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LM2941C Family Regulator   to   Adafruit Industries Accessories

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LM2941C Family Regulator

LM2941C Family Regulator 

Buy LM2941C Family Regulator Items Including
  • LM2941CS: Linear Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
  • LM2941CT: LM2941C Linear Adjustable Low Dropout Voltage Regulator TO-220/5 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Rail Transceiver ICs

Rail Transceiver ICs 

Buy Rail Transceiver ICs Items Including
  • 74LVTH245WM: LVT Series 8 Bit Transceiver (Logic)
  • 74AC245MTC: AC Series 8 Bit Transceiver (Logic)
  • 74VCX16245MTD: Vcx/a Series Dual 8 Bit Transceiver
  • 74VHC245M: Octal Bus Transceiver (3 State)
  • MC74LCX16245DTG: Low-Voltage CMOS 16 Bit Transceiver with 5V-Tolerant Inputs and Outputs (3 State
Category: Bus Transceiver
RS232 Receivers

RS232 Receivers 

Buy RS232 Receivers Items Including
  • 75189N: SN DS1489N RS232 Quad Line Receiver 5V DIP-14 (Interface)
  • MAX232IN: Dual RS232 Driver/Receiver (Interface)
  • MC145406P: Bus Line Transceiver Linear RS232 Driver/Receiver DIP-164 (Interface)
  • LT1081CNPBF: Linear 5V Power RS232 Driver/Receiver
  • MAX3222CPW: 3V-5.5V Multichannel RS232 Driver/Receiv
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Msop Hi Power Op Amp

Msop Hi Power Op Amp 

Buy Msop Hi Power Op Amp Items Including
  • AD8032ARM: Mini-so Dual Low Power OP AMP (Analog/Linear)
  • MCP6002-E/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • MCP6002-I/MS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 7000 uV Offset-Max
  • LMV932MM/NOPB: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 5500 uV Offset-Max
  • TLV2463IDGS: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 2200 uV Offset-Max
Category: Low Power Op-Amps
Programming Kits

Programming Kits 

Buy Programming Kits Items Including
  • COMB0002: Wireless Programming Kit for Arduino
  • 27400: Sumobot Robot Kit Basic Sumobot Locomotion under Program Control
  • CJKIT-20447: Xb-Buddy Kit Programming Arduino Clones
  • CJKIT-20452: Learn to Solder and Program Temperature Logger Kit
  • CJKIT-20895: Programming Interface for AVR Pololu USB AVR Programmer
Category: Arduino
Pb-1000 Amp Batteries

Pb-1000 Amp Batteries 

Buy Pb-1000 Amp Batteries Items Including
  • PB-1000-12: 1000 Watt Intelligent Single Output Lead-Acid Battery Charger
  • PB-1000-24: 1000 Watt Intelligent Single Output Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Category: Chargers
Single Diode Optocoupler

Single Diode Optocoupler 

Buy Single Diode Optocoupler Items Including
  • MOC205M: Small Outline Single C
  • SMF15A-GS08: Zero Voltage Crossing 800V Triac Driver Optocoupler
Category: Zener (SMD) Diodes
Orange Cable Insulator

Orange Cable Insulator 

Buy Orange Cable Insulator Items Including
  • 9312-3: 16 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
  • 9306-3: 22 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
Category: Hook-Up
Violet Cable Insulator

Violet Cable Insulator 

Buy Violet Cable Insulator Items Including
  • 9312-7: 16 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
  • 9306-7: 22 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
Category: Hook-Up
Detector IC

Detector IC 

Buy Detector IC Items Including
  • A5347CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5349CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5364CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5350CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5354CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
Category: Temperature Sensors
Programmable Logic

Programmable Logic 

Buy Programmable Logic Items Including
  • EPM7128STC100-10: Complex Programmable Logic Device (Fpgas)
  • TICPAL22V10Z-25CNT: OT Programmable Logic Device 25 Ns PDIP24
  • GAL16V8D-15/25LP: Complex Programmable Logic Device 16 Input
  • ATF1504ASL-20AC100: High-Performance Complex Programmable Logic Device
  • EP2C35F672I8N: EP2C35 Programmable Logic:FPGA (Fpgas)
Category: Fpgas
Graphic Display

Graphic Display 

Buy Graphic Display Items Including
  • SGD 28-M: 2.8 Inch TFT Multifunction Color Graphics Display
  • SGD 28-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 2.8 Inch Smart Graphics Display
  • SGD 35-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 3.5 Inch Smart Graphics Display
  • SGD 24-M420: Current Loop Indicator Panelpilot-Compatible 2.4 Inch Smart Graphics Display
  • 326: Monochrome 0.96 Inch 128X64 OLED Graphic Display
Category: TFT Displays
Female Connector Recept

Female Connector Recept 

Buy Female Connector Recept Items Including
  • 206306-2: 37 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 51090-0200: 2 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 206306-5: 37 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 206425-2: 206425 3 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 208552-1: 24 Contact Female D Subminiature Connector
Category: Commericial Plastic
Case Box Design

Case Box Design 

Buy Case Box Design Items Including
  • H2853-R: Case Speedy ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • H2851-R: Case ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • H2852-R: Case ABS Plastic Enclosures
  • 203-132F: Case Fliptop Plastic 10 Inch L X 4.5 Inch W
  • GPB841A-R: Case Fliptop Plastic 8.4 Inch X4.5 Inch X1.4 Inch
Category: Plastic
Hsg Connector

Hsg Connector 

Buy Hsg Connector Items Including
  • 35507-0800: 8 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 480004-5: 6 Contact Male Combination Line Connector
  • 35507-1200: 12 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • JS-1108-02-R: JS Connector .1 Inch 1RW 2PIN HSG Use with 100765
  • JS-1108-04-R: JS Connector .1 Inch 1RW 4PIN HSG Use with 100765
Category: Two Part Board Connector
Mixer IC

Mixer IC 

Buy Mixer IC Items Including
  • LT5512EUFPBF: 1KHZ-3GHZ High Signal Level Active Mixer
  • LT5522EUFPBF: 600MHZ to 2700MHZ Downconverting Mixer
  • SA612AD/01: Up Down Converter Volt Mixer 500 MHz 8 Pin so /Oscillator
  • LT5521EUFPBF: Very High Linearity Upconvert Mixer
  • AD831AP: RF /Microwave Double Balanced Mixer
Category: Up-Down Converter and Mixer
V3 Double Pole Microswitch

V3 Double Pole Microswitch 

Buy V3 Double Pole Microswitch Items Including
  • V3-101: Electromechanical Switch Basic Switch Single Pole Double Throw 11A 3PI
  • V3-19M: V Basic Switch (Snap)
  • V3-1001: MS25253-1 (Snap)
Category: Snap
LM555 Standard Semiconductor

LM555 Standard Semiconductor 

Buy LM555 Standard Semiconductor Items Including
  • LM555CM/NOPB: Timer LM555 Small Outline PKG (Timing Solutions)
  • LM555CN.: LM555 LM555CN Timer DIP-8 (Timing Solutions)
Category: Timers (SMD)
Tqfp Analog Decoder

Tqfp Analog Decoder 

Buy Tqfp Analog Decoder Items Including
  • ADV7171KSUZ: Analog Advanced Ntsc/Pal Encoder (Video)
  • ADV7171KSU: Color Signal Encoder PQFP44 (Video)
Category: Video
Transistor Optoisolator 4 Channel

Transistor Optoisolator 4 Channel 

Buy Transistor Optoisolator 4 Channel Items Including
  • ILQ74: 4 Channel Phototransistor Optocoupler
  • LTV-844: 4 Channel AC Input-Transistor Output Optocoupler (Optoisolators)
  • ILQ2: 4 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • CNY74-4H: Optocoupler DC Input 4 Channel Transistor DC Output 16 Pin Pdip
  • LTV-847: Optocoupler PTR 4 Chnl 50% 5KV 16 PIN (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
SPDT Electromechanical Signal

SPDT Electromechanical Signal 

Buy SPDT Electromechanical Signal Items Including
  • G5V-1-DC12: G5V-1 Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: SPDT
  • G5V-1-DC5: G5V-1 Small PC Mount Relay Contact Form: SPDT
  • CB1-P-12V: Power/Signal Relay Single Pole Double Throw
Category: Miniature
Insulated Ultra Fast Electronics

Insulated Ultra Fast Electronics 

Buy Insulated Ultra Fast Electronics Items Including
  • 2-520084-2: 520084 Receptacle Assembly Ultra-Fast
  • 3-520408-2: Fast on Terminal Ultra Fast Flag 16-14
  • 2-520411-2: Receptacle Assembly Ultra-Fast Plus
  • 2-520401-2: 187 Ultra-Fast Plus 22-18 Tpbr 2700 PCS PER Reel
  • 2-520409-2: Ultra Fast Plus Fully Insulated Faston Receptacle
Category: Terminals
Receptacle for Rack for Male Contacts

Receptacle for Rack for Male Contacts 

Buy Receptacle for Rack for Male Contacts Items Including
  • 200277-2: 200277 50 Contact Male or Female
  • 201298-1: 201298 14 Contact Male or Female
  • 207153-1: 6 Contact Male Multiway Rack and Panel Conn
Category: Discrete Wire Housing
Jack-Jack Amp Adapters

Jack-Jack Amp Adapters 

Buy Jack-Jack Amp Adapters Items Including
  • 228226-1: 228226 Bulkhead Jack-Jack BNC Adapter
  • 1058117-1: Female RF Straight Adapter Jack
  • 1054426-1: Connector Saver Jack to Plug Adapter
  • 1054874-1: Connector RF SMA Jack-Jack Adapter
  • 1055065-1: RF Adapter Cable Terminated Female-Male
Category: RF Connectors
Paddle Toggle

Paddle Toggle 

Buy Paddle Toggle Items Including
  • A22KV-RO: A Switches:Toggle
  • 7201P1Y1AQE: DPDT Toggle Switch 5A 120 VA Rating: 5A @ 120 VA
Category: Toggle
Christmas Tree SMD

Christmas Tree SMD 

Buy Christmas Tree SMD Items Including
  • MK183: USB Surface Mount Christmas Tree Kit Miniature Size Gadget
  • MK142: Surface Mounted Device Christmas Tree Kit with 6 LEDs CR2025/CR2032
Category: Lighting
Pipelined ADC 8 Bit 20 Pin

Pipelined ADC 8 Bit 20 Pin 

Buy Pipelined ADC 8 Bit 20 Pin Items Including
  • AD9283BRS-50: ADC 8 Bit 50 Msps 3V A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9283BRS-100: ADC 8 Bit 100 Msps 3V A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9283BRS-80: ADC 8 Bit 80 Msps 3V A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9283BRSZ-50: ADC 8 Bit 50 Msps 3V A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9283BRSZ-100: 1 Ch 8 Bit Proprietary Method ADC Parallel Access
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Flange Mount Electromechanical Components

Flange Mount Electromechanical Components 

Buy Flange Mount Electromechanical Components Items Including
  • 63S1120LFLFLA: KSE638 Mechanical/Electromechanical Buzzer
  • 63S109LA-R: DB-E638 Mechanical/Electromechanical Buzzer
  • SV4: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer Flange-Mounted
  • KWT2340F12L-2E: Piezo Transducer Speaker Rated Voltage: 12VP-p
Category: Mechanical Buzzers
Tape & Reel Op Amp Differentiator

Tape & Reel Op Amp Differentiator 

Buy Tape & Reel Op Amp Differentiator Items Including
  • OP400GSZ-REEL: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±20 Volt 16 Pin SOIC W Tape and Reel
  • AD8137YCPZ-R2: SP Amplifier Op-Amp 2600 uV Offset-Max DSO8
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Adafruit Industries Accessories

Adafruit Industries Accessories 

Buy Adafruit Industries Accessories Items Including
  • 659: Flora -Wearable Electronic Platform (Arduino-Compatible)
  • 1260: Flora RGB Smart Neo Pixel V2 -Pack of 4
  • 259: USB Li-Ion/Lipoly Charger -V1.2
Category: Arduino

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