplastic Black Bulk
Category: Hoods
Buy Chip Diode Items Including
  • IRG4PH40UPBF: Transistor Igbt Chip N-Channel 1.2K Volt 41A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-247AC
  • 5082-0012: Diode PIN Attenuator/Switch 150 Volt 2 PIN Chip
  • IRG4PC40UDPBF: Transistor Igbt Chip N-Channel 600 Volt 40A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-247AC
  • SGL160N60UFDTU: 600V/80A/2.0V Diodes (Igbts)
  • OPF482: Photodiode PIN Chip 905NM 0.55A/ Watt Sensitivity 3 PIN
Category: Igbts
Buy LCD Graphics Items Including
  • SGX-120L: Serial LCD Display Characters X Lines: 20 X 4 with Graphics
  • SGD 28-M: 2.8 Inch TFT Multifunction Color Graphics Display
  • 94VOAB20811E: 240X64 Graphic LCD Display Module (Serial)
  • SGD 28-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 2.8 Inch Smart Graphics Display
  • SGD 35-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 3.5 Inch Smart Graphics Display
Category: TFT Displays