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Ttl Inverter DIP   to   Telephone Crimp Connectors

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Ttl Inverter DIP

Ttl Inverter DIP 

Buy Ttl Inverter DIP Items Including
  • 74LS04: LS Hex Inverter DIP-14 (74LS Series)
  • 74LS14: LS Hex Schmitt Trigger Inverter DIP-14 (74LS Series)
  • 74S04: S HEX Inverter DIP-14 (74S Series)
  • 7404: HEX Inverter 0 DIP-14 (74 Series)
  • 7414: Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger Packaging: DIP-14 (74 Series)
Category: 74LS Series
Pololu Corp Robotics

Pololu Corp Robotics 

Buy Pololu Corp Robotics Items Including
  • 975: 3PI Robot ATMEGA328 2 Motors 5 Reflectance Sensors 8X2 LCD 3 Feet/Second
  • 1799: 3 Pin Female JST Cable Length: 12 Inches (Miscellaneous)
  • 2168: 24 Inch Male-Female Twisted Servo Extension Cable
  • 1101: High Performance 100:1 Micro Metal Gear Motor (Gearhead)
  • 1350: 6 Channel USB Servo Controller (Preassembled)
Category: Miscellaneous
Seeed Studios Switches

Seeed Studios Switches 

Buy Seeed Studios Switches Items Including
  • 800165001: 16MM Momentary Metal Illuminated Green Push Button Switch
  • 800164001: 16MM Momentary Metal Illuminated Red Push Button Switch
  • TEM12127B: 16MM Anti-Vandal Metal Push Button Switch-Royal Blue
  • TEM12121B: 12MM Domed Push Button Switches (Pack of 6) Rich Colors
  • 321050032: Micro USB Cable with Inline Switch
Category: Push Button
Carton Ce AC to AC Adapters

Carton Ce AC to AC Adapters 

Buy Carton Ce AC to AC Adapters Items Including
  • GS15U-8P1J: Power Supply Switching Wall 15 Watt Regulated F2 48@0.31A 2.1MMX5.5MM Ul/Cul/Ce
  • GS06U-8P1J: Power Supply Switching Wall Adapter 48V/0.12A 6W 2.1X5.5MM F2
  • GS25A09-P1J: Power Supply Table Top Regulated 9V2.77A F22.1X5.5MM
  • GS25A07-P1J: Power Supply Table Top Regulated 7.5V2.93A F2 2.1X5.5MM
  • GS25B28-P1J: Power Supply Table Top Regulated 28V0.89A F22.1X5.5MM
Category: Table Top
DIP Opto Transistor

DIP Opto Transistor 

Buy DIP Opto Transistor Items Including
  • 6N136: Optocoupler High Speed Transistor DIP-8 (Optoisolators)
  • TIL111M: 6 Pin DIP Transistor Output
  • HCPL2530.: 1MBIT/S Hi-Speed 8 Pin DIP
  • 4N33M.: 6 Pin DIP Photodarlington Output
  • HCPL2531: 1MBIT/S Hi-Speed 8 Pin DIP
Category: Optoisolators
Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers 

Buy Voltage Controlled Amplifiers Items Including
  • SSM2018PZ: SP Amplifier Specialty Analog Circuit PDIP16
  • VCA810ID: SP Amplifier High Gain Adjust Range Wideband
  • MC100EL1648DG: Voltage Controlled Oscillator Amplifier 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
Category: Amplifiers
Tin Receptacle Board to Board

Tin Receptacle Board to Board 

Buy Tin Receptacle Board to Board Items Including
  • 43650-0800: 44472 8 Contact Female Right Angle Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 10-84-4042: 42002 6.35MM (.250) Pitch MLX Power Connector Receptacle
  • 43650-0315: 43879 Microfit 3.0V Header with TH SR Tin 3CKT (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 43045-0800: 43045 Microfit 3.0 RA Header with TH DR Tin 8CKT
  • 43045-0600: 43045 Microfit 3.0 RA Header with TH DR Tin 6CKT
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Current Regulator IC

Current Regulator IC 

Buy Current Regulator IC Items Including
  • LM2936M-5.0/NOPB: Ultralow IQ Current Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC3441EDEPBF: High Current Micropower Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LT1308BCF: 4.5A Switching Regulator
  • LT1308BIS8: 4.5A Switching Regulator
  • LT3477EFE: 3A DC/DC Converter with Dual Rail-to-Rail Current Sense
Category: Switching (SMD) Voltage-Regs
Unthreaded Double Pole Double Switch

Unthreaded Double Pole Double Switch 

Buy Unthreaded Double Pole Double Switch Items Including
  • A22KV-RO: A Switches:Toggle
  • B29AP-GA: B Switches-Toggle (Toggle)
  • G3T23AH-RO: G3T Switches:Toggle
  • TP21SH9ABE: Toggle Switch Pole Throw Configuration: Dpst
  • B12AB: Toggle Switch Single Pole Double THROW.394 Batstraight with Bracket
Category: Toggle
Gold (30) Pin Terminals

Gold (30) Pin Terminals 

Buy Gold (30) Pin Terminals Items Including
  • 350690-7: 0.8 MM2 Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
  • 794612-3: 794612 PIN Cont 20-24 30 Gold L/P
Category: Power Connector
Velleman Opto & Illumination

Velleman Opto & Illumination 

Buy Velleman Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • VM143/1W: 1W Power LED Driver Module 350MA/LED (Illumination)
  • K8071: 1 with 3W Power LED Driver Input Voltage: 6-12VAC/9-18VDC
  • VM143/3W: 3W Power LED Driver Module Input Voltage: 6-12VAC/9-18VDC
  • FLPS: 12V Ccfl Power Supply (Lamps)
  • LDB1-HS3018AR: Flex LED Strip Module -Red -18 LEDs -11 13/16 Inch -12VDC
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
Fixed Power Regulator

Fixed Power Regulator 

Buy Fixed Power Regulator Items Including
  • LP2950CZ-5.0: LP2950 Fixed Low Power Low Dropout Voltage Regulator TO-92 (Analog/Linear)
  • LM2940CS-15/NOPB: Mosfet 20A 60V 0.043 Ohm N-Channel SI Power
  • TPS70748PWP: 2 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO20
  • DSP1N5S5: 1 Output 0.75W DC-DC Regulatedulated Power Supply Module
  • LM2593HVS-5.0/NOPB: Simple Switcher Power Converter 150 KHZ 2A Step-Down Voltage Regulator
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Adhesive Cable Clips

Adhesive Cable Clips 

Buy Adhesive Cable Clips Items Including
  • 0520FC-1: 2.8MM Nylong Clip Cable Tie Mount Self Adhesive
  • EZ-CABLE CLIP-1/4: EZ Cable Clip -(10 Minimum) Al Nickel Plate
  • HC-103: Cable TIE Mount Nylon 2 WAY Screw 1.1 Inch Square
  • GT-0019: 3.5MM Plug to Hook Clips Probe (Cable Assembly)
  • HC-101-R: Tie Mount Cable Nylon 7/8 Inch Square Adhesive 4 Way
Category: Cable Ties
D-Subminiature Ra Terminal

D-Subminiature Ra Terminal 

Buy D-Subminiature Ra Terminal Items Including
  • 5747838-4: 25 Msfl Recepticle RA 590 (in FM BL)
  • 748481-6: 748481 26 HD22 Recepticle RA (Sl FM BL)
  • 788794-1: 788794 25 Htmsfl Plug RA 318 (in BL)
  • 5788801-1: 25 Htmsfl Assembly RA 318 (Sl BL)
  • 788793-1: 788793 09 Htmsfl Plug RA 318 (Sl BL)
Category: D-Subminiature
Li-Ion Charger IC

Li-Ion Charger IC 

Buy Li-Ion Charger IC Items Including
  • LTC1729CS8-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
  • LTC1732EMS-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
  • LTC4002ES8-4.2PBF: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
  • LTC4061EDDPBF: Standalone Linear Li-Ion Battery Charger with Thermistor Input
  • LTC4064EMSEPBF: Monolithic Linear Charger for Back-Up Li-Ion Batteries
Category: Battery Management
Op Amp Power Fet

Op Amp Power Fet 

Buy Op Amp Power Fet Items Including
  • LT1122CCN8PBF: Precision/Fet Single OP AMP Dual-Supply
  • LF444CN/NOPB: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±18 Volt 14 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LF444ACN/NOPB: OP Amp Dual N & P-Channel Enhancement Mode FET
  • LF442CN/NOPB: Lo-Power Bi-Fet Op-Amp (Dual) (Amplifiers)
  • LT1056CN8PBF: LT1056CN8#PBF Precision/Fet
Category: Amplifiers
Surge Protector Diode

Surge Protector Diode 

Buy Surge Protector Diode Items Including
  • TPN3021: TVS 38V 9A Silicon Surge Protector (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • SP723ABG: Discrete Misc Silicon Surge Protector MS-012AA (TVS)
  • RBO40-40G: Silicon Surge Protector (TVS (SMD) )
  • P0300EAL: Thyristor Sidactor 20A Silicon Surge Protector TO-92
  • SP721APP: Discrete Misc Silicon Surge Protector MS-001BA (TVS)
Category: TVS
Red Connector 22 Awg

Red Connector 22 Awg 

Buy Red Connector 22 Awg Items Including
  • 3-640428-3: 3 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector
  • 3-640428-6: 06P MTA156 Connector Assembly 22AWG RED
  • 643819-3: 03P MTA156 Connector Assembly 22AWG RED
  • 3-641190-3: 03P MTA100 Connector Assembly RED 22AWG
  • 328307: Wire Capacitor RED 22-18 (Terminals)
Category: .156 Inch (3.96MM) Series
Tray Surface Mount Contacts

Tray Surface Mount Contacts 

Buy Tray Surface Mount Contacts Items Including
  • 53856-5070: 53856 50 Contact Male Right Angle Pcmcia Connector Surface Mount
  • 15-45-3150: 50 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector Surface Mount
  • 15244455: 8981 4 Contact Male Power Connector Surface Mount
  • 877822001: 244 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn Surface Mount
  • 48037-1000: 4 Contact Male Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Surface Mount
Category: Memory Card
Red Opto & Illumination

Red Opto & Illumination 

Buy Red Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • LTS-6660E: Red Orange Illuminated Single Digit 7 Segment Display
  • MCDL-10003URD-U12: 10MM Jumbo Diffused LED Super Red
  • MCDL-L20-750HP3RE: 2W High Power Red LED 2.4VF @ 1A (Illumination)
  • UT6371-41-M1-R: UT6371-41 M1 LED Uni-Color Red 660NM 2 Pin T-1 Box
  • LHG3392: Bi-Color LED Green/Red White Diffused Lens
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Esd Screwdriver

Esd Screwdriver 

Buy Esd Screwdriver Items Including
  • XP600: 6 Piece ESD Safe Precision Slotted and Phillips Screwdriver Set
  • XPND600: NPND600 6 Piece ESD Safe Precision Nutdriver Set (Tools)
Category: Screwdriver Hand Tools
Tssop Analog Devices Resistors

Tssop Analog Devices Resistors 

Buy Tssop Analog Devices Resistors Items Including
  • AD5340BRUZ: DAC 12 Bit Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD5344BRUZ: DAC 12 Bit Quad Digital to Analog Converter IC
  • AD5222BRU10: AD5222 Specialty Analog Circuit PQCC28 (Resistors)
  • AD5252BRUZ10: AD5252 Analog -Bit I2C Eemem Digital Potentiometer
  • AD5203ARUZ100: AD5203 100K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Intel Microcontrollers

Intel Microcontrollers 

Buy Intel Microcontrollers Items Including
  • E000037: Arduino Intel® Galileo (Microcontrollers)
  • 80C31: 8 Bit Microcontroller Speed: 24MHZ (Intel Series)
  • 8031: 8 Bit Control-Oriented Microcontroller High Performance Hmos Process
  • 80C39: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8051AP: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
Category: Intel Series
Paper Tape & Reel Cts Passive Components

Paper Tape & Reel Cts Passive Components 

Buy Paper Tape & Reel Cts Passive Components Items Including
  • 04025A270JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0402 NP027pf 5% 50V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 04025A680JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0402 NP068pf 5% 50V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 0402YD473KAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0402 X5R .047uf 10% 16V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 06031A150JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 NP015pf 5% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 06033C333KAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 X7R .033uf 10% 25V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Pl DIN 41612 Connectors

Pl DIN 41612 Connectors 

Buy Pl DIN 41612 Connectors Items Including
  • 536053-5: 32 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Euro Connector
  • 650947-5: 650947 096 Euro Type C PIN ST Assembly
  • 650913-5: 650913 096 Euro Type C PIN BL Assembly
  • 650945-5: 650945 064 Euro Type C PIN ST Assembly
  • 650948-5: 048 Euro Type C PIN ST Assembly
Category: Backplane
Tip Cleaner

Tip Cleaner 

Buy Tip Cleaner Items Including
  • XYT 460: Metal Wool Soldering Tip Cleaner with Stand
  • VTSTC: Professional Solder Tip Cleaner Ø: 3.54 Inch
  • 105C: Soldering Iron Holder with Mesh Tip Cleaner
  • 104A: Soldering/Desoldering Iron Holder with Mesh Tip Cleaner
  • TPC-14: Deoxit® Tip Tinner Cleaner/Compound (Chemicals)
Category: Soldering Equipment
Cable Mount Idc Socket

Cable Mount Idc Socket 

Buy Cable Mount Idc Socket Items Including
  • 8000-20-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 20 Position
  • 8000-14-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 14 Position
  • 8000-40-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 40 Position
  • 8000-34-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 34 Position
  • 8000-40NE: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 40 Position
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Transmitter through Hole LED

Transmitter through Hole LED 

Buy Transmitter through Hole LED Items Including
  • HFBR-1414Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 20MBPS
  • HFBR-14E4: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 160MBPS
  • HFBR-1402: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 5MBPS
  • HFBR-1424: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 125MBPS
Category: Discrete
Contact Copper Connectors

Contact Copper Connectors 

Buy Contact Copper Connectors Items Including
  • TRA3M: TRA (*) M 3 Contact Copper Nickel Plated Male
  • TA4FL: 4 Contact Copper Nickel Plated Female (Audio/Video)
  • TA3FLX: 3 Contact Copper Nickel Plated Female (Audio/Video)
  • TRA6MF: 6 Contact Copper Nickel Plated Male (Audio/Video)
  • 533065-6: 533065 HDI Power Contact Assembly
Category: XLR (Professional Audio)
Telephone Crimp Connectors

Telephone Crimp Connectors 

Buy Telephone Crimp Connectors Items Including
  • 5-569278-3: Connector Telecom/Datacom 8 Contact Male
  • 5-554739-2: 554739 Mjplug 8P Oval Strand AWG26-28
  • 5-555174-2: 555174 Mjplug 6P OVL STR LNG SHD 2628
  • 5-555175-3: 555175 Mjplug 6P RND STR LNG SHD 2628
  • 5-569532-2: 569532 Mjplug 8P RND Strd Shld 24/28
Category: Telecom & Datacom

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