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Straight Microfit Connector   to   Tyco Electronics Passive Components

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Straight Microfit Connector

Straight Microfit Connector 

Buy Straight Microfit Connector Items Including
  • 43030-0007: 43030 Microfit 3.0 F CRP Term CHN Tin 20-24 (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 43025-0800: 43025 Microfit 3.0 DR Recepticle Panel Mount 8CKT
  • 43031-0007: 43045 Microfit 3.0 M CRP Term LSE Tin 20-24 (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 43025-1600: 43025 Microfit 3.0 DR Recepticle Panel Mount 16CKT
  • 43020-0401: Connector Discrete Wire Housing Microfit 3.0 Plug DR Freehang 4CKT
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Negative Adjustable Regulator SMD

Negative Adjustable Regulator SMD 

Buy Negative Adjustable Regulator SMD Items Including
  • LT1175CS8PBF: Adjustable Negative LDO Regulator
  • LT1185CQPBF: 2.5V-25V Adjustable Negative LDO Regulator
  • LT1175CS8-5PBF: Adjustable Negative LDO Regulator
  • LM2991S/NOPB: LM2991 1A NEG ADJ TO263 Low Drop out Regulator
  • LT1175IS8PBF: Linear 500MA Negative Low Dropout Micropower Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Connector through Hole Header

Connector through Hole Header 

Buy Connector through Hole Header Items Including
  • N3793-6303RB: 3000 Connector Latch Ejector Headers 10 Positions 1KV 1A
  • 5787531-1: Connector Power MDI Header Assembly 6P
  • 536600-1: 2MMFB Assembly 008 Power Header SL 4.25
  • 678008025: 87831 7 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 16-600-10: Connector DIP Adapter Header 16 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
12V 12AH Batteries

12V 12AH Batteries 

Buy 12V 12AH Batteries Items Including
  • TY-12-12: Batteries Cell Non-Spillable Sealed Secondary 12V 12AH 2 Pin
  • LA-TY-12-1.2: Battery Lead Acid 12V@1.2AH Rechargeable Rating: 12V @ 1.2AH
Category: Lead-Acid (Rechargeable)
Tube Frequency Generators

Tube Frequency Generators 

Buy Tube Frequency Generators Items Including
  • 9154A-27CS16LF: Phase Lock Loop Frequency Generator Single 16 Pin SOIC N Tube
  • 9161A-01CW16LF: Video/Graphics Clock Generator
  • 843001AGLF: 640 MHz Other Clock Generator IC
  • MK2049-45SILF: 125 MHz Other Clock Generator
Category: PLLs
Charge Pump Converter

Charge Pump Converter 

Buy Charge Pump Converter Items Including
  • LTC1751EMS8PBF: Micropower Regulated Charge Pump DC/DC Converter
  • TC7662BCOA: Charge Pump HI Voltage DC-DC Converter
  • 7660CPA: CMOS Volt Converter DIP-8 (Charge Pump)
  • ADM660AR: Switchinged Capacitor Converter (Charge Pump)
  • TC962EPA: Switched Capacitor Converter
Category: Charge Pump
Segmented Dot Matrix

Segmented Dot Matrix 

Buy Segmented Dot Matrix Items Including
  • HCMS-2912: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display High Efficiency RED
  • HCMS-2963: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display Green 4.57 Mm
  • HCMS-3966: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display RED 4.57 Mm (7 Segment)
  • HDLO-2416: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display High Efficiency RED
  • HDLS-2416: 5X7 DOT Matrix Display RED 5 Mm (7 Segment)
Category: 7 Segment
Electromechanical Special Switch

Electromechanical Special Switch 

Buy Electromechanical Special Switch Items Including
  • 107-2010-EV: 30° Rolling-Ball Tilt Switch
  • RK-150: Rkey Capacitive Touch Switch
  • 27801: Switch 5 Positionition Normally Open 8 Pin DIP 18 Input States 3.3-5 Volt DC
  • SEN0019: Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch
Category: Special Switch
Controller Relay

Controller Relay 

Buy Controller Relay Items Including
  • K8072: DMX Controlled Relay Switch Kit (Lighting)
  • PID528-1: Basic PID Temperature Controller (Test & Measurement)
  • PID330-0-0-00: Advanced PID Temperature Controller
  • PID500-0-0-00: Advanced PID Temperature Controller
  • PID500-0-0-04: Advanced PID Temperature Controller
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
High Power Supply

High Power Supply 

Buy High Power Supply Items Including
  • HLG-120H-48A: HLG-120H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
  • HLG-80H-12B: HLG-80H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
  • HLG-80H-20B: HLG-80H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
  • HLG-80H-36B: HLG-80H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
  • HLG-80H-54B: HLG-80H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
Category: LED
Battery 9 Volt

Battery 9 Volt 

Buy Battery 9 Volt Items Including
  • BH-9V-A-R: Battery Holder for a 9 Volt Battery has 6 Inch Wires
  • A104-R: Battery Clip for 9 Volt, Number of Cells: 1-9 Volts
  • SBH-9VAS: Battery Holder 9 Volt 6 Inch Wires with Cover and Switch 2.7X1.3X0.85 Inch
  • 901-9V: Extra Heavy Duty 9V Battery (Alkaline (Non-Rechargeable) )
  • S2114J: Tester ESD Wrist Strap LED Indicators Includes 9 Volt Battery
Category: Holders & Clips
Rosin Solder

Rosin Solder 

Buy Rosin Solder Items Including
  • RSF-R80-8G: Rosin Soldering Flux with Syringe Applicator
  • KESTER 83-4000-0000: 0.031 Inch Solder Pocket Pack
  • 24-7068-1402: 1 Pound 48 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
  • 24-6040-0039: 1 Pound 44 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
  • 24-6040-0018: 1 Pound 44 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
Category: Solder
Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channel

Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channel 

Buy Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channel Items Including
  • OS-5020G: 20MHZ 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope with Built-in Function Generator
  • OS-5030: 30MHZ 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
  • OS-5100: 100MHZ 2 Channel Analog Oscilloscope (Test & Measurement)
  • GDS-1152A-U: 150MHZ 2 Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • GDS-2072A: 70MHZ 2 Channel Visual Persistence Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Category: Oscilloscopes
Mounting Rails

Mounting Rails 

Buy Mounting Rails Items Including
  • 2094.0-R: DIN-Rail Power Supply Mounting Rail
  • LMP7704MT/NOPB: OP Amp Straight SMT PCB Mount Plug Receptacle
  • DRP-02: Power Supply Mounting Bracket Accessory (Hardware)
  • DRL-03A: Power Supply "L" Mounting Bracket (Hardware)
  • DRL-02: Power Supply "L" Mounting Bracket (Hardware)
Category: Mounting Brackets
N-Channel Mosfet DIP

N-Channel Mosfet DIP 

Buy N-Channel Mosfet DIP Items Including
  • IRFL4310PBF: 1600 mA 100V N-Channel Si
  • IRF540NSPBF: 34A 100V 0.044 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • IRFL210PBF: 0.96A 200V 1.5 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • IRL540NPBF: 37A 100V 0.053 Ohm N-Channel Si
  • 2N7002V-7: High CMR High Speed TTL Compatible Optocoupler Dual Channel DIP-8
Category: Mosfets
Tube Line Driver

Tube Line Driver 

Buy Tube Line Driver Items Including
  • SN74LS244N: Octal Buffers & Line Drivers with 3 St Outputs
  • 74FCT244ATSOG: Logic Octal Buffer-Line Driver
  • 74FCT3244APYG: Logic 3.3V Octal Buffer/Line Driver
  • SN74LS541N: 8 Channel Buffer/Line Driver Input Voltage: 7V
  • SN74HC541PW: TSSOP-20 Octal Buffer/Line Driver
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Tape & Reel Fast Rectifier

Tape & Reel Fast Rectifier 

Buy Tape & Reel Fast Rectifier Items Including
  • BYV16-TR: Fast Diode 1.5A 1000V SOD-57
  • EDF1BM-E3/45: 1A 100V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • ES2B: 2A 100V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • LL4148-13: Rectifier Fast Switching Surface Mount Diode
  • ES3B-E3/57T: 3A 100V Silicon Rectifier Diode DO-214AB
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
LED Oval

LED Oval 

Buy LED Oval Items Including
  • OVLJBGD8: T1-1/2 Single Color LED Blue 4 Mm
  • QLMP-LM98: Opto Oval LED Green Clear
  • QLMP-LB98: Opto Oval LED Blue Clear
  • NSPB346BST: Oval LED Blue Diffused T1 (3MM)
Category: High Output LEDs
BNC 7 Connectors

BNC 7 Connectors 

Buy BNC 7 Connectors Items Including
  • 225395-7: Connector RF BNC D.C Cable Plug 50 Ohm
  • 5227079-7: Connector RF Commercial BNC Plug
  • 225396-7: Cable Terminated Female BNC Connector
  • 227161-7: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
  • 5225395-7: 5225395 BNC Plug Dual Crimp RG174188
Category: RF Connectors
MEC1 Single Part Card Edge Interconnects

MEC1 Single Part Card Edge Interconnects 

Buy MEC1 Single Part Card Edge Interconnects Items Including
  • MEC1-120-02-F-D-EM2: MEC1 40 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • MEC1-150-02-S-D-A: MEC1 100 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
Category: Card Edge
Professional Hand Tools

Professional Hand Tools 

Buy Professional Hand Tools Items Including
  • GTK-700A: 100 Piece Technician Tool KIT
  • GTK-750A: 95 Piece Professional Tool Kit
  • 1PK-1990A: 116 Piece Professional Tech Service Tool KIT Brush
Category: Assortment Hand Tools
Resistor-String Parallel Input IC

Resistor-String Parallel Input IC 

Buy Resistor-String Parallel Input IC Items Including
  • AD5332BRU: DAC Dual Parallel 8 Bits Input Loading
  • AD5334BRUZ: DAC Quad Parallel 8 Bits Input Loading
  • AD5348BRU: DAC Parallel Word Input Loading 8 us Settling Time
  • AD569JN: DAC Parallel Word Input Loading 4 us Settling Time
  • AD569JPZ: DAC Parallel Word Input Loading 4 us Settling Time
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
TVS Transient Suppressors

TVS Transient Suppressors 

Buy TVS Transient Suppressors Items Including
  • 1.5KE6.8CA-B: Diode Transient Suppressor Bidirectional 5.8V DO-201 (TVS)
  • 1.5KE20: Diode Transient Suppressor Unidirectional 17.1V DO-201 (TVS)
  • P6KE150CA: Diode TVS 600W 150V Bidirectional
  • P6KE15CA-B: P6KE15CA Protection TVS Bidirectional Diode in a SMB Package
  • 1N6373G: 1500W Unidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
Category: TVS
Board & Panel RJ11 Networking/Telecom

Board & Panel RJ11 Networking/Telecom 

Buy Board & Panel RJ11 Networking/Telecom Items Including
  • 42410-6170: 6 Contact Female Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder Jack
  • 42410-6312: 4 Contact Female Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder Jack
Category: RJ11
Processor Supervisory Circuits

Processor Supervisory Circuits 

Buy Processor Supervisory Circuits Items Including
  • TPS3707-33D: Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power-Fail
  • TPS3705-50D: Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power-Fail
  • TPS3306-18DGK: Dual Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power Fail
  • TPS3828-33DBVT: Processor Supervisory Circuit (Interface)
  • LTC690CN8: Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Log & Antilog Amplifiers

Log & Antilog Amplifiers 

Buy Log & Antilog Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD640JPZ: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 145 MHz Band Width PQCC20
  • AD8306ARZ: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 395 MHz Band Width PDSO16
  • AD606JN: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 50 MHz Band Width PDIP16
  • AD8317ACPZ-WP: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 10000 MHz Band Width QCC8
  • AD8307ARZ: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 490 MHz Band Width PDSO8
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
To-92 Tape & Reel Transistors

To-92 Tape & Reel Transistors 

Buy To-92 Tape & Reel Transistors Items Including
  • 2N4401RLRAG: 600 mA 40V NPN Si Small Signal Transistor TO-92
  • 2N3906TFR: 200 mA 40V PNP Si Small Signal Transistor
  • 2N4400TF: 600 mA 40V NPN Si Small Signal Transistor
  • 2N3904TF: 200 mA 40V NPN Si Small Signal Transistor
  • 2N3904TFR: 200 mA 40V NPN Si Small Signal Transistor
Category: Bipolar
Charger for USB

Charger for USB 

Buy Charger for USB Items Including
  • A1265-KIT: Original USB Charger Adapter and Cable (Wall Mount)
  • A1265: Original USB Charger Adapter Compatible with all Ipods and Iphones
  • USB+AACHARGER: USB + AA Solar Charger (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
  • CC001-BLK: 5 Volt @ 600MA USB CAR Charger Output: 5V @ 600MA
  • 259: USB Li-Ion/Lipoly Charger -V1.2
Category: Wall Mount
Crimp Amp/Tyco Electronics Wire & Cable

Crimp Amp/Tyco Electronics Wire & Cable 

Buy Crimp Amp/Tyco Electronics Wire & Cable Items Including
  • 282109-1: Connector Contact Male 1 Position Crimp Straight Cable Mount Strip
  • 1658672-1: 1658672 Crimp Snap Cable Connector
  • 60617-5: 0.8 MM2 Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
  • 350689-1: Terminal Wire 0.8 MM2 Brass Tin Finish
  • 770005-1: Connector Contact Pin 1 Position Crimp Straight Cable Mount Strip
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Tyco Electronics Passive Components

Tyco Electronics Passive Components 

Buy Tyco Electronics Passive Components Items Including
  • RUEF135: Radial Leaded Device for Electronic Application
  • RGEF1400: Resistor Temperature Dependent
  • RHEF750: Fuses Reset 16V MAX 100A Imax
  • RUEF090-2: AT91 Arm® Thumb® Microcontrollers
  • RUEF250-2: Tinylogic® ULP D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear
Category: Fuses

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