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Fused Iec Receptacle   to   Transient Adjustable Regulator

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Fused Iec Receptacle

Fused Iec Receptacle 

Buy Fused Iec Receptacle Items Including
  • IEC-GS-1-100: IEC Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Fused Inlet with Switch
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 6J4: J Power Line Filter, J0=F7657
  • 2-6609129-3: Power Entry Module 5EFM1S=F8107
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Cable Connector Caps

Cable Connector Caps 

Buy Cable Connector Caps Items Including
  • 1-480701-0: 3 Contact Female Combination Line Connector
  • 1-480586-0: 9 Contact Male Combination Line Connector
  • 770029-1: 12P Umnlii in-Line Capacitor Housing KIT
Category: .250 Inch (6.35MM) Series
Military Series

Military Series 

Buy Military Series Items Including
  • 407HS016M1708G5: Circular Accessories (Military Series)
  • 4TL1-12A: TL Series Toggle Switch 4 Pole 3 Position
Category: Military Series
Gold Terminal Straight Female

Gold Terminal Straight Female 

Buy Gold Terminal Straight Female Items Including
  • 08-56-0106: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
  • 08-55-0129: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
  • 4256TP3-G15-LP: Contact Female 39-00-0199 Vp 16 AWG 15U"GOLD NI PB
  • 08-65-0814: 6459 Phosphor Bronze Gold Finish Wire Terminal (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 08-55-0104: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Brass Gold Finish Wire Terminal
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Voltage Regulator Modules

Voltage Regulator Modules 

Buy Voltage Regulator Modules Items Including
  • PTN78020WAH: 5A Wide-Input Adjustable Switching Regulator Module
  • DSP1N5S5: 1 Output 0.75W DC-DC Regulatedulated Power Supply Module
  • LTC1503CS8-1.8: 1 Output DC-DC REG PWR Supply Module
  • LTM4600HVEVPBF: 10 AMP 28 VIN High Efficiency DC/DC Micro Module
  • LTM4600IVPBF: 10AMP High Efficiency DC/DC Micro Module
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
To-220AB Power Transistors

To-220AB Power Transistors 

Buy To-220AB Power Transistors Items Including
  • MJE15031G: GP BJT 8A 150V PNP Si Power Transistor (Bipolar)
  • TIP117G: 2A 100V PNP Si Power Transistor (Darlington)
  • TIP121G: 5A 80V NPN Si Power Transistor (Darlington)
  • TIP31CG: GP BJT 3A 100V NPN Si Power Transistor (Bipolar)
  • TIP41CG: GP BJT 6A 100V NPN Si Power Transistor (Bipolar)
Category: Bipolar
Fixed Step Down IC

Fixed Step Down IC 

Buy Fixed Step Down IC Items Including
  • TPS62046DGQ: 1.2A/1.25 MHZ High-Efficiency Step-Down Converter
  • LT1767EMS8-5PBF: Monolithic 1.5A 1.25MHZ Step-Down Switching Regulat
  • LT1767EMS8E-1.8PBF: Monolithic 1.5A 1.25MHZ Step-Down Switching Regulator
  • LT1767EMS8E-3.3PBF: Monolithic 1.5A 1.25MHZ Step-Down Switching Regulat
  • LT1956EGN-5PBF: High Voltage 1.5A 500KHZ Step-Down Switching Regulat
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Bifet Power General

Bifet Power General 

Buy Bifet Power General Items Including
  • TL084IDR: Power Supply Bnch DIG 2X 30V/3A 180W 4 Meters
  • AD548KNZ: Low Power Bifet OP AMP IC (Amplifiers)
Category: Hi-Speed (SMD) Op-Amps
Uni-Directional Opto Darlington

Uni-Directional Opto Darlington 

Buy Uni-Directional Opto Darlington Items Including
  • FOD260L: SO8 3.3V High Gain Split Darlington
  • HCPL0730.: SO8 Dual Channel High Gain
Category: Optoisolators
Adjustable Dual Switches

Adjustable Dual Switches 

Buy Adjustable Dual Switches Items Including
  • LT1940EFEPBF: Dual Monolithic 1.4A
  • LM2717MT-ADJ/NOPB: LM2717 Adj Dual Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • LM2717MT/NOPB: LM2717 3.2A Switching Regulator (Analog/Linear)
  • LT1945EMSPBF: Dual Micropower DC/DC Converter with Positive and NE
  • LT3501EFEPBF: Monolithic Dual Tracking 3A Step Down Switching Regulator Controller
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Non-Inverting Switching ICs

Non-Inverting Switching ICs 

Buy Non-Inverting Switching ICs Items Including
  • LM3578AN/NOPB: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Non-in Volt in Volt Step Up/Step Down 8 Pin Mdip Rail NG Regulator
  • LT1945EMSPBF: Dual Micropower DC/DC Converter with Positive and NE
  • LT1170CTPBF: 100KHZ 5A 2.5A and 1.25A High Efficiency Switching Regulator
  • LTC3444EDDPBF: Switching Regulator 1800 kHz Switching Freq-Max
  • LM2576T-5.0: LM2576-5.0 Linear Easy Switcher 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator TO-220/5
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Modular Telephone Jack

Modular Telephone Jack 

Buy Modular Telephone Jack Items Including
  • MTJ-442BX1: Modular Telephone Jack 4 Position (Telecom & Datacom)
  • SY-008S-8P: SY 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions
  • 555376-1: 555376 Jack Assembly 8 POS in-Line Keyed
  • MTJ-882BX1-FS: M012 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions (Telecom & Datacom)
  • 5555164-1.: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions
Category: Telecom & Datacom
DIP14 DIP16 AAvid Thermalloy

DIP14 DIP16 AAvid Thermalloy 

Buy DIP14 DIP16 AAvid Thermalloy Items Including
  • 501200B00: Heat Sink Passive DIP14/DIP16 Straight Extruded Epoxy 68°C/W Black Anodized
  • 580200B00000G: Slide-on Heat Sink with Angled Fins
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Unthreaded AC Switches

Unthreaded AC Switches 

Buy Unthreaded AC Switches Items Including
  • M2022S2A2W03: M TOGGLEDPDT.200 BAT.280 (Toggle)
  • M2T12S4A5W13 RO: M2 M2T12S4A5W13 RO (Toggle)
Category: Toggle
Temperature Displays

Temperature Displays 

Buy Temperature Displays Items Including
  • BA6146: Fluorescent Display Tube Level Meter Driver Package: 16 DIP (Temperature Sensors)
  • EL-USB-2-LCD: Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
Category: Temperature Sensors
Male PCB Tabs

Male PCB Tabs 

Buy Male PCB Tabs Items Including
  • 61968-1: 61968 110 Fast PCB TAB 020TPCUBR
  • 62650-1: 62650 250 PCB TAB 032TPCUBR (Terminals)
  • 1217056-1: Printer Circuit Board Male Quick Connect
  • 61134-3: 61134 110 Fast TAB PCB 020TPCUBR
  • 63849-1: Connector Terminals TAB 250 PCB 032TPBR
Category: Terminals
Tray BNC 75 Ohm

Tray BNC 75 Ohm 

Buy Tray BNC 75 Ohm Items Including
  • 731000067: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 731010120: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 31-71042: Panel Mount Board Terminated Female BNC Connector Solder
Category: RF Connectors
Mixer IC

Mixer IC 

Buy Mixer IC Items Including
  • LT5512EUFPBF: 1KHZ-3GHZ High Signal Level Active Mixer
  • LT5522EUFPBF: 600MHZ to 2700MHZ Downconverting Mixer
  • SA612AD/01: Up Down Converter Volt Mixer 500 MHz 8 Pin so /Oscillator
  • LT5521EUFPBF: Very High Linearity Upconvert Mixer
  • AD831AP: RF /Microwave Double Balanced Mixer
Category: Up-Down Converter and Mixer
800V Transistor

800V Transistor 

Buy 800V Transistor Items Including
  • STP8NK80ZFP: 6.2A 800V 1.5 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP4NK80Z: 3A 800V 3.5 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • IRFPE40: 5.4A 800V 2 Ohm N-Channel Si Power
  • BUL216: GP BJT 4A 800V NPN Si Power Transistor TO-220AB (Bipolar)
  • IRFPE30: 4.1A 800V 3 Ohm N-Channel Si Power
Category: Mosfets
Tqfp Communication Transceivers

Tqfp Communication Transceivers 

Buy Tqfp Communication Transceivers Items Including
  • 82P2282PFG: Transceiver 2 Channel IC
  • 82P2281PF: 1 Channel T1/J1/E1 Transceiver IC
  • SL811HST-AXC: Interface Misc SMD 5X7.5 HCMOS 5V 100PPM -10+708.0000MHZ Bulk
Category: Transceivers
CMOS Dual Inverter IC

CMOS Dual Inverter IC 

Buy CMOS Dual Inverter IC Items Including
  • CD4007: Dula Comp Pair with Inverter DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • NC7WZ14P6: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series Dual 1 Input Invert Gate
  • MC74LCX16245DTG: Low-Voltage CMOS 16 Bit Transceiver with 5V-Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3 State
  • 74VHCT244AMX: Ahct/Vhct Series Dual 4 Bit Driver
  • 74FCT163244APAG: SRAM Asynchronous Dual Port 2K X 8 100NS 5VOLT Low Power PLCC52 (PL52)
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Fixed 5V Output Converters

Fixed 5V Output Converters 

Buy Fixed 5V Output Converters Items Including
  • LT1173CN8-5PBF: LT1173 Micropower DC-DC Converight Angleer Adjustable and Fixed 5V
  • LT1424CS8-5PBF: Isolated Flyback SW REG with 5V Output
  • ADP1111ARZ-5: Micropower Step-Up/Step-Down Switchinging Regulator
  • Fixed 5V
  • LM2594M-5.0/NOPB: LM2594-5.0 IC.5A 5V Step Down Simple Switcher
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Multimode Fiber Coupler

Multimode Fiber Coupler 

Buy Multimode Fiber Coupler Items Including
  • 5504632-1: 5504632 Receptacle Assembly SC to SC
  • 2-106901-6: 106901 Foac Adapter Sc/Apc Green with CL
Category: Fiber Optics
Tin Amp D Sub

Tin Amp D Sub 

Buy Tin Amp D Sub Items Including
  • 747913-2: Connector D-Sub Receptacle 25 POS Tin
  • 747912-2: Connector D-Sub Plug 25 POS Amp# Tin
  • 747905-2: 747905 Connector D-Sub Receptacle 9 POS
  • 205210-3: 37 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 2-747579-7: Cable Accessories D Sub Straight Ferrule
Category: D-Subminiature
Fairchild Semiconductor Optoisolators

Fairchild Semiconductor Optoisolators 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Optoisolators Items Including
  • MOC3051M: Optoisolator MOC3051
  • MOC3062M: Optoisolator MOC3062
  • H11L1M: 6 Pin DIP Schmitt Trigger Output
  • TIL111M: 6 Pin DIP Transistor Output
  • HCPL2601: 10 Mbit/S Hi-Speed 8 Pin DIP
Category: Optoisolators
PCB Board

PCB Board 

Buy PCB Board Items Including
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 21-226-R: Single-Sided Copper-Plated Blank Circuit Board 5.9 Inch X5.9 Inch
  • 21-225: Single-Sided Copper-Plated Blank Circuit Board 2.9X5.9 Inch
  • 22-512: PCB Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 21-221-R: Double-Sided Copper-Plated Blank Circuit Board 5.9 Inch X 5.9 Inch
Category: Proto Boards
Encoder Motors

Encoder Motors 

Buy Encoder Motors Items Including
  • HBL1650: 150A USB Brushless DC Motor Controller with Hall Sensor Inputs & Encoder Feedback
  • HDC2450S: -1 X 300A Brushed DC Motor Controller USB and Encoder Inputs
  • MDC2460: 2X60A High Performance Dual Channel Forward/Reverse Brushed DC Motor Controller with USB
  • LDC1430: 120A Single Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller with Encoder Input 30 Volt
  • LDC1460: 120A Single Channel Brushed DC Motor Controller with Encoder Input 60 Volt
Category: Stepper Motor Controllers
PC Pins Double Pole Double Throw

PC Pins Double Pole Double Throw 

Buy PC Pins Double Pole Double Throw Items Including
  • MS22ANG03: Switch Slide Double Pole Double THROW.150 Wide Actuator Straight PC Gold Straight
  • V80201MS02Q: DPDT Slide (Switches)
  • L202011SS02QE: DPDT Slide (Switches)
  • MS12ANG03: Switch Slide Single Pole Double THROW.150 Wide Actuatorstraight Pcgold STR
  • S201031MS02Q: Dpst Slide (Switches)
Category: Slide
Synchronous Hc Logic

Synchronous Hc Logic 

Buy Synchronous Hc Logic Items Including
  • 74HC191D,652: HC Logic Sync Binary Up/Down Counter (74HC Series (SMD) )
  • 74HC193N,652: HC Logic 4 Bit Binary Up/Down Counter (74HC Series)
  • CD74HC4520E: HC Series SYN Positive Edge Triggered 4 Bit UP Binary Counter
Category: 74HC Series (SMD)
Transient Adjustable Regulator

Transient Adjustable Regulator 

Buy Transient Adjustable Regulator Items Including
  • LT1963AETPBF: Linear Regulator 1.5 AMP Low Noise
  • LT1963EQPBF: Linear Regulator 1.5 AMP Low Noise
  • LT1963ETPBF: Low Drop out Regulator 1.5A
  • LT1575CS8PBF: LT1575 Ultrafast Transient Response
  • LT1963AES8PBF: Linear Regulator 1.5 AMP Low Noise
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)

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