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Right Angle Row Header

Right Angle Row Header 

Buy Right Angle Row Header Items Including
  • 43045-0809: Micro FIT (3.0) Dual Row Right Angle SMT Header with Nails Assembly
  • 43045-0610: Micro FIT (3.0) Dual Row Right Angle SMT Header with Nails Assembly
  • RMH26: 0.1 Inch 26 Pin Right Angle Male Header
  • 102159-1: 10 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 39-29-1087: 5569 4.20MM (.165 Inch) Pitch Mini-Fit Right Angle Dual Row Jr Header
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
RF BNC Bulkhead Connectors 50 Ohm

RF BNC Bulkhead Connectors 50 Ohm 

Buy RF BNC Bulkhead Connectors 50 Ohm Items Including
  • 31-221-VP: BNC Bulkhead Receptacle Connector
  • B-235-R: Isolated Solder Terminal Bulkhead Jack 50 Ohm (BNC)
  • 112437: Female to Female Bulkhead Adapter BNC Connector
  • 227726-3: BNC Isolated Bulkhead Solder RF Connector
  • 228226-1: 228226 Bulkhead Jack-Jack BNC Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor

Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor 

Buy Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Items Including
  • 08055C103KAT2A-VP: 0.01µF Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Surface Moun
  • SA102A101JAA: SA 100pf Ceramic Axial Capacitor
  • SR211C103KAA-VP: 0.01µF Ceramic Radial Capacitor
  • 08055C104KAT2A: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 50V X7R 0.1 uf Surface Mount 0805
  • RPER72A104K3P1C07B: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 100V X7R 0.1 uf
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Ceramic Resistors

Ceramic Resistors 

Buy Ceramic Resistors Items Including
  • KV214-3: 9 Watt 2.7 Ohm Wirewound Ceramic Resistor
  • KV214-8: 9 Watt 8.2 Ohm Wirewound Ceramic Resistor
  • 25/20FC2R0-813: Hi-Power Fixed Ceramic Resistor 2ω
  • 25/20FC10R0-813: Hi-Power Fixed Ceramic Resistor 10ω
  • 212-7: 2 Watt 6.8 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 2W
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
Power Adapter AC Clip

Power Adapter AC Clip 

Buy Power Adapter AC Clip Items Including
  • PSA08R-050-1.3: 5 Volt 1 Amp AC-to-DC Switching Interchangeable Wall Adapter (AC Clips not Included)
  • GE12I24-P1J: 24 Volt DC 0.63 Amp Regulated Switching Wall Adapter -Interchangeable AC Clip Series
  • PSC03R-050-R: 2.5 Watt USB Interchangeable Wall Transformer Includes: USA AC Clip
  • GE18I24-P1J: 18W Interchangeable AC Plug AC-to-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • PSA11R-120.: 10W Interchangeable Plug-Type Wall Adapter Input: 90-264VAC
Category: Wall Transformers
Diode Array IC

Diode Array IC 

Buy Diode Array IC Items Including
  • PMAD1108-LF: Steering Diode Array (Triacs)
  • DA108S1: Low CAP Diode Array Z (TVS)
  • B260A-13-F: FPGA Field Programmable Gate Array 9.7K Luts 244 I/O 1.8/2.5/3.3V
  • SP0503BAHT: Diode Surface Mount TVS Avalanche Diode Array Unidirectional
  • SP0504BAHT: Surface Mount TVS Avalanche Diode Array Unidirectional
Category: TVS
Power Mosfet Transistors

Power Mosfet Transistors 

Buy Power Mosfet Transistors Items Including
  • STP16NF06L: 16A 60V 0.1 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP55NF06: 50A 60V 0.018 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP4NK80Z: 3A 800V 3.5 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP12NM50: 12A 500V 0.35 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP6NK60Z: 6A 600V 1.2 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
Category: Mosfets
Cylindrical Female 5V Power Adapter

Cylindrical Female 5V Power Adapter 

Buy Cylindrical Female 5V Power Adapter Items Including
  • SYS1089-1305-T3: 3 Wire Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply (Table Top)
  • AF1805-A: 12.5 Watt AC-to-DC Switching Wall Transformer Power Supply
  • S15AA05025001-2.5: 5V Switching Transformer 5V @ 2.5A
  • PLA02A-050: 2 Watt AC to DC Switching Wall Adapter Output Volts: 5V DC
  • TR10R050: 10W Interchangeable AC-to-DC Regulated Wall Adapter Power Supply
Category: Wall Transformers
Banana Plug Female Connectors

Banana Plug Female Connectors 

Buy Banana Plug Female Connectors Items Including
  • 5165-0: Connector Banana Plug-Binding Post Adapter
  • 2098: Female Connector Banana Adapter Plug
  • 3834-0: 3834 Banana Jack to Pin Jack Adapter
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Anti-Static Tools

Anti-Static Tools 

Buy Anti-Static Tools Items Including
  • A/S 19.5 X 23.5-R: Anti-Static Work MAT Size: 19.5 Inch X 23.5 Inch
  • HDBC-1224.25: Conductive Anti-Static Foam (Tools)
  • BM-501A-R: Anti-Static Work MAT Size: 23.5 Inch X 27.5 Inch
  • A/S 11.25 X 22-R: Anti-Static Work MAT Size: 11.3 Inch X 22 Inch
  • ESD-0810: Anti-Static Bags Color: Pink (Tools)
Category: Anti-Static
Ttl Components

Ttl Components 

Buy Ttl Components Items Including
  • TQOPD147M372800A3: Oscillator 7.3728MHZ Full can TTL 15MA 10NS
  • TQOPD0820M0000A3: Oscillator 20.000MHZ Half can TTL 30MA 10NS
  • RTL201608: Oscillator 32.000MHZ Half can TTL 70MA 5NS
  • 1337-50.0000MHZ: Half can TTL Crystal 50.0 MHz 70 mA 10 Nan Seconds
  • OSC1.843: TTL Oscillator Full can Rise Fall Time: 15NS
Category: Oscillators
600V Transistor

600V Transistor 

Buy 600V Transistor Items Including
  • IRG4PC40WPBF: 40A 600V N-Channel Igbt
  • STGP6NC60HD: 15A 600V N-Channel Igbt TO-220AB (Transistors)
  • IRG4PC50WPBF: IRG4PC50W 55A 600V N-Channel Igbt
  • IRFBC40: 6.2A 600V 1.2 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • IRG4PC40UDPBF: 40A 600V N-Channel Igbt
Category: Igbts
100uf Ceramic Capacitor

100uf Ceramic Capacitor 

Buy 100uf Ceramic Capacitor Items Including
  • C1206C106K9PAC TU: C1206 Capacitor 1206 X5R 10.0uf 10% 6.3V Unmarked 7IN TR (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • C1210C226M9PAC TU: C1210 Low ESR 100uf 16V 20% E Case 125 Mohm 7IN RL (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • C0603C104K3RAC 7411: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer NPO .100uf 10% 25.0V 13IN RL
  • LD106D107MAB2A: Capacitor Ceramic 100uf 6.3V X5R 20% SMD 1210 85C Embossed T/R
  • TPSC107K010R0075: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 100uf 10V C Case 10% (6 X 3.2 X 2.6MM) SMD 6032-28 0.075 Ohm 125C T/R
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Solid State Relay Switch

Solid State Relay Switch 

Buy Solid State Relay Switch Items Including
  • VN340SP-E: VN340SP Quad High Side Smart Power Solid State Relay
  • VN330SP-E: VN330SP Quad High Side Smart Power Solid State Relay
  • VNQ05XSP1613TR: Power Switch Quad Channel High Side Solid State Relay
Category: Power Switch
PC Board Drill Bits

PC Board Drill Bits 

Buy PC Board Drill Bits Items Including
  • 1/8: Drill Bit PC Size Inch .125 Dia Size Designation:
  • 38: Drill Bit PC Size .1015 Dia Size Designation:
  • 31: Drill Bit PC Size .120 Dia Size Designation: (Tools)
  • 32: Drill Bit PC Size .1160 Dia Size Designation:
  • BIT D75: PC Board 75 Drill Bit (Power Tools)
Category: Power Tools
Single Inverter IC

Single Inverter IC 

Buy Single Inverter IC Items Including
  • NC7S04M5X: Single Inverter < AZ (Cmo Logic)
  • SN74AHCT1G14DCKR: Single Schmitt Trigger Inverter Gate (Logic)
  • SN74AHC1G04DCKR: Inverter 1 Element CMOS 5 Pin SC-70 Tape and Reel
  • SN74AHCT1G04DCKR: Single Inverter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74LVC1GU04DBVR: Single Inverter Gate (74LVC Series (SMD) )
Category: Inverter Schmitt Trigger
CMOS Buffer IC

CMOS Buffer IC 

Buy CMOS Buffer IC Items Including
  • NC7SZ125M5X: Buffer with Tristate Output (Logic)
  • 74AC541MTC: Buffer-Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 State CMOS 20 Pin Tssop Rail VER
  • MM74HC541WM: Octal Tri-State Buffer
  • 74LCX07MTC: 3V HEX Buffer Open Drain Output
  • 74FCT244ATSOG: Logic Octal Buffer-Line Driver
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
2A Diode

2A Diode 

Buy 2A Diode Items Including
  • SS24-E3/52T: 2A 40V Silicon Rectifier Diode DO-214AA
  • KBP201G: 2A 100V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • KBP202G: 2A 200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • BYW56-TR: Diode 2A 1000V SOD-57
  • KBP206G: 2A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Stud Terminals

Stud Terminals 

Buy Stud Terminals Items Including
  • 321035: Pidg 26-22 Spade #4 Stud (Terminals)
  • 35109: Ring Tongue Terminal Stud Size: 10
  • 61365-1: 61365 250 Fast TAB Stud 032TPBR
  • 606298-2: 606298 Tubular Term 4/0 1/2 Stud
  • 321045: Terminal Ring Blue 16-141/4 Inch Stud
Category: Terminals
Digital Voltmeter Module

Digital Voltmeter Module 

Buy Digital Voltmeter Module Items Including
  • V1: 3½ Digit LCD Voltmeter Module
  • OEM 1B-LED: 3 ½ Digit LED Voltmeter Module
  • SP 300: 3 ½ Digit LED Voltmeter Module
  • SP 400-BLUE: 3 ½ Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Module
  • OEM 1B: 3 ½ Digit LCD Voltmeter Module
Category: 3.5 Digits
Skt Socket Connectors

Skt Socket Connectors 

Buy Skt Socket Connectors Items Including
  • 27E895: Blade and Octal Relay Socket
  • 28-526-10: 526 28 Pin Low Profile ZIF Socket
  • 390112-1: 390112 Socket Sdram 3.7MM HT 3.3V
  • 193846-1: Connector Power Socket Assembly SKT Assy
  • 207526-3: Socket Header Assembly 9 Posn Metrimate
Category: Sockets
Pl Discrete Wire Housing Connectors

Pl Discrete Wire Housing Connectors 

Buy Pl Discrete Wire Housing Connectors Items Including
  • 15-97-6041: 30068 4 Contact Male Power Connector Plug (Discrete Wire Housing)
  • 39-01-2126: 5559 12 Contact Male Power Connector Plug (Discrete Wire Housing)
  • 436802003: 43680 3 Contact Male Power Connector Plug (Discrete Wire Housing)
  • 39-01-2181: 5559 18 Contact Male Power Connector Plug (Discrete Wire Housing)
  • 42818-0312: 42818 3 Contact Male Power Connector Crimp Plug (Discrete Wire Housing)
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Single Pole Rocker Switch

Single Pole Rocker Switch 

Buy Single Pole Rocker Switch Items Including
  • 7101J50ZBE2: SPDT Rocker Switch 0.4VA 20VAC
  • 7108J1CB2: SPDT Rocker Switch Rating: 0.4 @ 20VAC
  • CM101J12S205QA: SPDT Rocker Switch 125VAC 16A Rating: 16A @ 125V
  • U11J1AQ2: SPDT Rocker Switch 5A 120V Rating: 5A @ 120V
  • R13-66A-R-02-R: Panel Mount Rocker Switch Contact Form: SPST on-Off
Category: Rocker

I2C to UART 

Buy I2C to UART Items Including
  • FT232RL-REEL: USB to UART SM D SSOP-281.8 -5.25V (Interface)
  • SCC68692C1A44,512: Switching Regulator Converter Buck Asyn TO-263 Bipolar
  • PCA9564PW,112: Parallel Bus to I2C-BUS Controller (Microcontrollers)
  • DAC8571IDGK: 16 Bit Digital to Analog Converter I2C Interfact
  • AD7418ARZ: 1CH I2C Analog to Digital Converter with on-Chip Temp SE
Category: USB (SMD)
Video Processor IC

Video Processor IC 

Buy Video Processor IC Items Including
  • AD9843AJSTZ: Complete 10 Bit 20 Msps CCD Signal Processor
  • AD9949KCP: 12 Bit CCD Signal Processor with Precision Timing Core
  • AD9841AJSTZ: AD9841A Complete 20 Msps CCD Signal Processor
  • TMS320DM642AZDK7: Video/Imaging Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
  • TMS320DM642AGDKA6: Video/Imaging Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
Category: Analog Front End
Straight Circular Connectors

Straight Circular Connectors 

Buy Straight Circular Connectors Items Including
  • 206708-1: CPC Series Circular Connector Pos: 9
  • 206433-1: 206433 Circular Connector 8 Contact
  • 205840-3: 205840 Circular Connector 28 Contact
  • 205843-1: 205843 Circular Connector 63 Contact
  • 206438-1: 206438 Circular Connector 57 Contact
Category: Circular
Resistor 240 Ohm 5 Watt

Resistor 240 Ohm 5 Watt 

Buy Resistor 240 Ohm 5 Watt Items Including
  • CF1/4W241JRC: Carbon Film Resistor 240 Ohm 1/4WATT 5%
  • RK73B2BTTD241J: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.25W 5 % 200 Ppm 240 Ohm
  • RK73B1JTTD241J: RK73B Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 200 Ppm 240 Ohm
  • CF1/2W241JRC: Resistor Carbon Film 240 Ohm 1/2WATT 5% Bag of 100
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Coaxial F Connector PCB Mount

Coaxial F Connector PCB Mount 

Buy Coaxial F Connector PCB Mount Items Including
  • 19-49G-R: SMA Female Connector PCB Mount
  • 1055688-1: Straight SMT PCB Mount Plug Receptacle Ssmt Surface Mount Interconnect System
  • DA15PPCB: 15 Pin D-Sub Male Connector PCB Mount
  • 87368-1424: 14 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector Surface Mount
  • 52885-0274: 20 Contact Female Straight Board Stacking Connector Surface Mount
Category: RF Connectors
SPDT Electromechanical Slide

SPDT Electromechanical Slide 

Buy SPDT Electromechanical Slide Items Including
  • MS12ASG13-RO: SPDT Switches:Slide
  • SS-12F56-4: Mini SPDT Slide Switch Rating: 50VDC @ 0.5A
  • 35-202-BU: Slide Switch Contact Form: SPDT on-On
  • OS102011MA1QN1: OS SPDT on-on Slide Switch
  • 1101M1S2ZBE2: SPDT Slide (Switches)
Category: Slide
PCB Mounting Hardware

PCB Mounting Hardware 

Buy PCB Mounting Hardware Items Including
  • CMC321CTP: Low Profile Panel Lenses for PCB Mounted LEDs
  • PCTS3C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.7 X 0.5
  • PCST4C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.8 X 0.5
  • CS1016: CS PCB Standoff Mounting Hardware Snap "On"
  • CS-10: 3MM Hole PCB Mounting Spacer Diameter: 0.32IN
Category: Spacers & Standoffs

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