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Audio Frequency   to   LED GaAs

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Audio Frequency

Audio Frequency 

Buy Audio Frequency Items Including
  • SCM616N-1: Audio Indicator and Alerts 90DB Buzzer Frequency: 2900HZ
  • EC928P-602: Microphone Cartridge Frequency: 20-12000
Category: Piezo Buzzers
Silver Soldering Paste

Silver Soldering Paste 

Buy Silver Soldering Paste Items Including
  • SMD4300SNL10: This is a Water Soluble Solder Paste Made Specifically for Leaded and Lead-Free Rework and Design
  • SMD291SNL10: Solder Paste Rework SN96.53AG .5CU 10CC with Syringe (Chemicals)
Category: Miscellaneous
Male Cable Crimp

Male Cable Crimp 

Buy Male Cable Crimp Items Including
  • 82-340: Male Quick Crimp N Cable Plug Outer Diameter: 21.0MM
  • 1051664-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 02-06-2103: 1560 .062 Inch Male Crimp-Type Contact Brass with Tin Finish
  • 02-06-2132: 1854 0.062 Inch (1.57MM) Male Power Connector Crimp Terminal
  • 39-00-0041: 5558 Mini-Fit Jr Contact Male 18-24 AWG Tin (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
LED Packaging

LED Packaging 

Buy LED Packaging Items Including
  • QEE113: Sidelooker Plastic Package Light Emitting Diode
  • QEE122.: LED LED.Sidelooker I/R (IrLED)
  • HLCP-E100: Single Color LED Array RED 8.89 Mm (Light Bar)
  • 9000001137: Infrared LED Emitter High Intensity Narrow Beam 940NM T1 3/4 Modified Package
Category: IrLED
Audio Dual SMD ADC

Audio Dual SMD ADC 

Buy Audio Dual SMD ADC Items Including
  • AD1871YRSZ: ADC Stereo Audio 24 Bit 96 KHZ (Analog/Linear)
  • AD1877JR: Single-Supply 16 Bit Delta Sigma Stereo ADC
  • PCM1802DB: 24 Bit Delta Sigm a Audio ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Pin Potentiometer 1K Ohm

Pin Potentiometer 1K Ohm 

Buy Pin Potentiometer 1K Ohm Items Including
  • 3296Y-1-102-VP: Potentiometer 1K Ohm 3296Y-102 25 Turn .5 Watt
  • AD8400ARZ1: AD8400 Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5252BRUZ1: AD5252 Dual 100K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD5254BRUZ1: AD5254 Quad 10K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
  • AD8403ARUZ1: AD8403 Quad 1K Digital Potentiometer (Resistors)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Uni-Color Lite-on IrLED

Uni-Color Lite-on IrLED 

Buy Uni-Color Lite-on IrLED Items Including
  • LTST-C190CKT: LED Uni-Color Red 660NM 2 Pin Chip LED Tape and Reel (IrLED)
  • LTL-1CHEE: T-1 Single Color LED High Efficiency RED 3.1 Mm (IrLED)
  • LTST-C170CKT: LED Single Color LED RED 1.4 Mmsmd 08005 (IrLED)
  • LTST-S270KRKT: LED Single Color LED RED 1.2 Mmsmd 0603 (IrLED)
  • LTST-C230CKT: Single Color LED RED 1.6 Mm (IrLED)
Category: IrLED
SOIC Texas Instruments Video

SOIC Texas Instruments Video 

Buy SOIC Texas Instruments Video Items Including
  • LM13700M/NOPB: SP Amp Transconductance Amplifier Dual ±18V/36V 16 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • LM1972M/NOPB: Digital Attenuator 104DB Attenuation 20 Pin SOIC T/R
  • OPA690ID: OP Amp 1 Channel Video Amplifier PDSO6
  • OPA695ID: OP Amp 1 Channel Video Amplifier PDSO6
  • LMH6658MA/NOPB: OP Amp 1 Channel Video Amplifier PDSO8
Category: Audio and Video
Cylindrical Female AC Regulator

Cylindrical Female AC Regulator 

Buy Cylindrical Female AC Regulator Items Including
  • S15AC12010001: AC-to-DC "Slim Line" Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • GS60A12-P1J: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • GQ30-120200-BU: AC-to-DC "Slim-Line" Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • EA1050B240: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • EA1050B-240-1: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
Category: Table Top
Tube Silicon Controlled Rectifiers

Tube Silicon Controlled Rectifiers 

Buy Tube Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Items Including
  • TYN616RG: Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier Clip Assembly Technology
  • TYN612RG: Thyristor 12A 600V SCR TO-220AB (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • BT152-600R,127: Thyristor BT152-600R 127 Rail SCR SOT 78, R72
  • BT152-400R,127: BT152-400R 127 Rail SCR SOT 78, R72 (Thyristor)
Category: Thyristor
Allegro Microsystems Interface

Allegro Microsystems Interface 

Buy Allegro Microsystems Interface Items Including
  • A2557KEB: Driver Quad 60V 300MA 28 Plcc (Interface)
  • A6276ELP-T: Gull Wing EXT Temp E Tssop (Interface)
  • UDN2982LWTR: 8 Channel Source Driver PDSO18 (Interface)
  • UDN2981A-T: 8 Channel Source Driver PDIP18
  • A2557SLB: Protected Quad Driver with Fault Detection
Category: Display Drivers
Straight DIN Mounting

Straight DIN Mounting 

Buy Straight DIN Mounting Items Including
  • MDPM6: MDP Socket Mini-DIN Female 6PIN Panel Mount
  • MDPM5: MDP Socket Mini-DIN Female 5PIN Panel Mount
  • A9002-4P-R: A9002 Plug Mini DIN Male 4PIN with Strain Relief
  • 02-060-R: Plug Std.DIN Male 8PIN with Strain Relief
Category: Circular
Red/Green Bi-Color Green 3MM

Red/Green Bi-Color Green 3MM 

Buy Red/Green Bi-Color Green 3MM Items Including
  • 553-0212F: T-1 Dual Color LED Array Red/Green 3 Mm
  • 553-0711: Dual Bi-Color LED Circuit Board Indicator (T1)
  • 5530321F: LED Bi-Level Uni-Color Green/Red 565NM/635NM 4 Pin Bulk
  • 5513007F: LED Opto 3MM CBI Right Angle
  • 5513508F: 551-3508 LED Bi-Color Green/Red 560NM/630NM 3 Pin Bulk
Category: Standard Output LEDs
ADC Ad Converters

ADC Ad Converters 

Buy ADC Ad Converters Items Including
  • AD6600AST: ADC Dual Channel Gain Ranging ADS (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9220AR: 1 Ch 12 Bit Flash Method ADC Parallel Access
  • AD9226ARS: Converter Complete 12 Bit 65 Msps ADC
  • AD9223ARS: ADC Mono 12 Bit 3 MSP S AD Conve (Analog/Linear)
Category: D/a Converters
Cat 5 Telephone Cable

Cat 5 Telephone Cable 

Buy Cat 5 Telephone Cable Items Including
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 5-554739-4: 554739 Mjplug 8P Oval Strand AWG26-28
  • 5-555174-2: 555174 Mjplug 6P OVL STR LNG SHD 2628
  • 5-555177-3: 6 Contact Male Straight Telecom and Datacom Connector
  • 5-569550-2: 569550 Mjplug 8P RND SLD SHL CAT52426
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Gold over Nickel Bulk Terminals

Gold over Nickel Bulk Terminals 

Buy Gold over Nickel Bulk Terminals Items Including
  • 1055687-1: Board Terminated Male RF Connector Plug
  • 1055690-1: Board Terminated Male RF Connector
Category: RF Connectors
Pir Sensors

Pir Sensors 

Buy Pir Sensors Items Including
  • 555-28027: PIR Sensor (Rev B) Longer Detection Range, Selectable by Onboard Jumper
  • 28032: Wide Angle PIR Sensor (Motion)
  • HAA54: PIR Sensor with Double Twin Optics (Kits-Modules)
  • HAA50: Ceiling Mounted PIR Detector (Motion)
  • 29140: Introduction to Sensors Kit Distance Detection (Measurement)
Category: Motion
Lighting Controller

Lighting Controller 

Buy Lighting Controller Items Including
  • VM192IR: RGB LED Controller-IR Version (Lighting Controller)
  • DIM4-RV0: LED Dimmer with Dusk-Dawn and on-off Control (Lamps)
  • TSW1-RV2: LED Proximity Touch Switch Controller (Lamps)
  • DDC1-RV0: Dusk to Dawn Remote Controller Input Operating Voltage Range: 8-48VDC
  • ZCTR-04: Ambient Light Switch 12 or 24 Volts DC Operation
Category: Lighting Controller
Wire Sleeve

Wire Sleeve 

Buy Wire Sleeve Items Including
  • CCP0.50BK25: Flexo® 1/2 Inch Clean-Cut Braided Sleeve (Cable Ties)
  • CCP0.25BK25: Flexo® 1/4 Inch Clean-Cut Braided Sleeve (Cable Ties)
  • PTN0.25BK25: Flexo® 1/4 Inch PET Braided Sleeve -25 Feet
  • PTN0.50BK25: Flexo® 1/2 Inch PET Braided Sleeve -25 Feet
  • 50001RC: Wire Protecting Sleeve Kit (Braided)
Category: Cable Ties
Tin Socket Terminals

Tin Socket Terminals 

Buy Tin Socket Terminals Items Including
  • 34853: Ladder Frame DIP Socket (Terminals)
  • 43080-0001: Phosphor Bronze Tin Finish PCB Terminal (Solderless)
  • 34146: 34 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector
  • MTC-C-R: Terminal Crimp 18-22 AWG Tin Plated Brass 96T (Pin & Socket)
  • 350551-3: 2 MM2 Phosphor Bronze Tin Finish
Category: Terminals
Straight Fuse Connector

Straight Fuse Connector 

Buy Straight Fuse Connector Items Including
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
  • 06AE2: Power Entry Module EMI Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 6A Switch/Fuse/Voltage Selector Straight 1 Port
  • 06AN2: Power Entry Module Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 6A Switch/Fuse Straight 1 Port
  • 10CK3: Power Entry Module EMI Filtered M 3 Position 250VAC 10A Switch/Fuse/Voltage Selector Straight 1 Port
  • IEC-GS-1-100: IEC Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Fused Inlet with Switch
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Box Memory Electronics

Box Memory Electronics 

Buy Box Memory Electronics Items Including
  • 535653-1: 535653 68 MEM Card Header STD T/H Top
  • 535655-1: 535655 68 MEM Card Header RSD T/H Top
Category: Memory Card
Through Hole Memory Electronics

Through Hole Memory Electronics 

Buy Through Hole Memory Electronics Items Including
  • 535653-1: 535653 68 MEM Card Header STD T/H Top
  • 535655-1: 535655 68 MEM Card Header RSD T/H Top
Category: Memory Card
Box Connector Top

Box Connector Top 

Buy Box Connector Top Items Including
  • 535653-1: 535653 68 MEM Card Header STD T/H Top
  • 535655-1: 535655 68 MEM Card Header RSD T/H Top
Category: Memory Card
Pump Switches

Pump Switches 

Buy Pump Switches Items Including
  • TPS60133PWP: Charge Pump 0.15A Switched Capacitor Regulator
  • LTC1044CN8PBF: Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter
  • LTC1144IN8PBF: LTC1144 Switched Capacitor Converter
  • LTC1261IS8PBF: Regulated Output Switched Capacitor Inverter
  • LT1054CS8PBF: Switched Capacitor Regulator
Category: Charge Pump
HDR Shrouded Connector

HDR Shrouded Connector 

Buy HDR Shrouded Connector Items Including
  • N2534-5003RB: SQT 34/HDR/LP/RA/HT/.155/30AVG/ROH S (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 22-29-2141: 42267 14 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder
  • 5103308-1: Connector Amplatch HDR 010 Lopro HDR SP
  • 52601-S10-4LF: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Low PROFILE.100 Shrd HDR-.100
  • 2-1761605-6: 4455 IDC Low PRO HDR 16P RA Blue
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Cable Mount Pin Terminals

Cable Mount Pin Terminals 

Buy Cable Mount Pin Terminals Items Including
  • JS-1105-T-R: 0.100 Inch (2.54MM) Pitch Crimp Pin Terminal
  • 500-155: 500 Female Crimp Pins -10 Pack
  • 250-710: 250 Connector XLR 3 PIN Male
  • 250-720: 250 Connector XLR 3 PIN Female
  • JS-1116-T-R: JS-1116 Terminal Power PIN for 114930 22-26AWG .5A
Category: Audio/Video
Relief Kit

Relief Kit 

Buy Relief Kit Items Including
  • 207600-1: 207600 Metrimate Strain Relief KIT 6P
  • 207601-1: 207601 Metrimate Strain Relief KIT 9P
  • 207088-1: 207088 Metrimate Strain Relief KIT 24P
  • 207603-1: 207603 Metrimate Strain Relief KIT 18P
  • 207604-1: 207604 Metrimate Strain Relief KIT 36P
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Voltage Video Converter IC

Voltage Video Converter IC 

Buy Voltage Video Converter IC Items Including
  • KDA0408: DAC IC-D/a Converter 42PIN S DIP (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9057BRSZ-80: ADC 8 Bit 80 Msps A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9280ARSZ: Analog to Digital Converter Single Pipelined 32 Msps 8 Bit Parallel 28 Pin Ssop
  • AD9057BRS-60: ADC 8 Bit 60 Msps A/D Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • AD9200ARSZ: ADC Analog 10 Bit 20 Msps (a/D (SMD) Converters)
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters


Buy LED GaAs Items Including
  • SE5450-012: LED GaAs Infrared Emitting Diode (IrLED)
  • QED234: T13-4 AlGaAs-GaAs LED (IrLED)
  • L-34F3CS: LED T1 Infrared Emitter Diode GaAs Emitting (IrLED)
  • UT0383-41-940: LED T1 Infrared Emitter Diode GaAs Emitting (IrLED)
  • OP133: Infrared Emitter Diode (GaAs) (Opto Components)
Category: IrLED

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