Parallel LCD Display   to   DC Brushless Fans 2.00 Inch (50MM)

Buy Parallel LCD Display Items Including
  • UC-16401 (SAMSUNG): Parallel LCD Display Characters X Lines: 16 X 4
  • 2440STLDYGTN: Parallel LCD Display 40 by 4 Characters Black Letters Yellow or Green Backlight 5 Volts at 2.5 Milliamps
  • 2240STGYBN: Parallel LCD Display 40 by 2 Characters Grey Letters 5 Volts at 2.5 Milliamps
  • TM204JAA7: 20 X 4 Blue Black and White Parallel LCD Display with no Backlight
  • NHD-0216K3Z-NSW-BBW-V3: 16X2 Character LCD Display -White on Blue 5V
Category: Parallel
Buy Dual Mosfet IC Items Including
  • FDC6321C.: Dual N & P Channel Digital Fetfor More About Transistors
  • IRF7103PBF: Transistor Mosfet N-Channel 50 Volt 3A 8 Pin SOIC
  • FDC6320C: Transistor Mosfet N/P-Channel 25 Volt 0.22A/0.12A 6 Pin Supersot
  • FDC6333C: Transistor Mosfet N/P-Channel 30 Volt 2.5A/2A 6 Pin Supersot
  • IRF7301PBF: Transistor Mosfet N-Channel 20 Volt 5.2A 8 Pin SOIC
Category: Mosfets
Buy Resistor 1M Ohm Items Including
  • 742C083105JP: Resistor Thick Film Array 1M Ohm 5% 0.25W (1/4W) ±200PPM/C Isolated Molded 8 Pin 1206 (4 X 0603) Concave Surface Mount Paper
  • 4310R-101-105: Resistor Thick Film Network 1M Ohm 2% 1.25 Watt ±100PPM/C Bus Molded 10 Pin SIP Pin Thru-Hole
  • RK73B2ALTD105J: Resistor Thick Film 0805 1M Ohm 5% 0.125W (1/8W) ±200PPM/C Molded Surface Mount Automotive Punched Paper
  • RK73H2ALTD1004F: Resistor Surface Mount 0805 1M Ohm ±1% ±100PPM Thick Film
  • RK73H2BLTD1004F: Resistor Thick Film 1206 1M Ohm 1% 0.25W (1/4W) ±100PPM/C Molded Surface Mount Automotive Punched Paper
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Buy SMD Capacitor 22pf Items Including
  • C0805C220J1GAC TU: Capacitor Ceramic 22pf 100 Volt C0G 5% Surface Mount 0805 125C Paper
  • GRM1555C1H2R2CZ01D: Capacitor Ceramic 2.2pf 50 Volt C0G 0.25pf Surface Mount 0402 125C Paper
  • 06035A2R2CAT2A: Capacitor 0603 NP02.2pf .25pf 50V 7IN TR
  • 12065A220JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 1206 NP022pf 5% 50V 7IN TR
  • 04025A220JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0402 NP022pf 5% 50V 7IN TR
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Buy 9V Linear Power Supply Items Including
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Selectable 7 Output Unregulated Linear Wall Adapter
  • PS905USA: Non-Regulated Single Voltage Adapter Voltage: 9V DC (Wall Mount)
  • AD091AL: 9 Watt 9 Volt DC 1 Amp Unregulated Wall Adapter
Category: Wall Mount
Buy Electronic Connectors & Plugs Items Including
  • 747871-8: D-Subminiature Connector Plug 9 Contacts
  • 747841-4: D-Subminiature Connector Plug Male
  • 747250-4: D-Subminiature Connector Plug Male
  • 154251: D-Subminiature Connector Plug Female (PCB Mount)
  • 1-480700-0: Connector Plug 3POS 94V-2 Uni-Mate
Category: PCB Mount
Buy Astec LPT45 Power Supply Items Including
  • LPT42-M: 63.4W Triple Output Open-Frame Medical Power Supply
  • LPT62-M: For More 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • LPT44: 58.5W Triple Output Open-Frame Power Supply
  • LPS175: 175W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply
  • NFS110-7912J: AC to DC Power Supply Single Output 12 Volt 7 Amp 110 Watt
Category: Open Frame
Buy Resistor 1 8W Items Including
  • CF 1/8 100K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%100K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 20K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%20K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 47K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 WATT5%47K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 91R 5 TR: Carbon Film Resistorresistor 1/8W 5%
  • 742C043102JP: Resistor Thick Film Array 1K Ohm 5% 0.125W (1/8W) ±200PPM/C Isolated Molded 4 Pin 0606 (2 X 0603) Concave Surface Mount Paper
Category: 1/8 Watt Carbon Film
Buy Miniature Relay Items Including
  • DS2E-S-DC12V: DS 1500V Surge Withstanding Miniature Relay
  • RE030012: Electromechanical Relay 12VDC 720 Ohm 15A SPST -no (20X10X10.6) Mm THT Miniature Relay
  • RTD14012F: Electromechanical Relay 12VDC 360 Ohm 16A Single Pole Double Throw ( SPDT ) (29X12.7X15.7) Mm THT Miniature Relay
  • RTE44012F: Electromechanical Relay 12VDC 360OHM 8A Dpst-no (29X12.7X15.7) Mm THT Miniature Relay
  • RTE24024F: Electromechanical Miniature Relay 24VDC 8A DPDT
Category: Miniature
Buy 8 Channel Source Drivers Items Including
  • UDN2981A-T: 8 Channel Source Driver 50V -0.5A DIP-18
  • 74AC541MTC: Buffer/Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 Straight CMOS 20 Pin Tssop
  • MM74HC541WM: Buffer/Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 Straight CMOS 20 Pin SOIC
  • SN74LVC244ADW: Buffer/Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 Straight CMOS 20 Pin SOIC
  • SN74ALVC244DW: Buffer/Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 Straight CMOS 20 Pin SOIC
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Buy Linear Taper Potentiometer Items Including
  • RV16AF-10-15R1-BF5: 250K Ohm 16MM Linear Taper Potentiometer
  • R24KM-B5K: Linear Taper Potentiometer 5K 10% (Resistors)
  • R24KM-B10K: Linear Taper Potentiometer 10K 10% (Resistors)
  • PW24-B100-R: 100ω Linear Taper Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • 31VA403-F3: 25KΩ Linear Taper Potentiometer
Category: Potentiometers
Buy Ceramic Resistors Items Including
  • KV214-3: 9 Watt 2.7 Ohm Wirewound Ceramic Resistor
  • 25/20FC2R0-813: Hi-Power Fixed Ceramic Resistor 2ω
  • 766161103GP: Resistor Thick Film Network 10K Ohm 2% 1.8 Watt ±100PPM/C Bus Ceramic 16 Pin Sogn Gull Wing Surface Mount /Slide Pack
  • 766161472GP: Resistor Thick Film Network 4.7K Ohm 2% 1.8 Watt ±100PPM/C Bus Ceramic 16 Pin Sogn Gull Wing Surface Mount /Slide Pack
  • 766163101GPTR7: Resistor Thick Film Network 100 Ohm 2% 1.8 Watt ±100PPM/C Isolated Ceramic 16 Pin Sogn Gull Wing Surface Mount
Category: Network (SMD)
Buy CMOS Divide by N Counter Items Including
  • CD4018: Presettable Divide-by-N Counter 4 Bits (4000 Series)
  • HEF4059BP,652: Counter/Divider Single 5 Bit Decade Down 24 Pin Pdip Bulk
Category: 4000 Series
Buy BNC to Alligator Clips Items Including
  • 2630: BNC to Alligator Test Clips Cable
  • 11384: Alligator Clip-to-BNC Cable RG58/U Type Cable
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Buy Arndt Electronics Audio Components Items Including
  • 1-529-483-11: Square Ferrite Speaker (Audio Components)
  • MBUZ-120AC: 120VAC Mechanical Buzzer (Audio Components)
  • HKS-16-5: Round Ferrite Speaker (Audio Components)
  • EAS-6P60SD: 0.8W Round Ferrite Speaker (Audio Components)
  • S03O7F390: Speaker Rect 8 OHM.5WATT 80DB (Audio Components)
Category: Speakers
Buy Micro Wire Connectors Items Including
  • 43025-1600: Connector Housing Female 16 Position 3 Mm Crimp Straight Cable Mount Micro-Fit 3.0™
  • 43045-2000: Connector Wire to Board Header 20 Position 3 Mm Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Micro-Fit 3.0™
  • 43045-0202: Connector Wire to Board Header 2 Position Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Micro-Fit 3.0™
  • 43045-0800: Connector Wire to Board Header 8 Position 3 Mm Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Micro-Fit 3.0™
  • 43045-1200: Connector Wire to Board Header 12 Position 3 Mm Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole Micro-Fit 3.0™
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Buy DC Power Connectors Items Including
  • GCD014: 2.1MM Male DC Power Jack Solder Eyelet Terminals
  • PL1351-R: Female DC Power Plug
  • GCD014-R: 2.1MM Male DC Power Jack 2.1MM Size
  • PL-007: 2.1MM Female Right-Angle DC Power Plug
  • PL1352-R: Female DC Power Plug
Category: AC/DC Power
Buy Encoder Bourns Items Including
  • ESD0D-S00-GC0006L.: ES Single Rotary Optical Position Encoderpot Shaftless Cont Encoder
  • EM14C0D-E24-L064S: Optical Encoder Rotary Incremental Slow T 1.5OZ.In Straight Digital Square Wave through Hole PC Pins 16CPR
  • PEC12-4225F-N0024: 12MM Incremental Encoder
  • ESD0D-S00-GC0006L: Mechanical Encoder Rotary Incremental no Shaft 2.25OZ-in Straight Gray Digital Square Wave 24PPR through Hole
  • EAW0J-B24-AE0128L: EAW -Absolute Contacting Encoder Tray (Incremental)
Category: Optical Position Encoder
Buy Low Noise Amplifier IC Items Including
  • NE5532: Internally-Compensated Dual Low Noise Op Amp ±20 Volt 8 Pin (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • OP27GP: OP27G Low Noise Precision Op Amp Packaging: DIP-8
  • LT1115CN8PBF: Ultralow Noise Low Distortion Audio Op Amp
  • LT6600IS8-5PBF: Very Low Noise Differential Amplifier and 10MHZ Lowpass Filter
  • TLE2072ACP: Excalibur Low Noise High Speed Jfet Input Operational Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers
Buy DIP Capacitor Items Including
  • SR305E105MAA-VP: Epoxy Dipped Capacitor 1 µF 50VOLT Z5U 20% Radial 5.08MM
  • SR205E104MAA-VP: Epoxy Dipped Capacitor 0.1µF 50V Z5U 20% Radial 2.54MM Bulk
  • SR215E334MAA-VP: Epoxy Dipped Capacitor 0.33µF 50VOLT Z5U 20% Radial 5.08MM
  • MD.33: 0.33µF 50 Volt Monolithic Epoxy Dipped Capacitor
  • MD.001: 0.001µF 50 Volt Monolithic Epoxy Dipped Capacitor
Category: Radial Ceramic
Buy Dinkle Enterprise Terminal Blocks Items Including
  • DT128V3P-R: Connector 5MM Terminal Block Right Angle 0.61 Inch L X 0.41 Inch D X 0.55 Inch H 330V 10A
  • EK500A-03P-R: EK Connector Terminal Blocks 3 Position 5MM Solder Thru-Hole 20A
  • EK500V-03P-R: EK Connector Terminal Blocks 12-24AWG
  • EK500V-02P-R: Connector Terminal Blocks 2 Position 5MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole 20A
  • EK500A-02P-R: EK Connector Terminal Blocks 45&Deg
Category: Terminal Blocks
Buy Wire Connectors Types Items Including
  • 22-01-3107: 2695 10 Position 0.1 Inch Housing Connector for KK Crimp Type
  • 22-01-3027: 2695 Housing for KK Crimp-Type Terminal Rohs Compliant
  • 1658690-1: Connector Housing Receptacle 15 Position Crimp ST
  • 500-110: 500 Connector Housing Female DB9 Crimp-Type
  • 66570-8: Contact Sz.20 Df Pin
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Buy IC Pressure Sensor Items Including
  • MPX2050DP: Pressure Sensor 0KPA to 50KPA Differential 4 Pin Case 344C-01
  • 136PC100G2: Pressure Sensor 0MMHG to 5170MMHG 4 Pin
  • 142PC15A: Pressure Sensor 0PSI to 15PSI Absolute 3 Pin
  • 19C030PA3K: Pressure Sensor 0PSI to 30PSI Absolute 4 Pin
  • SCX05DN: Pressure Sensor 0PSI to 5PSI Differential/Gage 6 Pin
Category: Pressure
Buy Programmable IC Kit Items Including
  • 7400 SERIES KIT: 7400 Series IC Kit 350 Pieces (Assortments)
  • CJKIT-21374: Programmable Keypad Kit Soldering Iron and Solder
  • 00130391: 74LS00 Series IC Kit Refill (Assortments)
  • 00130403: CD4000 Series IC Kit Refill (Assortments)
  • 00130411: Linear Series IC Kit Refill (Assortments)
Category: Component Kits
Buy NPN Phototransistor Items Including
  • PS2501-1: NPN Phototransistor Output Optoisolator Package: DIP-4 (Opto Components)
  • LTR-5986D: NPN Phototransistor/Detector
  • MCT62.: MCT62 Dual Channel NPN Phototransistor Optocoupler Packaging: PDIP-8
  • TEPT5600: Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • 4N28: Optocoupler NPN Phototransistor DIP-6 (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
Buy Mosfet H Bridge Driver Items Including
  • LTC1155CS8PBF: Driver 0.1 Volt 2 Output HI Side H Brdg 8 Pin SOIC NIC
  • LMD18201T/NOPB: H-Bridge DC Motor Driver 11 Pin (11+Tab) TO-220
  • LT1158INPBF: Driver 0.5A 2 Output Hi/Lo Side Full Brdg/Half Brdg 16 Pin Pdip N
  • LT1158CSWPBF: Driver 0.5A 2 Output Hi/Lo Side Full Brdg/Half Brdg 16 Pin SOIC W
  • LT1158CNPBF: Driver 0.5A 2 Output Hi/Lo Side Full Brdg/Half Brdg 16 Pin Pdip N
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
Buy Rotary Switches Items Including
  • 35-378: 3P Rotary Switch 3 Position Solder 0.3A 125VAC
  • 35-855: Rotary Switch on-off SPST Knob Shaft Wire Lead 6A 250VAC
  • 35-375: DP Rotary Switch 6 Position Solder 0.3A 125VAC
  • 35-379: 3P Rotary Switch 4 Position 0.3A 125VAC
  • A11215RNZQ: Rotary Switch 15000 Make and Break Cycles
Category: Rotary
Buy Monolithic Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • LT1507CS8: DC to DC Converter Single Step Down 4 Volt to 15 Volt 8 Pin SOIC N
  • MC7805CTG: 2.2A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
  • LM2940T-9.0/NOPB: LM2940 1A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator 9V
  • LP2951ACP: Adjustable Voltage Regulator 5V, 3.3V and 3V Versions at 100MA Output
  • L78S05CV: 2 Amp Positive Voltage Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
Buy Euro Block Connector Items Including
  • 399200503: 39920 Connector Euro Block 3 Position
  • 064074: Connector Accessories 24 Position Top Part for Screw Terminal Blocks Polycarbonate Gray
Category: Terminal Blocks
Buy DC Brushless Fans 2.00 Inch (50MM) Items Including
  • AD0512HS-D71-LF: Fan 12VDC 12CFM 52X52X15 100MA Sleeve Bearings 12 Inch Leads :
  • 2106KL-04W-B39: Fan 12VDC 9.9CFM 52X52X15
Category: DC Brushless Fans