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Electronic Microcontroller

Electronic Microcontroller 

Buy Electronic Microcontroller Items Including
  • W77L032A25PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W78L058A24PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W77E058A40DL: 8 Bit Flash 40 MHz Microcontroller PDIP40
  • W78C032C40PL: J Bend 8 Bit 40 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
  • W78L812A24PL: 8 Bit Flash 20 MHz Microcontroller PQCC44
Category: Microcontrollers
Electronic Module

Electronic Module 

Buy Electronic Module Items Including
  • 223957-1: Universal Power MDL Guide Modul Pltd
  • 1-1469372-1: 1469372 Atca Guide Module RA Male
  • 5223957-1: Connector Accessories Guide Module Zinc Alloy Die Cast Chromate Finish
  • ATS030A0X3SRZ: DC-to-DC Power Converter Module High Efficiency
  • LHA-06B12-N-SB: LED Module White 12VDC@150MA
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Electronic Multimeters

Electronic Multimeters 

Buy Electronic Multimeters Items Including
  • EX330: Extech Digital Multimeter No. Of Functions: 9
  • MN35: Manual Ranging Digital Mini Multimeter
  • MN26T: Extech 4000 Count 11 Function Multimeter with Autorange
  • EX430: Extech 400 Series Multimeters
  • EX505: Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeters
Category: Multimeters
Electronic Organ

Electronic Organ 

Buy Electronic Organ Items Including
  • CJKIT-21047: Electronic Organ Kit Soldering Iron and Solder (Audio)
  • 1445251-1: Connector Accessories Organizer PC/104
  • KIT-CS5: Circuit Skills: Customizable LED Color Organ Kit
  • MK114: Low Voltage Light Organ Input Sensitivity: 2W to 60W
  • KIT-TOYORGAN: Forrest M Mims Iii: Toy Organ Kit (Audio)
Category: Audio
Electronic Oscillators

Electronic Oscillators 

Buy Electronic Oscillators Items Including
  • RTL201608: Oscillator 32.000MHZ Half can TTL 70MA 5NS
  • SG-615P-10.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 10 KHZ Surface Mount
  • K550CSEM-3.579550M: Oscillator 3.579545MHZ Half can TTL 15MA 10NS
  • SG-615P-16.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 16 KHZ Surface Mount
  • PG-3000: Field Oscillator Programming Instrument
Category: Oscillators
Electronic Oscilloscope

Electronic Oscilloscope 

Buy Electronic Oscilloscope Items Including
  • MS6060: 60MHZ Dual-Channel Digital Oscilloscope with Color LCD
  • 5806A: 300V 20/200MHZ X1/X10 CAT I Oscilloscope Probe with Adapters
  • 6266: 300V 20/60MHZ X1/X10 CAT I Oscilloscope Probe with Adapters
  • 6498: 1000V 400MHZ X100 CAT II Passive Oscilloscope Probe
  • EDU06: Oscilloscope Tutor Kit Signals: (Educational)
Category: Test Probes
Electronic Part Edge Connector

Electronic Part Edge Connector 

Buy Electronic Part Edge Connector Items Including
  • 640136-6: 06P Edge Conn Housing Bif-Leaf
  • 145246-1: 184 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 1-145154-2: 120 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 2-530655-6: 22 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 3-531341-0: Conn SEC II 28POS 125C/L (PCB Connectors)
Category: Single Part Card Edge
Electronic Parts

Electronic Parts 

Buy Electronic Parts Items Including
  • 1-145154-2: 120 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 1375799-1: Two Part Board Connector 120 Contact
  • 173977-5: 5 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector
  • 2-530655-6: 22 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 1-640428-0: 10 Contact Female Two Part Board Connector
Category: Two Part Board Connector
Electronic Pin Extractor

Electronic Pin Extractor 

Buy Electronic Pin Extractor Items Including
  • W-HT-2285: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2054: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2038: Connector Extraction Tool
  • W-HT-2023: Connector Extraction Tool
Category: Insert/Extract Hand Tools
Electronic Pin Plug

Electronic Pin Plug 

Buy Electronic Pin Plug Items Including
  • 3834-0: 3834 Banana Jack to Pin Jack Adapter
  • 770022-1: 12P Umnlii in-Lne Plug Housing KIT
  • 640582-1: 08P Umnl Plug Housing (Pin & Socket)
  • 211768-1: Connector CPC Series 1 Plastic Plug
  • 1658675-1: 748468 15 HD22 Shld HDW Plug Bulk
Category: Pin & Socket
Electronic Plastic Boxes

Electronic Plastic Boxes 

Buy Electronic Plastic Boxes Items Including
  • KIT-1593K-BK: ABS Plastic Enclosure with Matching PCB
  • H2853-R: Case Speedy ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • H2851-R: Case ABS Plastic Enclosure
  • H2852-R: Case ABS Plastic Enclosures
  • 203-132F: Enclosure Case Fliptop Plastic 10 Inch L with Lid
Category: Plastic
Electronic Plugs

Electronic Plugs 

Buy Electronic Plugs Items Including
  • 206509-1: 206509 Connector CPC Series Keying Plug
  • 87179-1: 87179 Locking Clip Keying Plug
  • 640254-1: 640254 Keying Plug .045 SQ PST Conn
  • 3030: Miniature Double Banana Plug Shorting Bar
  • 794995-1: 794995 Mini Umnl Cavity Plug Seal
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Electronic Posts & Connectors

Electronic Posts & Connectors 

Buy Electronic Posts & Connectors Items Including
  • 350980-3: Connector Power .045 Post Contact Auplbr
  • 5227677-1: 5227677 BNC PCB RT ANG Jack with Post
  • 227673-1: 227673 BNC PCB Vertical Jack with Post
  • 66460-7: 66460 PIN .062 DIA .025 SQ Post LP
  • 103185-3: Square Post Wire to Board Connector
Category: RF Connectors
Electronic Potentiometer

Electronic Potentiometer 

Buy Electronic Potentiometer Items Including
  • 3329P-1-201-VP/82MR: Potentiometer 200 Ohm 3329P-201 Single-Turn
  • 3329P-1-504-VP: 1/4 Inch Round Cermet Trimming Potentiometer 1 Turn
  • 3299W-1-102-VP/68WR: Potentiometer 1K Ohm 3299W-102 25 Turn .5 Watt
  • 3299W-1-200-VP: 3/8 Inch 20 Ohm Cermet Trimmer Potentiometer Square 25 Turns
  • 3299W-1-254-VP/68WR: 3/8 Inch 250K Ohm Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer Square 25 Turns
Category: Trimmers
Electronic Potting

Electronic Potting 

Buy Electronic Potting Items Including
  • 1045629-1: Connector Ssma Receptacle Solder Pot Straight Panel Mount Gold
  • 44JR500K-T13: POT 4MM Cermet 500K 1/4W 10%, (Potentiometers)
  • 3329P-1-502-VP: POT 1/4 Inch RND Cermet 5K .5W 10%, (Trimmer)
  • 3352T-1-253/91AR25K: POT 3/8 Inch RND .5W 25K .5WATT 20%
  • 3299X-1-253-VP/68XR: POT 3/8 Inch SQ Cermet 25K .5W 10%, (Trimmer)
Category: BI Tech/Beckman Trimmers
Electronic Power Converters

Electronic Power Converters 

Buy Electronic Power Converters Items Including
  • ATS030A0X3SRZ: DC-to-DC Power Converter Module High Efficiency
  • 208697-2: 208697 Converter Outlet Assembly (Black)
  • 208979-2: Converter Outlet Assembly (Black)
Category: Open Frame
Electronic Power Cord

Electronic Power Cord 

Buy Electronic Power Cord Items Including
  • DCCORD-2.1-18AWG: DC Power Cord 2.1 X 5.5 Female to Strip and Tinned
  • E88265: 8 Foot 3 Conductor Right-Angle Detachable Power Cord
  • LR94903: 6 Foot Computer Extension Power Cord
  • LL39965: 10 Foot 3 Conductor Hospital Grade Power Cord
  • LL11094B: 1.5 Foot AC Power Cord Length: 1.5 Feet
Category: 3 Conductor
Electronic Power Supplies

Electronic Power Supplies 

Buy Electronic Power Supplies Items Including
  • SS-500L1U: 5 Output AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply +3.3 Volt +5 Volt +12 Volt -12 Volt +5 Vsb
  • PS-2.1-5-4DAC: 5 Volt 4 Amp 20 Watt Regulated Table Top Power Supply
  • 382213: Digital Display Triple Output DC Power Supply
  • 382203: Analog DC Power Supply 115/220VAC
  • PS24B: 288W Regulated Benchtop Power Supply
Category: Benchtop Power Supplies
Electronic Product

Electronic Product 

Buy Electronic Product Items Including
  • 324: Electronic Work Center (Tool Soldering)
  • TSB42AB4PDT: Ieee 1394.A Consumer Electronics Link Layer Controller (Celynx)
  • HAA40A: Electronic Flashing Xenon Amber Siren Light
  • HAA40R: Electronic Flashing Xenon Red Siren Light
  • 59140-010: Hamlin --Magnetic Sensor (More Products)
Category: Alarm Sirens and Flashers
Electronic Programmer

Electronic Programmer 

Buy Electronic Programmer Items Including
  • DPM 942-FPSI: 4-20 mA Loop Meter with Programmable Backlighting
  • 46.: Usbtinyisp AVR Programmer & SPI Interface
  • 1300: AVR Programmer USB TTL Level Serial Slo-Scope 12 Inch 6 Pin ISP
  • PA16O16D: 16 Pin Tsop Adapter for Universal Programmers
  • TOPMAXII: Topmax II -Expert Universal Device Programmer for PC USB (Single Socket)
Category: AVR
Electronic Project Boxes

Electronic Project Boxes 

Buy Electronic Project Boxes Items Including
  • CJKIT-20314: Fun Light Switch Box Soldering Iron and Solder (Games)
  • CJKIT-20906: Instructables: Prank Box -(Electronics only) (Games)
  • CJKIT-20940: Instructables: Mic Stereo with Little Amp in a Pencil Box
  • CJKIT-20853: Medium Power Resistive Decade Load Box (Optoelectronic)
  • CJKIT-21071: Arduino Bread Box Kit (Educational)
Category: Games
Electronic Project Enclosure

Electronic Project Enclosure 

Buy Electronic Project Enclosure Items Including
  • KIT-CS2-ENCL: Make a Waveform Generator and Enclosure Kit
  • A000009: ABS Plastic Enclosure for Board
  • MK146: Pocket VU Meter Kit in Enclosure (Lighting)
  • FIT0370: Black Pi Case Enclosure for Raspberry Pi Material: ABS
  • PS-11591: Pi Sandwich Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Microcomputer
Category: Educational
Electronic Project Lab

Electronic Project Lab 

Buy Electronic Project Lab Items Including
  • IF-LMH: Fiber Optics Lab Kit
  • 122-32305: Propeller Education Kit Labs: Fundamentals Text (Books)
  • FCJJ-33: Renewable Energy Science Education Lab (Kits)
  • KIT-CCSF: Ccsf -Elec 101/102B Lab Kit (Educational)
  • CCSF-101/102B-SPRING: Ccsf Lab Kit for ELEC-101/102B Spring (Educational)
Category: Educational
Electronic Project Lab Kit

Electronic Project Lab Kit 

Buy Electronic Project Lab Kit Items Including
  • IF-LMH: Fiber Optics Lab Kit
  • KIT-CCSF: Ccsf -Elec 101/102B Lab Kit (Educational)
  • CCSF-101/102B-SPRING: Ccsf Lab Kit for ELEC-101/102B Spring (Educational)
  • EET237: Lab Kit for (Educational)
  • EEE210: Lab Kit for (Educational)
Category: Educational
Electronic Projects

Electronic Projects 

Buy Electronic Projects Items Including
  • B3F-4055: Tactile N.O SPST Projected, (Switches)
  • B3F-3150: Tactile N.O SPST Projected, (Switches)
  • B3F-3152: Tactile N.O SPST Projected, (Switches)
  • CJKIT-21325: Mini Counter Electronics Project (Lighting)
  • B3W-4050: Switch Channeltactile Normally Open (no) Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) Projected Plunger PC Pins 0.05A 24VDC 1.96N Thru-Hole Bag
Category: Tactile
Electronic Projects Book

Electronic Projects Book 

Buy Electronic Projects Book Items Including
  • 3-133: Muscle Wires Project Book 3RD Edition
  • 28129: Basic Analog and Digital Text V1.4 Building a Comparator (Books)
  • 9781449309879: Getting Started with Arduino (Books)
  • 122-32225: Understanding Signals with the Propscope Text (Books)
  • 9781449313876: Arduino Cookbook 2ND Edition (Books)
Category: Books
Electronic Protection

Electronic Protection 

Buy Electronic Protection Items Including
  • SP723AP: Electronic Protection Array for ESD and over-Voltage Protection
  • ALG242: 6 Outlet Surge Suppressor with Coax Protection
  • RGEF1000: Polyswitch Overcurrent Protection PTC Device
  • PRF18BA471QB1RB: Overheat Sensing Chip Type Posistor for Circuit Protection
  • RUEF135: Radial Leaded Device for Electronic Application
Category: Fuses
Electronic Prototype

Electronic Prototype 

Buy Electronic Prototype Items Including
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 22-512: PCB Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 22-502: PCB Versa Strip Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 22-504: PCB Export Design Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 22-514: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
Category: Proto Boards
Electronic Prototype Design

Electronic Prototype Design 

Buy Electronic Prototype Design Items Including
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 2853PCB-R: Protoboard General-Purpose Prototyping Board
  • JE401-R: Protoboard General-Purpose Prototyping Board
  • 2851PCB-R: Protoboard General-Purpose Prototyping Board
  • PCB-594: Protoboard General Purpose Prototyping Board
Category: Proto Boards
Electronic Quick Connect Terminals

Electronic Quick Connect Terminals 

Buy Electronic Quick Connect Terminals Items Including
  • 640919-1: 640919 0.187 Inch Quick Connect Terminal
  • 1217056-1: Printer Circuit Board Male Quick Connect
  • V-10G3-1C24-K: Basic Lever Switch Terminal Type: .183 Inch Quick Connect
Category: Terminals

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