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Op Amp Power Supply   to   DIP Switch SPDT

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Op Amp Power Supply

Op Amp Power Supply 

Buy Op Amp Power Supply Items Including
  • LT1363CS8PBF: High Speed Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1468CN8PBF: Precision Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1122CCN8PBF: Precision/Fet Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LT1112CN8PBF: Linear Precision Dual Op Amp Single-Supply
  • LT1677IS8PBF: Precision Single OP AMP Single/Dual-Supply Rail-To-
Category: Low Power Op-Amps
SMD LEDs Samples

SMD LEDs Samples 

Buy SMD LEDs Samples Items Including
  • 5977701202F: SMD LED Plcc R/G Sample Strip
  • 5973301502F: SMD LED 1208 G Sample Strip
  • 5973301202F: Single Color LED Green 2.39 Mm
  • 5952301002F: LED 2MM Prism-G Sample Strip (IrLED)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
DC Power Adapter Plug

DC Power Adapter Plug 

Buy DC Power Adapter Plug Items Including
  • DCP2.5 TO DCJ2.1: DC Power Plug Adapter (Rectangular Connectors)
  • DCP2.1 TO DCJ2.5: DC Power Plug Adapter (Rectangular Connectors)
  • GE18I24-P1J: 18W Interchangeable AC Plug AC-to-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
  • GE24I24-P1J: GE24 Interchangeable Clip AC-to-DC Wall Adapter
  • 2109: 12VDC Auto/Mobile Power Adapter
Category: Wall Transformers
Trimmer Potentiometer 10K Wiring

Trimmer Potentiometer 10K Wiring 

Buy Trimmer Potentiometer 10K Wiring Items Including
  • 3250W-1-103: 3250 Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 25 Turn 1W 10000 Ohm
  • 3345P-1-103T: 3345 Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 1 Turn 1W 10000 Ohm
  • 3290H-1-103: 3290 Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 25 Turn 1W 10000 Ohm
  • 3590S-1-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 3590S-2-103L: 3590 Resistor Potentiometer Wire Wound 10 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
Category: Trimmers
USB 5 Wires

USB 5 Wires 

Buy USB 5 Wires Items Including
  • AR2500-5M: USB 2.0 Active Repeater Cable 5 Meters
  • 801373: Dual USB to Miniature USB 2.0 Cable Length: 2 Feet
  • 801374: Dual USB-a to Mini 5 Pin USB-B Mini 5 Pin 2.0 Cable-Clear
  • CB-0000E1-S1: 5 Pin USB a to Mini-B Cable Length: 2M (Assortments)
  • 10U2-15106: USB-a Male to USB-Mini 5 Pin 2.0 Cable (Assortments)
Category: USB
Through Panel Terminal Block

Through Panel Terminal Block 

Buy Through Panel Terminal Block Items Including
  • 38770-0112: 38770 Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck 12 Circuit
  • 387203206: Connector Barrier Strip 6 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight Panel Mount 25 Amp Contact
  • 14-140: 15A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck
  • 5-140-Y.: 15A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck
  • MS-6-140: 140 Barrier Strip Terminal Block
Category: Terminal Blocks
Hardware Screws, Nuts & Washers

Hardware Screws, Nuts & Washers 

Buy Hardware Screws, Nuts & Washers Items Including
  • 14-522-R: Jack Screw NUT Washers SET (Mounting Hardware)
  • 8LW2: Hardware Split Lock Washer #8 .279 Inch L
  • 8-32HN: Hardware HEX NUT 8-32
  • HW-BUNDLE: 20 Piece Hardware Kit (Nuts & Washers Screws)
  • GB149: Screw Nut and Washer Grab Bag (Hardware)
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
D-Sub Screw

D-Sub Screw 

Buy D-Sub Screw Items Including
  • D20418-39: D-Sub Connector Hood Hardware Consists of Two Washers
  • 14-556-L11.8: Hardware Jack Screw for D-Sub Connectors 4-40
  • 17-768: 4-40 Hex Jack Screw Set 12 Pieces (D-Sub Connectors)
  • DSUB-9M: Connector D-Sub .318 Inch R/A DB9M (Crimp)
  • SPC15168: 4-40 Slotted Thumb Screw Length: 2.85 Inch
Category: Mounting Hardware
Pin Connector Sizes

Pin Connector Sizes 

Buy Pin Connector Sizes Items Including
  • 1766193-1: Connector Power Contact PIN Size #12
  • 206434-1: 206434 Connector CPC 8 Contact (Circular)
  • 211768-1: Connector CPC Series 1 Plastic Plug
  • 206036-4: 206036 CPC Recepticle Sealed Size 17-16
  • 206152-1: 206152 Connector CPC 28 Contact (Circular)
Category: Circular
Solder Post

Solder Post 

Buy Solder Post Items Including
  • 73927-0010: Connector Accessories SFP Cage Assy -Solder Post 0.133 Legs
  • 74737-0010: Connector Accessories SFP 1PC Cage Assy -Solder Post
  • 73927-0002: Connector Accessories MSA SFP Solder Post Cage 739270002
  • 5226990-6: PCB-BNC RT Angle Jack with O Post (BNC)
  • 103185-3: Square Post Wire to Board Connector
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Optical Flag Switch

Optical Flag Switch 

Buy Optical Flag Switch Items Including
  • OPB690Z: Slotted Optical Flag Switch (Opto Components)
  • OPB696AZ: Photointerrupter Photologic Optical Flag Switch
  • TCST1103: Interrupt Std / no Flags 0.5MM Aperture -Plastic
Category: Optical Switches
Triad Magnetics Power Supplies & Wall Adapters

Triad Magnetics Power Supplies & Wall Adapters 

Buy Triad Magnetics Power Supplies & Wall Adapters Items Including
  • TY-145P: TY PC Mount Audio Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • AD1505C: Switching Power Supply Wall Transformer Current: 1A
  • GE24I48-P1J: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter Transformer Single Output 48 Volt 0.5 Amp 24 Watt Carton
  • PSM11R-050-USB: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer Output: 5VDC
  • GE18I24-P1J: 18W Interchangeable AC Plug AC-to-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
Category: Wall Transformers
Mom off Mom Itt C & K Switches Rocker

Mom off Mom Itt C & K Switches Rocker 

Buy Mom off Mom Itt C & K Switches Rocker Items Including
  • 7205J2V3GE2: DPDT Rocker Switch 0.4V 20V Rating: 0.4V @ 20V
  • 7105J1V3QE2: SPDT Rocker Switch 5A 120VAC
Category: Rocker
Through Hole SMA Connector Solder PCB

Through Hole SMA Connector Solder PCB 

Buy Through Hole SMA Connector Solder PCB Items Including
  • 19-49G-R: Connector SMA Rangle PCB Mount
  • 901-144-8RFX-VP-R: Connector SMA Female PCB Mount 19-46G-R
  • 221790-1: Connector RF Jack Right Angle PCB SMA
Category: RF Connectors
Through Hole Capacitor Mounting

Through Hole Capacitor Mounting 

Buy Through Hole Capacitor Mounting Items Including
  • SR205E104MAA-VP: Capacitor Ceramic 50V Z5U 0.1 uf
  • SR211C333KAA-VP: Capacitor Ceramic 100V X7R 0.033 uf
  • SR211C103KAA-VP: Capacitor Ceramic 100V X7R 0.01 uf
  • UPW1E152MHD6-VP: PW Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid
  • UVZ1J220MDD: VZ Capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic NON Solid
Category: Radial Ceramic
Crimp Connector Pins Male

Crimp Connector Pins Male 

Buy Crimp Connector Pins Male Items Including
  • 500-055: 500 Crimp PIN Male
  • 1006-PP: Crimp PIN Male Used with Housing P/N180881
  • Y-1800-TX-R: Connctr PIN Male Sq.Post Tin Use with .100 Inch Nonpol.Hsng (10
  • 640706-1: 640706 Crimp PIN Male 18-24AWG Brass
  • 205202-7: Crimp PIN Male D-Sub Contact 24-20AWG
Category: D-Subminiature
LM2576HV-5.0 Step Down Voltage Converters

LM2576HV-5.0 Step Down Voltage Converters 

Buy LM2576HV-5.0 Step Down Voltage Converters Items Including
  • LM2576HVT-5.0: LM2576HV-5.0 Linear Easy Switcher 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220/5
  • LM2576HVS-5.0: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output in Volt Step Down 6 Pin (5+Tab) TO-263 Rail
  • LM2576HVT-5.0/NOPB: LM2576HV-5.0 National LM2576HVT-5.0/NOP B
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
32V Fuse

32V Fuse 

Buy 32V Fuse Items Including
  • 0299030.ZXNV: 299 Fuse Maxi Blade 32VDC 30A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0313015.H: 313 Fuse 15A 32 Volt Slow Blow Acting 2 Pin Bulk
  • 0315012.HXP: 315 Fuse 32V SB PT 3AG Pb-Free 12A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0312015.H: 312 Fuse 32V FA 3AG 15A (Circuit Protection)
  • 0313010.H: 313 Fuse 32V SB 3AG 10A (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Resettable Fuses

Resettable Fuses 

Buy Resettable Fuses Items Including
  • TRF250-145-RA-B-0.5: Polyswitch Regulated PTC Resettable Fuse Hazmat
  • RUEF900: Polyswitch Regulated PTC Resettable Fuse
  • 60R135XF: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC Resettable Fuse
  • RXEF050: Polyswitch Regulated PTC Resettable Fuse
  • RXEF250: Polyswitch Regulated PTC Resettable Fuse
Category: Fuses
DC Brushless Fans 1.18 Inch (30MM)

DC Brushless Fans 1.18 Inch (30MM) 

Buy DC Brushless Fans 1.18 Inch (30MM) Items Including
  • AD0305LB-K70: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Ball
  • AD0305HB-D50: Fan 5VDC 3.70CFM 30X30X15 130MA Ball 11 Inch Leads 0.65W Ul/Cul/Tuv/Ce
  • AD2005LX-G70: Fan 5VDC 0.60CFM 20X20X10 80MA Hypro 5.50 Inch Leads 0.40W Ul/Cul/Tuv
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Parallel to Spi

Parallel to Spi 

Buy Parallel to Spi Items Including
  • LTC1418IGPBF: Low Power 14 Bit 200KSPS A/D Converter with Serial and Parallel I/O
  • AD660AN: DAC Mono 16 Bit D/A Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC1403CMSE-1PBF: 1 Channel 12 Bit Proprietary Method A/D Converter
  • AD660ANZ: DAC Mono 16 Bit D/A Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD5383BST-5: DAC 32 Chn 5V Single Supply 12 Bit (Analog/Linear)
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Tristate Buffer IC

Tristate Buffer IC 

Buy Tristate Buffer IC Items Including
  • MM74HC125MX: Hc/Uh Quad Tristate Buffer
  • NC7SZ125M5X: Buffer with Tristate Output (Logic)
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
PCB Components

PCB Components 

Buy PCB Components Items Including
  • 5X20MMPCB: 10A PCB Fuse Holder Ratings: 10A @ 250VAC
  • 38MS30008: 30MM Round PCB Mountable Speaker Mylar Diaphragm
  • FR-29PC-100: 30MM PCB Mountable Speaker Round Frame Design
  • 05200101Z: Fuse Accessories Omni-Blok 5X20MM PCB MT (Circuit Protection)
  • 168.6585.5256: 168 Fuse PCB 25 AMP (Circuit Protection)
Category: Speakers
Input Selector IC

Input Selector IC 

Buy Input Selector IC Items Including
  • 74LS151: LS 8 Input Multiplexer DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • 74151: 8 Input Multiplexer DIP-16 (74 Series)
  • SN74HCT157N: DIP-16 2 to 1 Data Selector/Multiplex (Logic)
  • SN74HC157D: Quadruple 2 Line to 1 Line Data Selector/Multiplexer
  • SN74LVC257AD: Quadruple 2 Line to 1 Line Data Selector/Multiplexer with 3 State Outputs
Category: Multiplexer
WiFi Development Kit

WiFi Development Kit 

Buy WiFi Development Kit Items Including
  • WIZ6000: External WiFi Device Server Serial to WiFi
  • WIZFI220: Ultra Low Power "Serial-to- WiFi " Module with External Power Amplifier
  • WIZFI210: Ultra Low Power Serial to WiFi Module
  • W5I-BO-07: WIZ610WI Internal Antenna (Networking)
  • W5E-WO-03L: Wlan Tri-Band Antenna (Networking)
Category: Networking
Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors 

Buy Circular Connectors Items Including
  • 206433-1: 206433 Circular Connector 8 Contact
  • 205840-3: 205840 Circular Connector 28 Contact
  • 205843-1: 205843 Circular Connector 63 Contact
  • 206438-1: 206438 Circular Connector 57 Contact
  • 205839-3: 205839 Circular Connector 28 Contact
Category: Circular
Direct Drive Motor 24VDC

Direct Drive Motor 24VDC 

Buy Direct Drive Motor 24VDC Items Including
  • RS555-2580: 12-24 Direct Drive DC Motor Rated Voltage: 24VDC
  • MS5N-07500B-R(M-6440C367): 24VDC Motor 2475 RPM (DC Direct Drive)
Category: DC Direct Drive
Inductor Tolerance

Inductor Tolerance 

Buy Inductor Tolerance Items Including
  • CD1-1R5-R: CD Inductor Shield Power 1.5UH Tolerance 30%SURFACE Mount R
  • CTX50-2-52-R: CTX Inductor Torroid Power Radial 50UH 4.9A Tolerance 20%
  • DR73-100-R: DR Inductor Shield Power 10UH Tolerance 20% 2.08A Surface Mount
  • DR74-4R7-R: DR Inductor Shield Power 4.7UH Tolerance 20% 3.09A Surface Mount
  • UP1B-4R7-R: UP1B Inductor Power 4.7UH Tolerance 20% 2.2A Surface Mount R
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
PCB Female Header

PCB Female Header 

Buy PCB Female Header Items Including
  • 1-1447032: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1
  • 7400-1X10SG-R: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1
  • 7200-2X20WW: Vertical Female Header Contacts: 40
  • F301-SGP-D024-01: 1X10 Female Header 2MM Pitch
  • RS1-04-G: Vertical Female Header Rows: 1 (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles

DIP Switch SPDT 

Buy DIP Switch SPDT Items Including
  • 78J04: Through Hole DIP Switch SPDT
  • 206-124ST: SPDT DIP Switch Slide Gold Plated 4SWITCH Single Pole Double Throw
  • 76STC02T: Switch Channeldip on off Single Pole Double Throw ( SPDT ) 2 Toggle 0.15A 30VDC PC Pins 2000CYCLE/SwitchCycle Thru-Hole Tube
  • D3C-2220: Switch Channeldetector Normally Open (no) /N.C
Category: DIP

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