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Bi-Directional General Instruments TVS   to   Audio DIN Connector

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Bi-Directional General Instruments TVS

Bi-Directional General Instruments TVS 

Buy Bi-Directional General Instruments TVS Items Including
  • 1.5KE300CA: 1501W Bidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
  • SMBJ12CA-E3/52: SMBJ12CA 600W 12V 5% Bidir SMB TVS 7IN TR
  • SMCJ33CA-E3/57T: TVS 1.5KW 33V 5% Bidirectional
  • SMBJ10CA-E3/52: TVS 600W Bidirectional Silicon
  • SMBJ30CA-E3/52: TVS 600W Bidirectional Silicon
Category: TVS
Spi/Twi/Usart Pin ICs & Semiconductors

Spi/Twi/Usart Pin ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Spi/Twi/Usart Pin ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • ATMEGA644-20AU: MCU 8 Bit Atmega Risc 64KB Flash 3.3 Volt 5 Volt 44 Pin Tqfp
  • ATMEGA8-16PU: MCU 8 Bit Atmega Risc 8KB Flash 5 Volt 28 Pin Pdip M Temp 5.0
  • ATMEGA8L-8AU: 8 Bit Avr® with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
Category: Microcontrollers
To-3 Passive Heat Sinks Fans & Cooling

To-3 Passive Heat Sinks Fans & Cooling 

Buy To-3 Passive Heat Sinks Fans & Cooling Items Including
  • MK-518-R: TO-3 Black Heat Sink 4 Holes 1.8X1.8X1.25 Inch
  • 501303B00000G: TO-3 4 Hole Heat Sink
  • 505403B00000G: Heat Sink Passive TO-3 Straight 6°C/W Black Anodized
  • 568303B00000: Heat Sink for Use with TO-3 Packages
  • GHT144-R: Heat Sink TO-3 4 Holes 4.75 Inch X 1.50 Inch X 1.25 Inch
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Actuator Grayhill Push Button

Actuator Grayhill Push Button 

Buy Actuator Grayhill Push Button Items Including
  • 30-3: Switches Push Button SPST -no 1A Black Actuator Back Panel Mount
  • 39-1: Switches Push Button SPST -no 0.5A RED Actuator Back Panel Mount
Category: Push Button
Sot-23 Tape & Reel IC Logic Gates

Sot-23 Tape & Reel IC Logic Gates 

Buy Sot-23 Tape & Reel IC Logic Gates Items Including
  • NC7SZ86M5X: XOR Gate 1 Element 2 Input CMOS 5 Pin SOT-23 Tape and Reel
  • 74V1G08STR: Single 2 Input and Gate (Logic)
  • NC7ST86M5X: Hst/T Series 2 Input XOR Gate
  • NC7SZ86M5: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series 2 Input XOR Gate
  • SN74AHCT1G08DBVR: Single 2 Input Positive-and Gate (Logic)
Category: Gates
Shaft Potentiometer 1K

Shaft Potentiometer 1K 

Buy Shaft Potentiometer 1K Items Including
  • RV24AF-10-20K-B13: Potentiometer 1K Linear Knurled 1/2 Watt
  • RV16AF-10-15R1-B13: Potentiometer 1K Linear 16MM 1/5 Watt
  • 31VM301-F3: Potentiometer 1K RV24A01F-10-15R1 B1K Linear
  • B1K: Potentiometer Linear Taper 1/2W 1K Ohm (Resistors)
  • 24N-1K-15R-R: Potentiometer Linear Taper 1/2W 1K Ohm (Resistors)
Category: Potentiometers
Buffer/Driver Hex Drivers

Buffer/Driver Hex Drivers 

Buy Buffer/Driver Hex Drivers Items Including
  • SN74HC367N: HEX Driver with 3 State (Logic)
  • SN74LS368AN.: Buffer and Line Driver SN74LS368AN DIP-16
  • SN7416N: Buffer and Line Driver HEX Inverter/Driver
  • SN7417N: Buffer and Line Driver HEX Buffer/Driver O C
  • 74LCX07MTC: 3V HEX Buffer Open Drain Output
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Diffused Blue T1 LED

Diffused Blue T1 LED 

Buy Diffused Blue T1 LED Items Including
  • LVB2040: T1 Uni-Color Diffused Blue LED Material: Ingan/Gan
  • LVB3330: LED Blue Diffused T1-3/4 430NM 4.0V 10MCD V/A36
  • LTL-2R3CBD3: Opto LED 5MM Blue Diffused T1-3/4 468NM 45 Degree Flanged
  • MCDL-5013RGBW-B: Auto Blink Color Rotate Red Green Blue (RGB) T1 3/4 Diffused LED
  • KTL050BLDI: T1 3/4 Blue Diffused LED (IrLED)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
DC to DC Car Power Adapter

DC to DC Car Power Adapter 

Buy DC to DC Car Power Adapter Items Including
  • 2109: 12VDC Auto/Mobile Power Adapter
  • PSDC20: 24VDC to 12VDC Converter 20A Compact Design for in-Car Use
  • MD154-761K: 12 Volt 12 Foot Car Power Adapter Extension Cord
  • CC001-BLK: 5 Volt DC @ 1 Amp USB Car Charger Output: 5V @ 1A
  • CARS4500: Regulated Switching Mode Car Adapter (DC-to-DC Converter)
Category: Car Chargers & Adapters
Positive Regulator 9 Volt

Positive Regulator 9 Volt 

Buy Positive Regulator 9 Volt Items Including
  • LM7809CT: 9V Fixed Positive Regulator PSFM3
  • L7809CV: L7809C 9 Volt Positive Voltage Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • 78L09: 9V 100MA Positive Voltage Regulator TO-92 3 Pin (Analog/Linear)
  • LD1086V90: LD1086 1.5A Low Drop Positive Fixed Voltage Regulator 9V
Category: Voltage Regulators
Reel Brass Wire Connectors

Reel Brass Wire Connectors 

Buy Reel Brass Wire Connectors Items Including
  • 02-09-1117: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • 08-50-0187: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • 08-55-0101: 2759 Brass Gold over Nickel Finish Wire Terminal
  • 39-00-0207: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • 43375-0001: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Tin Finish Wire Terminal
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Velleman Jumper Wires

Velleman Jumper Wires 

Buy Velleman Jumper Wires Items Including
  • WJW004: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Male to Male 15CM 10PCS
  • WJW005: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Male to Female 15CM 10PCS
  • WJW006: Breadboard Jumper Wire-One Pin Female to Female 15CM 10PCS
Category: Jumper Wires
Step Up DC Current Converter

Step Up DC Current Converter 

Buy Step Up DC Current Converter Items Including
  • LT1618EMSPBF: Constant-Current/Constant-Volt AGE 1.4MHZ Step-Up DC/DC Co
  • LT1316CS8PBF: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Step Up 8 Pin SOIC N
  • LT1305CS8PBF: ªP HI Output Current DC/DC Converter
  • LT1373CS8PBF: 250KHZ Low Supply Current High Efficiency 1.5A Switch
  • LT1373HVIS8PBF: 250KHZ Low Supply Current High Efficiency 1.5A Switch
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
LM324N Op Amp

LM324N Op Amp 

Buy LM324N Op Amp Items Including
  • LM324N..: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±16 VOLT32 Volt 14 Pin Plastic DIP Rail
  • LM324N: Linear Quad OP AMP DIP-14 (Amplifiers)
  • LM324N/NOPB: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±16 VOLT32 Volt 14 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM324D.: LM324N Linear Quad OP AMP SOIC-14 (Amplifiers)
Category: Amplifiers
Through Hole PCB Socket Header

Through Hole PCB Socket Header 

Buy Through Hole PCB Socket Header Items Including
  • 15-31-1026: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 15-31-1066: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 207610-3: Socket Header Assembly 6 Posn Metrimate
  • 15-31-1036: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 207609-1: Socket Header Assembly 3 Posn Metrimate
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
X7R 200V Capacitors

X7R 200V Capacitors 

Buy X7R 200V Capacitors Items Including
  • 12061C332KAT2A: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 200V X7R 0.01 uf Surface Mount 1206
  • 1206YG105ZAT2A: 1206 Capacitor Ceramic 200V X7R 0.0022 uf through Hole Mount
  • SR152C102KAA: SR Capacitor Ceramic 200V X7R 0.001 uf through Hole Mount
  • 12062C473KAT2A: Capacitor 1206 X7R .047uf 10% 200V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 18122C224KAT2A: Capacitor 1812 X7R .22uf 10% 200V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Micropower Amplifier Linear Technology

Micropower Amplifier Linear Technology 

Buy Micropower Amplifier Linear Technology Items Including
  • LT1077S8PBF: Linear Precision Single Op Amp Single-Supply
  • LT1079CNPBF: Linear Precision Quad Op Amp Single/Dual-Supply
  • LT1990AIS8: Micropower Difference Amplifier
  • LT1990CS8PBF: Micropower Difference Amplifier
  • LT1789CS8-1PBF: Micropower Single Supply Rail-to-Rail Output Instrumentation Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Male Banana Plug to Male BNC

Male Banana Plug to Male BNC 

Buy Male Banana Plug to Male BNC Items Including
  • 3957: BNC Male to Multi-Stacking Banana Plugs
  • GB2BR2: Male BNC-to-Double Banana Plug (Test & Measurement)
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
C0G Monolithic Capacitor

C0G Monolithic Capacitor 

Buy C0G Monolithic Capacitor Items Including
  • GRM0335C1E150JD01D: GRM03 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM1555C1H102JA01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM1555C1H120JZ01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM1555C1H180JZ01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • GRM1555C1H1R2CZ01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Rectangular Connectors Accessories

Rectangular Connectors Accessories 

Buy Rectangular Connectors Accessories Items Including
  • 208101-8: Connector Accessories D-Subminiature Latch Block Zinc Individual
  • 42973-2: Connector Accessories Retaining Spring Stainless Steel
  • 58529-1: Connector Accessories Terminals Tool
  • 796075-1: Connector Accessories Plug Entry Seal 1 Position Natural
  • 770377-1: Connector Accessories Keying Plug Nylon White
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Pdip Microprocessor ICs & Semiconductors

Pdip Microprocessor ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Pdip Microprocessor ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 6802: Microprocessor 5V 8 Bit 1MHZ DIP-40
  • 6809E: Microprocessor 7V 8 Bit 1MHZ DIP-40
  • 6800: Microprocessor 5V 8 Bit DIP-40
  • 8080A: Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 1MHZ PDIP-40
  • 82C55A-5: 82C55A Microprocessor Peripheral Interface 5MHZ DIP-40
Category: Microprocessors
Crimp Socket 20 Pin

Crimp Socket 20 Pin 

Buy Crimp Socket 20 Pin Items Including
  • HT-213-R: Crimper D-Sub Pin and Socket Tool 20-28AWG
  • 02-09-5106: .093 Inch Female Crimp Terminal Brass Gold Finish 14-20 AWG
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Tdk Power Management Circuit

Tdk Power Management Circuit 

Buy Tdk Power Management Circuit Items Including
  • CXA-K0505-VJL: Power Misc Specialty Analog Circuit XMA
  • CXA-P1212-VJL: Power Misc Specialty Analog Circuit XMA
  • CXA-L10A: Power Misc Fluorescent Light Controller DMA5
  • CXA-P10M-P: Power Misc DC~AC Inverter CA (Analog/Linear)
Category: Power Management Circuit
Adapter Bayonet Connector

Adapter Bayonet Connector 

Buy Adapter Bayonet Connector Items Including
  • 40958-Y: Connector RF BNC LAN
  • B-611T: Terminator BNC 50 Ohm ( RF Connectors)
  • 1058117-1: Female RF Straight Adapter Jack
Category: BNC
Cv Wire & Cable Accessories

Cv Wire & Cable Accessories 

Buy Cv Wire & Cable Accessories Items Including
  • CV-100-R: Cable TIE .1 Inch 'W X 4 Inch 'L White -100
  • CV-075-R: Cable TIE 0.1 Inch WX3.125 Inch L MIN -100
  • CV-150W-R: Cable TIE Black .14 Inch WX5.75 Inch L -100
  • CV-330W-R: Cable TIE 13 Inch LX0.14 Inch W Black -100
  • CV-150-R: Nylon Cable Tie 6 Inch X 0.14 Inch (Assortments)
Category: Assortments
Single Differential Amplifier IC

Single Differential Amplifier IC 

Buy Single Differential Amplifier IC Items Including
  • AD8350AR15: Low Distortion 1.0 GHZ Differential Amplifier
  • AD640JNZ: Logarithmic Amplifier IC (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1993CUD-2: SP Amplifier 800MHZ Low Distortion
  • INA117P: SP Amp Differential Amplifier Single ±18V 8 Pin Pdip Tube
  • THS4502IDGN: Wideband Low-Distortion Fully Differential Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Ssop Power Line Transmitter

Ssop Power Line Transmitter 

Buy Ssop Power Line Transmitter Items Including
  • ADM1385ARSZ-REEL7: Line Transmitter/Receiver 2TR 2 Transceiver 2 Receiver 20 Pin Ssop Tape and Reel
  • LT1237CG: 5V RS232 Transceiver with Advanced Power Management
  • ADM1385ARS: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
  • ADM3222ARS: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
  • ADM1385ARSZ: Bus Line Transceiver Analog Low Power 3V RS-232 IC
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Die Hex Hardware Screws

Die Hex Hardware Screws 

Buy Die Hex Hardware Screws Items Including
  • 14-556-L11.8: Jack Screw for D-Sub Connector Size: 4-40 (Hardware)
  • 598110000: 59811 Screws Heavyhex Head M5 X 0.5 (Hardware)
  • 14-556-L15.7: Jack Screw 3/16 Inch W X 0.189 Inch L (Hardware)
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
Spt Security Systems Video Accessories

Spt Security Systems Video Accessories 

Buy Spt Security Systems Video Accessories Items Including
  • 15-2400VTS: 2.4GHZ Video and Audio Transmitter with Alarm
  • 15-2400VRS: 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver
Category: Transmitters/Receivers
Audio DIN Connector

Audio DIN Connector 

Buy Audio DIN Connector Items Including
  • 05CL5MX: 5 Pin Audio DIN Plug Male 5 Pin DIN Plug (Circular)
  • 250-585: 250 Receptaclep STD DIN Female 5 Sckt (Audio/Video)
  • 57HB5F: 5 Pin Audio DIN Socket Female 5 Pin DIN Socket
  • 12BL6M: 6 Pin Straight DIN Male Connector (Audio/Video)
  • 09CL4M: 4 Pin DIN MALE3 Connector (Audio/Video)
Category: Circular

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