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Screw Kit for Amp   to   Tube Dac 12 Bit

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Screw Kit for Amp

Screw Kit for Amp 

Buy Screw Kit for Amp Items Including
  • 5207719-1: Screw KIT Screwlock Female
  • 5205980-1: Connector Accessories Screw Retainer KIT
  • 750644-1: 750644 50SR Screwlock KIT Female
  • 750831-1: 750831 .050SR FEM Scrlck KIT Slim LN
  • 5205980-4: Connector Accessories Screw Retainer Kit Individual
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Auto Switching Desktop Adapter

Auto Switching Desktop Adapter 

Buy Auto Switching Desktop Adapter Items Including
  • GS160A24-R7B: GS160A 160W AC/DC Single Output Desktop Power Supply (Table Top)
  • GS15A-5P1J: 15W AC/DC Single Output Desktop Universal AC Input / Full Range
  • ESP-240-13.5: ESP-240 216W Desktop Power Supply or Charger (Table Top)
  • GS160A12-R7B: AC to DC Power Supply 138W AC/DC Single Output Desktop
  • GS40A18-P1J: 40W AC/DC Single Output Desktop Universal AC Input / Full Range
Category: Table Top
Tape & Reel International Rectifier Mosfet

Tape & Reel International Rectifier Mosfet 

Buy Tape & Reel International Rectifier Mosfet Items Including
  • IRF7103TRPBF: Mosfet 3A 50V 0.13 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRF7304PBF: Mosfet 4.3A 20V 0.09 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRF9956TRPBF: Mosfet 3.5A 30V 0.1 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRF540NSTRLPBF: 34A 100V 0.044 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • IRFR220NTRPBF: 6A 200V 0.6 Ohm N-Channel Si Power
Category: Mosfets
Enclosures & Plastic Enclosures

Enclosures & Plastic Enclosures 

Buy Enclosures & Plastic Enclosures Items Including
  • 193-BK: Specialty Enclosure with PCB Mounting Bosses
  • 131-BK: Specialty Enclosure with PCB Mounting Bosses
  • 173-BK: Specialty Enclosure with PCB Mounting Bosses
  • A-42-BK: Specialty Enclosure with PCB Boss Mounts
  • H-65-9V-BK: Specialty Handheld Enclosure with Built-in Battery Holder
Category: Plastic
Single Bar Light

Single Bar Light 

Buy Single Bar Light Items Including
  • HLMP-2755: Single Color LED Yellow 8.89 Mm (Light Bar)
  • HLCP-J100: Single Color LED Array RED 5.08 Mm
  • HLMP-2500: Single Color LED Green 8.89 Mm (Light Bar)
  • HDSP-4830-GH000: Single Color LED Array High Efficiency RED
  • HLCP-B100: Single Color LED RED 19.05 Mm (Light Bar)
Category: Light Bar
Single Mosfet Amp

Single Mosfet Amp 

Buy Single Mosfet Amp Items Including
  • IRFD220PBF: 200V Single N-Channel Hexfet PLCC32
  • IRFD110PBF: 100V 1A Single N-Channel Header/with Pins
  • MTP3055VL: Transistor Mosfet N Channel 60 Volt 12 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-220 Rail NCH
  • FDC655BN.: Single N-Channel Logic Level
  • IRFD120PBF: 100V 1.3A Single N-Channel Header/SMT/Top MOUNTING/25 Pdnii
Category: Mosfets
SS14 Family Rectifier

SS14 Family Rectifier 

Buy SS14 Family Rectifier Items Including
  • SS14-E3/61T: SS14 1A 40V Silicon Signal Diode DO-214AC
  • SS14: 3V 10 Bit 28 Msps Video Signal Proc
Category: Schottky Diodes
LCD Display Drivers

LCD Display Drivers 

Buy LCD Display Drivers Items Including
  • DS91C176TMA/NOPB: LCD Display Driver Comm Temp (Interface)
  • DS96176CN/NOPB: DS96176 LCD Display Driver Comm Temp (Interface)
  • PCF8566T/1,112: Real-Time Clock/Calendar (Display Drivers)
  • PCF8576CT/1,112: LCD Driver 2.5V/3.3V/5V 56 Pin VSO Tube (Interface)
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Inverting Driver IC

Inverting Driver IC 

Buy Inverting Driver IC Items Including
  • SN7416N: Buffer and Line Driver HEX Inverter/Driver
  • NC7WP125K8X: Buffer and Line Driver IC, (Logic)
  • SN74AS1004AD: HEX Inverting Driver (74AS Series (SMD) )
  • 74FCT2244CTQG: Buffer/Line Driver IC
  • 74FCT2244ATQG: Buffer/Line Driver IC
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Receptacle Mounting Circuit Boards

Receptacle Mounting Circuit Boards 

Buy Receptacle Mounting Circuit Boards Items Including
  • 60599-3: 87427 Printed Circuit Board Terminal
  • 60PC4F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
  • 62PC7F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
Category: DIN Connectors
Bipolar General Amplifier Pin

Bipolar General Amplifier Pin 

Buy Bipolar General Amplifier Pin Items Including
  • MC4558CN: Linear Wide Bandwidth Dual Bipolar OP AMP DIP-8 (Amplifiers)
  • AD744JNZ: Precision Bipolar OP AMP (Amplifiers)
  • AD744JRZ: Precision Bipolar OP AMP (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD744KNZ: Precision Bipolar OP AMP (Amplifiers)
  • AD744KRZ: Precision Bipolar OP AMP (Amplifiers (SMD) )
Category: Amplifiers
Solder Plug Ms Connectors

Solder Plug Ms Connectors 

Buy Solder Plug Ms Connectors Items Including
  • 745410-7: 9 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 745414-7: 50 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 745412-1: 745412 25 Plug Sp/Ms STD (D-Subminiature)
  • 745434-8: 745434 09 Plug Ra/Ms 454 (D-Subminiature)
  • 745410-1: 745410 09 Plug Sp/Ms STD (D-Subminiature)
Category: PCB Mount
Panel Mount Banana Connectors

Panel Mount Banana Connectors 

Buy Panel Mount Banana Connectors Items Including
  • 3760-5: 3760 Banana Connector Binding Post
  • 2269-0: 2269 Insulated Double Banana Jack
  • 3267: Standard Uninsulated Banana Jack
  • R1-17-BLK-R: Jack Tip Panel Mount Black 1/4-32 Thread Brite Tin
  • 5931-6: 5931 Interconnection Device
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Parallel Dac 4 Bit

Parallel Dac 4 Bit 

Buy Parallel Dac 4 Bit Items Including
  • AD7542KPZ: DAC Parallel 4 Bits Input Loading (Analog/Linear)
  • AD7542GKN: DAC Parallel 4 Bits Input Loading (D/a Converters)
  • AD7542KN: DAC Parallel 4 Bits Input Loading (D/a Converters)
  • AD5344BRUZ: DAC 12 Bit Quad Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD664BD-BIP: DAC -12 Bit Quad Digital to Analog Converter IC
Category: D/a Converters
Oscilloscope Kits

Oscilloscope Kits 

Buy Oscilloscope Kits Items Including
  • EDU09: Educational PC Oscilloscope Kit (Measurement)
  • FLUKE-190-204/AM/S: Portable Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
  • FLUKE 190-202/AM/S: Portable Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
  • FLUKE 190-104/AM/S: Portable Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
  • FLUKE 190-102/AM/S: Portable Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
Category: Oscilloscopes
Screw Momentary Push Button Panel Mount

Screw Momentary Push Button Panel Mount 

Buy Screw Momentary Push Button Panel Mount Items Including
  • 1PB42: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
  • 2PB11-T2: Unsealed Oi-Pb Switch (Push Button)
  • AV191003C900: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPST OFF-(ON)
Category: Push Button
Rail to Rail Amplifiers

Rail to Rail Amplifiers 

Buy Rail to Rail Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD8330ARQ-REEL7: SP Amp Variable Gain Amp Single Rail to Rail O/P 6 Volt 16 Pin Qsop Tape and Reel Ifier
  • AD623ANZ: SP Amplifier Pdip Single Supply Rail-Rail L
  • LT1630CN8PBF: High Speed Dual OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT1368CS8PBF: Precision Dual OP AMP Dual-Supply Rail-to-Rail
  • AD8032AR: 2.7V 800 Milliamp 80 MHZ Rail-to-Rail I/O Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Charge Pump Converter

Charge Pump Converter 

Buy Charge Pump Converter Items Including
  • LTC1751EMS8PBF: Micropower Regulated Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
  • TC7662BCOA: Charge Pump HI Voltage DC-DC Converter
  • 7660CPA: CMOS Volt Converter DIP-8 (Charge Pump)
  • ADM660AR: Switchinged Capacitor Converter (Charge Pump)
  • TC962EPA: Switched Capacitor Converter
Category: Charge Pump
Contact Cont Amp

Contact Cont Amp 

Buy Contact Cont Amp Items Including
  • 5747871-8: Contact AMP Leaf L/P 15 AU/100 SN
  • 175289-2: Dynamci D-3 TAB Cont L L/P (Solderless)
  • 104481-8: 104481 Short Point Recp Cont LP
  • 1-104480-4: 104480 Short Point Recp Cont LP
  • 1658540-4: 1658540 Ampli 20 DF Cont PIN Crmp SNP
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Auto Switching Adapter Battery

Auto Switching Adapter Battery 

Buy Auto Switching Adapter Battery Items Including
  • AD-155B: 155 Watt Single Output with Battery Charger (UPS Function)
  • ADS-15524: 155 Watt Single Output with Battery Charger and PFC Function
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
Tap Terminal

Tap Terminal 

Buy Tap Terminal Items Including
  • 53440-2: 53440 Electro-Tap 20-18 AWG Run&Tap
  • 53440-1: 53440 Electro-Tap 18-14 AWG Run&Tap
  • 952K: Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-18 AWG Female 18.54MM 9.65MM Case
  • 55556-4: 55556 10 Power TAP Assembly .125
  • 55558-4: 55558 10 Power TAP Assembly .100
Category: Terminals
Triac Driver

Triac Driver 

Buy Triac Driver Items Including
  • MOC3023M: Optoisolator DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • MOC3020M: Optoisolator DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • MOC3041M.: MOC3041M Optoisolator MOC3041 DIP-6 Triac Driver (Opto Components)
  • MOC3032: Optoisolator Zero Crossing Triac Driver DIP-6 (Opto Components)
  • MOC3051M: Optoisolator MOC3051
Category: Optoisolators
Straight Molded Connectors

Straight Molded Connectors 

Buy Straight Molded Connectors Items Including
  • 39-53-2305: 5597 Capacitor Molded Low ESR 330uf 10V 10% X Case 7IN RL Hazmat
  • 39-53-2245: 5597 Capacitor Molded Low ESR 3.3uf 50V 10% D Case 7IN RL Hazmat
  • 503571-1: 503571 KIT Conn CER O-Mold 125UM BAY
  • 142AX: Connector Audio Female 4 Position Straight Panel Mount 4 Terminal 1 Port
Category: Ffc/Fpc
Rs-422 RS422 Driver

Rs-422 RS422 Driver 

Buy Rs-422 RS422 Driver Items Including
  • DS26C31TN: Through-Hole IcCMOS Quad RS-422 Diff Driver
  • DS26LV31TM/NOPB: Iclow Voltage RS422 Driver (Rs 422/423)
  • DS89C21TM/NOPB: RS422 CMOS Driver/Recvr Pair (Rs 422/423)
  • 26LS30: Linear Driver/Receiver 5V RS422/423 Line Driver DIP16 (Rs 422/423)
  • DS34LV86TM: DS34LV86T Low Volt RS422 REC 1/2 Enable
Category: RS 422/423
Amp Size 13 Shell

Amp Size 13 Shell 

Buy Amp Size 13 Shell Items Including
  • 207008-5: 207008 Cable Clamp Size 13
  • 206966-7: 206966 Cable Shell Clamp Size 13
  • 206966-1: Connector CPC Clamp Standard Cable Clamp
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Analog Devices Dds

Analog Devices Dds 

Buy Analog Devices Dds Items Including
  • AD9834BRUZ: Data Conversion Misc Analog 10 Bit 20 PIN DDS IC
  • AD9834BRU: 20 mW Power 2.3V to 5.5V 50 MHz Complete DDS
  • AD9958BCPZ: 2 Channel 500 Msps DDS with 10 Bit DAC
  • AD9832BRUZ: Data Conversion Misc CMOS Complete DDS PSD016
  • AD9854ASTZ: CMOS 300 Msps Quadrature Complete DDS
Category: Converter
Male Fuse Connector

Male Fuse Connector 

Buy Male Fuse Connector Items Including
  • NANOSMDC110F-2: 12 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • IEC-GS-1-100: IEC Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Fused Inlet with Switch
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • WS-044-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle with Fuse Chamber
  • 0717-1-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle with Fuse Chamber
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Mmcx Gold Plug Terminal

Mmcx Gold Plug Terminal 

Buy Mmcx Gold Plug Terminal Items Including
  • 908-43300: Cable Terminated Male Mmcx Connector Crimp Solder Plug
  • 908-43400: Cable Terminated Male Mmcx Connector Solder Plug
Category: RF Connectors
Capacitor X7R 470pf

Capacitor X7R 470pf 

Buy Capacitor X7R 470pf Items Including
  • 0402YC471KAT2A: Capacitor Ceramic 470pf 16V X7R 10% SMD 0402 125C Paper T/R
  • MOC470/100-R: Capacitor Mono 470pf 100V 10% X7R Increments of 10
  • 06031C471KAT2AT/R-CT: Capacitor 0603 X7R 470pf 10% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 08055C471JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0805 X7R 470pf 5% 50V 7IN Subminiature Connector So
  • 06035C471JAT2A: Capacitor 0603 X7R 470pf 5% 50V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Tube Dac 12 Bit

Tube Dac 12 Bit 

Buy Tube Dac 12 Bit Items Including
  • DAC902E: DAC 12 Bit 165MSPS Digital-to-Analog Converter
  • TLV5638CD: Digital to Analog Converter 2 Channel Resistor-String 12 Bit 8 Pin SOIC Tube
  • TLV5618ACD: 2.7V to 5.5V Low-Power Dual 12 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter with Power Down
  • TLV5638ID: Digital to Analog Converter 2 Channel Resistor-String 12 Bit 8 Pin SOIC Tube
  • MCP4822-E/MS: DAC 2 Channelresistor-String 12 Bit 8 Pin Msop Tube
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters

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