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Power NPN

Power NPN 

Buy Power NPN Items Including
  • TIP29C: Transistor TO-220 Bipolar Power NPN 1A 100VFOR More About Transistors
  • BD158: Transistor Power NPN 500MA 300 Volt TO-126 30HFE .05 Amps Motorola
  • TIP120.: Transistor TIP120 NPN Power Darlingtonfor More About Transistors Click Here
  • TIP41C: Transistor NPN SIL 100VCEO 15HFE 3A TO-220FOR More About Transistors Click Here
  • BU931P: Darlington BJT 15A 400V NPN Si Power Transistor
Category: Bipolar
Altera IC

Altera IC 

Buy Altera IC Items Including
  • EPC1LC2085: 1MBIT 8MHZ 5.25V FPGA IC 5.25V, 50UA (Eprom)
  • EPM7128SQC100-15FN: Gull Wing Programmable Logic:CPLD
  • EPM3064ATI44-10N: CPLD EE PLD 10 Ns PQFP44 ( CPLDs )
  • EPM3032ATI44-10: Macrocel LS 44 Pin 3.3V (Fpgas)
  • EP1C12F256C7: FPGA 12060 Clbs 320 MHz PBGA256 (Fpgas)
Category: Fpgas
Solder End Connectors

Solder End Connectors 

Buy Solder End Connectors Items Including
  • 103168-4: Standard Profile Header-Shrouded with 0.066 END Dimension
  • 103168-7: Standard Profile Header-Shrouded with 0.066 END Dimension
  • 87589-9: Standard Profile Header-Shrouded with 0.066 END Dimension
  • 739425000: 144 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 102570-4: 102699 Standard Profile Header-Shrouded
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Silicon Infrared Detector

Silicon Infrared Detector 

Buy Silicon Infrared Detector Items Including
  • OP506A: Phototransistor Photo Transistor Detector
  • OP535A: Phototransistor Photo Darlington Detector
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
Pl RJ45 Interconnects

Pl RJ45 Interconnects 

Buy Pl RJ45 Interconnects Items Including
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 300-068: 300 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plug
  • GU4511-R: GU 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plug 8 Positions
  • GU4514-R: GU 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plug 8 Positions
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Digital Thermocouple

Digital Thermocouple 

Buy Digital Thermocouple Items Including
  • FLUKE-52-2: Fluke 52 Series II Dual Input Digital Thermometer
  • DTM 995B: 0.75 Inch Digit Height LCD Thermocouple Indicator
  • 35XP-A: Digital Multimeter Temperature Measurement Capability to 1000°
  • C/1832°
  • F (Type K Thermocouple Included)
Category: Environmental
24V Adapter

24V Adapter 

Buy 24V Adapter Items Including
  • LPS255-C: Power Supply 24V-48V Output 250W 5 X 9W (Open Frame)
  • LPQ154: Power Supply 5V 12V 24V 150W 4.25 X 8.5FOR More 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • LPT46: Power Supply 5V 24V 12V 40W 3 X 5FOR More 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • ST-242A: 48W Regulated Switching Wall Adapter Power Supply with Screw Terminal Output
  • EA1030DU: AC to DC Switching Wall Adapter 24 Volts 1.25 Amps 30 Watts
Category: Open Frame
Mobile Sdram

Mobile Sdram 

Buy Mobile Sdram Items Including
  • SS34.: 8MX32 Mobile Sdram Plastic PBF Vfbga 1.8V
  • L6924D: 16MX32 Mobile DDR Sdram Plastic IND Temp PBF Vfbga (Analog/Linear)
  • DF1501S-T: 16MX16 Mobile DDR Sdram Plastic PBF 1.8V PBGA60 (Bridge Rectifiers)
  • FDN304PZ: 003 Plastic Molded Super SOT-3 PKG
Category: TVS (SMD)
Differential Parallel to Spi

Differential Parallel to Spi 

Buy Differential Parallel to Spi Items Including
  • LTC1418IGPBF: Low Power 14 Bit 200KSPS A/D Converter with Serial and Parallel I/O
  • AD7641BSTZ: 18 Bit 2MSPS INT Vref Analog to Digital Converter.IC
  • AD7675ASTZ: 16 Bit 100 Ksps Differential ADC
  • AD7676ASTZ: 16 Bit +/-1 LSB INL 500 Ksps Differential ADC
  • AD7661AST: 16 Bit 100KSPS Pulsar Unipolar ADC with Reference
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Dallas Temperature Sensor

Dallas Temperature Sensor 

Buy Dallas Temperature Sensor Items Including
  • DS1620: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 3 Wire 8 Pin Plastic DIP N
  • DS18S20: (DS1820) TO-92 1 Wire Parasite
  • DS18B20+: HI Resolut Microlan DIG Therm TO-92
Category: Temperature Sensors
Electronic Regulator

Electronic Regulator 

Buy Electronic Regulator Items Including
  • ADS6818-1505-WD-0530: AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • CNR2260: 6W Regulated AC/DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • 7906A: Negative Voltage Regulator Package: TO-220/3
  • DV-580R: 4 Watt AC-to-DC Regulated Linear Wall Adapter
  • VM7-150-5%B: Dual Low Drop Voltage Regulator
Category: Wall Transformers
Power Pole Double

Power Pole Double 

Buy Power Pole Double Items Including
  • M39016/6-109M: Electromechanical Relay Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) 2A 26.5VDC 700OHM through Hole
  • RT314024: 24 Volt 1440 Ohm Single Pole Double Throw Relay
  • 1393788-3: Electromechanical Relay Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) 2A 5VDC 178OHM through Hole
  • 1432868-1: Electromechanical Relay Single Pole Double Throw ( SPDT ) 90 (no) /30 (Nc) a 12VDC 90OHM Plug-In
  • G5V-2-DC5: Electromechanical Relay Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) 2A 5VDC 50OHM through Hole
Category: Power
Mosfet Packages

Mosfet Packages 

Buy Mosfet Packages Items Including
  • IRF510: 5.6A 100V 0.540 Ohm N-Channel Power Mosfet Package: TO-220 (Transistors)
  • 2N7000: Transistor Mosfet N-Channel 60V 0.3A TO-92FOR More About Transistors Click Here
  • SMBJ10A: Discrete Diode 002 Plastic (Mosfets)
  • SMBJ13A: Discrete Diode 002 Plastic (Mosfets)
  • IRF7101PBF: 3.5A 20V 0.1 Ohm 2 Channel (Mosfets)
Category: Mosfets
Assembly Socket

Assembly Socket 

Buy Assembly Socket Items Including
  • 532-AG11D-ES: 532 AG11D-Es=Socket Assembly (Sockets)
  • 528-AG11D: Socket Assembly 528 AG11D
  • 508-AG11D: Socket Assembly 508 AG11D
  • 532-AG11D: Socket Assembly 532 AG11D
  • 808-AG11D-ES: 800 Socket Assembly 808 AG11D-Es
Category: Sockets
Step Up Regulator

Step Up Regulator 

Buy Step Up Regulator Items Including
  • LT1618EMSPBF: Constant-Current/Constant-Volt AGE 1.4MHZ Step-Up DC/DC Co
  • LT3487EDDPBF: Boost and Inverting Switching Regulator for CCD Bias
  • LTC3402EMSPBF: 2A 3MHZ Micro Power Synchronous Boost Converter
  • LT1377CS8PBF: 500KHZ and 1MHZ High Efficiency 1.5A Switching R
  • LT1946EMS8EPBF: LT1946 Thermally Enhanced MSOP-8E
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Electronic IC Chip

Electronic IC Chip 

Buy Electronic IC Chip Items Including
  • ISD4004-08MSYI: Single-Chip Multiple-Messages Voice Record/Playback Device -8 Minute Duration
  • ISD4002-120SY: Gull Wing 120 Sec 3V SI Ngle Chip Voice R
  • ISD1110P: Single-Chip Voice Record/Playback Device
Category: Communication Audio
Soldering Fan

Soldering Fan 

Buy Soldering Fan Items Including
  • P-3: P 92MM Plastic Fan Guard with Mesh
  • 577002B04000G: Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Solderable Tabs 32°C/W Black Anodized
  • 531202B02500G: Heat Sink Passive TO-202/TO-220 Extruded Radial Solderable Pins 7.5°C/W Black Anodized
  • 7023B-MTG: Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Folded Back Solderable Tabs 4.4°C/W Black Anodized
  • 529902B02500G: Heat Sink Passive TO-220 Radial Solderable Pins 4.5°C/W Black Anodized
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Dual Rail to Rail Op Amp Quad

Dual Rail to Rail Op Amp Quad 

Buy Dual Rail to Rail Op Amp Quad Items Including
  • LT1639ISPBF: Precision Quad OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT6204CSPBF: High Speed Quad OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT1679CSPBF: Precision Quad OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT1885ISPBF: Precision Quad OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
  • LT6232CGN: Quad 215MHZ Rail-to-Rail Output
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Chip NPN Silicon Phototransistor

Chip NPN Silicon Phototransistor 

Buy Chip NPN Silicon Phototransistor Items Including
  • BPW77NA: TO-18 NPN Silicon Phototransistor
  • OP800B: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP803SL: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP505W: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
  • OP550A: NPN Silicon Phototransistor (Discrete LEDs )
Category: Phototransistor Infrared LEDs
Atmega 8 Bit

Atmega 8 Bit 

Buy Atmega 8 Bit Items Including
  • ATMEGA8-16PU.: 8 Bit Microcontrolelr with 8K Bytes
  • ATMEGA8515-16PU: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
  • ATMEGA16-16PU: ATMEGA16 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA8515L-8PC: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
  • ATMEGA168-20AU: Microcontroller AVR 8 Bit Risc 16KB Flash
Category: Microcontrollers
Shld Gnd

Shld Gnd 

Buy Shld Gnd Items Including
  • 5558344-1: MJ 8POS Right Angle CAT5 Shld PNL GND
  • 5558342-1: MJ 8POS Right Angle CAT5 Shld PC GND
Category: RJ45
Molex Female Mount

Molex Female Mount 

Buy Molex Female Mount Items Including
  • 02-09-1104: 1189 .093 Inch Contact Female 14-20 AWG Crimp-Type
  • 02-09-1119: 1381 .093 Inch Contact Female 18-22 AWG Crimp-Type
  • 08-50-0114: 2759 KK Series .100 Inch Female Crimp Contact Brass with Tin Plating
  • 02-06-1103: 1561 .062 Inch Female Crimp-Type Contact Brass with Tin Finish
  • 08-55-0102: .100 Inch KK Series Female Crimp Contact Brass Gold over Nickel Finish
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Electronic Coupler

Electronic Coupler 

Buy Electronic Coupler Items Including
  • 300-037: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Coupler
  • 300-039: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Coupler
  • 555052-1: Modular Jacks 8 Contacts Panel Mount
  • 5504632-1: 5504632 Receptacle Assembly SC to SC
  • 555376-1: 555376 Jack Assembly 8 POS in-Line Keyed
Category: Adapters
Kit Individual

Kit Individual 

Buy Kit Individual Items Including
  • 5205980-4: Connector Accessories Screw Retainer Kit Individual
  • 5747223-3: Connector Accessories Female Screw Lock Assembly Kit Individual
  • 5205817-3: 5205817 Female Screwlock KIT
  • 5206514-1: 5206514 Sliding Lock Post KIT
  • 745173-2: 5745173 Conn Dsub Cable Clamp KIT SZ 3
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Linear Series

Linear Series 

Buy Linear Series Items Including
  • GB109: Assorted Linear Series DIP & SOIC Packages (Grab Bags)
  • GB109-300: Assorted Linear Series DIP & SOIC Packages (Grab Bags)
  • LINEAR SERIES KIT: 480 PC Linear IC Cabinet Kit (Assortments)
  • 00130411: Linear Series IC Kit Refill (Assortments)
  • TL084CD: OP Amp SOIC Linear Series (Amplifiers (SMD) )
Category: Grab Bags
Enclosed AC to 12 Volt Adapter

Enclosed AC to 12 Volt Adapter 

Buy Enclosed AC to 12 Volt Adapter Items Including
  • SP-750-12: AC to DC Switching Enclosed Power Supply 12 Volts 62.5 Amps 750 Watts
  • LPV-150-12: AC to DC Switching Enclosed Power Supply 12 Volts 10 Amps 120 Watts
  • LPQ172-C: For More 12 Volt Power Supplies (Enclosed-Multiple Output)
  • RSP-2400-12: 2400W Single Output Power Supply Output: 12 Volts @ 166.7 Amps
  • LCT43-E: for More 12 Volt Power Supplies (AC-to-DC Switching)
Category: Enclosed-Single Output
Eprom Usart IC

Eprom Usart IC 

Buy Eprom Usart IC Items Including
  • CY7C68013A-56PVXC: Microcontroller USB Hi-Speed Peripheral Controller
  • CY7C68013A-56PVXI: Microcontroller Leaded HC49U Series 50PPM -20+7010.0000MHZ Bulk
  • CY7C68013A-128AXI: CY7C68013A 8 Bit Eeprom 48 MHz Microcontroller PQFP128
  • CY7C68013A-100AXC: Ez-USB FX2LP USB Microcontroller 16K RAM 40 Programmable I/O
  • COP8SGR744V8/NOPB: 8 Bit Otprom 15 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
Category: Microcontrollers
Screw Mount Quick Connect Switch

Screw Mount Quick Connect Switch 

Buy Screw Mount Quick Connect Switch Items Including
  • V-10G3-1C24-K: Basic Lever Switch Terminal Type: .183 Inch Quick Connect
  • V7-1C17D8: SPDT Basic Miniature Switch (Snap)
  • 111SM1-T: Subminiature Basic Switch (Snap)
  • V7-1V29E9: V Basic Switch (Snap)
  • E22-50HX.: Switches -Miniature (Snap)
Category: Snap
Plated Brass

Plated Brass 

Buy Plated Brass Items Including
  • MTC-C-R: Terminal Crimp 18-22 AWG Tin Plated Brass 96T (Pin & Socket)
  • 3542-9: Gold-Plated Pin-Tip Jack (Test & Measurement)
  • 31-10495-NA(BRASS): 3/8 Inch -32 Brass Plated Hex Nut (Hardware)
  • 08-50-0114: 2759 KK Series .100 Inch Female Crimp Contact Brass with Tin Plating
  • 4901-0000-03201: 1-27NS Thread Hex Nut Brass Plated Nickel (Hardware)
Category: Hex Nuts
Solarbotics Gearhead

Solarbotics Gearhead 

Buy Solarbotics Gearhead Items Including
  • GM8: Offset/Inline Plastic Gear Motor Ratio: 143:1 (Gearhead)
  • GM10: Motor Geared Pager 3V/6V 81:1 Ratio 220MA 2.3IN/oz 233RPM
Category: Gearhead

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