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Rechargeable 9V Batteries

Rechargeable 9V Batteries 

Buy Rechargeable 9V Batteries Items Including
  • VINNICS9V/GP6F22MS: Zinc Chloride 9V Battery 9V, 300MAH Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
  • ALK 9V 522: Energizer® Alkaline Battery
  • DURACELL PC1604: Batteries Cell 1 Alkaline Manganese Dioxide 9V 2 Pin
  • L6F22/VINNIC: Single Use Pairdeer 9V Super Alkaline Battery.@Battery
Category: Alkaline (Non-Rechargeable)
SSR Solid State Relay

SSR Solid State Relay 

Buy SSR Solid State Relay Items Including
  • CMX60D10-6454: CMS Series SIP Solid State Relay 10A 60VDC SIP SSR
  • D2W202F: DC-to-AC Solid State Relay Control Voltage: 13-32VDC
  • CX240D5R: Relay SSR 15MA 15 Volt DC-in 5A 280 Volt AC Output 4 Pin SIP
  • ASO242: Relay SSR 15MA 10 Volt DC-in 2A 280 Volt AC Output 4 Pin Mini-Sip
  • A2440: Relay SSR 4MA 280 Volt AC-in 40A 280 Volt AC Output 4 Pinrelay 40A 480VAC-AC
Category: Solid State
Industrial Counters

Industrial Counters 

Buy Industrial Counters Items Including
  • XC410: Counter LED NPN/PNP 6DIGIT 36MM X 72MM 90-270VOLT AC/DC
  • XC1200: Multifunction Counter (Industrial Automation)
  • RC102C: Rate Indicator 6 Digit Counter RPM 4 Digit 1 /8 DIN PNP Sensor
  • 600XU-A-1-CU: 17.5MM DIN Rail Timer Analog (Industrial Automation)
  • TIMER8U: Programmable Digital Timer -Weekly (Industrial Automation)
Category: Counters & Timers
Power Trans

Power Trans 

Buy Power Trans Items Including
  • GST25U15-P1J: AC to DC Power Supply Transistor Wall SW 15V@1.66A 25W F2
  • GSM36U24-P1J: AC to DC Power Supply Transistor Wall SW MED 24V@1.5A F2
  • PN3568: Transistor for Medium Power Amplifiers and Switchesfor More About Transistors
  • LTC1348CSWPBF: Triple Transmitter Quint Receiver RS-232 28 Pin SOIC WIC
  • WAU12-1000-CEC: Transistor Wall 12VAC/1A F (AC-to-AC)
Category: Wall Transformers
Current DC Power Supply

Current DC Power Supply 

Buy Current DC Power Supply Items Including
  • LCM-60: 60 Watt Multiple-Stage Output Current LED Power Supply
  • LCM-60DA: 60 Watt Multiple-Stage Output Current LED Power Supply
  • LCM-40: 40 Watt Multiple-Stage Output Current LED Power Supply
  • LCM-40DA: 40 Watt Multiple-Stage Output Current LED Power Supply
  • HLG-80H-C350A: 90W 350MA 128-257VDC Constant Current Switching Power Supply
Category: LED
Keystone Turret

Keystone Turret 

Buy Keystone Turret Items Including
  • 6092: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
  • 6091: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Crimp Type

Crimp Type 

Buy Crimp Type Items Including
  • 200-145: BNC Crimp Type Connector for RG58 Cable
  • 200-143: Connector RF BNC Crimp Type for RG62A/U and RG59U
  • 31-325: Crimp Type 50ω Male BNC Coaxial Connector
  • GB218: 100 Piece Male and Female Crimp Type Contact Assortment
  • 02-06-1103: 1561 Female Crimp-Type Contact Rohs Compliant (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: RF Connectors
Digital Output

Digital Output 

Buy Digital Output Items Including
  • WISE-4000: 3 Channel Digital Input 3 Channel Digital Output
  • WF-2055: WiFi I/O Module 8 Channel Isolated Digital Input 8 Channel Sink Type Isolated Digital Output
  • HY5003-2: 300W Dual Output Benchtop Power Supply Input Voltage: 110/220VAC
  • HY3003D-2-R: 180W Dual Output Benchtop Power Supply
  • HY3003D-3: 195W Triple Output Benchtop Power Supply
Category: Benchtop Power Supplies
ADC Power Supply

ADC Power Supply 

Buy ADC Power Supply Items Including
  • 382270: 335W Quad Output DC Power Supply
  • RSP-1500-12: RSP-1500 Power Supply AC/DC Enclosed with PFC Switching
  • LPC-60-1750: LPC-60 60W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
  • LPC-20-700: LPC-20 20W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
  • LPC-60-1400: LPC-60 60W Single Output Switching LED Power Supply
Category: LED
Tdk Ferrites

Tdk Ferrites 

Buy Tdk Ferrites Items Including
  • MMZ2012S102A: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 1K Ohm 25% 100MHZ 500MA 350M Ohm DCR 0805
  • MPZ2012S221A: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 220&8486
  • 25% 100MHZ 3A 40M&8486
  • DCR 0805
  • MMZ2012R102A: Ferrite Beads Multi-Layer 1K Ohm 25% 100MHZ 500MA 300M Ohm DCR 0805
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
DB9 Female to DB9 Female

DB9 Female to DB9 Female 

Buy DB9 Female to DB9 Female Items Including
  • G09S4-R: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 10D1-02306-R: 6 Foot DB9 to-DB25 Serial Cable (Assortments)
  • FC-9PM/9SM-6FT-R: 6 Foot DB9 Male-to-Female Flat Ribbon Cable
Category: Adapters
Pulse Timers

Pulse Timers 

Buy Pulse Timers Items Including
  • MK188: 1 Second to 60 Hour Pulse-Pause Timer Kit Assembly Required
  • VM188: 1S 60H Pulse Pause Timer Wide Timing Range (Electronic Kits)
Category: Timers & Clocks
Analog Dsp

Analog Dsp 

Buy Analog Dsp Items Including
  • AD766JN: Digital to Analog Converter 1 Channel Current Steering 16 Bit 16 Pin Pdip N
  • ADSP-BF533SBBCZ500: Digital Signal Processing (Dsp) Fixed-Point 16BIT 500MHZ 500MIPS 160 Pin Csp-Bga
  • ADSP-BF536BBCZ-4B: Digital Signal Processing (Dsp) Fixed-Point 16BIT 400MHZ 400MIPS 208 Pin Csp-Bga
  • ADSP-21061KSZ-200: Digital Signal Processing (Dsp) Floating-Point 32 Bit 50MHZ 50MIPS 240 Pin Mqfp
  • ADSP-BF534BBCZ-4A: Digital Signal Processing (Dsp) Fixed-Point 16BIT 400MHZ 400MIPS 182 Pin Csp-Bga
Category: Digital Signal Processor(Dsp)
SCR Transistor

SCR Transistor 

Buy SCR Transistor Items Including
  • MCR25DG: Thyristor SCR 400 Volt 300A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB
  • 2N6509G: Thyristor SCR 800 Volt 250A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB Boxfor More About Transistors
Category: Scrs
Keystone Electronics

Keystone Electronics 

Buy Keystone Electronics Items Including
  • 1456: 3/8 Inch -32 Hex Nut Mounting Hardware
  • 5001: Miniature Color Coded Black PCB Test Point -0.05 Inch Looped Eyelet
  • 103: 20MM Coin Cell Battery Holder
  • 904: #6 Lockwasher Terminal Lug (Hardware)
  • 6092: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Board Programmer

Board Programmer 

Buy Board Programmer Items Including
  • K8048: PIC Programmer & Experiment Board (Universal)
  • K8055N: USB Experiment Interface Board Kit (Universal)
  • VM134: PIC™ Programmer Board (Eprom/Flash)
  • VM111: PIC Programmer and Experiment Board (Universal)
  • VM140: Extended USB Interface Board (Universal)
Category: Universal
Browning Accessories

Browning Accessories 

Buy Browning Accessories Items Including
  • 100525-3: Connector Accessories Plug Coding Key Nut Brown
  • 100526-3: Connector Accessories Coding Key Polyamide 6.6 Brown
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Used Switches

Used Switches 

Buy Used Switches Items Including
  • PF31E10: 2 Pack of End Plates for BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) Pushbutton Switch
  • MLRR2-2238: Switch Reed Used for Office Equipmentsame (Mlrr-2 5242 22-38 Rev:Av
  • RPA: USA Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for USA Outlet Use
  • RPE: European Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for European Outlet Use
  • AC PLUG-US: USA Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for USA Outlet Use
Category: Wall Transformers
Computer Grade

Computer Grade 

Buy Computer Grade Items Including
  • CGS222U050R2C: Mallory Computer Grade Electrolytic Capacitors 2200U
  • CGS252T250V5L: Mallory Computer Grade Electrolytic Capacitors Lytic
Category: Radial Electrolytic
Inductor Core

Inductor Core 

Buy Inductor Core Items Including
  • 5300-25: 5300 Choke 100µH Inductor Core: Ferrite
  • 5800-680-RC: High Current RF Choke Bobbin Core 68UH 10% 1KHZ Ferrite 804MA 145M Ohm DCR AXL
  • IHD3EB470L: Ind Filter Bobbin Core 47UH 15% 1KHZ Ferrite 4A Axial Bulk
  • IHA102EB: Ind Filter Solenoidal Core 100UH 10% 1KHZ Ferrite 2.1A Axial Bulk
  • IHA104EB: Ind Filter Solenoidal Core 500UH 10% 1KHZ Ferrite 1.6A Axial Bulk
Category: Inductor
Board Electronics

Board Electronics 

Buy Board Electronics Items Including
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 22-512: PCB Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 64P44XXXP: Vectorbord® General-Purpose Pre-Punched Prototyping Board
  • 22-504: PCB Export Design Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 169P84WE: Vectorbord® General Purpose Prototyping Board
Category: Proto Boards
Tuning Fork Crystal

Tuning Fork Crystal 

Buy Tuning Fork Crystal Items Including
  • JVP-325243-R: 32.768KHZ Crystal Oscillator Tuning Fork
  • CY32.76: 32.768 KHz Tunning Fork Crystal Oscillator
Category: Crystals
Arduino Mini

Arduino Mini 

Buy Arduino Mini Items Including
  • DFR0159: Dfrduino Pro Mini V1.2 (16M5V328) (Microcontrollers)
  • CJKIT-20929: Instructables: Ghost Knocker Arduino Mini Programmer
Category: Microcontrollers
High Voltage Components

High Voltage Components 

Buy High Voltage Components Items Including
  • H11D1: DIP-6 High Voltage Phototransistor Optocoupler
  • PS2505-4: Optoisolator DIP-16 High Isolation V Photocoupler (Opto Components)
  • PS2505-2: High Isolation Voltage Phototransistor DIP-8 Computer Terminals (Optoisolators)
  • PS2532-4: Optoisolator DIP-16 H-Col to H-Emit V Photocoupler (Opto Components)
  • DEBB33F221KCDB: Capacitor Ceramic 220pf 3150 Volt B 10% (5 X 6MM) Radial 7.5MM 85C
Category: Optoisolators
Printed Boards

Printed Boards 

Buy Printed Boards Items Including
  • 14-024: Premier Positive Acting Single-Sided Circuit Board 2X4 Inch
  • PB-1135: PT Series Prototyping Printed Circuit Board
  • DATAK 14-234: Double-Sided Pre-Sensitized Circuit Board 3X4 Inch
  • 14-034: Single-Sided Pre-Sensitized Circuit Board 3X4 Inch
  • PB-1931: PT Series Prototyping Printed Circuit Board
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Optical Receiver

Optical Receiver 

Buy Optical Receiver Items Including
  • HFBR-2531Z: Receiver Optical Fiber 5MBD 6 Pinversatile Link Vertical 5MBD
  • HFBR-5961LZ: Transceiver Receiver Optical Fiber 10 Pin DIP with Connector
  • AD807A-155BRZ: Receiver Optical Fiber 155MBPS 16 Pin SOIC NIC
  • HFBR-2522Z: Receiver Optical Fiber 1MBD 6 Pinv-Link Horiz 1MBD Rcvr Rohs
  • HFBR-2416: Receiver Optical Fiber 8 Pinlow Cost 125MHZ Analog FO ST Rohs 3K
Category: Fiber Optic
Semiconductor Development

Semiconductor Development 

Buy Semiconductor Development Items Including
  • DM300019: DSPIC30F6014A/DSPIC33FJ256GP710 Microcontroller Development Board 7.37MHZ CPU
  • STR710-EVAL: Development KIT for Complete Development Platform for the STR71X Series 10
  • AC164301: DSPIC30F Microcontroller Development Tool
  • CY3215-DK: Development Kit for Debugging Non -Qfn CY8C24X23A Psoc Devices
  • CY3684: CY7C68013A-128AXC Microcontroller Development Kit Eeprom Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP OS
Category: Microcontroller Peripherals
Networking Components

Networking Components 

Buy Networking Components Items Including
  • 4116R-1-331LF.: 16 Pin 125 Mwatt 330 Ohm 2% Bussed Resistor Network
  • 4116R-1-102.: 16 Pin 125MWATT 1K Ohm 2% Bussed Resistor Network
  • 898-3-4.7K: 16 Pin 125 Mwatt 4.7K Ohm 2% Bussed Resistor Network
  • MDP16-03-101G: 100ω Isolated Resistor Network Packaging: DIP-16
  • 898-1-R1K: 16 Pin 125 Mwatt 1K Ohm 2% Bussed Resistor Network
Category: DIP Network
Linear Tech

Linear Tech 

Buy Linear Tech Items Including
  • LTC2253IUHPBF: LTC2253IUH Linear Tech (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC3725EMSEPBF: LTC3725EMSE Linear Tech
  • LTC2284CUPPBF: LTC2284CUP Linear Tech (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC2629CGNPBF: Digital to Analog Converter 4 Channel 12 Bit 16 Pin Ssop NIC
  • LTC3705EGNPBF: Forward Controller and Gate Driver 16 Pin Ssop NIC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Caig Deoxit

Caig Deoxit 

Buy Caig Deoxit Items Including
  • D5S-6: Deoxit D5 Spray Contact Cleaner and Rejuvenator
  • CCS-2100: Deoxit® Dustall™ Dusting Spray (Miscellaneous)
  • K-DG100L-DB: Deoxit® Gold Electronic Maintenance Kit
  • F5S-H6: Deoxit Faderlube Spray (Miscellaneous)
  • G100L-2DB: Deoxit® Gold Brush Bottle (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous

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