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Cts Resonator

Cts Resonator 

Buy Cts Resonator Items Including
  • MP040: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 4 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • MP060: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 6 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • MP080A: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 8 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • ATS060SM: QUARTz Crystal Resonator 6 MHz (Frequency Control)
  • ATS098SM: Parallel -Fundamental QUARTz Crystal Resonator 9.8304 MHz
Category: Crystals
Sdram Memory Chip

Sdram Memory Chip 

Buy Sdram Memory Chip Items Including
  • IS42S16400D-7TLI: PCI Micro Processor Unit 600 MHZ
  • IS42S32800B-6TL: 8M X 32 Synchronous Dram 5.5 Ns
  • IS42S32800B-7BL: 8M X 32 Synchronous Dram 5.5 Ns
Category: Dram
Mc Passive

Mc Passive 

Buy Mc Passive Items Including
  • MC-306-32.7680K-A: Passive Crystal 32.768KHZ 12.5pf Surface Mount
  • MINISMDC014F-2-T/R: In System Programable 64 MC
  • P3002AC: Modified TO-220 Two-Chip Microcapacitance (Mc) Sidactor Device
Category: Crystals
Switch Mode Charger

Switch Mode Charger 

Buy Switch Mode Charger Items Including
  • LTC4002EDD-4.2: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
  • LTC4002ES8-8.4PBF: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
  • CARS4500: Regulated Switching Mode Car Adapter (DC-to-DC Converter)
  • CARS6000S: Regulated Switching Mode Car Adapter Input Voltage: 12-13.8VDC
  • LTC4002ES8-4.2PBF: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
Category: Switching (SMD) Voltage-Regs
Grounded Cord

Grounded Cord 

Buy Grounded Cord Items Including
  • AS5: Anti-Static MAT with Ground Cable / 19.7 Inch X 23.6 Inch (Tools)
  • AS4: Anti-Static MAT with Ground Cable / 11.8 Inch X 22 Inch (Tools)
  • S1045J: Dual Receptacle Grounding Block for Workbenches (Anti-Static)
  • UC-WS1BLK-R: Grounding Cord Anti-Static Wrist Strap (Tools)
  • S1512-2448KJ: Anti-Static Workstation Kit (Tools)
Category: Anti-Static
Industrial Tools

Industrial Tools 

Buy Industrial Tools Items Including
  • 6966C: 250W Electric Industrial Dual-Type Heat Gun
  • HANDI-VAC: Vacuum Pen Holding Tool 4 Tips and Cups
  • 1207: Aluminum Vacuum Pen Tool with 3 Tips
  • HG-501A: Master Industrial Heat Gun 1680 Watts (Tools)
  • FLUKE-123/003: Fluke 123/003 20MHZ Dual Channel Industrial Scopemeter
Category: Power Tools
ADC to 13 Bit

ADC to 13 Bit 

Buy ADC to 13 Bit Items Including
  • AD7328BRUZ: 8 Ch 12 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • AD7324BRUZ: 4 Ch 12 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
  • ADA4922-1ARDZ: High Voltage Differential 18 Bit ADC Driver
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Serial (4 Wire & Spi)

Serial (4 Wire & Spi) 

Buy Serial (4 Wire & Spi) Items Including
  • ADT7411ARQZ: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 4 Wire Serial Interface 16 Pin Qsop
  • ADT7411ARQ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 10BIT 5CEL
  • LTC2404CGPBF: 4 Channel 24 Bit Micropower no Latency Delta Sigma A/D Converter
  • TLV5614ID: DAC Serial Input Loading 9 us Settling Time
  • DAC8554IPW: DAC Serial Input Loading 12 us Settling Time
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Vertical Receptacles

Vertical Receptacles 

Buy Vertical Receptacles Items Including
  • TDH16SG-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 2 Row 16 Contacts .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • G85-20-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 1 Row 20 Cont .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • TDH16SG-VP-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 1 Row 16CONT .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • GOLDSUN G85-20-R: Header Vertical Receptacle 2 Row 20 Contacts .100 Inch 2.54MM Female Header Receptacle
  • 3-534206-0: Receptacle Assembly MOD IV Double Row
Category: Headers
Multiplexer Quad

Multiplexer Quad 

Buy Multiplexer Quad Items Including
  • ADG774BRZ: Analog Multiplexer Quad 2:1 16 Pin SOIC N 2/1 MUX
  • ADG784BCPZ: Analog Multiplexer Quad 2:1 20 Pin LFC Single Pole Ep NV
  • SN74HC257D: Multiplexer Quad 2-1 Data Sele/Multiplexer
  • ADG511BRZ: Analog Switch Multiplexer Quad 5V CMOS Swit CH IC
  • ADG512BRZ: Analog Switch Multiplexer Quad 5V CMOS Swit CH IC
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
No/Nc Switch Pin Plunger

No/Nc Switch Pin Plunger 

Buy No/Nc Switch Pin Plunger Items Including
  • BZ-R21-A2: Switch Snap Action N.O./N.C
  • BZ-3AT: Large Basic Switch (Snap)
  • DT-2R-A7: MS25008-1 (Snap)
  • V3-1001: MS25253-1 (Snap)
  • DT-2R-A7: MS25008-1 (Snap)
Category: Snap
BNC Coaxial Plug

BNC Coaxial Plug 

Buy BNC Coaxial Plug Items Including
  • UG-260/U: BNC Coaxial Plug Connector for RG59/62 Cable
  • 31-325: Crimp Type 50ω Male BNC Coaxial Connector
  • 31-71013: 75 Ohm BNC Crimp Plug Connector Type: BNC Coaxial
  • 9350: BNC Plug Connector for RG-6 Orientation: Straight
Category: RF Connectors
Modul Amp

Modul Amp 

Buy Modul Amp Items Including
  • 223957-1: Universal Power MDL Guide Modul Pltd
  • 1-1469372-1: 1469372 Atca Guide Module RA Male
  • 5223957-1: Connector Accessories Guide Module Zinc Alloy Die Cast Chromate Finish
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
  • FLTR100V10Z: 10 AMP Filter Module
Category: Rectangular Connectors

DIP 16 IC 

Buy DIP 16 IC Items Including
  • 74LS257: LS Quad 2 Input Multiplexer with 3 State DIP-16 IC, (74LS Series)
  • 74LS193: LS Synchronous 4 Bit Up Down Binary Counter DIP-16 5VOLT (74LS Series)
  • CD4516: Binary Up/Down Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4044: Quad Nand R-S Latch with 3 State DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4528: Dual Monostable Multivibrator DIP-16 (4000 Series)
Category: 4000 Series
DFRobot Products

DFRobot Products 

Buy DFRobot Products Items Including
  • DFR0106: Light Disc with 7 SMD RGB LED Wikidoc (More Products)
  • FIT0326: 7 Inch 1280X800 IPS Panel Hdmi/Vga/Av Display
  • TEL0002: Bluetooth Adapter Mini (Networking)
  • DFR0063: 16X2 Character LCD Display -White on Blue 5V (Parallel)
  • DFR0154: I2C/TWI LCD2004 Module I2C ADDRess: 0X27 (Parallel)
Category: More Products
Cypress Microprocessors

Cypress Microprocessors 

Buy Cypress Microprocessors Items Including
  • CY7C53150-20AXI: MPU CY7C531X0 Cisc 16 Bit 0.35UM 20MHZ 64 Pin Tqfp (Microprocessors)
  • CY8C29466-24PVXI: Multifunction Peripheral PDSO28 (Microcontrollers)
  • CY8C29666-24PVXI: System on Chip Multifunction Peripheral PDSO48 (Microcontrollers)
  • CY8C21534-24PVXI: System on Chip Multifunction Peripheral PDSO28 (Microcontrollers)
  • CY8C29866-24AXI: System on Chip 1812 NP0 .01uf 2% 50V 7IN TR Hazmat
Category: Microcontroller Peripherals
Magnet Speakers

Magnet Speakers 

Buy Magnet Speakers Items Including
  • AZ-40S: AZ Flat-Magnet Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • AZ-50S: Flat Element Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • PRT-1205: Magnetic Transducer Speaker (Mechanical Buzzers)
  • DBX05LF-PN-R: Magnetic Transducer Speaker (Mechanical Buzzers)
Category: Speakers
Low Offset Amplifiers

Low Offset Amplifiers 

Buy Low Offset Amplifiers Items Including
  • OP07: Op-07 Ultra Low Offset Voltage Op Amp Packaging: PDIP-8 (Amplifiers)
  • 5962-8773802PA: OP Amp Low Offset Voltage Opamp (Amplifiers)
  • TC7652CPA: OP Amp OP-Amp 5000 uV Offset-Max
  • LF412CP.: LF412 Low Offset Low Drift Jfet Input OP AMP Packaging: MDIP-8 (Hi-Speed OP-Amps)
  • TC7650CPA: OP Amp OP-Amp 5 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers
Female Tyco Amp Cable Terminals

Female Tyco Amp Cable Terminals 

Buy Female Tyco Amp Cable Terminals Items Including
  • 796634-4: 15A Strip Terminal Block 1 Row 1 Deck
  • 1055065-1: RF Adapter Cable Terminated Female-Male
  • 3-770060-1: Miniature/Standard Amp-in Terminal
  • 1050854-1: Cable Terminated Female SMA Connector
  • 1050859-1: Cable Terminated Female SMA Connector 2002 5016 00
Category: SMA
Diode ICs & Semiconductors

Diode ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Diode ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 1N5817G: Rectifier 1A 20V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
  • 1N5818G: Rectifier 1A 30V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
  • 1N5821G: 3A 30V Silicon Rectifier Diode DO-201AD
  • MBRS140: 002 Plastic SMB Package Diode
  • 1N5817..: 1A 20V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
Category: Schottky Diodes
Nvram ICs

Nvram ICs 

Buy Nvram ICs Items Including
  • DS1230Y-150: Nvram 32K X 8 Non-Volatile SRAM Module
  • MK48Z02B-15: Nvram 2K X 8 Non-Volatile SRAM Module 150 Ns PDIP24 (NvSRAM)
  • DS1225AB-150: Non-Volatile SRAM 8K X 8 150NS DIP-28
  • DS1230Y-100: Nvram 32K X 8 Non-Volatile SRAM Module
  • M48T35AV-10PC1: Nvram 256KBI TS + Rtc-Pb-Free DIP-28 (SRAM)
Category: NvSRAM
Solder Roller Lever Switch

Solder Roller Lever Switch 

Buy Solder Roller Lever Switch Items Including
  • SS-5GL2: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
  • SS-5GL13/SL-1W3: SPDT -Nc Basic Subminiature Switch (Snap)
  • 311SM706-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • 9HM1: Switch Basic MS27216-6 (Snap)
  • JS-5: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
Category: Snap
Slotted Rail

Slotted Rail 

Buy Slotted Rail Items Including
  • 2094.0-R: DIN-Rail Power Supply Mounting Rail
  • QVB11134: 3.18 Mm Slot Width 1 Channel Slotted Optical Switch Transistor Output
Category: Mounting Brackets
Controller Speed

Controller Speed 

Buy Controller Speed Items Including
  • UC3825AN: UC3825A High Speed PWM Controller
  • UC2825ADW: Current Mode PWM Controller 2A 16 Pin SOIC Tube
  • UC3825ADW: UC3825A High Speed PWM Controller
  • UC3825N: Current Mode PWM Controller 1.5A 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • GMC-1102: DC Motor Speed Control Kit Intermediate Level
Category: PWM
Op Amp DIP

Op Amp DIP 

Buy Op Amp DIP Items Including
  • LF444CN: Linear Quad Low Power Jfet Input OP AMP DIP-14 (Analog/Linear)
  • LM224J: Linear Quad OP AMP DIP-14 (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1014DN: LT1014D Linear Quad Precision OP AMP DIP-14 (Amplifiers)
  • LT1001CN8: LT1001 Linear Precision OP AMP DIP-8 (Amplifiers)
  • CA3130E: Linear CMOS OP AMP DIP-8 (Amplifiers)
Category: Amplifiers
Control Panels

Control Panels 

Buy Control Panels Items Including
  • HAA80: Remote Control Panel Switch 2 LEDs for Status Indication
  • KE12-4-03-01050: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • KE12-4-03-01040: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • KE12-4-03-01020: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Cat 3 Cable

Cat 3 Cable 

Buy Cat 3 Cable Items Including
  • 10X5-82603: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 3 Feet Long Yellow 8P8C 4PR 24AWG
  • 10X5-82403: 3 Foot Network Cable Wire Size: 24AWG
  • 10X5-82203: 3 Foot Modular Network Cable Wire Size: 24 AWG
  • 10X8-221-03: Patch Cord 3 Foot Network Cable Wire Size: 24 AWG
  • 10X5-82103: Modular Network Cable 350MHZ (Cat 5E Ethernet)
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
Raychem Products

Raychem Products 

Buy Raychem Products Items Including
  • RNF-100-1/4-BK-SP: Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 BK 500 Foot Spool
  • RNF-100-3/8-BK-FSP: Heat Shrink Thinwall 3/8 BLK
  • 674983J001: 0.29 Inch (7.3MM) Black Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing -164 Feet Reel
Category: Heat Shrink Tubing
Snap Adapter

Snap Adapter 

Buy Snap Adapter Items Including
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Adjustable 7 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • 900-051: AC-to-DC Adjustable 6 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • 228553-1: SMB Comml Blkhd Adapter ( RF Connectors)
  • 6262-02: Snap-on Fine Point Extended Test Probe Adapter
Category: Wall Mount
Black Screws

Black Screws 

Buy Black Screws Items Including
  • SCREW-8825: Case Fan Screw Black
  • GBP205-R: Banana Plug Screw SET (Test & Measurement)
  • JK-905C-R: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 14.6MM Black/Blue with Set Screw
  • JK-902B: 1/4 Inch Shaft Knob Black with Set Screw (Plastic)
  • JK-905A-R: 1/4 Inch Shaft Knob with Set Screw Height: 0.58IN
Category: Plastic

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