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To-220 Bipolar ICs & Semiconductors   to   Shaft Potentiometer 1K

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To-220 Bipolar ICs & Semiconductors

To-220 Bipolar ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy To-220 Bipolar ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • TIP29C: Transistor TO-220 Bipolar Power NPN 1A 100VFOR More About Transistors
  • TIP47: Transistor TO-220 NPN Bi-P 1A 250V Transistorisfor More About Transistors
  • BUL216: GP BJT 4A 800V NPN Si Power Transistor TO-220AB (Bipolar)
  • D44VH10G: GP BJT 15A 80V NPN Si Power Transistor (Bipolar)
  • TIP30CG: GP BJT 1A 100V PNP Si Power Transistor (Bipolar)
Category: Bipolar
Solenoid Stroke

Solenoid Stroke 

Buy Solenoid Stroke Items Including
  • 191172-001: 12VDC Stroke Push Solenoid Coil Resistance: 45Ω
  • (Actuators)
  • SHE-T0637.: 12VDC Tubular Pull Solenoid (Actuators)
Category: Solenoids
Cypress Semiconductor SRAM

Cypress Semiconductor SRAM 

Buy Cypress Semiconductor SRAM Items Including
  • CY62256LL-70SNC: CY62256 32K X 8 Standard SRAM 70 Ns PDSO28 (Memory)
  • CY7C1370D-167AXC: Gull Wing 512K X 36 ZBT SRAM 3.4 Ns PQFP100 (Memory)
  • CY7C1371D-133AXC: Gull Wing 512K X 36 ZBT SRAM 6.5 Ns PQFP100 (Memory)
  • CY7C1372D-167AXI: 18MBIT (1M X 18) Pipelined SRAM with Nobl Architecture 3.3V 167MHZ
  • CY7C1380D-167AXI: Gull Wing 512K X 36 Cache SRAM 3.4 Ns PQFP100 (Memory)
Category: SRAM (SMD)
Crimp Cat Connectors

Crimp Cat Connectors 

Buy Crimp Cat Connectors Items Including
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 5-569278-3: Connector Telecom/Datacom 8 Contact Male
  • 1546440-1: Male Telecom and Datacom Connector Plug
  • 08-65-0805: 41572 Female Cat Ear Crimp Terminal KK Series (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 5-569532-3: Connector Telecom/Datacom 8 Contact Male
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Proximity Sensor Magnetic Switches

Proximity Sensor Magnetic Switches 

Buy Proximity Sensor Magnetic Switches Items Including
  • MP201901: Proximity Sensor Magnetic 100 Volt 100 Volt 2 Pin
  • MPS45WGW: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
Category: Proximity
Serial (3 Wire & Spi) Dac Analog

Serial (3 Wire & Spi) Dac Analog 

Buy Serial (3 Wire & Spi) Dac Analog Items Including
  • AD7304BRUZ: +3V Quad Serial 8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
  • AD7303BRM: DAC Dual Serial 8 Bit Single Suppl (Analog/Linear)
  • AD7303BRZ: DAC Dual Serial 8 Bit Single Suppl (Analog/Linear)
  • AD5312BRM-REEL7: DAC Dual 10K Digital Potentiometer (Analog/Linear)
  • AD5668ARUZ-3: Serial Input Loading 6 us Settling Time 16 Bit DAC
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Low Dropout Regulator

Low Dropout Regulator 

Buy Low Dropout Regulator Items Including
  • LM1085IT-3.3/NOPB: LM1085 Low Dropout Regulator Package: TO-220
  • LM2931Z-5.0/NOPB: LM2931 Low Dropout Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LM1086CT-ADJ/NOPB: LM1086 1.5A Positive Low Dropout Regulator
  • LM2931AZ-5.0/NOPB: LM2931 Low Dropout Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1185IQPBF: Low Dropout Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators
To-220 Audio Speakers

To-220 Audio Speakers 

Buy To-220 Audio Speakers Items Including
  • TDA2002V: Audio Amp Single Speaker 1 Channel Mono 10 Watt Class-B 5 Pin (5+Tab) TO-220
  • LM4702CTA/NOPB: Audio Amp Single Speaker 2 Channel Stereo Class-Ab 15 Pin 15 +Tab TO-220 Rail
  • LM3886TF: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
  • LM4752T: Stereo 11W Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM1875T/LB03: LM1875 Audio Power Amplifier
Category: Audio and Video
Tube Micro Power Amp

Tube Micro Power Amp 

Buy Tube Micro Power Amp Items Including
  • LM258AN: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 4000 uV Offset-Max 1.1 MHz Band Width PDIP8
  • TS912ID: OP Amp Dual GP R-R I/O ±8V/16V 8 Pin so N Tube (Analog/Linear)
  • TIP147: Complementary Silicon Power Darlington Transistors
  • TDA2040V: Hi-Fi Power Audio Amp Power: 20W (Analog/Linear)
  • STP55NF06: 50A 60V 0.018 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
Category: Amplifiers
Solder Pencil

Solder Pencil 

Buy Solder Pencil Items Including
  • PES51: Weller 50W Soldering Pencil
  • ETP: Replaceable Conical Soldering Tip for Use with PES51 Soldering Pencil
  • ETH: Replaceable Screwdriver Shaped Soldering Tip for Use with PES51 Soldering Pencil
  • WES51: Weller 50W Analog Soldering Station
  • WX1010: Weller 200W High Power Digital Soldering Station
Category: Soldering Equipment
Serial (1 Wire) Dallas Semiconductor ICs & Semiconductors

Serial (1 Wire) Dallas Semiconductor ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Serial (1 Wire) Dallas Semiconductor ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • DS18S20: (DS1820) TO-92 1 Wire Parasite
  • DS18B20+: 3 Pin 1 Wire Programmable Resolution Digital Thermometer
Category: Temperature Sensors
CMOS Logic Gates

CMOS Logic Gates 

Buy CMOS Logic Gates Items Including
  • SN74HCU04D: Logic Gates Quad 2 Input CMOS 14 Pin SOIC
  • SN74LVC08AD: Logic Gates Quad 2 Input CMOS 14 Pin SOIC
  • MM74HC00MX: 2 Input nor Logic Gate CMOS 14 Pin SOIC
  • NC7SZ02M5X: UHS 2 Input nor Logic Gate CMOS 5 Pin SOT-23
  • NC7SZ57P6X: Lvc/Lcx/Z Config 2 I/P Logic Gate
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
Surge Resistors

Surge Resistors 

Buy Surge Resistors Items Including
  • ERJ-P14J620U: ERJP14 Anti-Surge Chip Resistor 1210, 62OHM
  • ERZ-V14D821: Resistor Voltage Dependent 670V 235 J
  • ERZ-V20D102: Resistor Voltage Dependent 825V 565 J
  • ERZ-V10D470: Resistor Voltage Dependent 38V 6.8 J
  • ERZ-V14D271: Resistor Voltage Dependent 225V 99 J
Category: Transient Surge Absorbers
SOIC N Flash Memory IC

SOIC N Flash Memory IC 

Buy SOIC N Flash Memory IC Items Including
  • M45PE10-VMN6P: M45PE10 128K X 8 Flash 2.7V Prom PDSO8 (Memory)
  • LTC1263CS8PBF: 12V 60 Milli Ampere Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1262CS8PBF: 12V 30MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1263IS8PBF: 12V 60MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
  • LTC1262IS8PBF: 12V 30MA Flash Memory Programming Supply
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Basic Stamp USB

Basic Stamp USB 

Buy Basic Stamp USB Items Including
  • 32201: Prop Plug for Propeller and Basic Stamp (USB-to-Serial)
  • 27807: Basic Stamp Discovery Kit (USB) Send Signals with Blinking LEDs
  • 28803: Basic Stamp 2 Board of Education Kit
  • 90005: Basic Stamp Activity Kit -USB Version (Text V3.0)
  • 555-28188: Homework Board (USB) Surface-Mount Basic Stamp 2 Microcontroller
Category: Basic Stamp
Female Connector Recept

Female Connector Recept 

Buy Female Connector Recept Items Including
  • 206306-2: 37 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 51090-0200: 2 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 206306-5: 37 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 206425-2: 206425 3 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 208552-1: 24 Contact Female D Subminiature Connector
Category: Commericial Plastic
Owi Robots Educational Kits

Owi Robots Educational Kits 

Buy Owi Robots Educational Kits Items Including
  • OWI-891: EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit
  • OWI-MSK610: 6 in 1 Educational Solar Kit Solar Panel Output: 75MA
  • OWI-MSK615: 14 in-1 Educational Solar Robot (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
Category: Robotics
Paper Tape & Reel Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Paper Tape & Reel Ceramic Chip Capacitors 

Buy Paper Tape & Reel Ceramic Chip Capacitors Items Including
  • GRM188R72A104KA35D: Capacitor SMD Monolithic Ceramic Chips 0603
  • GRM319R71H104KA01D: GRM31 Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Tooling Interconnects

Tooling Interconnects 

Buy Tooling Interconnects Items Including
  • 11-03-0036: Extraction Tool Series: T9999 (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 59803-1: Connector Accessories Tee Style Handled Insertion Tool
  • 11-03-0006: Connector Accessories HT2038 Extractor Tool for .093
  • 465644-1: Tool Extraction for Mate-N-Lok Connectors
  • 11-03-0002: Connector Accessories HT2285 Extractor Tool for .062
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Single Amp Transistor

Single Amp Transistor 

Buy Single Amp Transistor Items Including
  • IRFD220PBF: 200V Single N-Channel Hexfet PLCC32FOR More About Transistors
  • IRFD110PBF: 100V 1A Single N-Channel Header/with Pinsfor More About Transistors
  • FDC655BN.: Single N-Channel Logic Level
  • IRFD120PBF: 100 Volt 1.3 Amp Single N-Channel Mosfet 100V Hexfet
  • IRF640NPBF: 19A 200V 0.15 Ohm N-Channel Si
Category: Mosfets
AC-to-DC Switching Rack Mount

AC-to-DC Switching Rack Mount 

Buy AC-to-DC Switching Rack Mount Items Including
  • RCP-1000-24-C: RCP-1000 1000 ~ 3000W Front End Power System (Rack Mount)
  • RCP-2000-24: RCP-2000 1920W Single Output Front End Power Supply (Rack Mount)
  • RKP-1UI-CMU1: RKP 1U Rack Control and Monitoring Rack AC Inlet
  • RKP-1UT-CMU1: RKP 1U Rack Control and Monitoring Rack Terminal Block
  • RKP-CMU1: RKP 1U Rack Control and Monitoring Single Unit
Category: Rack Mount
Velleman Power Transformers

Velleman Power Transformers 

Buy Velleman Power Transformers Items Including
  • PSSMV1USA: 10W Switching Wall Adapter Power Supply with Interchangeable Plugs
  • PSSUSB4U: USB Switching Power Adapter -5VDC / 1A Cooler Running (AC-to-AC)
  • 2090250MST: Side-Tag Transformer 25VA 2X9V/1.389A Voltage: 2 X 9V (AC-to-AC)
  • PSSEUSB23BU: 5V 2A Compact Wall Adapter Power Supply with Micro-USB Output
  • PS905USA: Non-Regulated Single Voltage Adapter Voltage: 9V DC (Wall Mount)
Category: Power Transformers
Panel Mount Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt

Panel Mount Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt 

Buy Panel Mount Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt Items Including
  • 3590S-2-502L: Resistor Wirewound Pot 5K Ohm 5% 2 Watt 6.34MM Solder Lug Panel Mount
  • 3540S-1-502L: Multi-Turn Potentiometers ( 10%) Series 3540 Ohms: 5K
Category: Potentiometers
SOT23 5 Reference IC

SOT23 5 Reference IC 

Buy SOT23 5 Reference IC Items Including
  • LM4040DIM3-5.0/NOPB: Voltage Reference 5V +/-1% 150PPM/C SOT23 REF
  • LM4040CIM3-2.5/NOPB: LM4040 IC2.5V +/-.5% 100PPM/C SOT23 REF
  • LM4040CIM3-8.2/NOPB: 8.2V +/ -.5% 100PPM/C SOT23 REF (Analog/Linear)
Category: References (SMD)
Dual Analog Digital Converter Sigma Delta

Dual Analog Digital Converter Sigma Delta 

Buy Dual Analog Digital Converter Sigma Delta Items Including
  • AD1871YRSZ: ADC Stereo Audio 24 Bit 96 KHZ (Analog/Linear)
  • AD7719BRZ: ADC Low Voltage Low Power (a/D (SMD) Converters)
  • AD1877JR: Single-Supply 16 Bit Delta Sigma Stereo ADC
  • PCM1802DB: 24 Bit Delta Sigm a Audio ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
LM393 Open Collector Comparator

LM393 Open Collector Comparator 

Buy LM393 Open Collector Comparator Items Including
  • LM393N.: LM393 Comparator Dual ±18 Volt 36 Volt 8 Pin Mdip Rail Dual Comparator
  • LM393M/NOPB: Comparator LM393 Small Outline Pkg
Category: Comparators
Cornell Dubilier Caps

Cornell Dubilier Caps 

Buy Cornell Dubilier Caps Items Including
  • 158X474: Cap Film Radial Lead .47uf, 20% (Capacitors)
  • 158X103: Cap Film Radial Lead .01uf, 20% (Capacitors)
  • 158X473: Cap Film Radial Lead .047uf, 20% (Capacitors)
  • 104M06QC150: Cap Film Radial 0 .1uf 600V 150OHMS (Capacitors)
  • 104M06QC22: Cap Film Radial 0.1uf 600V 22OHMS (Capacitors)
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Plug Screw

Plug Screw 

Buy Plug Screw Items Including
  • HP-2234P-R: Banana Plug Screw Set (Test & Measurement)
  • GLT101-R: Automobile Plug Screw Assembly with Strain Relief
  • GBP205-R: Banana Plug Screw SET (Test & Measurement)
  • 430: General Purpose Audio Connector Plug (Audio/Video)
  • 395300008: Connector Terminal Blocks 5.08MM Euro Plug RA BLK 8CKT
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Red LED Strips

Red LED Strips 

Buy Red LED Strips Items Including
  • LDB1-HS3018AR: Flex LED Strip Module -Red -18 LEDs -11 13/16 Inch -12VDC
  • TEM03016B: Red EL Wire -3 Meters (LED Light Strips)
  • NWRR15: Electroluminescence Wire (LED Light Strips)
  • RL-13F-01-ASSBLY: 6 Foot Weatherproof LED Light Strip Assembly
  • RL-13R-01-ASSBLY: 6 Foot Weatherproof LED Light Strip Assembly
Category: LED Light Strips
Shaft Potentiometer 1K

Shaft Potentiometer 1K 

Buy Shaft Potentiometer 1K Items Including
  • 31VM301-F3: Potentiometer 1K RV24A01F-10-15R1 B1K Linear with Switch 1/2 Watt .335 Inch
  • RV24AF-10-15R1-B13: 1KΩ Linear Taper Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • RV16AF-10-15R1-B13: 1KΩ Linear Potentiometer Resistance: 1KΩ
  • B1K: Potentiometer Linear Taper 1/2W 1K Ohm D Shaft:.25 Inch D .375 Inch L .375 Inch Hole
Category: Potentiometers

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