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Nichicon Capacitors Polarity   to   PV36 Family Resistor Trimmers, Potentiometer & Rheostat

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Nichicon Capacitors Polarity

Nichicon Capacitors Polarity 

Buy Nichicon Capacitors Polarity Items Including
  • UVR1J222MHD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 63V 2200 uf
  • UVZ1H471MHD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 50V 470 uf
  • UVR1V332MHD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 35V 3300 uf
  • UPW2A470MPD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 100V 47 uf
  • UVR1E471MPD: Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid Polarized 25V 470 uf
Category: Radial Electrolytic
5V Pressure Sensor

5V Pressure Sensor 

Buy 5V Pressure Sensor Items Including
  • MPX5050GP: 867B 0-7.25 PSI/50KPA 5V (Pressure)
  • MPX4250AP: 867B 0-36.3 PSI/250KPA 5V (Pressure)
  • MPX4115AP: 887B 2.2-16.7PSI/15-115KPA 5V
Category: Pressure
PCB Edge Connectors

PCB Edge Connectors 

Buy PCB Edge Connectors Items Including
  • JS1114-04WR-R: JS-1114 Connector Disk Drive Male PCB Edge Mount
  • 640136-6: 06P Edge Conn Housing Bif-Leaf
  • 5767044-1: 38 Contact Female Right Angle Board Stacking Connector
  • 1-145154-2: 120 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 2-530655-6: 22 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
Category: Single Part Card Edge
Normally Open & Normally Closed Switch

Normally Open & Normally Closed Switch 

Buy Normally Open & Normally Closed Switch Items Including
  • 602EN602-6: Electromechanical Switch Enclosed Switch Normally Open / Normally Closed
  • 602EN1-6: Switch Enclosed Seales SE MS27240-1
  • 914CE18-Q: Enclosed Basic Switch (More Products)
  • 914CE19-9: Enclosed Basic Switch (More Products)
  • 914CE2-Q: Enclosed Basic Switch (More Products)
Category: More Products
I2C Analog Multiplexer

I2C Analog Multiplexer 

Buy I2C Analog Multiplexer Items Including
  • ADG728BRUZ: Analog Multiplexer Single 8:1 5.5 Volt 16 Pin Tssop MUX
  • PCA9547D,112: 8 Channel I2C-BUS Multiplexer with Reset (Analog Switch)
  • PCA9548APW,112: 8 Channel I2C-BUS Switch with Reset (Analog/Linear)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Right Angle Push Button Single Pole

Right Angle Push Button Single Pole 

Buy Right Angle Push Button Single Pole Items Including
  • 8121SD9RGE: SPDT Pushbutton Switch 1A 120VAC (Push Button)
  • 800-SP8-B7-M7-Q-E: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPDT (Push Button)
  • 8168SHABE2: SPDT Pushbutton Switch 0.4V 20V (Push Button)
  • B3F-3122R: Tactile Switch SPST OFF-(ON)
Category: Push Button
Feed through Connectors

Feed through Connectors 

Buy Feed through Connectors Items Including
  • 31-5727: Feed through Connector Orientation: Straight
  • 3-640620-3: MTA-100 (.100 Inch ) IDC Connectors Feed-Thru Style
  • 643077-8: 643077 MTA-100 Molded Feed Thru Cover
  • 1658622-6: Socket Connector 26 Contacts 30 Gold
  • 3-640620-4: MTA-100 (.100 Inch ) IDC Connectors Feed-Thru Style
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Analog AC Voltage Meter

Analog AC Voltage Meter 

Buy Analog AC Voltage Meter Items Including
  • AVM60150: Analog AC Voltage Panel Meter 150V Range: 0 -150V
  • AVM60300: Analog AC Voltage Panel Meter 300V Range: 0 -300V
Category: Other Meters
Toggle Switch Brackets

Toggle Switch Brackets 

Buy Toggle Switch Brackets Items Including
  • B12AB: Toggle Switch Single Pole Double THROW.394 Batstraight with Bracket
  • 7203SD9V3QE: DPDT Toggle Switch 5A 120V Rating: 5A @ 120V
  • U11P3D9V3QE: SPDT Toggle Switch 5A 120V Rating: 5A @ 120V
  • 7107P3YV4BE: SPDT Mini Toggle Switch
  • ET05SD1V3BE: Toggle (Switches)
Category: Toggle
Phenolic Board Designs

Phenolic Board Designs 

Buy Phenolic Board Designs Items Including
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 22-512: PCB Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 64P44XXXP: Vectorbord® General-Purpose Pre-Punched Prototyping Board
  • 22-502: PCB Versa Strip Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 22-504: PCB Export Design Phenolic Prototype Board
Category: Proto Boards
Contact Pins

Contact Pins 

Buy Contact Pins Items Including
  • 201143-5: Contact PIN Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • 66507-9: Contact PIN 20DF Crimp Male 28-24AWG
  • 202507-1: Connector Power Contact PIN Assembly
  • 212007-1: Contact PIN Assembly SZ 8 (Crimp)
  • 66506-9: Contact PIN 20DF Crimp Male 24-20AWG
Category: D-Subminiature
Male Pin Connector

Male Pin Connector 

Buy Male Pin Connector Items Including
  • 19-09-2036: 3191 3 Contact Female and/or Male Power Connector Plug
  • 500-010: 500 Connector Housing Male DB9
  • 500-027: 500 Conductornector Housing Male DB25
  • G37-15: G37 Connector Housing Male DA15 (D-Subminiature)
  • 211401-1: 211401 7 Contact Polyethylene Male
Category: D-Subminiature
Voltage Monitoring IC

Voltage Monitoring IC 

Buy Voltage Monitoring IC Items Including
  • LTC2910CGNPBF: Octal Positive/Negative Voltage Monitor
  • LTC2913CMS-2PBF: Dual under Voltage/over Voltage Monitor
  • LTC2914IDHC-1PBF: Quad Uv/Ov Positive/Negative Voltage Monitor
  • ADM1024ARUZ: Analog Thermal & Voltage Monitor IC
  • UC2903DW: Quad Supply and Line Monitor
Category: Voltage Supervisory
RJ45 Connector with LED

RJ45 Connector with LED 

Buy RJ45 Connector with LED Items Including
  • RB1-125BAG1A: Single RJ45 Connector Module with Integrated 10/100 Base-Tx Magnetics and LEDs
  • 2-406549-4.: INV MJ 1X1 PNL Grnd LED (Y/G) (RJ45)
  • 406549-5: 8 Contact Female Telecom and Datacom Connector
Category: Networking
AC-to-AC Wall Transformers

AC-to-AC Wall Transformers 

Buy AC-to-AC Wall Transformers Items Including
  • PSV-203-R: PSV 320VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SRV-2000-R: SRV 2000VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SRV-500-R: SRV 500VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SRV-1000-R: SRV 1000VA Variable AC Power Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • GAT1401-R: GA PC Mount Modem Coupling Transformer (AC-to-AC)
Category: Variable
Mylar Capacitor 22uf

Mylar Capacitor 22uf 

Buy Mylar Capacitor 22uf Items Including
  • ECQ-V1H224JL: Ecqv .22uf Metallized Polyester Film Mylar Capacitor
  • ECQ-E4225KF: Passive Capacitor 2.2uf 400V Plye 10% 31X11X22MM
  • MY2.2/250: My Capacitor Mylar 2.2uf 250V 10%
  • ECQ-E2225KB: Capacitor Film Leaded Poly 250V 2.2uf 10%
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Microcontroller with Ethernet Phy

Microcontroller with Ethernet Phy 

Buy Microcontroller with Ethernet Phy Items Including
  • W7100A: Imcu -Single Chip Microcontroller with Tcp/Ip and 10/100 Fast Ethernet Mac/Phy
  • DP83846AVHG: PHY Datacom Ethernet Transceiver PQFP80
  • A000060: Ethernet without PoE Module + USB2SERIAL (Microcontrollers)
  • A000068: Ethernet REV3 without PoE (Microcontrollers)
  • A000074: Ethernet Rev.3 with PoE Module Microcontroller: ATMEGA328
Category: Microcontrollers
Micro Speakers Components

Micro Speakers Components 

Buy Micro Speakers Components Items Including
  • 35CS08B-M75NA: Micro Square Speaker (Audio Components)
  • SP452W: Single Pole Speaker Ferrite 2.25 Inch Round 45 Ohm 2 Watts 150-9000HZ Paper 86DB
  • SP801W: Micro Round Speaker Input Power: 0.1W Nominal / 0.2W Maximum
Category: Speakers
RS422 Driver

RS422 Driver 

Buy RS422 Driver Items Including
  • DS26LV31TM/NOPB: Iclow Voltage RS422 Driver (Rs 422/423)
  • DS26LV31TM: Gull Wing Low Voltage RS422 Driver (RS422/485)
  • DS34LV87TM: Low Volt RS422 Drvr 1/2 Enable
  • DS34LV86TM: DS34LV86T Low Volt RS422 REC 1/2 Enable
  • DS26C31TN: Through-Hole IcCMOS Quad RS-422 Diff Driver
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Source Driver IC

Source Driver IC 

Buy Source Driver IC Items Including
  • A6812ELW-T: Source Driver 20BIT Serial 28 SOIC
  • A6818SEP: J Bend Source Driver 32BIT Serial 28PLCC
  • UDN2981A-T: 8 Channel Source Driver PDIP18
  • UDN2982LWTR: 8 Channel Source Driver PDSO18 (Interface)
Category: Display Drivers
Power Connectors

Power Connectors 

Buy Power Connectors Items Including
  • 15-24-4742: 8981 4 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 10845060: 42002 6 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 10844020: 42002 2 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 10844031: 42002 3 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
  • 15244449: 8981 4 Contact Male Power Connector Solder
Category: Power Connector
LM741CN Op Amp

LM741CN Op Amp 

Buy LM741CN Op Amp Items Including
  • LM741CN-R: OP Amp Single General Purpose ±18 Volt 8 Pin Plastic DIP Rail Pkg: DIP-8
  • LM741CN/NOPB: OP Amp Single General Purpose ±18 Volt 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM741CN: Linear OP AMP DIP-8 (Amplifiers)
Category: Amplifiers
5V 2A Power Supply

5V 2A Power Supply 

Buy 5V 2A Power Supply Items Including
  • RQ-65B: 62.5W AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply
  • MAP40-3000: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/12V/-12V 3A/2A/0.3A 40W 8 Pin
  • DFC10E24S5: DFC10 Module DC-DC 1 Output 5V 2A 10W 4 Pin (Open Frame)
  • CXA10-48S05J: Module DC-DC 1 Output 5V 2A 10W 6 Pin (Open Frame)
  • NLP25-7608J: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/12V/-12V 2A/0.8A/0.1A 20.8W 8 Pin
Category: Open Frame
Momentary Contact Push Button

Momentary Contact Push Button 

Buy Momentary Contact Push Button Items Including
  • M2B15AA5G13-FA: Switch Push Button Single Pole Double Throw MOM.282 Long PLUNGER.250 Double Flattedg
  • FB15ANEP2: Switch Push Button Pushbutton SPST Momsilver PC
  • KP0115ANBKG03RGB: Switch Push Button
  • LB15CKG01-5C-JC: Switch Push Button
  • LB15RKW01-5F24-JF: SPDT Switch LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton (Push Button)
Category: Push Button
CMOS Components

CMOS Components 

Buy CMOS Components Items Including
  • CD4000 SERIES KIT: 4000 Series CMOS IC Cabinet Kit (Assortments)
  • GRM1885C1H3R9CZ01D: Logic Clock Driver 1 to 10 Fan out Buffer CMOS 3.3VOLT QSOP20 (PCG20)
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Panel Lamps

Panel Lamps 

Buy Panel Lamps Items Including
  • 14: Lamp Incandescent G-3-1/22.47V .300A .50MSCP
  • R9-71B-05-12V-RED-R: Opto Lamp Panel RED 12 Volt Solder Terminals
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 970S00146: Red Panel Mount Incandescent Lamp
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Inductor 10UH SMD

Inductor 10UH SMD 

Buy Inductor 10UH SMD Items Including
  • SDR0503-100ML: SDR0503 Ind Power 10UH 20% 1KHZ 10Q-Factor Ferrite Tape and Reel
  • SDR0604-100ML: SDR0604 Ind Power 10UH 20% 1KHZ 30Q-Factor Ferrite Tape and Reel
  • SDR0403-100ML: SDR0403 Ind Power 10UH 20% 1KHZ 28Q-Factor Ferrite Tape and Reel
  • NLC453232T-100K-PF: NLC 1 Element 10 uH General Purpose Inductor SMD
  • NLCV32T-100K-PF: Nlcv 1 Element 10 uH General Purpose Inductor SMD
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
22pf Capacitor

22pf Capacitor 

Buy 22pf Capacitor Items Including
  • DM220: Capacitor Dipped Silver Mica 5% 22pf 500V
  • SR151A220JAATR1: Capacitor Radial Configuration NPO 22pf 100V 5% 0.15X0.150.1LS
  • C0805C220J1GAC TU: C0805 Capacitor 0805 NP022pf 5% 100V Unmarked 7IN TR (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • GRM1555C1H2R2CZ01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
  • 06035A2R2CAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 NP02.2pf .25pf 50V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Cage Connectors

Cage Connectors 

Buy Cage Connectors Items Including
  • 1489951-1: Connector Accessories Press Fit Single X FP Cage Copper Alloy Tin Tray
  • 1489779-1: 1489779 Cage Assy Press FIT 17 SFP
  • 739270411: Connector Accessories 1X4 SFP Cage -Elastomer with Pre
  • 1489669-1: 1489669 Cage Assembly Press FIT SFP
  • 73927-0009: Connector Accessories SFP Cage Assembly -15 Press FIT -Centr EMI
Category: Rectangular Connectors
PV36 Family Resistor Trimmers, Potentiometer & Rheostat

PV36 Family Resistor Trimmers, Potentiometer & Rheostat 

Buy PV36 Family Resistor Trimmers, Potentiometer & Rheostat Items Including
  • PV36Y102C01B00: PV36 Resistor Trimmer Cermet 25 Turn 0.5W
  • PV36Y502C01B00: PV36 Multi-Turn Trimmer Potentiometer
  • PV36X503C01B00: PV36 Multi-Turn Trimmer Potentiometer
  • PV36W103C01B00: PV36 Multi-Turn Trimmer Potentiometer
  • PV36W503C01B00: PV36 Multi-Turn Trimmer Potentiometer
Category: Trimmers

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