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St Microelectronics Semiconductors

St Microelectronics Semiconductors 

Buy St Microelectronics Semiconductors Items Including
  • E-L6205PD: Dmos Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver 48 Volt 20 Pin Powerso Tube
  • L4973D3.3-013TR: Converter DC-DC Single Step Down 8 Volt to 55 Volt 20 Pin so T/R
  • L6201PSTR: Dmos Full Bridge Motor Driver 36 Volt 20 Pin Powerso T/R
Category: ST Microelectronics
Level Shifters

Level Shifters 

Buy Level Shifters Items Including
  • M74VHC1GT04DFT1G: Inverting Buffer / CMOS Logic Level Shifter
  • M74VHC1GT125DF1G: Noninverting Buffer/ CMOS Logic Level Shifter with Lsttl-Compatible Inputs
  • T491B106K006AT: Single FET Bus Switch 2.5V/3.3V Low-Voltage Switch with 5V Tolerant Level Shifter
  • MC14504BDTG: LOG CMOS Trnslatr HEX (Level Translator)
  • MC14504BCPG: LOG CMOS Trnslatr HEX (Level Translator)
Category: 74VHC Series
Eval Boards

Eval Boards 

Buy Eval Boards Items Including
  • STR910-EVAL: Evaluation Board for ST7538 Power Line Transceiver (Interface)
  • STR710-EVAL: Development KIT for Complete Development Platform for the STR71X Series 10
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
TIP120 Family Darlington BJT

TIP120 Family Darlington BJT 

Buy TIP120 Family Darlington BJT Items Including
  • TIP120.: Transistor TIP120 NPN Power Darlingtonfor More About Transistors Click Here
  • TIP120: For More About Transistors
  • TIP120TU.: TIP120 for More About Transistors
Category: Darlington
Amp Crimpers

Amp Crimpers 

Buy Amp Crimpers Items Including
  • 58448-2: AMP CPC Accessories Hand Tool AZ
  • 354940-1: 354940 Pro-Crimper III Frame with O Dies
  • 58529-1: Connector Accessories Terminals Tool
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Omron Optical Switch

Omron Optical Switch 

Buy Omron Optical Switch Items Including
  • EE-SX1041: Photointerrupter Non-Amplified Sensor
  • EE-SX1046: Photointerrupter Non-Amplified Sensor
Category: Optical Switches
PCB Battery Contacts

PCB Battery Contacts 

Buy PCB Battery Contacts Items Including
  • 70AAJ-4-F0G: Modular Contact SMD FE (Holders & Clips)
  • 70ADJ-2-ML0G: Surface Modular Contact SMT 2CONTACTS Male Low Prof STD
Category: Holders & Clips
DC Converter Filter

DC Converter Filter 

Buy DC Converter Filter Items Including
  • FC100V5A: FC Series DC-DC Converter Input Filters Dcdc
  • FC100V10A: FC Series DC-DC Converter Input Filters Dcdc
Category: Filter Misc
Grayhill Pemco

Grayhill Pemco 

Buy Grayhill Pemco Items Including
  • 87FC3-201: Keypad 4 Button Terminal Pins 10MA 24VDC 2.94N
  • 70M-OAC5: I/O Module Relays Output Module 4000VRMS Thru-Hole
Category: Grayhill
BAW56 Family Rectifier

BAW56 Family Rectifier 

Buy BAW56 Family Rectifier Items Including
  • BAW56: 0.2A 85V 2 Element Silicon
  • BAW56-V-GS08: Dual 70V Diode Common Anode SOT-23
  • BAW56-7-F: Rectifier 0.3A 75V 2 Element Silicon Signal Diode
Category: Switching Diodes
150A Diode

150A Diode 

Buy 150A Diode Items Including
  • 150K60A: 150A 600V Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • MAC15A6G: 400V 15A 4 Quadrant Logic Level Triac TO-220AB
Category: Axial Rectifiers
Nic Components

Nic Components 

Buy Nic Components Items Including
  • NRC10F2002TRF: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.125W 1 % 20KOHM
  • NRC06J100TRF: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 10OHM
  • NRC06J102TRF: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 1KOHM
  • NRC06J104TRF: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 100KOHM
  • NRC06J221TRF: Resistor Metal Glaze/Thick Film 0.1W 5 % 220OHM
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Hybrid Potentiometer

Hybrid Potentiometer 

Buy Hybrid Potentiometer Items Including
  • 8106R1K-L.25: 10 Turn 1000 Ohm Hybrid Potentiometer
  • 3541H-1-103L: 3541 Resistor Potentiometer Hybrid 1 Turn 2W 10000 Ohm
  • 8146R2K-L.25CT: 10 Turn 2000 Ohm Hybrid Wirewound Precision Potentiometer / Position Sensor
Category: BI Tech/Beckman Trimmers
KBL02 Family Bridge Rectifier

KBL02 Family Bridge Rectifier 

Buy KBL02 Family Bridge Rectifier Items Including
  • KBL02-E4/51.: KBL02 4A 200V Inline Brideg Rect
  • KBL02-E4/51: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 200V 4A 4 Pin Case KBL Bulk
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Fairchild Semiconductor Switching Diodes

Fairchild Semiconductor Switching Diodes 

Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Switching Diodes Items Including
  • 1N4448TR: Small Signal Fast Switching Diode
  • 1N5282: 0.2A 80V Silicon Signal Diode
  • 1N4448.: Diode Small Signal Switching 100V 0.3A 2 Pin DO-35 Bulk
  • 1N4732A: Switch 4 Position 1/4 Non-Shorting
  • BAV103: Diode General Purpose 0.5A 250V
Category: Zener Diodes
Omron Electronic Components

Omron Electronic Components 

Buy Omron Electronic Components Items Including
  • EE-SX1041: Photointerrupter Non-Amplified Sensor
  • EE-SX1046: Photointerrupter Non-Amplified Sensor
  • EE-SA105: Photomicrosensor Actuator (Optoisolators)
Category: Optical Switches
Avx Corp Avx

Avx Corp Avx 

Buy Avx Corp Avx Items Including
  • SA101C222KAA: 0.0022µF 100V Axial-Lead Capacitor Capacitance: 0.0022µ
  • F
  • 06031A150JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 NP015pf 5% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 06031C152KAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0603 X7R 1500pf 10% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 06033A102JAT2AT/R-CT: Capacitor 0603 NP01000pf 5% 25V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Over Travel Plunger

Over Travel Plunger 

Buy Over Travel Plunger Items Including
  • MCD7711: Switch Access Snap Action Switch over Travel Plunger
  • MC7711: Switch Access Snap Action Switch over Travel Plunger
Category: Switches
LED Current Regulator

LED Current Regulator 

Buy LED Current Regulator Items Including
  • LT3477EUFPBF: 3A DC/DC Converter with Dual Rail-to-Rail Current Sense
  • LTC3216EDE: 1A Low Noise HIG H Current LED Charge Pump
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
High Density Hdi Interconnects

High Density Hdi Interconnects 

Buy High Density Hdi Interconnects Items Including
  • 064785: Connector Ermet Female Type B 22
  • 053008: 2MM Hard Metric Connectors
  • 104112: 2MM Hard Metric Connectors
  • 914796: 2MM Hard Metric Connectors
Category: High Density (Hdi)
8V Diode

8V Diode 

Buy 8V Diode Items Including
  • SMAZ18-13: Zener Diode SMA 1W 1 8V 5K
  • 1N6267AG: 1500W Unidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
Category: Zener Diodes
Amphenol RF Amphenol

Amphenol RF Amphenol 

Buy Amphenol RF Amphenol Items Including
  • 82-100: (Typ) E N Male RF Straight Adapter Plug
  • 31-6: Amphenol BNC 50OHM Male Cap & Chain ( RF Connectors)
  • 31-5187: RF SMB Connector Straight Crimp Type
  • 82-101: Female RF Straight Adapter Jack
  • 31-352: Connector RF Bnconnector with Rubber Boot Gender: Plug
Category: RF Connectors
On Semiconductor Fast Diodes

On Semiconductor Fast Diodes 

Buy On Semiconductor Fast Diodes Items Including
  • 1N4937RLG: Axial-Lead Fast-Recovery Rectifier (Fast Diodes)
  • MR856G: 3A 600V Silicon Rectifier Diode DO-201AD
  • MUR420G: Rectifier Surm 4A 200V Ultfst (Ultrafast Diodes)
  • MUR160G: Rectifier Surm 1A 600V Ultfst
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
Category: Fast Diodes
On Semiconductor LDO SMD Voltage Regulators

On Semiconductor LDO SMD Voltage Regulators 

Buy On Semiconductor LDO SMD Voltage Regulators Items Including
  • MC7805BDTRKG: LDO Regulator Position 5V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) Dpak T/R
  • LM2931CDR2G: LDO Regulator Position 0.1A 8 Pin SOIC N T/R
  • MC7815CD2TR4G: LDO Regulator Position 15V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) D2PAK T/R
  • MC7805BD2TG: LDO Regulator Position 5V 1A 3 Pin (2+Tab) D2PAK Rail
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Catalyst Semiconductor Eeprom

Catalyst Semiconductor Eeprom 

Buy Catalyst Semiconductor Eeprom Items Including
  • CAT24C01LI-G: 128 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom
  • CAT24C01WI-G: 128 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom
  • CAT24C02WI-G: Eeprom Serial-I2C 2K-Bit 256 X 8 1.8 VOLT2.5 VOLT3.3 Volt 5 Volt 8 Pin SOIC
  • CAT24C04LI-G: 512 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom
  • CAT24C04WI-G: 512 X 8 I2C/2 Wire Serial Eeprom
Category: Eeprom
Vishay Intertechnology Pemco

Vishay Intertechnology Pemco 

Buy Vishay Intertechnology Pemco Items Including
  • DG441DY: Analog Switch Channel Quad Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) 16 Pin SOIC N
  • DG202BDQ-T1-E3: Analog Switch Channel Quad Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) 16 Pin Tssop T/R
  • DG409DY-T1-E3: Analog Multiplexer Dual 4:1 16 Pin SOIC N T/R
  • DG406DN-T1-E3: Analog Multiplexer Single 16:1 28 Pin Plcc T/R
  • DG412DY-T1-E3: Analog Switch Channel Quad Single Pole Double Throw ( SPST ) 16 Pin SOIC N T/R
Category: Vishay
Littelfuse Semiconductors

Littelfuse Semiconductors 

Buy Littelfuse Semiconductors Items Including
  • Q4004L4: Diode 400V 4A 4 Quadrant Logic Level Triac TO-220AB
  • SP720ABG: SCR /Diode Array for ESD and Overvoltage Protection (TVS)
  • Q4025L6: Thyristor 400V 25A Alternistor Triac TO-220AB
  • Q2004L3: Diode 200V 4A 4 Quadrant Logic Level Triac TO-220AB
  • 1.5KE6.8CA-B: Diode Transient Suppressor Bidirectional 5.8V DO-201 (TVS)
Category: Thyristor
On Semiconductor Analog Switch

On Semiconductor Analog Switch 

Buy On Semiconductor Analog Switch Items Including
  • MC14066BDG: Quad Analog Switch/Quad Multiplexer
  • MC14066BCPG: Analog Switch Quad Single Pole Single Throw 18 Volt 14 Pin Plastic DIP Rail
  • MC14066BDR2G: Quad 1 Channel Single Pole Single Throw Switch
  • MC14053BDG: LOG CMOS Multiplexer Trpl PB Free (Analog/Linear)
  • MC14051BDG: Analog Multiplexer Single 8:1 18 Volt 16 Pin SOIC Rail
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Bldc Controller

Bldc Controller 

Buy Bldc Controller Items Including
  • STEVAL-IHM002V1: Evaluation Kit for Bldc and AC Motor Control Board Indart
  • STEVAL-IHM003V1: Evaluation Kit for Bldc and AC Motor Control Power Driver Board 300W
Category: Networking
Delta Electronics Delta Electronics

Delta Electronics Delta Electronics 

Buy Delta Electronics Delta Electronics Items Including
  • RMCF 1/10 5K6 5% TR: A/D Converter 24 Bit Delta Sigma with Flash
  • AFB0412HHB: 12 Volt DC Brushless Fan 5.7 CFM Ball Bearing 40 by 40 by 15 Mm
  • FFB03812VHN-F00: DC Fan 38 X 38 X 28 MM 12 Volts 20.2 CFM 7.8 Watts Ball Bearing
  • FFB0412HN-5T20: DC Fan 40 X 40 X 28 MM 12 Volts 10.6 CFM 0.84 Watts Ball Bearing
  • 06A2D: Male AC Power Entry Module
Category: DC Brushless Fans

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