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Low Transformer

Low Transformer 

Buy Low Transformer Items Including
  • CSE187L: Current Sensing/Low Frequency Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • SR412: 4.8W Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver
Category: Power Transformers
Straight Banana Jacks

Straight Banana Jacks 

Buy Straight Banana Jacks Items Including
  • 1325-02: 1325 Stackable Banana Jack
  • 2269-0: 2269 Insulated Double Banana Jack
  • 3267: Standard Uninsulated Banana Jack
  • 3834-0: 3834 Banana Jack to Pin Jack Adapter
  • 1825-02: 1825 Stackable Banana Jack
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Idt Cable

Idt Cable 

Buy Idt Cable Items Including
  • 749621-2: 749621 26 50S Cable Plug Conn/Cov KIT
  • 749621-9: 749621 100 50S Cabl Plug Conn/Cov KIT
  • 5749621-7: 5749621 60 50S Cable Plug Conn/Cov KIT
  • 1658622-8: Ribbon Cable Connector 34 Contacts IDC
  • 65801-008LF: Connector Clincher RCP 8 Position 2.54MM IDT Straight Cable Mount Tray
Category: SCSI
Lighting Miniature

Lighting Miniature 

Buy Lighting Miniature Items Including
  • MK157: LCD Mini Message Board (Lighting)
  • MK183: USB Surface Mount Christmas Tree Kit Miniature Size Gadget
  • VR15M121C: Small PC Mount Relay Compact and Light Design (Miniature)
  • MK141: SMD Happy Face Solder Kit Miniature Size Gadget (Lighting)
Category: Lighting
CMOS Dual Tube IC

CMOS Dual Tube IC 

Buy CMOS Dual Tube IC Items Including
  • TLC272CP: LinCMOS┬« Precision Dual Operational Amplifier
  • TLC2272CP: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 3000 UV Offset-Max
  • TLC27L7CD: OP Amp 8 SOIC OP-Amp Precision Dual LCMOS
  • TLC2252CD: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 1750 uV Offset-Max
  • TLV2382ID: OP Amp Dual OP-Amp 6500 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
SMT Headers

SMT Headers 

Buy SMT Headers Items Including
  • 43045-0809: Micro FIT (3.0) Dual Row Right Angle SMT Header with Nails Assembly
  • 43045-0610: Micro FIT (3.0) Dual Row Right Angle SMT Header with Nails Assembly
  • 87832-5020: 102159 Mgrid HDR Shrd SMT with Slot/Pg .38AU 50CKT LF
  • 15916102: Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles Cgrid Vhdr DR SMT 10CKT
  • 79109-1004: 87264 Mgrid Vrec SMT with Ocappgs .38AULF 10CKT (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
HDR Pin Assy

HDR Pin Assy 

Buy HDR Pin Assy Items Including
  • 350792-1: 04P Umml PIN Header Assembly 94VO
  • 350428-2: 02P Umnl PIN Header Assembly Natural AU
  • 350432-1: 09P Umnl PIN Header Assembly Natural
  • 641973-1: 12P Umnl PIN Header Assembly V2 Natural
  • 350792-3: 04P Umnl PIN Header Assembly 94VO
Category: Pin & Socket
Lcx CMOS Inverter

Lcx CMOS Inverter 

Buy Lcx CMOS Inverter Items Including
  • NC7SZU04M5: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74LCX04MTCX: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74LCX04BQX: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series HEX 1 Input Invert Gate
  • NC7WZ14P6: Lvc/Lcx/Z Series Dual 1 Input Invert Gate
  • 74LCX04M: Lvc/Lcx/Z HEX Inverter (3V)
Category: Inverter Schmitt Trigger
Cable Raychem

Cable Raychem 

Buy Cable Raychem Items Including
  • 674983J001: 7.3MM Heat Shrink Tubing
  • RNF-100-1/4-BK-SP: Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 BK 500 Foot Spool
  • RNF-100-3/8-BK-FSP: Heat Shrink Thinwall 3/8 BLK
Category: Heat Shrink Tubing
Tube High Speed Pin Driver

Tube High Speed Pin Driver 

Buy Tube High Speed Pin Driver Items Including
  • UC3705N: High Speed Power Driver (Analog/Linear)
  • TC4420CPA: 6A High-Speed Mosfet Driver PDIP-8
  • TC4424CPA: 3A Dual High-Speed Power Mosfet Driver
  • SN75372D: 0.5A 2 Channel Nand Gate Based Mosfet Driver
  • TPS2814D: 2A 2 Channel Nand Gate Based Mosfet Driver
Category: Mosfet and Power Drivers
Univ M N L Pin

Univ M N L Pin 

Buy Univ M N L Pin Items Including
  • 170360-1: Connector Power Univ M-N-L PIN 22-18 AWG
  • 172339-1: 6 Contact Male Combination Line Connector Univ M-N-L HSG
Category: Power Connector
Tactile Keypad

Tactile Keypad 

Buy Tactile Keypad Items Including
  • 95C06F3GWRT: Keypad Switch Single Pole Single Throw Momentary-Tactile 0.05A
  • RT915CTW: 104 Key Tactile Keyboard with Built-in Speakers
Category: Tactile
Clamping Amplifiers

Clamping Amplifiers 

Buy Clamping Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD8036AR: Low Distortion Wide Bandwidth Voltage Feedback Clamp AMP
  • AD8037AN: Low Distortion Wide Bandwidth Voltage Feedback Clamp AMP
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Single-Ended High Speed Adcs

Single-Ended High Speed Adcs 

Buy Single-Ended High Speed Adcs Items Including
  • ADC0820CCN: 8 Bit High Speed A/D Converter with Track Hold
  • LTC1099AINPBF: 1 Channel High Speed 8 Bit A/D Converter with Built-in Sample-and-Hold
  • LTC2445IUHFPBF: 24 Bit High Speed 8 Channel Delta Sigma A/D Converter with Selectable Speed/Resolution
  • AD7572AAN03: AD7572 LcCMOS Complete High Speed 12 Bit ADC
  • AD7572AJNZ10: AD7572 LcCMOS Complete High Speed 12 Bit ADC
Category: A/D Converters
DFRobot Products

DFRobot Products 

Buy DFRobot Products Items Including
  • DFR0106: Light Disc with 7 SMD RGB LED Wikidoc (More Products)
  • DFR0123: DC-DC Boost Converter Input voltage:3.7-34V (More Products)
  • DFR0250: AA Boost Module Input voltage:>1.8V (More Products)
  • FIT0326: 7 Inch 1280X800 IPS Panel Hdmi/Vga/Av Display
  • TEL0002: Bluetooth Adapter Mini (Networking)
Category: More Products
Open Collector IC SOIC

Open Collector IC SOIC 

Buy Open Collector IC SOIC Items Including
  • SN74BCT756DW: Buffer-Driver 8 Channel Inverting Open Collector BiCMOS 20 Pin SOIC Tube ER (O.C.)
  • SN7406D: Buffer-Driver 6 Channel Inverting Open Collector Bipolar 14 Pin SOIC Tube
  • SN74S38D: Quadruple 2 Input Positive-Nand Buffer with Open-Collector Outputs
  • LM339M/NOPB: LM339 LM339M Linear Quad Comparator SOIC-14
  • LM339M: Linear Quad Comparator SOIC-14 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Linear Spi Devices

Linear Spi Devices 

Buy Linear Spi Devices Items Including
  • AD5162BRMZ100-RL7: Digital Potentiometer Dual 8 Bit SPI Digipot
  • AD5262BRU200: Digital Potentiometer Dual 8 Bit SPI DIG POT
  • AD5162BRMZ10: AD5162 Dual 256 Position SPI Digital Potentiometer
  • AD1854JRSZ: DAC STEREO96KHZMULTIBIT Sigma Delt (Analog/Linear)
  • AD1871YRSZ: ADC Stereo Audio 24 Bit 96 KHZ (Analog/Linear)
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Microprocessor & Microcontroller

Microprocessor & Microcontroller 

Buy Microprocessor & Microcontroller Items Including
  • 80C31: Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 24MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 80C39: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8051AP: Microprocessor 8 Bit 27 I/O 11MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • 8751H: 8748 Microprocessor 8 Bit 32 I/O 12MHZ DIP-40 (Intel Series)
  • CY8C29466-24PVXI: Multifunction Peripheral PDSO28 (Microcontrollers)
Category: Intel Series
Log Amp IC

Log Amp IC 

Buy Log Amp IC Items Including
  • AD8304ARUZ-RL7: SP Amp LOG Amp Single Rail to Rail O/P 5.5 Volt 14 Pin Tssop Tape and Reel
  • AD8310ARMZ-REEL7: SP Amp LOG Amp Single Rail to Rail I/P 5.5 Volt 8 Pin Msop Tape and Reel
  • AD8307AR: 8 Sop LOG AMP 500 MHZ, 92DB (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD640JPZ: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 145 MHz Band Width PQCC20
  • AD8306ARZ: LOG or Antilog Amplifier 395 MHz Band Width PDSO16
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Sar Channel Converter

Sar Channel Converter 

Buy Sar Channel Converter Items Including
  • LTC1298CN8PBF: 2 Channel 12 Bit Successive Approximation A/D Converter
  • ADC0809CCN/NOPB: 8 Bit UP Compatible A/D Converters with 8 Channel Multiplexer
  • LTC1864LIMS8: 1 Channel 16 Bit Successive Approximation A/D Converter
  • LTC1293DCSWPBF: 6 Channel 12 Bit Successive Approximation A/D Converter
  • ADC10158CIWM/NOPB: 10 Bit Plus Sign 4 Micro Seconds ADC with 8 Channel MUX
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Plcc Adapter

Plcc Adapter 

Buy Plcc Adapter Items Including
  • PA32PL32D: Adapter Plcc 32 Pin Fits all EE Tools Programmers
  • W65C51N6TPLG-14: W65C51N Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (Acia) PLCC-28
Category: Adapters
Mini Plug to USB

Mini Plug to USB 

Buy Mini Plug to USB Items Including
  • PSM11R-050-USB: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer Output: 5VDC
  • GTM41076-0605: Charger Wall SW 5VDC/1.2A, (AC-to-DC Switching)
Category: Wall Transformers
Polarizing Key

Polarizing Key 

Buy Polarizing Key Items Including
  • N3518: Connector Accessories Polarizing Key/Ht/Black
  • 89003001: Connector Accessories Custom Polzg KEY Nylon
  • 15-04-9209: Connector Accessories 100 KK Polarizftg KEY Polyester
  • 15-04-0292: Connector Accessories Polarizftg KEY FT PC Form BLK 4071301
  • 15-04-0219: Connector Accessories 156 KK Polzg PEG Nylon
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Fast Op Amp

Fast Op Amp 

Buy Fast Op Amp Items Including
  • OP42EZ: Op-Amp 1200 uV Offset-Max 10 MHz Band Width CDIP8
  • AD8034AR: Low Cost 80 MHZ Fast FET OP AMP
  • AD843JNZ: Fast Settling H.S OP AMP (Amplifiers)
  • OP42GPZ: OP Amp High-Speed Fast SE TTL PR (Amplifiers)
Category: Hi-Speed (SMD) Op-Amps
Mosfet 100 Amp

Mosfet 100 Amp 

Buy Mosfet 100 Amp Items Including
  • IRF520PBF: 100V Mosfet Transistor N-Channel
  • IRLD120PBF: Mosfet 1300 mA 100V N-Channel Si
  • IRFL110PBF: Mosfet 1500 mA 100V N-Channel Si
  • IRL520: Transistor N Channel Power Mosfet 100V 10A TO-220
  • IRF540NPBF: 34A 100V 0.044 Ohm N-Channel Si
Category: Mosfets
Ball 12 Inch

Ball 12 Inch 

Buy Ball 12 Inch Items Including
  • RD8025B12H: 12 Inch Dual Ball Fan 12VDC
  • AD0948MB-F91DS(M): Fan 48VDC 93.5 CFM 92X92X38 MM Dual Ball Bearings 12 Inch Leads Ul/Ce
  • AD0412UB-C72GP(P): Fan 12VDC 10.6 CFM 40X40X20 MM Ball Bearings 3-12 Inch Leads Lock ROT
  • F8025E12BFS: Fan 12VDC 46CFM 80X80X25240MA Ball 12 Inch LDS
  • KD1205PFB1(2)H: Fan 12VDC 11.4 CFM 51X51X10 Ball Bearings 12 Inch Leads Ul/Tuv 130MA
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Iridite Al Spacers

Iridite Al Spacers 

Buy Iridite Al Spacers Items Including
  • 1124-6-AL-7: Spacer 1/4 RND #6 AL 1/4 Inch LNG
  • 4538-632-AL-7: .250 Inch Hex Male/Female Standoff
  • 4546-440-AL-7: 4546 Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1 M/F
  • 2103-440-AL-7: Standoffs Spacer 1/4 HEX ALUMINUM1
  • 2058-440-AL-7: 2058 Spacer 3/16 HEX ALUMINUM1
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Amp Adapters

Amp Adapters 

Buy Amp Adapters Items Including
  • 1054426-1: Connector Saver Jack to Plug Adapter
  • 1054874-1: Connector RF SMA Jack-Jack Adapter
  • 1054425-1: Male-Female RF Straight Adapter ( SMA )
  • 1055065-1: RF Adapter Cable Terminated Female-Male
  • 228553-1: SMB Comml Blkhd Adapter ( RF Connectors)
Category: RF Connectors
USB Hole

USB Hole 

Buy USB Hole Items Including
  • 292304-1: USB a Right Angle Recepticle Cont Plst
  • 67329-8001: Connector Audio and Video Conn USB # 673298001
  • 440260-1: USB Right Angle Flag Assembly with PBT Housing
  • 89485-8000: Connector Audio and Video Assembly Up_right USB Conn (Lead Free)
  • 292303-1: USB a Right Angle Recepticle Assembly Thru Hole
Category: USB
Switching Adapter Kits

Switching Adapter Kits 

Buy Switching Adapter Kits Items Including
  • GE18I09-P1J: GE18 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I15-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I24-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I12-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE24I12-P1J: GE24 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
Category: Wall Transformers

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