Parallax Robotics Sensors Parallax   to   Owi Incorporated Robotics Kits

Buy Parallax Robotics Sensors Parallax Items Including
  • 29132: Sound Impact Sensor Detection Range Up to 3 Meters Away
  • 28028: Sensor Sampler Kit Motion Detection (Kits-Modules)
  • 28302: TCS3200 Db Color Sensor Taos TCS230 Color Sensor
  • 28380: Colorpal -Color/Light Sensor (Preassembled Modules)
  • 28108: QTI Line Follower Appkit for Boe-Bot 38 Pieces IR Sensors (Kits)
Category: Preassembled Modules
Buy Parallax Robotics Sensors Kits-Modules Items Including
  • 28028: Sensor Sampler Kit Motion Detection (Kits-Modules)
  • 28340: USB EM4100 RFID Card Reader Module (without Tags) (Kits-Modules)
  • 32501: Activitybot Encoder Kit (Kits-Modules)
Category: Kits-Modules
Buy Parallax Robotics Radio/IR Controls Transmitters Items Including
  • 350-00017: IR Transmitter Assembly Kit (Radio/IR Controls)
  • 700-10016: Key Fob Remote 4 Channel Control (Transmitters)
Category: Transmitters
Buy Parallax Robotics Mechanical Propulsion Systems Items Including
  • 28962: Motor Mount & Wheel Kit -Aluminum (Propulsion Systems)
  • 30055: Kit Crawler for Boe-Bot Robot 6 Leg 90 Pieces Pbasic Code Includes
Category: Propulsion Systems
Buy Parallax Robotics Kits Items Including
  • 28832: Boe-Bot Robot Kit -USB Version
  • 27400: Sumobot Robot Kit Basic Sumobot Locomotion under Program Control
  • 32500: Activitybot Robot Kit
  • 27402: Sumobot Robot Competition Kit -Serial ( with USB Adapter & Cable)
  • 28202: Gripper Kit for the Boe-Bot Robot
Category: Kits
Buy Parallax Robotics Books General Robotics Items Including
  • 28125: Robotics with the Boe-Bot Text V2.2 your Boe-Bot Robot's Brain
  • 27403: Applied Robotics with the Sumobot Text V1.0 (Books)
  • 27218: Basic Stamp Syntax and Reference Manual V2.2 (General Robotics)
  • 28123: Book Whats a Microcontroller V2.0 Intro P Basic Stamp 320 Pages
  • 122-27400: Manual Sumobot 1-928982-26-3 B&W Soft Cover Publisher: Inc (Books)
Category: General Robotics
Buy Parallax Robotics Accessories Items Including
  • 700-00056: Whisker Wire or Boe-Bot (Robots)
  • 80080: ELEV-8 Crash Pack 4 Apc 10X4.7 Composite Propeller (Robots)
Category: Robots
Buy Parallax Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • 28986: Li-Ion Power Pack / Charger -2 Cell (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 28988: Li-Ion Boe-Bot Power Pack-Charger (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 28989: Li-Ion Power Pack Charger Full Kit (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
Category: Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable)
Buy Parallax Opto & Illumination Opto Components Assortments Items Including
  • 751-00011: Resistor Pack Assortment -100 Ω
  • Resistors (Opto Components)
  • 751-00005: LED Party Pack -20 LEDs (Assortments)
  • 751-00009: 10 Pack Clear White Rectangular LED Forward Voltage: 3-3.2V
  • 751-00012: Capacitor Care Pack -7 Values -0.01 &Micro
Category: Assortments
Buy Parallax Microcontrollers Peripheral ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 27937: Memory Stick Datalogger (Microcontroller Peripherals)
  • 32201: Prop Plug for Propeller and Basic Stamp (USB-to-Serial)
Category: Microcontroller Peripherals
Buy Parallax Electronic Kits & Projects Robotics Controllers Items Including
  • 29144: HB-25 Motor Controller Motor Size: 0.5 HP Max -no Minimum
  • 32313: SD Card Adapter Kit Contains all Components Necessary for Interfacing with a Microcontroller
  • 27113: Digital I/O Board Kit Mechanical or Solid State Relay Output
  • 27800: 2 Axis Joystick Easy Breadboard Connection (Controllers)
Category: Controllers
Buy Parallax Electronic Kits & Projects Robotics Components Items Including
  • 32313: SD Card Adapter Kit Contains all Components Necessary for Interfacing with a Microcontroller
  • 572-28132: Boe-Bot Refresher Pack (Components)
Category: Controllers
Buy Parallax Electronic Kits & Projects Arduino Shields Items Including
  • 130-35000: Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino) (Arduino)
  • 32335: Robot Shield with Arduino Complete -just Add Batteries!
  • 35000: Board of Education Shield (for Arduino) (Arduino)
Category: Shields
Buy Parallax Electronic Kits & Projects Arduino Accessories Items Including
  • 700-00022: Boe Bot Chassis (Arduino)
  • 725-28995: Acrylic IR Stand with Hardware Dark Colored Acrylic Stand
  • 725-32008: Acrylic Ping) ) Stand with Hardware Dark Colored Acrylic Stand
Category: Arduino
Buy Parallax Electronic Design Programmers Adapters Items Including
  • 28031: USB to Serial (Rs-232) Adapter with Cable (Programmers)
  • 28030: USB to Serial (Rs-232) Adapter USB Version 1.1 and 2.0 Compatible
  • 27111: Basic Stamp 1 Serial Adapter (Programmers)
  • 28024: USB2SER Development Tool USB Power, no External Supply Required
Category: Adapters
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors RFID/Smart Card Items Including
  • 32320: Smart Card Reader Low-Cost Solution for Reading and Writing Data to Standard Smart Cards
  • 28440: Serial RFID Read/Write Module (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32390: Serial RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32395: USB RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 28441: RFID Read/Write 54 X 85 Mm Rectangle Tag (RFID/Smart Card)
Category: RFID/Smart Card
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors Position Items Including
  • 29124: Altimeter Module MS5607 High Resolution 20CM Altitude (Position)
  • 29321: 36 Position Quadrature Encoder Set (Sensors)
Category: Position
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors Motion Items Including
  • 28032: Wide Angle PIR Sensor (Motion)
  • 28033: Mini Passive Infrared (Pir) Sensor (Motion)
  • 32213: X-Band Motion Detector Operation Frequency of 10.525 GHz (Sensors)
  • 555-28027: PIR Sensor (Rev B) Longer Detection Range, Selectable by Onboard Jumper
  • 27911: Gyroscope Module 3 Axis L3G4200D (Motion)
Category: Motion
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors Infrared Items Including
  • 555-27401: QTI Sensor -Infrared Emitter/Receiver (Infrared)
  • 28033: Mini Passive Infrared (Pir) Sensor (Motion)
  • 28049: Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver (Infrared)
Category: Infrared
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors Gas Items Including
  • 605-00011: Sensor Gas C2H5OH Alcohol/ Benzine Found in Breathalyzer
  • 605-00007: CO (Carbon Monoxide) Gas Sensor Manufacturer Model MQ-7
  • 27932: LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor Module Uses the MQ-5 LPG Gas Sensor
  • 605-00009: LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor Manufacturer Model MQ-5
  • 605-00008: CH4 (Methane) Gas Sensor Manufacturer Model MQ-2
Category: Gas
Buy Parallax Electromechanical Sensors Distance Items Including
  • 725-28998: Dual Ping/IR Acrylic Stand with Sensors (Distance)
  • 28015: Ping) ) ™ Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  • 28044: Laser Range Finder Compact Module with Integrated CMOS Camera and Laser System
  • 28043: 12 Hz SF02 Laser Rangefinder -40 M (Distance)
Category: Distance
Buy Parallax Batteries Accessories Holders & Clips Items Including
  • 30078: Boe-Boost Module 7.5 Volt 58X33X15MM AA Battery (Holders & Clips)
  • 700-00038: 4 AA Battery Holder with 2.1MM Barrel Plug
Category: Holders & Clips
Buy Parallax Analog Robotics Motors Servos Items Including
  • 900-00008: Continuous Rotation Servo Bidirectional Continuous Rotation
  • 900-00005: 180 Degree Range Servo Motor
  • 900-00014: 6VDC 1.4 Kg/Cm (Gws) Naro Servo Approx 180&Deg
  • Movement (Motors)
  • 900-00025: High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo (Motors)
Category: Analog Servos
Buy Panasonic Corp Passive Components Inductors Items Including
  • ELJ-NCR18KF: Inductor High Frequency Chip Wirewound 180NH 10% 25.2MHZ 10Q-Factor Ferrite 155MA 1.05 Ohm DCR 1008
  • ETQ-P6F102HFA: Power Choke Molded Wirewound 12.5UH/10.2UH 25% 100KHZ 6.5A 13.3M Ohm DCR
  • ELL-6RH101M: Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 100UH 20% 100KHZ 300MA 1 Ohm DCR Embossed Carrier
  • ELL-6RH3R3M: Power Choke Shielded Wirewound 3.3UH 20% 100KHZ 1.6A 44M Ohm DCR Embossed Carrier
  • ELJ-PC100KF: 1008 10UH 10% Wirewound High Power SMT Hazmat
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Buy Panasonic Corp Passive Components Capacitors Suppression Items Including
  • ECQ-U2A332ML: Capacitor 0.0033 uf 250 Volt AC Plye 20% 15 X 5 X 11.5MM Radial 12.5MM
  • ECK-TBC222ME: Capacitor 0.0022 uf 250 Volt AC Y5U 20% 7.1 X 6.3 X 2.5MM Surface Mount Tape and Reel
  • ECQ-U2A104ML: Capacitor Film Suppression X2 0.1uf 250VAC PET 20% (17.5 X 5.5 X 12MM) Radial 15MM 85C
  • ECQ-U2A333MV: Capacitor Film Suppression X2 0.033uf 250VAC PET 20% (17.5 X 4.5 X 13MM) Radial 15MM 85C
  • ECK-ATS103MF: Capacitor Ceramic Suppression X1/Y2 0.01uf 250VAC/440VAC Y5 Volt 20% (17 X 7MM) Radial 10 Mm 125C Bulk
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Buy Panasonic Corp Passive Components Capacitors Organic Items Including
  • ECA-1CM102: M Radial Lead Electrolytic Capacitor (Organic)
  • EEU-FC1V152S: FC 1500 µF 35V Electrolytic Capacitor (Organic)
  • EEU-FC1C152L: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1500uf 16 Volt 20% (10 X 30MM) Radial 5MM 1815MA 3000H 105C Bulk
  • EEU-FC2A221L: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 220uf 100 Volt 20% (12.5 X 35MM) Radial 5MM 1040MA 5000H 105C Bulk
  • ECA-1HM471: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 470uf 50 Volt 20% (10 X 20MM) Radial 5MM 650MA 2000H 85C Bulk
Category: Organic
Buy Panasonic Corp Electromechanical Relays Solid State Items Including
  • AQV212: Relay SSR 50MA 1.5 Volt DC-in 0.55A 60 Volt AC/DC Output 6 Pin DIP
  • AQY221R2S: Solid State Relay 50MA 1.5V DC-in 0.25A 40V AC/DC -out 4 Pin SOP
  • AQV257: Solid State Relay 50MA 1.5V DC-in 0.25A 200V AC/DC -out 6 Pin DIP
  • AQV414: Solid State Relay 50MA 1.5V DC-in 0.12A 400V AC/DC -out 6 Pin DIP
  • AQW254A: Solid State Relay 50MA 1.5V DC-in 0.16A 400V AC/DC -out 8 Pin Pdip SMD
Category: Solid State
Buy Panasonic Corp Electromechanical Relays Sockets Items Including
  • DK2A-PS: Connector Relay Socket SKT 8 Position Solder Straight through Hole
  • DSP2A-PS: Connector Relay Socket 8 Position Solder Straight Thru-Hole
  • NC2D-DC12V: Electromechanical Power Relay 12VDC 5A DPDT Socket
Category: Miniature
Buy Panasonic Corp Electromechanical Audio Components Speakers Items Including
  • 45P30S: 0.1W Round Ferrite Speaker (Audio Components)
  • 24C411: Piezo Transducer Speaker Rated Voltage: 15VP-p
Category: Speakers
Buy Owi Incorporated Robotics Kits Items Including
  • OWI-536: Atr: 3 in-1 all Terrain Robot Kit
  • OWI-891: EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit
  • OWI-535: Robotic Arm Edge Kit
  • OWI-MSK617: T4 Transforming Solar Robot
  • 535-USB: USB Interface for Robotic Arm Edge (Controllers)
Category: Kits