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Crimp Port Plug   to   Dual a/D Converters

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Crimp Port Plug

Crimp Port Plug 

Buy Crimp Port Plug Items Including
  • 300-068: 300 8P8C RJ45 Modular Plug
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 3502: 139 Connector Audio Plug RCA Phono 2C Metal
  • 211768-1: Connector CPC Series 1 Plastic Plug
  • 211766-1: Connector CPC Series 1 Plastic Plug
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Copper Tape

Copper Tape 

Buy Copper Tape Items Including
  • 1245-1/2: 1245 Tape Embossed Copper Foil 3M (Anti-Static)
  • 19193-0218: 19193 Copper Alloy Ring Terminal
  • 1-32883-0: Copper Alloy Tin Finish Wire Terminal
  • 190730190: 19073 6 MM2 Copper Alloy Tin Finish Ring Terminal
  • 191150030: 19115 2 MM2 Copper Alloy Fork Terminal
Category: Terminals
Xor 74HC

Xor 74HC 

Buy Xor 74HC Items Including
  • SN74HC86N: HC Series Quad 2 Input XOR Gate PDIP14
  • 74HC86D,653: XOR Logic Quad 2 Input Exclusive-or Gate
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
Voltage Control Pwm

Voltage Control Pwm 

Buy Voltage Control Pwm Items Including
  • E-SG3525AN: Voltage Mode PWM Controller 400MA 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • SG3525AN: Voltage Mode PWM Controller 400MA 16 Pin Pdip Tube (Analog/Linear)
  • E-SG2525AN: Voltage Mode PWM Controller 400MA 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
  • UC3825DW: Supply Voltage Supervisor (Pwm)
  • SG3525AP: 0.5A Switching Controller 500 kHz Switching Freq-Max PDSO16 (Pwm)
Category: PWM
PCB Standard

PCB Standard 

Buy PCB Standard Items Including
  • L354GD-H302: T1 3MM Green LED PCB Indicator
  • 550-0306: Standard-Output LED -Yellow
  • LTL503-11: Standard-Output LED -Red
  • 643813-9: Connector Assembly 22 AWG Standard
  • 1-103169-0: 103169 Standard Profile Header-Shrouded
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Class-Ab Audio Amp IC

Class-Ab Audio Amp IC 

Buy Class-Ab Audio Amp IC Items Including
  • LM386N-1: Audio Amp Speaker 1 Channel Mono 0.325W Class-Ab 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • SSM2019BRW: 1 Channel Audio Preamplifier PDSO16
  • SSM2019BNZ: 1 Channel Audio Preamplifier PDIP8 (Analog/Linear)
  • LM1877N-9: 14 Pin Mdip Dual Audio Power Amplifier
  • SSM2211S: Audio Amplifier 1.5W 1 Channel PDSO8
Category: Audio and Video
CMOS LED Interface

CMOS LED Interface 

Buy CMOS LED Interface Items Including
  • MC14489BPE: CMOS Multi-Character LED Display/Lamp Driver
  • MC14489BDWER2: CMOS Multi-Character LED Display/Lamp Driver
Category: Display Drivers
Right Angle Connector Z Pack

Right Angle Connector Z Pack 

Buy Right Angle Connector Z Pack Items Including
  • 100147-1: 110 Contact Female Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 352131-1: 125 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 5352068-1: Connector Hard Metric Recepticle 110 Position 2MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Ho
  • 5352171-1: Connector Hard Metric Recepticle 95 Position 2MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hol
  • 106012-1: Connector Hard Metric Male 55 Position 2MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole
Category: .079 Inch (2.00MM) Series
Momentary Button

Momentary Button 

Buy Momentary Button Items Including
  • M2B15AA5G13-FA: Switch Push Button Single Pole Double Throw MOM.282 Long PLUNGER.250 Double Flattedg
  • 30-3: Switches Push Button SPST -no 1A Black Actuator Back Panel Mount
  • 39-1: Switches Push Button SPST -no 0.5A RED Actuator Back Panel Mount
  • 39-251 RED: Switch PB SPDT RED Button 0.25A 115V
  • 95C06F3GWRT: Keypad Switch Single Pole Single Throw Momentary-Tactile 0.05A
Category: Push Button
Surface Mount 5A Fuse

Surface Mount 5A Fuse 

Buy Surface Mount 5A Fuse Items Including
  • 0451005.MRL: 451 Fuse 125V V/Fa NANO2 Rohs Comp (Circuit Protection)
  • 0460005.UR: Fuse Pico Slow Blow 460 Series Subminiature Smf 5 AMP
  • 0451005.MR: 451 Fuse 125V V/Fa NANO2 with SN Capacitors
  • SL1002A090SM: SL1002A Fuse GAS Plasma Arrestor Mini Beta 70-120 Volt 5A
Category: Fuses
PC Sockets

PC Sockets 

Buy PC Sockets Items Including
  • 1571541-1: 1571541 PCS-044A-1=44 Position Plcc So
  • PCS-084A-1-LF: Socket Plcc 84 Position Lf
  • B-1001-R: Right Angle DIN Female Socket Set Back: 0.5 Inch
  • 09-62-3091: KK ® PC Board Connector Right Angle Gold (Au) Selective 9 Circuits
  • 09-48-3084: KK ® PC Board Connector Bottom Entry Gold (Au) Selective 8 Circuits
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Hi Power Resistor

Hi Power Resistor 

Buy Hi Power Resistor Items Including
  • MP915-50.0-1%: Power Film Resistor 15 Watt 50 Ohms 1% TO-126 Case
  • 212-7: 2 Watt 6.8 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 2W
  • KV214-3: 9 Watt 2.7 Ohm Wirewound Ceramic Resistor Power: 9W
  • KV214-8: 9 Watt 8.2 Ohm Wirewound Ceramic Resistor Power: 9W
  • CPCP-10-2: 10 Watt 30 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 10W
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
Serial (4 Wire & Spi)

Serial (4 Wire & Spi) 

Buy Serial (4 Wire & Spi) Items Including
  • ADT7411ARQZ: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 4 Wire Serial Interface 16 Pin Qsop
  • ADT7411ARQ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 10BIT 5CEL
  • LTC2404CGPBF: 4 Channel 24 Bit Micropower no Latency Delta Sigma A/D Converter
  • AD7398BRUZ: Quad 12BIT Digital to Analog Converter Serial In
  • TLV5614ID: DAC Serial Input Loading 9 us Settling Time
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Bulk RJ11 Connectors

Bulk RJ11 Connectors 

Buy Bulk RJ11 Connectors Items Including
  • 5520425-2: MJ Top Entry TH 6P/4C Bulk PAC (RJ11)
  • 45-5111-BU: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
Category: RJ11
Logic Amplifiers

Logic Amplifiers 

Buy Logic Amplifiers Items Including
  • MC100EL1648DG: Voltage Controlled Oscillator Amplifier 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • NC7SV74K8X: 1.8V 7MHZ 90DB Cmrr Single Supply Rail-to-Rail I/O Operational Amplifier
Category: Miscellaneous
Tab Quick

Tab Quick 

Buy Tab Quick Items Including
  • 63824-1: 63824 Faston Printed Circuit Board Tabs
  • 4-521098-2: 521098 TAB Assembly 250 U-F 12-10 Tpbr
  • 19016-0043: 19016 Krimptite™ Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16 AWG 0.250 Inch Tab
  • 3-520107-2: Faston Wire Crimp Type TAB and Insulation Sleeve
  • 2-521055-2: 521055 TAB Ultra-Fast Plus 250 22-18
Category: Terminals
Microchip Programmer

Microchip Programmer 

Buy Microchip Programmer Items Including
  • DV164120: Pickit 2 Starter Kit Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger
  • DV164005: Mplab®Icd 2 in-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
  • MCP6S28-I/P: MCP6S28 Single-Ended Rail-to-Rail I/O
  • AC163020: PIC10F2XX Universa (Microchip Series)
  • PIC16F886-I/SP: Memory Programmable Chip
Category: Microchip Series
Tap Tantalum 1uf

Tap Tantalum 1uf 

Buy Tap Tantalum 1uf Items Including
  • TAP105K025SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 1uf 25VDC 10%
  • TAP104K035SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial .1uf 35VDC 10%
  • TAP105K035SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 1uf 35VDC 10%
  • TAP105K050SCS-VP: TAP Capacitor Tantalum Radial 1uf 50VDC 10%
  • TAP105K035SRW: TAP Capacitor Radial 1uf 35V 10% .1LS Straight T/R (Tantalum)
Category: Tantalum
SMD Button

SMD Button 

Buy SMD Button Items Including
  • B3S-1000P: Tactile N.O SPST RND Button, (Switches)
  • 95C06C4GWRT: Switch Channeltactile Normally Open (no) Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) Round Button Gull Wing 0.05A 12VDC 2.55N SMD T/R
  • KT11P3SM34LFS: Switch SMD Tact SPST N.O. RND (Tactile)
  • 95C06F3GWRT: Keypad Switch Single Pole Single Throw Momentary-Tactile 0.05A
Category: Tactile
Electronics Panel Connectors

Electronics Panel Connectors 

Buy Electronics Panel Connectors Items Including
  • 1054869-1: Connector RF SMA AMP 2084-0000-02
  • 2455: N Panel Mount Cable Terminated Female
  • 1054874-1: Connector RF SMA Jack-Jack Adapter
  • 1052522-1: Panel Mount Female SMA Connector Jack
  • 1057343-1: 1057343 Panel Mount Connector Female
Category: RF Connectors
Electronic Rainbow

Electronic Rainbow 

Buy Electronic Rainbow Items Including
  • EBST-11: Stereo Amplifier Kit Output Power: 1 Watt
  • FMST-100: FM Stereo Transmitter Kit (Radio/Transmitter)
  • IR-10: Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Kit
  • AA-1D: Super Snooper Big Ear Audio Amplifier Kit (
  • VM-2: DC Voltage Monitor KIT with 7 LEDs
Category: Audio
DDR Sdram

DDR Sdram 

Buy DDR Sdram Items Including
  • FDN304PZ: 32MX16 Mobile DDR Sdram PBF Vfbga 1.8V Plastic 512
  • NOJB336M006RWJ: 512MB 64MX72 DDR Sdram Module PBF Sodimm 2.5V NON Buf (Capacitors)
  • L6924D: 16MX32 Mobile DDR Sdram Plastic IND Temp PBF Vfbga (Analog/Linear)
  • 1210YD106KAT2A-T/R: 16MX16 DDR Sdram Plastic Fbga 2.5V F DIE REV (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 1210ZD226KAT2A: 1210 16MX16 DDR Sdram Plastic Low Power PBF Tsop 2.5V (Capacitors)
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Amp Batteries

Amp Batteries 

Buy Amp Batteries Items Including
  • PGA202KP: Prog Gain Inst AMP (Battery Management)
  • 787444-1: Connector Battery HDR 5 Position 5MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole 5 Terminal 1 Port
  • LFP128100: 12.8V 10AH 128WH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIFEPO4) Rechargeable Battery
  • INA122U: Inst AMP Single SUP PLY (Battery Management)
  • PB-360N-48: 360 Watt Single Output Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Category: Battery Management
Through Hole Wire Socket

Through Hole Wire Socket 

Buy Through Hole Wire Socket Items Including
  • 15-31-1026: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 15-31-1066: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 43045-1224: Dual Row Vertical 3.00 MM Wire-to-Board Header with Solderable Retention Clip
  • 15-31-1036: 5219 6.71MM (.264INCH) Pitch .093INCH PIN and Socket Header
  • 207609-1: Socket Header Assembly 3 Posn Metrimate
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Solder Electronic Headers

Solder Electronic Headers 

Buy Solder Electronic Headers Items Including
  • 103308-6: 103308 Connector Header 26POS 15U" Gold
  • 5103310-3: Low PRO Header 16P Right Angle Black
  • 1-640456-5: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Straight
  • 640445-4: 640445 Header MTA 156 4 Position
  • 1-794066-0: 87215 12P Mini Umnl Header with DH SN
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
ICs Electronics

ICs Electronics 

Buy ICs Electronics Items Including
  • 2-382189-1: IC Socket 32C DIP DL Assy Tpbecu
  • 516-AG10D-ES: DIP16 IC Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • 2-641932-2: IC Socket 24C Diplomate DL SKT 30AUBECU
  • 832-AG11D: DIP32 IC Socket (DIP Soldertail)
  • 4-1571552-6: IC Socket 820 AG11D-Es-Lf=800 DIP Au/Sn
Category: DIP Soldertail
HDR Molex Minifit

HDR Molex Minifit 

Buy HDR Molex Minifit Items Including
  • 42819-3212: 43030 Minifit SR VT HDR 062 /Retn CP 3CKT (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • 42820-3212: 43030 Minifit SR RA HDR 062 /Retn CP 3CKT (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • 42819-2232: 43030 2 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 44475-2421: 24 Contact Female Power Connector Solder Receptacle
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Shielded Ferrite SMD Core

Shielded Ferrite SMD Core 

Buy Shielded Ferrite SMD Core Items Including
  • SRR1005-470Y: SRR1005 1 Element 47 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • B82477G4684M: 1 Element 680 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • SLF7032T-101MR45-2: SLF 1 Element 100 uH Ferrite-Core (Inductors)
  • MLF2012A4R7K: 1 Element 4.7 uH Ferrite-Core (Inductors)
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Mosfet Series

Mosfet Series 

Buy Mosfet Series Items Including
  • MC912DT128AVPVE: Mosfets 200V N-Ch Qfet Logic Level TO-252
  • SN74S1051D: And Gate Based Mosfet Driver PDSO8 (Ttl Logic)
  • FDN357N: ALS Series SYN Positive Edge Triggered 8 Bit Bidirectional Binary Counter
  • 74ABT244D,602: Buffer/Line Driver N-Ch Mosfet SOT-23 60V 160MOHM @ 10V
  • TMS320F2810PBKA: Mosfet Dual N-Channel SOT-563 Green 3K
Category: Freescale/Motorola Series
Dual a/D Converters

Dual a/D Converters 

Buy Dual a/D Converters Items Including
  • AD9288BSTZ-100: ADC 8 Bit 100 Msps Dual A/D Converter
  • AD9288BST-40: 8 Bit 40 Msps Dual A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • ADC08D1000CIYB/NOPB: Dual 8 Bit 1 Gsps High Performance Low Power A/D Converter
  • AD9058JJ: Dual 8 Bit A/D Converter 1 Channel (Eprom)
  • LTC2285IUPPBF: Dual 1 Ch 10 Bit Proprietary Method A/D Converter
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters

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