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Shaft Coupler   to   Box Low Dropout Regulator

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Shaft Coupler

Shaft Coupler 

Buy Shaft Coupler Items Including
  • CEIECZ-001: Shaft Coupler .250 Bore 0.250 Inch (6.35MM) Bore
  • 162288: Shaft Coupler .125 Bore 0.125 Inch (3.188MM) Hub
  • M01-0002: Shaft Coupler .197 Bore 0.197 Inch (5.00MM) Hub
  • M01-0004: Rubber Spider for Shaft Couplers: 162288-161998-162270
  • RC-025: 1/4 Inch Spider Shaft Coupler Black Oxide without Keyway
Category: Couplers
Rs-422 Quad Line Driver

Rs-422 Quad Line Driver 

Buy Rs-422 Quad Line Driver Items Including
  • DS96174CN/NOPB: Quad Rs-422/ 485 Line Driver (Rs 422/423)
  • MC3487D: Interface Quad EIA-422 Differential Line Driver
  • DS26C31TM: DS26C31T IcCMOS Quad RS-422 Diff Driver
  • DS26LS31CM: DS26LS31C Quad Diff Line Driver S.O (Interface)
  • DS26C31TM/NOPB: Gull Wing IcCMOS Quad RS-422 Diff Driver
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Soj Memory SRAM

Soj Memory SRAM 

Buy Soj Memory SRAM Items Including
  • IS61C256AL-12JLI: 32K X 8 Standard SRAM 12 Ns PDSO28
  • CY7C199-25VC: CY7C199 SRAM 32K X 8 5V 25NS SOJ-28 (Memory)
  • IS63LV1024L-12JL: 128K X 8 Standard SRAM 12 Ns
  • IS61C1024AL-12JLI: 128K X 8 Standard SRAM 12 Ns
  • 62256S-15: SRAM 5V 32K X 8 150NS SOJ-28 (Memory)
Category: SRAM
600V Fuse

600V Fuse 

Buy 600V Fuse Items Including
  • D6015L: Fuses 9.5A 600V Silicon Rectifier Diode TO-220AB
  • D6025L: Fuses 15.9A 600V Silicon Rectifier Diode TO-220AB
Category: Fuses
Major Brands ICs & Semiconductors

Major Brands ICs & Semiconductors 

Buy Major Brands ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • CD14174B: HEX Type D Flip Flop IC Package: 16 DIP (4000 Series)
  • CD40105B: Fifo Register IC 16 Pin Fifo Function: Asynchronous (4000 Series)
  • CY27C128A-45PC: 128K (16K X 8 Bit) CMOS Eprom IC Package: 28 Pdip (SRAM)
  • IP1060N: Switch Mode Power Supply Control Circuit IC Package:16 Pdip (Analog/Linear)
  • CY7C420-65PC: 512 X 9 Asynchronous Fifo IC Package: 28 Pdip (SRAM)
Category: 4000 Series
Ferrite Chip Magnetic Inductor

Ferrite Chip Magnetic Inductor 

Buy Ferrite Chip Magnetic Inductor Items Including
  • CZB2BFLTE301P: Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead (Inductors)
  • MPZ2012S221A: 1 Functions 3A Ferrite Chip (Inductors)
  • BLM31PG500SN1L: Inductor Type Chip Ferrite Bead Emifil
  • BLM41AF151SN1L: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type Chip EMI Filter
  • BLM41PG181SN1L: Inductor Type Chip Ferrite Bead Emifil
Category: EMI Suppression
SOIC W Half Bridge Driver IC

SOIC W Half Bridge Driver IC 

Buy SOIC W Half Bridge Driver IC Items Including
  • LTC1156CSWPBF: LTC1156CSW#PBF Half-Bridge
  • IR2113SPBF: 2.5A Half Bridge Based Mosfet Driver
  • IR2110SPBF: 2.5A Half Bridge Based Mosfet Driver
  • LT1162ISWPBF: 1.5A Full Brdg Based Mosfet Driver
  • LT1158CSWPBF: LT1158CSW#PBF Halfbridge N-
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
Radial High Voltage Components

Radial High Voltage Components 

Buy Radial High Voltage Components Items Including
  • DEBB33F102KN3A: Safety Recognized High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor
  • DHRB34C471M2BB: DHR Capacitors High-Voltage Cearmic Cap
  • V140LA2: Varistor High Energy Radial Voltage Dependant Metal Oxide
  • V175LA2: Varistor High Energy Radial Voltage Dependant Metal Oxide
  • V275LA40C: Varistor High Energy Radial Voltage Dependant Metal Oxide
Category: Varistors
Solder Terminal Connectors

Solder Terminal Connectors 

Buy Solder Terminal Connectors Items Including
  • Y-140.: Y Solder Terminal 12.7MM 7.14MM Electro-Tin
  • B-235-R: Isolated Solder Terminal Bulkhead Jack 50 Ohm (BNC)
  • CA3L: 3A/250VAC Power Entry EMI Filter -Solder Terminal
  • 17-20370-11: 37 Position D-Sub Plug Connector with Solder Terminals
  • 18-140-Y: 15A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 2 Rows 1 Deck
Category: Terminals
Pin Standard Connectors

Pin Standard Connectors 

Buy Pin Standard Connectors Items Including
  • SOCK-RA-5: 5 Pin Standard DIN Right Angle PC Mount Female Socket
  • 02-453-R: 6 Pin Female DIN Socket Panel Mount
  • K319-R: Standard DIN Socket Female 8 Pin Panel Mount
  • GDJ05-R: Standard DIN Socket Female 5 Pin Panel Mount
  • 02-055-R: Plug Standard DIN Male 5 Pin with Strain Relief
Category: DIN Connectors
Mean Well Wire & Cable

Mean Well Wire & Cable 

Buy Mean Well Wire & Cable Items Including
  • YP12+YC12: 2 Meter 3 Wire USA Plug to IEC320 C13 Connector Power Lead
  • ES391: 3 Conductor Flat Power Cord Mickey Mouse Style (3 Conductor)
  • YP22+YC12: 2 Meter European Shuko Plug to IEC C13 Mains Lead (3 Conductor)
  • YP12+YC14: 3 Conductor Round Power Cord Mickey Mouse Style (3 Conductor)
Category: 3 Conductor
LDO Micropower Adjustable Regulator

LDO Micropower Adjustable Regulator 

Buy LDO Micropower Adjustable Regulator Items Including
  • LT1763CS8: 1.22V-20V Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT3014BEDD: 20 Milliamp 3V to 80V Adjustable Positive Low Dropout Micropower Linear Regulator
  • LP2951CMX-3.3/NOPB: Series of Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulator
  • LT1763CS8PBF: 1.22V-20V Adjustable Positive LDO Regulator
  • LT1175CT: 3.743V-3.857V Adjustable Negative LDO Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators (LDO)
Msop Ep Dual IC Regulator

Msop Ep Dual IC Regulator 

Buy Msop Ep Dual IC Regulator Items Including
  • LT3023EMSEPBF: Dual Output 100 Milliamp Adjustable Positive Low Dropout
  • LT3027IMSEPBF: Linear Regulator Dual 100 Milliamp
  • LTC3407EMSEPBF: Linear Dual Sync 600MA
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Rail Texas Instruments Sensors

Rail Texas Instruments Sensors 

Buy Rail Texas Instruments Sensors Items Including
  • LM35DT/NOPB: LM35D Icprec Centigrade TEM Sensor
  • LM35DM/NOPB: LM35D Icprec Centigrade Temp Sensor
  • TMP124AID: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial Interface 8 Pin SOIC Rail
  • LM74CIM-3/NOPB: LM74 Icdigital Temperature Sensor
  • LM83CIMQA/NOPB: LM83 Triple Remote Diode Sensor (Analog/Linear)
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
DE9 Male Female

DE9 Male Female 

Buy DE9 Male Female Items Including
  • 10D1-03210: DE9 Male to DE9 Female Extension Cable (Assortments)
  • 10D1-03206: DE9 Male to DE9 Female Extension Cable (Assortments)
  • 504-207: DE9 MALE-to-RJ11 Adapter
  • M692-05: Cable Monitor Extension Black 6 Feet DE9 Male to DE9 Female Rs-232
  • E239426: DE9 Male to DE9 Female Extension Cable (Video)
Category: Cable Assembly
Rail High Efficiency DC to DC Converter

Rail High Efficiency DC to DC Converter 

Buy Rail High Efficiency DC to DC Converter Items Including
  • LM2676S-5.0/NOPB: LM2676-5.0 High Efficiency Switcher
  • LM2672M-5.0: LM2672-5.0 High Efficiency Switcher
  • LM2673S-ADJ: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Step Down 8 Pin (7+Tab) TO-263 Rail Switcher
  • LM2674M-5.0: LM2674-5.0 High Efficiency Switcher
  • LM2675M-5.0: LM2675-5.0 High Efficiency Switcher
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Limitron Fuses

Limitron Fuses 

Buy Limitron Fuses Items Including
  • KTK-15: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 15A 600VAC 100000A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • KLM-2: KLM Limitron Fast Acting Fuse (Circuit Protection)
  • KTK-30: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 30A 600VAC 100000A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • KLM-30: KLM Limitron Fast Acting Fuse (Circuit Protection)
  • KTK-20: KTK Limitron Fast Acting Fuse (Circuit Protection)
Category: Fuses
Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt

Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt 

Buy Potentiometer 5K 5 Watt Items Including
  • 3386W-1-502-VP: 3386 Potentiometer 5K Ohm 3286W-502 1 Turn .5 Watt
  • RV16AF-10-15R1-B53: 5KΩ Linear Taper Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • 3296Y-1-502LF-VP: 5KΩ Cermet Potentiometer Resistance: 5KΩ
  • 3299W-1-502-VP/68WR: 3299 5KΩ Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer
Category: Trimmers
Parallax Pir Sensor

Parallax Pir Sensor 

Buy Parallax Pir Sensor Items Including
  • 555-28027: PIR Sensor (Rev B) Longer Detection Range, Selectable by Onboard Jumper
  • 28032: Wide Angle PIR Sensor (Motion)
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection
Category: Motion
Ptc Murata Electronics Resistors

Ptc Murata Electronics Resistors 

Buy Ptc Murata Electronics Resistors Items Including
  • PTFM04BG471Q2N34B0: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC 100 Ohm
  • PTGL13AR0R8H2B71B0: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC 0.8 Ohm
  • PTFM04BG222Q2N34B0: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC 330 Ohm
  • PTFM04BD222Q2N34B0: PTC (Posistor) for Overheat Sensing
  • PRF18BA471QB1RB: Overheat Sensing Chip Type Posistor for Circuit Protection
Category: Thermistors
Low Pass Filter IC

Low Pass Filter IC 

Buy Low Pass Filter IC Items Including
  • LTC1164-6CSW: Linear Phase Low Pass Filter
  • LTC1069-1IS8PBF: Low Power 8TH Order Progressive Elliptic
  • LTC1569CS8-6PBF: LTC1569CS8-6#PBF 10TH Order (Filters)
Category: Filters
Pdip Logic Driver IC

Pdip Logic Driver IC 

Buy Pdip Logic Driver IC Items Including
  • CD74HCT541E: Buffer-Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 State CMOS 20 Pin Plastic DIP Tube Z
  • AY0438-I/P: AY0438 40 Pin CMOS LCD Driver
  • CD4503BE: Logic 16 Lead Pdip (Buffer and Line Driver)
  • CD74HC541E: HC Series 8 Bit Driver True Output PDIP20
  • CD4555BE: 4000/14000/40000 Series Other Decoder/Driver
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
SMA Connectors

SMA Connectors 

Buy SMA Connectors Items Including
  • 1050756-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 1052534-1: Panel Mount Female SMA Connector Solder
  • 227531-1: SMA Connector for Semi-Rigid Cable Plug
  • 1050854-1: Cable Terminated Female SMA Connector
  • 1050525-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
Category: SMA
Flash Memory Card

Flash Memory Card 

Buy Flash Memory Card Items Including
  • N7E50-M516RA-50: Connector Memory Card CFI Hexfet Power Mosfet in a to CFI
  • N7E50-N516RB-40: CFI Ii/31.6MM/Inv/Metalgd/30MIAU/ CFI, (Memory Card)
  • N7E50-M516RB-40-WF: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO5 CFI, (Memory Card)
  • 1734450-1: Connector Compact Flash Card HDR 50 Position 0.635MM Solder Right Angle SMD Tray
  • 53856-5070: 53856 50 Contact Male Right Angle Pcmcia Connector Surface Mount
Category: Memory Card
Cherry Rocker

Cherry Rocker 

Buy Cherry Rocker Items Including
  • RRA22H3BBBNN: RR Panel Mount Rocker Switch
  • LRA32H2FBBNN: Switch Rocker Double Pull Single Throw 10A
  • SRB23A2BBBNN: SR Switch Rocker, (Rocker)
  • WRG32F2FYYNN-GRAY: Dpst on-off Panel Mount Rocker Switch
  • PRK22J5DBBNN: Switch Rocker SPST 6A Black
Category: Rocker
Panel Indicator Lights

Panel Indicator Lights 

Buy Panel Indicator Lights Items Including
  • KE12-4-03-01050: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • KE12-4-03-01040: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • KE12-4-03-01020: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 3335-4-50-183-A: Rectangular Incandescent Panel-Mount Light Indicator
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Flat Plastic Parts

Flat Plastic Parts 

Buy Flat Plastic Parts Items Including
  • 3485-2300F: Backshell 25/PLASTIC Js/Dsub/Flat Angle Two Part Euro Connec
  • 3485-2100F: 3485 9/PLASTIC Js/Dsub/Flat Angle Two Part Euro Connec
Category: Hoods
Single Phase International Diode

Single Phase International Diode 

Buy Single Phase International Diode Items Including
  • 26MB80A: 25A 800V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 26MB120A: 25A 1200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 26MB60A: 25A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 36MB120A: 35A 1200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 26MT60: 3 Phase 25A 600V Silicon
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Gull Wing Molded Resistor

Gull Wing Molded Resistor 

Buy Gull Wing Molded Resistor Items Including
  • 4816P-1-271LF: Resistor Thick Film NET 270 Ohm 2% 1.28W ±100PPM/C Isol Molded 16 Pin SOM Gull Wing SMD T/R
  • 4816P-1-330LF: Resistor Thick Film NET 33 Ohm 1 Ohm 1.28W ±250PPM/°C Isol Molded 16 Pin SOM Gull Wing SMD T/R
  • SOMC1603100KGDC: Resistor Thick Film NET 100K Ohm 2% 1.28W ±100PPM/C Isol Molded 16 Pin DIP Gull Wing SMD Tube
  • 4816P-T02-103LF.: 4800P Resistor Molded DIP 16PIN Bussed 10K 2% Bulk 10KOHM
  • 4816P-T02-472: 4800P Resistor Molded DIP 16PIN Bussed 4.7K 2% Bulk 4.7KOHM
Category: DIP Network
Box Low Dropout Regulator

Box Low Dropout Regulator 

Buy Box Low Dropout Regulator Items Including
  • LM2931Z-5.0/NOPB: LM2931 Low Dropout Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2931AZ-5.0/NOPB: LM2931 Low Dropout Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LP2950CZ-5.0/NOPB: Low Dropout Regulator 5 Volt 0.1A 3 Pin TO-92 Box
  • LP2950ACZ-3.3/NOPB: LP2950 Adjustable Micropower Voltage Regulator
  • LM2936Z-5.0: 5V Fixed Positive LDO Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators

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