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Photo Interrupter Slotted   to   Electronic Microcontroller

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Photo Interrupter Slotted

Photo Interrupter Slotted 

Buy Photo Interrupter Slotted Items Including
  • IRLA075: Slotted Opto-Interrupter/Photo-Interrupter
  • OPB973N11: Photologic Slotted Optical Switch
Category: Optical Switches
Cont Amp

Cont Amp 

Buy Cont Amp Items Including
  • 583204-2: Cont AMP LF (Single Part Card Edge)
  • 5747871-8: Contact AMP Leaf L/P 15 AU/100 SN
  • 175289-2: Dynamci D-3 TAB Cont L L/P (Solderless)
  • 206795-3: Ampli Socket Cont Assembly SZ 20 (Crimp)
  • 640252-1: Crimp Terminal 045 Post Cont 0126PTPBR
Category: Single Part Card Edge
Right Angle Soldering Rohs

Right Angle Soldering Rohs 

Buy Right Angle Soldering Rohs Items Including
  • N2534-5003RB: SQT 34/HDR/LP/RA/HT/.155/30AVG/ROH S (Rectangular Connectors)
  • N2534-5002RB: 2500 34/HEADER/LP/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
  • N2540-5002RB: 2500 40/HEADER/LP/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
  • N2550-5002RB: 3000 50/HEADER/LP/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
  • N3408-5202RB: 3000 16/HEADER/SL/RA/HT/.112/30AVG/ROH Rohs 3K
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Memory Electronics

Memory Electronics 

Buy Memory Electronics Items Including
  • 390113-1: Socket Sdram 3.3MM HT 3.3V (Memory Module)
  • 390114-1: Socket Sdram 2.1MM HT 3.3V (Memory Module)
  • 5050871-1: D2P 100 POS 3.3V Sync Dram (Memory Module)
  • 535653-1: 535653 68 MEM Card Header STD T/H Top
  • 535655-1: 535655 68 MEM Card Header RSD T/H Top
Category: Memory Module
Straight Banana Connectors

Straight Banana Connectors 

Buy Straight Banana Connectors Items Including
  • 3760-5: 3760 Banana Connector Binding Post
  • 1325-02: 1325 Stackable Banana Jack
  • 2269-0: 2269 Insulated Double Banana Jack
  • 3267: Standard Uninsulated Banana Jack
  • 3834-0: 3834 Banana Jack to Pin Jack Adapter
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
To-263 Voltage Inverting Converter

To-263 Voltage Inverting Converter 

Buy To-263 Voltage Inverting Converter Items Including
  • LM2595S-ADJ/NOPB: LM2595 Adj 1A 150KHZ TO-263 Simple Switch
  • LM2596S-3.3/NOPB: LM2596-3.3 3A 150KHZ TO-263 Simple Switch
  • LM2596S-5.0/NOPB: LM2596-5.0 3A 150KHZ TO-263 Simple Switch
  • LM2595S-5.0/NOPB: LM2595-5.0 IC1A 150KHZ TO-263 Simple Switcher
  • LM2576HVS-5.0: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output in Volt Step Down 6 Pin (5+Tab) TO-263 Rail
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
White Cable

White Cable 

Buy White Cable Items Including
  • 9944-1000: 18 AWG 4 Conductor Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded Plenum Plrc (Ul) CL3P/CMP White Cable
  • CV-100-R: CV Cable TIE .1 Inch 'W X 4 Inch 'L White -100
  • CAR45W-1K-R: White 2 Conductor Power/Speaker Cable 1000 Ft
  • GOLDSUN 224BW/C-R: Twisted Paired Cable -24 AWG Black/White (Hook-Up)
  • 224GW/C-R: Twisted Paired Cable -24 AWG Green/White (Hook-Up)
Category: Hook-Up
Pipelined Video ADC IC

Pipelined Video ADC IC 

Buy Pipelined Video ADC IC Items Including
  • AD9280ARSZ: Analog to Digital Converter Single Pipelined 32 Msps 8 Bit Parallel 28 Pin Ssop
  • AD9050BRS: 40.000 Msps 10 Bit Monolithic Sampling ADC
  • AD9200ARSZ: ADC Analog 10 Bit 20 Msps (a/D (SMD) Converters)
  • AD9200JRSZ: Analog to Digital Converter Single Pipelined 20 Msps 10 Bit Parallel 28 Pin Ssop 0 Msps, 80 MW
  • AD9050BRS-60: ADC 10BIT 40MSPS Analog to Digital Converter
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Do-41 Silicone Tapes

Do-41 Silicone Tapes 

Buy Do-41 Silicone Tapes Items Including
  • 1N4007-T: Rectifier 1A 1000V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
  • 1N4005: 1A 600V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
  • 1N4937.: 1A 600V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
  • 1N4742A-T: Zener 12V 1W Silicon Unidirectional Voltage Regulator Diode DO-41
  • 1N5819-T: Rectifier 1A 40V Silicon Signal Diode DO-41
Category: General Purpose Diodes
Tin Solder Cup

Tin Solder Cup 

Buy Tin Solder Cup Items Including
  • 747913-2: Connector D-Sub Receptacle 25 POS Tin
  • 747912-2: Connector D-Sub Plug 25 POS Amp# Tin
  • 747905-2: 747905 Connector D-Sub Receptacle 9 POS
Category: D-Subminiature
Sar National Semiconductor

Sar National Semiconductor 

Buy Sar National Semiconductor Items Including
  • ADC0831CCN: Analog to Digital Converter Single SAR 8 Bit Serial 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • ADC0804LCN: 8 Bit Μprocessor-Compatible A/D Converter
  • ADC0803LCN: ADC 8 Bit A/D Converter DIP-20
  • ADC0808CCN: 8 Bit A/D Converter with 8 Channel Multiplexer
Category: A/D Converters
Sar Digital Power IC

Sar Digital Power IC 

Buy Sar Digital Power IC Items Including
  • AD7880BR: ADC LC2MOS Single +5V Supply Low Power
  • LTC1418IGPBF: Low Power 14 Bit 200KSPS A/D Converter with Serial and Parallel I/O
  • AD7475AR: 1MSPS Fast Lowi Power 12 Bit ADC
  • AD7880CRZ: ADC LC2MOS Single +5V Supply Low Power
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Delta-Sigma Tssop ADC Spi

Delta-Sigma Tssop ADC Spi 

Buy Delta-Sigma Tssop ADC Spi Items Including
  • AD7709ARUZ: 4 Ch 16 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDSO24
  • AD7718BRU: 10 Ch 24 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDSO28
  • AD7732BRUZ: 2 Ch 24 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDSO28
  • AD7705BRUZ: 2 Ch 16 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDSO16
  • AD7730BRUZ: 2 Ch 6 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDSO24
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Msp-450 Medical AC-to-DC

Msp-450 Medical AC-to-DC 

Buy Msp-450 Medical AC-to-DC Items Including
  • MSP-450-15: AC to DC Power Supply Enclosed Medical Single Output 15 Volts 0.3 Amps 450 Watts
  • MSP-450-24: AC to DC Power Supply Enclosed Medical Single Output 24 Volts 0.188 Amps 451.2 Watts
  • MSP-450-36: AC to DC Power Supply Enclosed Medical Single Output 36 Volts 0.125 Amps 450 Watts
  • MSP-450-48: AC to DC Power Supply Enclosed Medical Single Output 48 Volts 0.095 Amps 456 Watts
  • MSP-450-3.3: AC to DC Power Supply Enclosed Medical Single Output 3.3 Volts 0.9 Amps 297 Watts
Category: Enclosed
Strip Amp Contacts

Strip Amp Contacts 

Buy Strip Amp Contacts Items Including
  • 9-1437652-5: 25A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 1 Row
  • 1437653-7: 25A Barrier Strip Terminal Block 1 Row
  • 170359-3: Contact PIN Crimp Straight Cable Mount Strip
  • 38720-6606: Connector Barrier Strip 6 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight through Hole 25 Amp Contact
  • 387203202: Connector Barrier Strip 2 Position 9.53MM Solder Straight Panel Mount 25 Amp Contact
Category: Terminal Blocks
Current Source IC

Current Source IC 

Buy Current Source IC Items Including
  • AD7711AARZ: LC2MOS Signal Conditioning ADC with RTD Current Source IC
  • LM334Z: Analog Temp Sensor-Current Round
  • LM234Z-3/NOPB: SRAM Synchronous Zero Bus Turnaround (Zbt) 128K X 36 133MHZ 3.3VOLT TQFP100 (PK100)
  • ADR445BRZ: Ultralow Noise LDO Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source
  • ADR433BR: Ultralow Noise Xfet Voltage Reference with Current Sink and Source Capability
Category: References (SMD)
Cpc Male Crimp Terminals

Cpc Male Crimp Terminals 

Buy Cpc Male Crimp Terminals Items Including
  • 211401-1: 211401 7 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 206153-1: 206153 4 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 206151-2: 206151 37 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 213850-1: 213850 37 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 788157-2: 788157 9 Contact Polyethylene Male
Category: Circular
Parallax Assembled

Parallax Assembled 

Buy Parallax Assembled Items Including
  • 28136: Scribbler 2 Robot (Serial) 3 Light Sensors (Assembled)
  • 350-00017: IR Transmitter Assembly Kit (Radio/IR Controls)
  • 28336: Scribbler 2 Robot (with USB Adapter and Cable) 3 Light Sensors
Category: Assembled
Serial Spi Delta Sigma Dac

Serial Spi Delta Sigma Dac 

Buy Serial Spi Delta Sigma Dac Items Including
  • AD1854JRSZ: DAC STEREO96KHZMULTIBIT Sigma Delt (Analog/Linear)
  • AD1859JR: Serial Input Loading 18 Bit DAC PDSO28
  • AD420ARZ-32-REEL: Digital to Analog Converter 1 Channel Delta-Sigma 16 Bit 24 Pin SOIC W Tape and Reel
  • AD1955ARS: High Performance Multibit Sigma-Delta DAC with Sacd Playback
  • AD420ANZ-32: DAC Serial Input Loading 2500 us Settling Time
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Nickel Crimp Interconnects

Nickel Crimp Interconnects 

Buy Nickel Crimp Interconnects Items Including
  • 08-55-0102: .100 Inch KK Series Female Crimp Contact Brass Gold over Nickel Finish
  • 4256T2-LP: Contact Female 39-00-0208 Vp 18-24AWG Tin Nickel
  • G7409-R: Connector BNC Crimp Type for RG174 Cable
  • 4257T2-LP: Contact Male 39-00-0121 Vp 18-24 AWG Tin Nickel LP
  • 4256T3-LP: Contact Female 39-00-0212 Vp 16 AWG Tin Nickel
Category: Power Connector
Uni-Color Yellow Waters

Uni-Color Yellow Waters 

Buy Uni-Color Yellow Waters Items Including
  • LTL-1CHYE: Opto LED 3MM Yellow Water Clear T1 585NM 40 Degree
  • LT1833-81-M1: LED Yellow Water Clear T1-3/4 593NM 2.1VF@20MA
  • LTST-C191YKT: Opto SMD LED 0603 Super Thin Yellow Water Clear 4.5MCD 20MA 585NM
  • LTST-C171KYKT: Opto SMD LED 0805 Amber Yellow Water Clear Super Thin 50MCD 30MA
  • LTL-307YE-081: LTL-307YE Standard-Output LED -Yellow (IrLED)
Category: IrLED
Tssop Transceiver LVDS

Tssop Transceiver LVDS 

Buy Tssop Transceiver LVDS Items Including
  • SN65LVDS050PW: LVDS Dual Line Transceiver PDSO16 (Interface)
  • DS90CR285MTD: Line Transmitter 1 Transceiver 56 Pin Tssop Rail
  • DS90CR286AMTD: Line Receiver 1 Receiver 56 Pin Tssop Rail
  • DS90CR286MTD: Line Receiver 1 Receiver 56 Pin Tssop Rail
  • DS90LV047ATMTC: DS90LV047A 3V LVDS Quad Flo-Thru Drvr
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Single-Ended Tube Buffer

Single-Ended Tube Buffer 

Buy Single-Ended Tube Buffer Items Including
  • 8304AMLF: Single Ended I/O 200 MHz Clock Buffer IC
  • SN74LS244N: Octal Buffers & Line Drivers with 3 St Outputs
  • 74FCT244ATSOG: Logic Octal Buffer-Line Driver
  • SN74LVC244ADW: Octal Buffer/Driver with 3 State Outputs (Logic)
  • SN74LVTH162244DL: 3.3V ABT 16 Bit Buffer/Driver with 3 State Output
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Itt Interconnect

Itt Interconnect 

Buy Itt Interconnect Items Including
  • U11J60ZQE2: SPDT Rocker Switch 20V Power Rating: 0.4 VA
  • U41MPD9AV2GE: 4PDT Toggle Switch 5A 120VAC ( RF Connectors)
  • U213J61ZQE11: DPDT Rocker Switch 5A 120V (.354 Inch (9.00MM) Series)
Category: RF Connectors
Micropower Amplifier Msop Amp Max

Micropower Amplifier Msop Amp Max 

Buy Micropower Amplifier Msop Amp Max Items Including
  • LT1490AIMS8: Dual Op-Amp 1500 uV Offset-Max
  • LT1490AHMS8PBF: Dual Op-Amp 3200 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Tube Multi Resistor Potentiometer

Tube Multi Resistor Potentiometer 

Buy Tube Multi Resistor Potentiometer Items Including
  • 3266X-1-202/64XR2K: 1/4 Inch Square Multi-Turn Trimming Side Adjustment (±10%) 3266X Series
  • 3266X-1-253/64XR25K: 1/4 Inch Square Multi-Turn Trimming Side Adjustment (±10%) 3266X Series
Category: Trimmers
Pulse Capacitors

Pulse Capacitors 

Buy Pulse Capacitors Items Including
  • B32620A6472J: B 32 620 Capacitor Metallized Film Polypropylene 630V 0.0047 uf
  • PGB102ST23WR: Pulseguard Polymeric Lead-Free SOT23 Surface Mount ESD Suppressor
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Internal Channel Converter

Internal Channel Converter 

Buy Internal Channel Converter Items Including
  • TLV5638CD: Digital to Analog Converter 2 Channel Resistor-String 12 Bit 8 Pin SOIC Tube
  • TLV5632IPW: Digital to Analog Converter 8 Channel Resistor-String 8 Bit 20 Pin Tssop Tube
  • TLV5638ID: Digital to Analog Converter 2 Channel Resistor-String 12 Bit 8 Pin SOIC Tube
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Flush Slide Pin Insertion

Flush Slide Pin Insertion 

Buy Flush Slide Pin Insertion Items Including
  • 209-8LPST: SPST DIP Switch Auto Insertable 8SWITCH
  • 209-4LPST: SPST DIP Switch Auto Insertable 4SWITCH
Category: DIP
Electronic Microcontroller

Electronic Microcontroller 

Buy Electronic Microcontroller Items Including
  • W77L032A25PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W78L058A24PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W77E058A40DL: 8 Bit Flash 40 MHz Microcontroller PDIP40
  • W78C032C40PL: J Bend 8 Bit 40 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W78L812A24PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
Category: Microcontrollers

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