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Electromechanical Sockets

Electromechanical Sockets 

Buy Electromechanical Sockets Items Including
  • DK2A-PS: Connector Relay Socket SKT 8 Position Solder Straight through Hole
  • PF-083A: Blade and Octal Relay Socket
  • PYF14A-A-R: Blade and Octal Relay Socket Contact Form: 4PDT
  • P6B-04P: Connector Relay Socket 4 Position Solder Straight Thru-Holeic
  • 27E487: Relay Socket for K10 Series
Category: Sockets
Electromechanical Solenoids

Electromechanical Solenoids 

Buy Electromechanical Solenoids Items Including
  • TAV-0829-R: 12VDC Solenoid Valve (Actuators)
  • 191172-001: 12VDC Stroke Push Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SMT-1632S12A-R: 12VDC Tubular Push Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SHT-1130L12VDC: 12VDC Tubular Pull Solenoid (Actuators)
  • SMT-1325S12A-R: 12VDC Tubular Push Solenoid (Actuators)
Category: Solenoids
Electromechanical Solid State

Electromechanical Solid State 

Buy Electromechanical Solid State Items Including
  • KD20C40AX: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 4-32VDC
  • KF0604D: DC-to-DC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
  • LCA110: Optomos ® Solid State Relay
  • KB20C06A: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
  • KB20C02A: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
Category: Solid State
Electromechanical Spacers & Standoffs

Electromechanical Spacers & Standoffs 

Buy Electromechanical Spacers & Standoffs Items Including
  • GB140LB: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • GB140: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • 2112-440-AL-7: Standoffs Hex Female to Female 1/4 Inch 4-40 1 Inch Aluminum Iridite
  • 2057-440-AL-7: 2057 .187 Inch Hex Female Standoff
  • 4501-440-AL-7: Standoffs Hex Male to Female 3-16 Inches 4-40 1-4 Inches Aluminum Clear Iridite
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Electromechanical Speakers

Electromechanical Speakers 

Buy Electromechanical Speakers Items Including
  • TQ-066F-R: Square Ferrite Speaker Paper Diaphragm
  • TQ-050F-R: Square Ferrite Speaker Paper Diaphragm
  • 36MS30008-PN: 30MM PC Mountable Speaker Round Frame Design
  • TV-4171A-R: Single Pole Speakers Alnico 360 ±72HZ 5W 88 ±3DBA 8 ±15% Ohm Oval Solder Lug
  • GOLDSUN GSP02-R: GOLDSUN GSP02-R R Flat Element Square Speaker
Category: Speakers
Electromechanical Special Switch

Electromechanical Special Switch 

Buy Electromechanical Special Switch Items Including
  • RK-150: Rkey Capacitive Touch Switch
  • 27801: Switch 5 Position Normally Open 8 Pin DIP 18 Input States 3.3-5 Volt DC
  • SEN0019: Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch
Category: Special Switch
Electromechanical Split Lock Washers

Electromechanical Split Lock Washers 

Buy Electromechanical Split Lock Washers Items Including
  • S4LW: Washer Split Lock 4 .210 OD Zinc Plated Steel Rohs (100 Pieces)
  • 6LW: Washer Split Lock Zinc Plated Steel Rohs (100 Pieces)
  • 33602: Washer Split Lock 2 Zinc Plated Steel (100 Pieces)
  • M7LW: Lock Washer, Size: (Hardware)
  • 8LW2: Washer Split Lock 8 Zinc Plated Steel (100 Pieces)
Category: Nuts & Washers Screws
Electromechanical Stepper

Electromechanical Stepper 

Buy Electromechanical Stepper Items Including
  • 25BY4801: 4 Phase 5VDC Unipolar Stepper Motor
  • 57BYG084-R: 4 Phase 12VDC Unipolar Stepper Motor
  • RDS-3000: 2 Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor Rated Voltage: 4VDC
  • 57BYG007-R: 4 Phase 12VDC 0.38A Unipolar Stepper Motor
  • 39BYG401A-R: 2 Phase 12VDC 4A Bipolar Stepper Motor
Category: Stepper
Electromechanical Switches

Electromechanical Switches 

Buy Electromechanical Switches Items Including
  • 2DM1: Electromechanical Switch Basic Switch Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) 10A
  • 1DM18: Electromechanical Switch Basic Switch Single Pole Double Throw ( SPDT ) 10A
  • 35-865: Electromechanical Switch off-on-on SPDT 6A
  • 35-867: Electromechanical Switch off-on-on-on SP3T 6A
  • 7914G-1-000: Electromechanical Switch Key Switch Normally Open Single Pole Single Throw 0.1A
Category: More Products
Electromechanical Temperature

Electromechanical Temperature 

Buy Electromechanical Temperature Items Including
  • TD4A: TD Temperature Sensor Analog 2 Pin
  • 7AM-202A: SPST -Nc Temperature Switch
  • AD590LH/883B: Temperature Sensor Analog 3 Pin TO-52TEMPERATURE Transducer IC
  • HEL-705-U-1-12-00: Industrial Temperature Sensors 1000 Ohm 0.1% 12 Inch Leads DIP 16
  • TMP03FSZ: Industrial Temperature Sensors 1000 Ohm 0.1% 12 Inch Leads DIP 16
Category: Temperature
Electromechanical Timers

Electromechanical Timers 

Buy Electromechanical Timers Items Including
  • CNT-35-96: 3VA Digital Multifunction Timer
  • I-30: Adjustable Timer from 1 Second to 3 Minutes Voltage . 12V. D.C
  • 600XU-A-1-CU: 17.5MM DIN Rail Timer Analog (Industrial Automation)
  • TIMER8U: Programmable Digital Timer -Weekly (Industrial Automation)
  • XC410: Counter LED NPN/PNP 6DIGIT 36MM X 72MM 90-270VOLT AC/DC
Category: Counters & Timers
Electromechanical Toggle

Electromechanical Toggle 

Buy Electromechanical Toggle Items Including
  • KN3-2: Standard SPDT Toggle Switch
  • R13-28A-01-R: Standard Toggle Switch Contact Form: SPST on-Off
  • R13-25B1-05: Standard Toggle Switch Contact Form: DPDT on-On
  • R13-28A-06: Standard Toggle Switch Contact Form: SPST on-Off
  • R13-25A2-01: Standard Toggle Switch Contact Form: SPST on-Off
Category: Toggle
Electromechanical Vibrating

Electromechanical Vibrating 

Buy Electromechanical Vibrating Items Including
  • 6ZK053-R: 3.0VDC Vibrating Motor
  • 7ZK692-R: 3.0VDC Vibrating Motor
  • OTL-7AL(1.3V): 1.3VDC Vibrating Motor
  • 6ZK003-R: 1.3VDC Vibrating Motor
  • 7ZK681-R: 3.0VDC Vibrating Motor
Category: Vibrating
Electronic Accessories

Electronic Accessories 

Buy Electronic Accessories Items Including
  • 745286-2: 745286 Connector Accessories Latch Zinc
  • 569875-1: Connector Accessories Modular Plugs Snagless Boot Black
  • 206966-7: Connector Accessories Clamp Thermoplastic Black
  • 499252-1: Connector Accessories Strain Relief Thermoplastic Black Gold/Palladium Nickel
  • 5205817-3: Connector Accessories Kit Steel Package
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Electronic Actuators

Electronic Actuators 

Buy Electronic Actuators Items Including
  • 57140-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59140/59141 Series Reed Sensor
  • 57135-000: Magnetic Actuator for 59135 Series Reed Sensor
  • EE-SA105: Photomicrosensor Actuator (Optoisolators)
  • 35-730: Specialty Switches Plastic Handle Actuator (Knife)
  • 35-864: Specialty Switches 3-1/2 Inch Pull Chain Actuator
Category: More Products
Electronic Adapter

Electronic Adapter 

Buy Electronic Adapter Items Including
  • 45-5113-BU: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 504-207: DE9 MALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 504-309: DB25 MALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 45-5110-BU: DE9 MALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 45-5111-BU: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
Category: Adapters
Electronic Bench Light

Electronic Bench Light 

Buy Electronic Bench Light Items Including
  • LUX-400W: 3 Diopter Magnifying Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LED125: 5 Diopter LED Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LED120: 3 Diopter LED Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • 22-425: Circular Bulb for 22-423-0 (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LED1000: 5 Diopter UV and LED Magnifier Lamp with Touch Control
Category: Bench Lights Lighting
Electronic Bench Test Tools

Electronic Bench Test Tools 

Buy Electronic Bench Test Tools Items Including
  • 5901B/POM: Electronic Bench DMM Test Lead Kit
  • 6204A: Deluxe Electronic Bench DMM Test Lead Kit
  • LUX-400W: 3 Diopter Magnifying Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LED125: 5 Diopter LED Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • LED120: 3 Diopter LED Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
Category: Test Lead Kit
Electronic Breadboard Lab

Electronic Breadboard Lab 

Buy Electronic Breadboard Lab Items Including
  • IDL-800A-R: Digital Design Lab with Solderless Breadboard
  • RM-203: 1896 Point Solderless Breadboard Replacement
  • LP-2010: RFID Experimental Training Lab
  • DAC-457000: Digital/Analog Design Lab
  • ETS7000A-ROHS: Digital/Analog Design Lab (Solderless Breadboards)
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Electronic Breakers

Electronic Breakers 

Buy Electronic Breakers Items Including
  • 35-2110-BU: Circuit Breaker 10A 250VAC 2 Pin Bulk
  • 35-2105-BU: 5A Pushbutton Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2115-BU: 2 Terminal Circuit Breaker Panel Mount
  • 35-2120-BU: 2 Terminal Circuit Breaker Current: 20A
  • W58-XB1A4A-10.R: Thermal Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
Category: Resettable Fuses
Electronic Buzzers

Electronic Buzzers 

Buy Electronic Buzzers Items Including
  • MBUZ-120AC: 120VAC Mechanical Buzzer (Audio Components)
  • PKB24SPCH3601-B0: Audio Buzzer Piezo 12VDC 16MA Pin 3VDC 3100HZ to 4100HZ through Hole
  • EFM-260: 12V DC 85DB Continuous Piezo Buzzer
  • PKM33EP-1001: Piezoelectric Buzzer Tone: Continuous
  • K8087: Telephone Ringer Kit with Buzzer and LED (Automation)
Category: Piezo Buzzers
Electronic Cable Assemblies

Electronic Cable Assemblies 

Buy Electronic Cable Assemblies Items Including
  • 4935-BB-48: SMA Male-to-BNC Male Cable Assembly
  • 5054-36: Triaxial 2 Lug Cable Assembly (Male)
  • 5223-60: 60 Inch Triaxial 3 Lug Cable Assembly (Male)
  • 5940: Kelvin Clip Cable Assembly with Banana Plugs
  • EM2247-K-36: Miniature Double Banana Plug Cable Assembly
Category: Cable Assembly
Electronic Cable Backshell

Electronic Cable Backshell 

Buy Electronic Cable Backshell Items Including
  • 5745173-1: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 3 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy
  • 5745171-2: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 1 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy
  • 745172-3: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 2 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy
  • 745173-4: Backshell/Clamp 180° 3 Shell Size Bright Nickel over Copper Zinc Alloy Kit
  • 745547-1: Backshell/Cable Clamp 180° 1 Shell Size Thermoplastic
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Electronic Cables & Connectors

Electronic Cables & Connectors 

Buy Electronic Cables & Connectors Items Including
  • 499252-5: 10 Position 0.1 Inch Ribbon Cable Connector
  • 1658672-1: 1658672 Crimp Snap Cable Connector
  • 255-110: 6 Foot Audio/Video RCA Male to Male Cable
  • 499252-1: Connector Accessories Strain Relief Thermoplastic Black Gold/Palladium Nickel
  • 499252-6: 499252 AMP AMP-Latch Connectors
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Electronic Capacitor

Electronic Capacitor 

Buy Electronic Capacitor Items Including
  • T354A105K035AT: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 1uf 35 Volt 10% (4.5 X 8.6MM) Radial 6.35MM 125C
  • DEHR33F391KA3B: Capacitor Ceramic 390pf 3150 Volt R 10% (9 X 6MM) Radial 7.5MM 125C Bulk
  • T350E106K016AS: Capacitor Tantalum Solid 10uf 16 Volt 10% (5.5 X 8.9MM) Radial 2.54 Mm 125C
  • DEBF33D102ZC1B: Capacitor Ceramic 0.001uf 2000 Volt Female -20% to 80% (5 X 5MM) Radial 5MM 85C
  • C0805C223K5RAC TU: Capacitor Ceramic 0.022uf 50 Volt X7R 10% Surface Mount 0805 125C Paper
Category: Tantalum
Electronic Card Reader

Electronic Card Reader 

Buy Electronic Card Reader Items Including
  • MK179: RFID Proximity Card Reader Kit Store Up to 25 Tags
  • VM179: Proximity Card Reader Store Up to 25 Tags (Radio/Transmitter)
Category: Radio/Transmitter
Electronic Cases

Electronic Cases 

Buy Electronic Cases Items Including
  • T491D226M020AT 7280: Molded 22uf 20V 20% D Case 13IN RL Hazmat
  • EL-USB-CASE: Case Metal for Datalogger Protective Waterproof IP67
  • ESRE151M06B: CDE SMD Polymer Aluminum Capacitors 6.3V 150uf E Case
  • WCA-H2507: Enclosure ABS Heavy-Duty Instrument Cases (Plastic)
  • H2505-R: Enclosure ABS Heavy-Duty Instrument Case (Plastic)
Category: Plastic
Electronic Chips

Electronic Chips 

Buy Electronic Chips Items Including
  • LQH43CN1R0M03L: Ind Chip Unshielded Wirewound 1UH 20% 1MHZ 1.08A 1812 Embossed Tape and Reel
  • LQM21FN100N00L: Ind Chip Shielded 10UH 30% 1MHZ 60MA 0805 Embossed Tape and Reel
  • LQH43CN1R5M03L: Ind Chip Unshielded Wirewound 1.5UH 20% 1MHZ 1A 1812 Embossed Tape and Reel
  • LQM21FN4R7N00L: Ind Chip Shielded 4.7UH 30% 1MHZ 80MA 0805 Embossed Tape and Reel
  • BLA31AG121SN4D: Ferrite Beads Chip Array 120 Ohm 25% 100MHZ 150MA 200M Ohm DCR 1206 Paper
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Electronic Christmas Trees

Electronic Christmas Trees 

Buy Electronic Christmas Trees Items Including
  • MK100: Electronic Christmas Tree Very Low Power Consumption: Max. 4MA
  • MK183: USB Surface Mount Christmas Tree Kit Miniature Size Gadget
  • MK130: 3D LED Christmas Tree Kit Level 1 Kit (Beginner) (Optoelectronic)
  • MK117: 134 LED Deluxe Christmas Tree (Optoelectronic)
  • MK142: Surface Mounted Device Christmas Tree Kit with 6 LEDs CR2025/CR2032
Category: Optoelectronic
Electronic Circuit Board Components

Electronic Circuit Board Components 

Buy Electronic Circuit Board Components Items Including
  • 21-336: Positive Pre-Sensitized Single-Sided Copper Clad Circuit Board (6 Inch X 6 Inch )
  • 22-261: Single-Sided Bare Copper Clad Circuit Board 6X6 Inch
  • 22-268: Single-Sided Bare Copper Clad Circuit Board 11X14 Inch
  • 21-252: Positive Pre-Sensitized Circuit Boards 12 Inch X12 Inch
  • 21-332: Positive Pre-Sensitized Circuit Boards 3 Inch X4 Inch
Category: Printed Circuit Boards

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