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Probe Assembly

Probe Assembly 

Buy Probe Assembly Items Including
  • 535-59DV26-303: Thermistor Probe Assembly (Temperature)
  • 590-32BP01-203: Thermistor Packed Temperature Probe (Sensors)
  • 4550B: 100MHZ Scope Probe SET (Cable Assembly)
  • GT-0019: 3.5MM Plug to Hook Clips Probe (Cable Assembly)
  • KSOLS101: Logic Analyzer Probe Cable Kit (Assortments)
Category: Temperature
Aluminum Wire

Aluminum Wire 

Buy Aluminum Wire Items Including
  • 745508-1: Cable Accessories Ferrule Split Ring HD
  • 745508-3: Cable Accessories Ferrule Split Ring HD
  • EZ-CABLE CLIP-1/4: EZ Cable Clip -100 Pack Al Nickel Plate
Category: Assortments
Radial Fuse

Radial Fuse 

Buy Radial Fuse Items Including
  • ERFRA050-60Z: 2 Pin Radial Resettable Fuse
  • 37214000001: 372 Fuse 4A 250 Volt Time Lag Acting 2 Pin Tape and Ammo
  • MF-R110: Reset Fuse 30V MAX 40A Imax 1.1A Ihold 2.2A Itrip Radial BUL
  • MF-R300: Reset Fuse 30V MAX 40A Imax 3A Ihold 6A Itrip Radial -40+8
  • RXEF010-2: Radial Leaded Resettable Device
Category: Resettable Fuses
Rectifier Triple

Rectifier Triple 

Buy Rectifier Triple Items Including
  • ASTEC LPT65: LPT65 Rectifier Schottky Barrier 100VRRM 5A Power Di 5
  • TPN3021: TVS 38V 9A Silicon Surge Protector (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • BAS16TW-7-F: HOT Swappable I2C-BUS and Smbus Bus Buffer PDSO8 ( & Rectifiers)
  • SMAZ6V2-13: Triple RS232 Transceiver SOIC (Zener )
Category: Open Frame
Filtered Connectors

Filtered Connectors 

Buy Filtered Connectors Items Including
  • 56-716-008: 15 Shell Size Socket Contact Solder CUP Termination Filtered Connector
  • 56-427-001: Ferrite Filtered Connector (Solder Cup)
  • 56-712-005: 15 Shell Size PIN Contact Printed Circuit Board Right Angle Mount Filtered Connector
  • 6J4: J Power Line Filter, J0=F7657
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
Category: Solder Cup
Multiplexer Serial

Multiplexer Serial 

Buy Multiplexer Serial Items Including
  • LTC1390CSPBF: 8 Channel Analog Multiplexer with Serial Interface
  • ADG728BRUZ: Analog Multiplexer Single 8:1 5.5 Volt 16 Pin Tssop MUX
  • ADG739BRUZ: Analog Multiplexer Dual 4:1 5.5 Volt 16 Pin Tssop
  • LTC1391ISPBF: LTC1391IS#PBF 8 to 1 Serial Multiplexer
  • ADG725BSU: 16 Channel Serially Controlled 4 Ohm 1.8V to 5.5V
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Vinyl Insulation

Vinyl Insulation 

Buy Vinyl Insulation Items Including
  • MVU18-4FLK: MVU18 Terminal Spade Red 22-18 #4 Stud Vinyl Insulation
  • PV10-8R-D: Ring Tongue Terminal Vinyl-Insulated in Yellow
  • PV18-6R-M2: Ring Tongue Terminal Plastic-Insulated in Red
Category: Terminals
PC Relay Board

PC Relay Board 

Buy PC Relay Board Items Including
  • JW1AFSN-DC12V: Compact PC Board Power Relay (Miniature)
  • JW2SN-DC48V: Compact PC Board Power Relay (Miniature)
Category: Miniature
Embedded Tools

Embedded Tools 

Buy Embedded Tools Items Including
  • WIZ200WEB-EVB: Embedded Web Server Evaluation Board
  • W5100: Hardwired Tcp/Ip Embedded Ethernet Controller
  • WIZ812MJ: W5100 Embedded Network Module Four PCB Throughhole
  • WIZ830MJ: W5300 Embedded Network Module 2.54 Mm Pitch 2X14 Header Pin
  • WIZ811MJ: W5100 Embedded Network Module 2.54MM Pitch 10 X 2 Header
Category: Networking
Clamp Series

Clamp Series 

Buy Clamp Series Items Including
  • 3484-1: Cable Clamp (Bulk O/J DO201 Ad 3.0A 100V Rohs (Hoods)
  • DNR20D201K: Varistor (Mov) 130VAC (S20K130) 70 Joules
  • 5745173-5: 03P MTA156 Header Assembly Right Angle SQ AU
Category: Hoods
Precision Resistors

Precision Resistors 

Buy Precision Resistors Items Including
  • PM/RES: 6 Precision Resistor Set for Pmled/Pmlcd (1/4 Watt Carbon Film)
  • ERJ-2GEJ103X-CT: ERJ2G Precision Thick Film Chip Resistors 10KOHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ100X-CT: Resistor Fixed Single Capacitor 0402105% T/R, 10OHM
  • ERJ-2GEJ101X-CT: Resistor Fixed Single Capacitor 04021005% T/R, 100OHM
  • ERJ-3GEYJ100V.: Resistor Fixed Single Capacitor 0603105% T/R, 10OHM
Category: Surface Mount Fixed Single
Step Stepper

Step Stepper 

Buy Step Stepper Items Including
  • KAE-T3V1-BDV1: Stepper PIC-Step Motion Control Board (Motors)
  • L6208PD: Dmos Driver for Bipolar Stepper Motor (Interface)
  • L6208D: Stepper Motor Controller 5.6A PDSO24 (Interface)
  • RDS-3000: 2 Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor Rated Voltage: 4VDC
  • 42BYG016-R: 4 Phase Unipolar Stepper Motor Rated Voltage: 12VDC
Category: Motor / Motion Control
Electronic Testing

Electronic Testing 

Buy Electronic Testing Items Including
  • 6275: Precision Electronic Test Probes with Replaceable Tips
  • 5001: Miniature Color Coded Black PCB Test Point -0.05 Inch Looped Eyelet
  • 72906-0: Mini SMD Grabber Test Clips
  • 3782-36-02: Minigrabber-to-Stackable Banana Test Lead Set
  • 1508/POM: 14 Slot Test Lead Rack Holder
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
SCSI 68 Terminator

SCSI 68 Terminator 

Buy SCSI 68 Terminator Items Including
  • 10268-55H3PC: Connector SCSI 68/Mdr/ RC /Ra/Recp/Smc/4-40/30M
  • 787170-7: Connector SCSI HDR 68 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 68 Terminal 1 Port
  • 5786090-7: 5786090 68 Position A/P Plug 25 CL (SCSI)
  • 716607068: 68 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 716612568: Connector SCSI .050 Ebbi 50D Plug RA 30SAU 68
Category: SCSI
High Voltage Cables

High Voltage Cables 

Buy High Voltage Cables Items Including
  • 51426-2: Cable Terminated Male SHV Connector
  • 51426-5: Cable Terminated Male SHV Connector
Category: RF Connectors
PCB Board Design

PCB Board Design 

Buy PCB Board Design Items Including
  • 22-504: PCB Export Design Phenolic Prototype Board
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
  • 21-226-R: Single-Sided Copper-Plated Blank Circuit Board 5.9 Inch X5.9 Inch
  • 21-225: Single-Sided Copper-Plated Blank Circuit Board 2.9X5.9 Inch
  • 22-512: PCB Experimenter's Phenolic Prototype Board
Category: Proto Boards
Industrial Tools

Industrial Tools 

Buy Industrial Tools Items Including
  • 6966C: 250W Electric Industrial Dual-Type Heat Gun
  • HANDI-VAC: Vacuum Pen Holding Tool 4 Tips and Cups
  • 1207: Aluminum Vacuum Pen Tool with 3 Tips
  • HG-501A: Master Industrial Heat Gun 1680 Watts (Tools)
  • FLUKE-123/003: Fluke 123/003 20MHZ Dual Channel Industrial Scopemeter
Category: Power Tools
Microcontroller Programmers

Microcontroller Programmers 

Buy Microcontroller Programmers Items Including
  • DV164120: Pickit 2 Starter Kit Microcontroller Programmer and Debugger
  • DV164005: Mplab®Icd 2 in-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
  • PIC16F886-I/SP: Memory Programmable Chip
  • ATTINY13-20PU: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 1KB in-Sytem Programmable Flash
  • AT89S52-24PU.: 8 Bit Microcontroller with 8KB in-System Programmable Flash
Category: Microcontrollers
Miniature Fuse

Miniature Fuse 

Buy Miniature Fuse Items Including
  • MMG52-1-R: Fuse 1A 250VOLT Slow Blow Acting 2 Pin 5MMX20MM
  • MMG52-0.5-R: MMG52 Slow Blow GMD 2 Pin Fuse Voltage: 250V
  • MMG52-5-R: Slow Blow Miniature Cartridge Fuse
  • 37212000411: 372 Fuse Time LAG 2A IEC Short TR5, (Circuit Protection)
  • 37012000410: Fast Acting Fuses 370 Series Sub Miniature 250 Volt
Category: Fuses
Sweep Generators

Sweep Generators 

Buy Sweep Generators Items Including
  • FG-8102: 2MHZ Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • FG-7005C: 5MHZ Digital Sweep Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • DFG-1020: 20MHZ DDS Function Generator
  • DFG-9010: 10MHZ DDS Function Generator
  • FG-8110: 10MHZ Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
Category: Function Generators
Microchip Controller

Microchip Controller 

Buy Microchip Controller Items Including
  • MCP2551-I/SN: Datacom Interface Circuit PDSO8
  • MCP42010-I/SL: Dual 10K Digital Potentiometer
Category: Controller Area Network
Amphenol SMA

Amphenol SMA 

Buy Amphenol SMA Items Including
  • 132170: Connector SMA Adapter Female to Female 50 Ohm Straight Panel Mount Gold
  • 901-9867-RFX: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector Solder Plug
  • 901-143-6RFX: Board Terminated Female SMA Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 901-143-4: Board Terminated Female SMA Connector Solder Receptacle
  • 901-144: Board Terminated Female SMA Connector Solder Receptacle
Category: RF Connectors
Analog Processing Signal

Analog Processing Signal 

Buy Analog Processing Signal Items Including
  • ADSP-21992BST: Mixed Signal DSP Controller with Can
  • ADSP-2171BS-133: Digital Signal Processing Fixed Point 16 Bit 33.33MHZ 33MIPS 128 Pin Mqfp
  • ADSP-2191MKST-160: Digital Signal Processing 16 Bit 160MHZ 160MIPS 144 Pin Lqfp
  • ADMC401BSTZ: Digital Signal Processing Motor Controller 144 Pin Lqfp
  • ADSP-2105BPZ-80: ADSP-2105 24 Bit 20 MHz Other DSP PQCC68
Category: Digital Signal Processor(Dsp)
Wire Test Equipment

Wire Test Equipment 

Buy Wire Test Equipment Items Including
  • 24-6337-8800: 1 Pound 245 no-Clean Cored Wire Solder Roll Tin 63%Sn
  • 24-7068-1402: 1 Pound 48 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
  • 24-6337-8809: 1 Pound 245 no-Clean Cored Wire Solder Roll Tin 63%Sn
  • 24-6040-0039: 1 Pound 44 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
  • 24-6040-0018: 1 Pound 44 Activated Rosin Cored Wire Solder Roll
Category: Solder
Computer Cable Assembly

Computer Cable Assembly 

Buy Computer Cable Assembly Items Including
  • M691-51-R: Video HDDB15 Male to HDDB15 Female Computer Cable
  • M697-85: Serial DB25 Male to DB25 Male Computer Cable
  • M697-86: Serial DB25 Male to DB25 Female Computer Cable
  • G/S(2009-6FT)-R: Serial DB25 Female to DB25 Female Computer Cable
  • PWRSPLTR-18AWG: Cable Assembly 5.25 Inch Disk Drive Power Splitter
Category: Serial
Ethernet Cable Lengths

Ethernet Cable Lengths 

Buy Ethernet Cable Lengths Items Including
  • 10X5-82212: CAT5E Network Crossover Cable Length: 12 Feet
  • C5M-7-BU: Network Cable Assemblies Length: 7 Ft
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
Adapter Kits

Adapter Kits 

Buy Adapter Kits Items Including
  • 5748: Maxi Universal Adapter Kit ( RF Connectors)
  • 5698: Universal Adapter Kit ( RF Connectors)
  • CJKIT-20506: Tach Rotor Adapter Kit (Test & Measurement)
  • 32313: SD Card Adapter Kit Contains all Components Necessary for Interfacing with a Microcontroller
  • 6254: 7/16 DIN to Type "N" Adapter Kit
Category: Adapters
High Power LED Driver

High Power LED Driver 

Buy High Power LED Driver Items Including
  • K8071: 1 with 3W Power LED Driver Input Voltage: 6-12VAC/9-18VDC
  • LTC3453EUF: Synchronous Buck-Boost High Power White LED Display Driver
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
Color Changing LEDs

Color Changing LEDs 

Buy Color Changing LEDs Items Including
  • CLB2U: Nine LED Color Changing Orb 10 Inch Diameter
  • MCDL-10003RGBW-B: 10MM Jumbo Diffused RGB LED
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Generator Audio

Generator Audio 

Buy Generator Audio Items Including
  • CY22393FXC: Gull Wing Programmable PLL Clock Generator Triple 16 Pin Tssop
  • MK113: Siren Sound Generator Power Supply: 9V Battery (not Incl.) (Audio)
  • K4401: Sound Generator Sound Effects Tunes Sirens (Audio)
  • MK134: Steam Engine Sound Generator with Whistle (Audio)
  • K8065: Pocket Audio Generator Kit Requires Soldering
Category: Audio

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