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Bulk Shift Register   to   Tube TVS Diodes & Rectifiers

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Bulk Shift Register

Bulk Shift Register 

Buy Bulk Shift Register Items Including
  • 74HC4094D,652: 74HC4094 8 Stage Shift & Store Bus REG (Logic)
  • CK06BX105K.: 8 Bit Right Serial in Parallel out Shift Register True Output PDSO16
  • 74HC4040D,652: 74HC4040 12 Stage Binary Ripple Counter
  • 74HC4060N,652: 74HC4060 Logic 14 Stg RC Binary Counter
  • 74HC393D,652: 74HC393 Dual 4 Bit Binary Ripple Count (Logic)
Category: Counter Shift Register
Insulated Mil Connectors

Insulated Mil Connectors 

Buy Insulated Mil Connectors Items Including
  • 34111: Solistrand R 22-16 Comm 22-18 MIL 8
  • 34105: Solistrand R 22-16 Comm 22-18 MIL 6
  • 51863-1: 51863 Pidg R 22-16 Comm 22-18 MIL 6
  • 1-321897-0: 321897 DG R HT 22-16 Comm 22-18 MIL 8
  • 1-321898-0: 321898 DG R HT 22-16COMM 22-18 MIL 10
Category: Terminals
Electronic Component Transistor

Electronic Component Transistor 

Buy Electronic Component Transistor Items Including
  • DELUXE1: Deluxe Electronics Kit 1 Photoresistors
  • H21A1.: Opto-Electronic Interrupter Switch with Transistor Sensors
  • BLM21AF121SN1D: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • CSTLS6M00G53-B0: Optocoupler Transistor Output SOIC-8
  • RMCF 1/10 20K 5% TR: 4 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
Category: Starter Packs
Speech Synthesizer with Rcdg

Speech Synthesizer with Rcdg 

Buy Speech Synthesizer with Rcdg Items Including
  • ISD4002-120SY: Gull Wing 120 Sec 3V SI Ngle Chip Voice R
  • ISD4004-08MSYI: Single-Chip Multiple-Messages Voice Record/Playback Device -8 Minute Duration
Category: Communication Audio
Ebbi Rectangular Hole Plugs

Ebbi Rectangular Hole Plugs 

Buy Ebbi Rectangular Hole Plugs Items Including
  • 716612568: Connector SCSI .050 Ebbi 50D Plug RA 30SAU 68
  • 716612068: 71661 68 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder Plug
  • 71661-2080: 71661 80 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder Plug
  • 741395080: 80 Contact Male Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector Surface Mount
Category: SCSI
Solder Receptacle Mini Interconnects

Solder Receptacle Mini Interconnects 

Buy Solder Receptacle Mini Interconnects Items Including
  • 1-794066-0: 87215 12P Mini Umnl Header with DH SN
  • 39-29-1127: 5569 4.20MM (.165 Inch) Pitch Mini-Fit Right Angle Dual Row Jr Header
  • 770621-1: 12P Mini Umnl DBL Row Header Assembly
  • 39-29-3206: 5566 Connector Mini FIT JR 20 Contact Vertical Header A-5566-20B
  • 39-29-6048: 5566 Connector Mini FIT JR 4 Contact Vertical Header A-5566-04AGS-2
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Telecom & Datacom Connector RJ11 6P6C

Telecom & Datacom Connector RJ11 6P6C 

Buy Telecom & Datacom Connector RJ11 6P6C Items Including
  • 300-147IV: Surface Mount Jack BOX RJ11 6P6C
  • 300-066: 6P6C RJ12 Modular Plug (RJ11)
  • 520258-3: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • 3008F-6621-R: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • 623K-6P6C-R: 6P6C RJ25 Modular Jack 6 Positions (RJ11)
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Serial (Spi, Qspi & Microwire) Semiconductor Resistors

Serial (Spi, Qspi & Microwire) Semiconductor Resistors 

Buy Serial (Spi, Qspi & Microwire) Semiconductor Resistors Items Including
  • AD5668ARUZ-3: Serial Input Loading 6 us Settling Time 16 Bit DAC
  • AD5620CRM-1: Serial Input Loading 8 us Settling Time 12 Bit DAC
  • TLV5614ID: DAC Serial Input Loading 9 us Settling Time
  • TLV5632IPW: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 8 Bit 20 Pin Tssop Tube
  • DAC8554IPW: DAC Serial Input Loading 12 us Settling Time
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
LED Optics

LED Optics 

Buy LED Optics Items Including
  • 515-1064F: Light Pipe-LED Optical Light Pipe 2.5MM Round
  • OPF370A: Fiber Optic LED Emitter 830-870NM (IrLED)
  • OPB100-E: Optical Emitter and Sensor Pair (Opto Components)
  • HFBR-1414Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 20MBPS
  • HFBR-14E4: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 160MBPS
Category: Discrete
Battery 3 Volts

Battery 3 Volts 

Buy Battery 3 Volts Items Including
  • M4Z32-BR00SH1: M4Z32 Battery Back-Up Li-Ion 3 Volt 4 Pin Snaphat Tube
  • CR2450C: Lithium Coin Cell Battery 3 Volts, 550MAH
  • CR123A: 3V "a" Lithium Battery 3 Volts (Non-Rechargeable)
  • ADD-155B: 155W Dual Output with Battery Charger (Usp Function)
Category: Lithium (Non-Rechargeable)
DFRobot Shields

DFRobot Shields 

Buy DFRobot Shields Items Including
  • DFR0009: LCD Shield for Arduino 16 Character X 2 Line HD44780 Compatible LCD
  • DFR0060: Screw Shield Converts Header Pins to Screw Terminals (Arduino)
  • DFR0144: Relay Shield for Arduino V2.1 Compatible with Arduino UNO REV3
  • DFR0008: Input Shield for Arduino Up D8
  • DFR0105: Power Shield (Arduino Compatible) Supply Voltage: 4.5-35V (Arduino)
Category: Shields
Miny Clips

Miny Clips 

Buy Miny Clips Items Including
  • SF-207A-R: 5 Pack Mini Clip Test Leads
  • 72906-0: Mini SMD Grabber Test Clips
  • G2P002-R: Test Clip Miniature Long 1 Red 1 Black 3.5 Inch Long 1 Pair S
  • 01530002H: Mini Inline Fusehldr (Holders & Clips Fuses)
  • 3788: BNC Female to Minigrabber Test Clip Breakout
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Asyn DIP 16 IC

Asyn DIP 16 IC 

Buy Asyn DIP 16 IC Items Including
  • CD74HC4060E: HC Series Asyn Negative Edge Triggered 14 Bit UP Binary Counter
  • CD74HCT4040E: HCT Series Asyn Negative Edge Triggered 12 Bit UP Binary Counter
Category: Counter Shift Register
Caig Deoxit G100L

Caig Deoxit G100L 

Buy Caig Deoxit G100L Items Including
  • G100L-2DB: Deoxit® Gold Brush Bottle (Miscellaneous)
  • G100P: Deoxit® Gold G100L Pen (Formerly Progold)
  • G100L-25C: Deoxit® Gold G100L Needle Dispenser (Formerly Progold)
Category: Miscellaneous
Solder Gold Pin

Solder Gold Pin 

Buy Solder Gold Pin Items Including
  • 7000-2X40SG-R: 7000 Header ST Male 2RW 80 PIN .1 Inch Ctr
  • 7000-2X40RG-R: 7000 Header RT Male 2RW 80 PIN .1 Inch Ctr
  • 2012-254-1X22SG: Header ST Male 1RW 22 PIN .1 Inch Ctr .025PST .023 Gold
  • 5227161-3: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
  • 227161-6: Right Angle Jack with Mounting Pins
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
USB Serial Bus

USB Serial Bus 

Buy USB Serial Bus Items Including
  • SN75240PW: Dual Universal Serial Bus Port Transient Suppressor
  • HU2Z40: USB 2.0 4 Port Hub Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 (Data Rate 1.5/12/480 Mbps)
  • TUSB2036VF: Interface Misc Programmable 2/3 Port USB HUB
  • SL811HST-AXC: Interface Misc SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 5V 100PPM -10+708.0000MHZ Bulk
  • SN65220DBVR: 60W Unidirectional 2 Element Silicon TVS Diode
Category: USB
LCD Graphics

LCD Graphics 

Buy LCD Graphics Items Including
  • SGX-120L: Serial LCD Display Characters X Lines: 20 X 4 with Graphics
  • SGD 28-M: 2.8 Inch TFT Multifunction Color Graphics Display
  • 94VOAB20811E: 240X64 Graphic LCD Display Module (Serial)
  • SGD 28-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 2.8 Inch Smart Graphics Display
  • SGD 35-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 3.5 Inch Smart Graphics Display
Category: TFT Displays
Nicd NiMH Nicd NiMH Battery

Nicd NiMH Nicd NiMH Battery 

Buy Nicd NiMH Nicd NiMH Battery Items Including
  • LTC1732EMS-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
  • LTC4010CFEPBF: High Efficiency Standalone Nickel Battery Charger Controller
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1511CSWPBF: 4A Battery Charge Controller
Category: Battery Management
Frequency to Voltage IC

Frequency to Voltage IC 

Buy Frequency to Voltage IC Items Including
  • LM2907N: Linear Frequency to Voltage Converter
  • LM2917N-8: 8 Pin Frequency to Voltage Converter
  • LM2917N/NOPB: 14 Pin Pdip Frequency to Voltage Converter
  • LT3844IFEPBF: DC Controller Single Output Step Down 4 Volt to 60 Volt 16 Pin Tssop Ep
  • LM431ACM/NOPB: LM431 Frequency Controls:Resonators
Category: Converter
Tape & Reel Chip Components

Tape & Reel Chip Components 

Buy Tape & Reel Chip Components Items Including
  • NCB1206B320TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
  • NCB0805A601TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
  • BLM18BD121SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • LQG15HS1N0S02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type Inductor
  • LQG15HS6N8J02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type Inductor
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
MSP430 Spi Instruments

MSP430 Spi Instruments 

Buy MSP430 Spi Instruments Items Including
  • MSP430F135IPM: Mixed Signal Microcontroller
  • MSP430F449IPZ: Mixed Signal Microcontroller
  • MSP430F168IPM: Mixed Signal Microcontroller
  • MSP430F437IPN: 16 Bit Flash 8 MHz Risc Microcontroller PQFP80
  • MSP430F148IPM: Mixed Signal Microcontroller
Category: Microcontrollers
Panasonic Erj 1 Ohm

Panasonic Erj 1 Ohm 

Buy Panasonic Erj 1 Ohm Items Including
  • ERJ-2GEJ1R0X: ERJ2G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0402, 1OHM
  • ERJ-3GEYJ1R0V: ERJ3G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0603, 1OHM
  • ERJ-3RQF1R0V: ERJ3R Thick Film Chip R Low Ohmic, (Resistors)
  • ERJ-6GEYJ1R0V: ERJ6G Thick Film Chip Resistor 0805, 1OHM
  • ERJ-8GEYJ300V: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.25W 5 % 200 Ppm 30OHM
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
P8X32A Propeller Chip

P8X32A Propeller Chip 

Buy P8X32A Propeller Chip Items Including
  • P8X32A-Q44-U: Unmarked Propeller Chip -44 Pin QFP Chip (Date & Lot Code Marked Only)
  • P8X32A-D40: Microcontroller Propeller Chip -40 Pin DIP Chip Model Number:
  • P8X32A-M44: Microcontroller Propeller Chip -44 Pin QFN Chip Model Number:
  • P8X32A-Q44: Microcontroller Propeller Chip -44 Pin QFP Chip Model Number:
  • 32212: Propeller Proto Board P8X32A-Q44 Propeller Chip
Category: Microcontrollers
Interchangeable DC Plugs

Interchangeable DC Plugs 

Buy Interchangeable DC Plugs Items Including
  • USBAC8: USB-a Power Cable with 8 Interchangeable DC Plug Tips
  • GE18I09-P1J: GE18 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I15-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I24-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I12-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
Category: Wall Transformers
DB9 Female to DB9 Male

DB9 Female to DB9 Male 

Buy DB9 Female to DB9 Male Items Including
  • FC-9PM/9SM-6FT-R: 6 Foot DB9 Male-to-Female Flat Ribbon Cable
  • CC2002A: Adapter Serial DB9 Male with Thumbscrews to DB25 Female with Thumbsrews
Category: Flat Ribbon
Sip Electromechanical Miniature

Sip Electromechanical Miniature 

Buy Sip Electromechanical Miniature Items Including
  • HE3621A0510: HE3600 Electromechanical Relay Single Pole
  • HE3621A0500: HE3600 Miniature PC Mount Relay (Reed)
Category: Reed
Tray Male D-Sub Plug

Tray Male D-Sub Plug 

Buy Tray Male D-Sub Plug Items Including
  • 747840-6: 9 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 482026043: 48202 25 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector Solder (D-Subminiature)
  • 71719-3000: 200 Contact Male Telecom and Datacom Connector Weld or Solder Plug
Category: D-Subminiature
Bulk IC 8 Input

Bulk IC 8 Input 

Buy Bulk IC 8 Input Items Including
  • 74HC30N,652: 74HC30 Logic 8 Input Nand Gate
  • FJH1100.: High-Speed Fet-Input Operational Amplifier
  • HCPL2601: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed 8 Pin DIP
  • MCT62: Dual Transistor 8 Pin DIP
  • HCPL2611: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed 8 Pin DIP
Category: Optoisolators
Mounting Panel

Mounting Panel 

Buy Mounting Panel Items Including
  • M112B.: 1/4 Inch Panel Mount Telephone Jack 1 Contact
  • R9-71B-05-12V-RED-R: Opto Lamp Panel RED 12 Volt Solder Terminals
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 970S00146: Red Panel Mount Incandescent Lamp
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Tube TVS Diodes & Rectifiers

Tube TVS Diodes & Rectifiers 

Buy Tube TVS Diodes & Rectifiers Items Including
  • PLCDA03-LF: 500W Bidirectional 4 Element Silicon TVS Diode
  • SM16LC05-LF: 500W Unidirectional 8 Element Silicon TVS Diode
  • SMDA15LCC-LF: 500W Bidirectional 4 Element Silicon TVS Diode
  • DALC112S1: Rectifier Unidirectional 12 Element Silicon TVS Diode
  • USB6B1: 500W Unidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
Category: TVS

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