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Cat RJ45 Connector   to   International Rectifier Controller

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Cat RJ45 Connector

Cat RJ45 Connector 

Buy Cat RJ45 Connector Items Including
  • 44050-0003: Connector RJ -45 Female Cat 5 8 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle through Hole 8 Terminal
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 556416-1: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions
  • EKTV-UD14-R: CAT 5E Keystone RJ45 Jack (Networking/Telecom)
  • 2-406549-1: Connector RJ -45 F 8 Position 2.03MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 12 Terminal 1 Port Tray Cat 5
Category: RJ45
Mos Transistors

Mos Transistors 

Buy Mos Transistors Items Including
  • BLF177CR,112: Hf/VHF Power MOS Transistor
  • RFD3055LE: Transistor Mosfet N Channel 60 Volt 11 Amp 3 Pin 3+ Tab TO-251 Rail
  • STP80NF03L-04: 80A 30V 0.0055 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STP80NF10: 38A 100V 0.015 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
  • STW26NM50: 30A 500V 0.12 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet (Transistors)
Category: Mosfets
Schottky Diodes Ttl

Schottky Diodes Ttl 

Buy Schottky Diodes Ttl Items Including
  • SN74S1051D: And Gate Based Mosfet Driver PDSO8 (Ttl Logic)
  • SN74S1053DW: PCI Video Broadcast Decoder PQFP128 (Ttl Logic)
Category: 74S Series (SMD)
BNC to BNC Adapter

BNC to BNC Adapter 

Buy BNC to BNC Adapter Items Including
  • TOL129C3P: 3.5MM Plug to BNC Probe Adapter ( RF Connectors)
  • RB312: BNC Female to RCA Male Connector Plating: Nickel
  • 31-5500: BNC Adapter Connector Orientation: Straight
  • 40958-Y: Connector RF BNC LAN
  • BJ-7055-R: BNC-RCA BNC Male to RCA Male Connector
Category: RF Connectors
Foot Lengths

Foot Lengths 

Buy Foot Lengths Items Including
  • 10S6-101LC-0.5M: 1.6 Foot Straight Latching SATA Data Cable
  • 177323: Detachable Power Chord (Unshielded) Length: 15 Ft
  • 10X5-82212: CAT5E Network Crossover Cable Length: 12 Feet
  • 4864-K-24-R: SMA Male to SMA Male Coax Cable Length: 2FT
  • C5M-7-BU: Network Cable Assemblies Length: 7 Ft
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
Cover White

Cover White 

Buy Cover White Items Including
  • 640551-6: Connector Accessories 6 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
  • 1-640551-0: Connector Accessories 10 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
  • 1-643075-0: 643075 10P MTA100 Molded Cover
  • 1-643067-2: 643067 12P MTA156 Molded Cover
  • 643071-6: 643071 06P MTA156 Fd-Thru Cover
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Phoenix Terminals

Phoenix Terminals 

Buy Phoenix Terminals Items Including
  • SMKDSN1,5/2: 5 MM 55 Degree 2 Position Green Terminal Block
  • 1706714-10: Terminal Block-10 Position Type: Wire to Board
Category: Terminal Blocks
BNC Screw on Connector

BNC Screw on Connector 

Buy BNC Screw on Connector Items Including
  • 200-142: Connector BNC Male Twist-On
  • 221108-4: Screw Thrd Rolling PL (BNC)
  • OSTTH020160: Connector Terminal Blocks Female 2 Position 5MM Screw Straight Cable Mount 15A
  • OSTTA044163: Ostta Terminal Block Connector
  • OSTTH030160: 0.197 Inch 3 Position Connector Terminal Block
Category: Terminal Blocks
Inductors & Capacitors

Inductors & Capacitors 

Buy Inductors & Capacitors Items Including
  • CZB2AGTTD102P: CZB Capacitor Multi Layer Ferritechip Bead 08051K Ohms
  • BLM18BD151SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Filter
  • BLM18PG330SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Fltr
  • BLM18PG600SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead Inductor Type EMI Suppression Fltr
  • BLM21BD151SN1D: Inductor Type Chip Ferrite Bead Emifil
Category: Suppression
Audio Transmitter

Audio Transmitter 

Buy Audio Transmitter Items Including
  • DIT4192IPW: 32 Bit Flash 66 MHZ Risc Microcontroller
  • 15-2400VRS: 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver
Category: Communication Audio
Atmel Eeprom

Atmel Eeprom 

Buy Atmel Eeprom Items Including
  • 24LC512-I/P.: 1.8V 64KX8 DIP-8 24C512 Eeprom (Memory)
  • AT93C46EN-SH-B: 1K (128 X 8 or 64 X 16) 3 Wire Serial Automotive Eeprom
  • AT28C256-15PU: Eeprom Parallel 256K-bit 32K X 8 5V 28 Pin Pdip W
  • AT17LV010-10PU: FPGA Config Serial Eeprom 1M 3.3V -10MH
  • AT28C64B-15JU: 8K X 8 Eeprom 5V 150 Ns PQCC32 (Memory)
Category: Eeprom
Demultiplexer IC

Demultiplexer IC 

Buy Demultiplexer IC Items Including
  • 74LS138: LS 3 to-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer (74LS Series)
  • 74HCT138: 3 to 8 Decoder/Demultiplexer Packaging: DIP-16 (74HCT Series)
  • CD4556: Dual 1 to 4 Decoder/Demultiplexer DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • SN74HCT138N: DIP-16 3 to-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer (Cmo Logic)
  • CD4028BE: Decoder/Demultiplexer Single 4 to-10 16 Pin Plastic DIP Tube
Category: 74HCT Series
Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coatings 

Buy Conformal Coatings Items Including
  • 419C-55ML: Acrylic Lacquer Conformal Coating (Miscellaneous)
  • 10BRN10K: SIP Conformal Coated Resistor 10 Pin Bussed Network (±2%)
  • 10BRN4.7K: SIP Conformal Coated Resistor 10 Pin Bussed Network (±2%)
  • 77083104P: Resistor Thick Film Net 100K Ohm 2% 1.1W Isol Conformal Coated 8 Pin through Hole Bulk
  • 5300-25: 5300 Choke 100µH Inductor Core: Ferrite
Category: Sip Network
Terminal Adapter

Terminal Adapter 

Buy Terminal Adapter Items Including
  • OSTTA024163: Ostta D-Subminiature Serial Adapter
  • 327637: Single Splice Terminal 14-16 Amp 14.27MM 5.46MM Zinc Loose Piece
  • 61765-1: Quick Disconnect Adapter Female/Male/Male 19.55MM 16.51MM Loose Piece
  • 61765-2: 61765 250 FAS Adapter 018/032TPBR
  • CD031: 8P8C (RJ45) Female to 8 PIN Screwless Spring Terminal (5PCS)
Category: Terminals
Corcom EMI Filter

Corcom EMI Filter 

Buy Corcom EMI Filter Items Including
  • 6EDL1SM: Power Entry Module M0=F7368L
  • 3EGG8-1: Power Entry Module S0=F7381B
  • 10CFS1: Power Entry Module M0=F7826
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Single Rectifier

Single Rectifier 

Buy Single Rectifier Items Including
  • 26MB80A: 25A 800V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 26MB120A: 25A 1200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 26MB60A: 25A 600V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • 36MB120A: 35A 1200V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
  • DF02M: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 200 Volt 1A 4 Pin Glass Passivated Die Construction
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Cable Rohs

Cable Rohs 

Buy Cable Rohs Items Including
  • 3811/34: Cables 34/Cab/ RC /Cc/26AWG/Str/.050 Inch /C Rohs 3K
  • CV-075-R: 3 Inch X.10 Inch Nylon Cable Ties Rohs Compliant
  • 3484-1: Cable Clamp (Bulk O/J DO201 Ad 3.0A 100V Rohs (Hoods)
  • 3503X: Connector RCA Female 2 Position Solder Straight Cable Mount 2 Terminal 1 Port
  • P25E-080S-EA: PAK25 Connector/Rohs (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
Category: Cables
Connector Set

Connector Set 

Buy Connector Set Items Including
  • D20418-39: D-Sub Connector Hood Hardware Consists of Two Washers
  • 14-522-R: Jack Screw NUT Washers SET (Mounting Hardware)
  • JKEY9S3D13: Right Angle Female D-Sub Connector
  • 17-768: 4-40 Hex Jack Screw Set 12 Pieces
  • B-1001-R: Right Angle DIN Female Socket Set Back: 0.5 Inch
Category: Mounting Hardware
Flux Soldering Paste

Flux Soldering Paste 

Buy Flux Soldering Paste Items Including
  • RSF-R80-2: Deoxit® Rosin Flux Soldering Paste (Miscellaneous)
  • SMD291: This is a no-Clean Formula Solder Paste Flux (Miscellaneous)
Category: Miscellaneous
AC Battery

AC Battery 

Buy AC Battery Items Including
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Adjustable 7 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • PS-120P-54C: 120W AC to DC Switching Single Output Table Top Power Supply or Battery Charger
  • PSC-35A: 2 Channel 35W Single Output with Battery Charger Power Supply
  • PSC-35B: 2 Channel 35W Single Output with Battery Charger Power Supply
  • PSC-35A-C: 2 Channel 35W Single Output with Battery Charger Power Supply
Category: Enclosed-Single Output
To-220 Transistor

To-220 Transistor 

Buy To-220 Transistor Items Including
  • TIP29C: Transistor TO-220 Bipolar Power NPN 1A 100VFOR More About Transistors
  • STP16NF06: N-Channel 60V-0.07 OHM-16A TO-220 Stripfet II Power Mosfetfor More About Transistors
  • D44H8: Transistor General Purpose BJT NPN 60 Volt 10A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220 Tubefor More About Transistors
  • MJF122G: Transistor Darlington NPN 100 Volt 5A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220
  • STP80PF55: Transistor Mosfet Positive Channel 55 Volt 80A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220 Tubefor More About Transistors
Category: Mosfets
Constant Current LED Driver IC

Constant Current LED Driver IC 

Buy Constant Current LED Driver IC Items Including
  • TLC5941PWP: 16CH LED Driver with DC 12BITSG/S (Illumination)
  • MC14489BDWE: 5 Channel LED Driver (Illumination)
  • LT3477EUFPBF: 3A DC/DC Converter with Dual Rail-to-Rail Current Sense
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
Power Fuses

Power Fuses 

Buy Power Fuses Items Including
  • IEC-GS-1-100: IEC Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle Fused Inlet with Switch
  • 6J4: J Power Line Filter, J0=F7657
  • 0717-1-R: Male AC Power Inlet Receptacle with Fuse Chamber
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
  • 04BEEG3S: Be EMI Fused Power Entry Filter IEC Connector
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Extech Digital Multimeter

Extech Digital Multimeter 

Buy Extech Digital Multimeter Items Including
  • EX330: Extech Digital Multimeter No. Of Functions: 9
  • MN26T: Extech 4000 Count 11 Function Multimeter with Autorange
  • EX570: 12 Function Waterproof True RMS Multimeter with Infrared Thermometer
  • MN35: Manual Ranging Digital Mini Multimeter
Category: Multimeters
Color Resistors

Color Resistors 

Buy Color Resistors Items Including
  • HLMP-1600-D00A2: T-1 (3 Mm) 5 Volt Integrated Resistor LED Lamp
  • HLMP-1620-C00A1: T-1 (3 Mm) 5 Volt Integrated Resistor LED Lamp
Category: Standard Output LEDs (SMD)
Magnetic Cable

Magnetic Cable 

Buy Magnetic Cable Items Including
  • 30PE: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (825 Ft.)
  • 28MAG: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (520 Ft.)
  • 20PE: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (81 Ft.)
  • 16PE: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (32 Ft.)
  • 18PE: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (51 Ft.)
Category: Magnet Wire
DB9 Female to Female Cable

DB9 Female to Female Cable 

Buy DB9 Female to Female Cable Items Including
  • AF-5432: DB9 Female to 10 Pin Header Panel Bracket Cable
  • 10D1-02306-R: 6 Foot DB9 to-DB25 Serial Cable (Assortments)
  • FC-9PM/9SM-6FT-R: 6 Foot DB9 Male-to-Female Flat Ribbon Cable
Category: Cable Assembly
Control Amplifiers

Control Amplifiers 

Buy Control Amplifiers Items Including
  • SSM2018PZ: SP Amplifier Specialty Analog Circuit PDIP16
  • LTC1041CN8PBF: Amplifiers Misc Bang-Bang Controller
  • AD8314ARM: 100 MHZ-2.7 GHZ 45 DB RF Detector/Controller
  • LTC1041CS8PBF: LTC1041 Misbang-Bang Controller
  • PGA2311PA: 2 Channel Volume Control Circuit PDIP16
Category: Amplifiers
Arm Development Kits

Arm Development Kits 

Buy Arm Development Kits Items Including
  • STR71X-SK/RAIS: Rectifier CF 1/4 10K 5% R (Development Tools)
  • W5300E01-ARM: Evaluation Board for W5300 Tcp/Ip Chip
Category: Development Tools
International Rectifier Controller

International Rectifier Controller 

Buy International Rectifier Controller Items Including
  • IR3621MTR: DC-DC Cntrlr Dual-Output Synchronous Buck Controller/Pwm DC to DC Controller 32 Pin Mlpq T/R
  • IRAMS06UP60B: AC Motor Controller 9A PZFM25
  • IRAMX16UP60A: AC Motor Controller 30A PZFM24
  • IRAMS10UP60A-2: AC Motor Controller 15A ZFM23
  • IRAMX16UP60A-2: Imotion Series Plug N Drive
Category: Motor / Motion Control

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