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Clamp Fluke   to   Wire 14 Awg

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Clamp Fluke

Clamp Fluke 

Buy Clamp Fluke Items Including
  • FLUKE-324: 324 Clamp Meter True-RMS 400A AC 600V AC/DC Measures Capacitance and Temperature
  • FLUKE-323: 323 Clamp Meter True-RMS 400A AC 600V AC/DC
  • FLUKE-365: True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter (Multimeters)
  • FLUKE-325: Clamp Meter Slim, Ergonomic Design (Multimeters)
  • FLUKE-373: True-RMS AC Clamp Meter (Multimeters)
Category: Multimeters
Data Acquisitions

Data Acquisitions 

Buy Data Acquisitions Items Including
  • PET-7044: 8 Channel Isolated Sink Type Open Collector Output and 6 Channel Isolated Digital Input Data Acquisition Module with PoE
  • I-7060: Data Logger Rs-485 100HZ 16BIT 4 Channel Isolated
  • I-7080: Data Logger Rs-485 2CHANNEL Counter /Frequency
  • PET-7017: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hi-Volt 4 Channel Isolated
  • PET-7019: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hvp 4 Channel Isolated Outputpoe Software
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Chip Sdram

Chip Sdram 

Buy Chip Sdram Items Including
  • IS42S16400D-7TLI: PCI Micro Processor Unit 600 MHZ
  • IS42S32800B-6TL: 8M X 32 Synchronous Dram 5.5 Ns
  • IS42S32800B-7BL: 8M X 32 Synchronous Dram 5.5 Ns
Category: Dram
St Transistor

St Transistor 

Buy St Transistor Items Including
  • TIP147: Complementary Silicon Power Darlington Transistors
  • ULN2802A: Darlington BJT for More About Transistors Click Here
  • 2SD882: GP BJT 3000 mA 30V NPN Si Small Signal Transistor (Bipolar)
  • SD2918: UHF Band Si N-Channel RF Power Mosfetfor More About Transistors
  • ULN2064B: Darlington BJT 1.75A 35V 4 Channel NPN Si (Transistors)
Category: Darlington
Step Up Regulator

Step Up Regulator 

Buy Step Up Regulator Items Including
  • LT1618EMSPBF: Constant-Current/Constant-Volt AGE 1.4MHZ Step-Up DC/DC Co
  • LT3487EDDPBF: Boost and Inverting Switching Regulator for CCD Bias
  • LTC3402EMSPBF: 2A 3MHZ Micro Power Synchronous Boost Converter
  • SKA40A-15: SKA40 40W Regulated Single Output DC-DC Converter (Encapsulated)
  • LT1377CS8PBF: 500KHZ and 1MHZ High Efficiency 1.5A Switching R
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Ohm Coax Cable

Ohm Coax Cable 

Buy Ohm Coax Cable Items Including
  • RG58U1.5-R: Cable Assembly RG58/U 1.5 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • G7402-R: Cable Assembly RG174/U 3 Foot BNC to BNC 50 Ohm
  • RG6-3: Cable Assembly RG6 3 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • RG6-6: Cable Assembly RG66 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm (RG6)
  • V115 6.0-R: Cable Assembly RG59/U 6.0 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
Category: RG6
Switch Bushing

Switch Bushing 

Buy Switch Bushing Items Including
  • MB2065SB1W01-6A-A: Switch Mounting Single Pole Double Throw Alternate Large Bushing Solder LUG Snap-in MO
  • TH 605-GY: Standard Toggle Waterproof Switch Boot Seal
Category: Push Button
Coax Cable Connectors

Coax Cable Connectors 

Buy Coax Cable Connectors Items Including
  • 212498-1: Crimp Power/Coax/Signal Combination Standard Density
  • 212522-1: Plug Assy Amplimite 21C1 Size 3 (Crimp)
Category: Crimp
DC Output Power Supply

DC Output Power Supply 

Buy DC Output Power Supply Items Including
  • RT-125A: 131 Watt AC to DC Triple Output Power Supply
  • RSP-2000-48: RSP-2000 2000W Single Output Power Supply (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • RSP-2000-12: RSP-2000 2000W Single Output Power Supply (AC-to-DC Switching)
  • RSP-200-4: RSP-2000 160 Watt Single Output Power Supply with PFC Function
  • RSP-200-12: RSP-2000 200 Watt Single Output Power Supply with PFC Function
Category: Enclosed-Single Output
Cat 5 Connectors

Cat 5 Connectors 

Buy Cat 5 Connectors Items Including
  • 300568EZ: EZ-RJ45 CAT 5 Plug can be Crimped with Most any Standard Tool
  • 6116202-1: Connector RJ -45 F 8 Position 2.54MM Press Fit Straight Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port Tube Cat 5
  • 2-406549-1: Connector RJ -45 F 8 Position 2.03MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 12 Terminal 1 Port Tray Cat 5
  • 5406296-1: Connector RJ -45 F 8 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 8 Terminal 1 Port Tray Cat 5
  • 5-558530-3: Connector Telephone/Telecom PL 8 Position 1.02MM Crimp Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 5
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems 

Buy Industrial Systems Items Including
  • FLK-3000 FC IND: Fluke 3000 FC Industrial System (Multimeters)
  • LF-853D: 900W Lead-Free Multi-Function Soldering Rework Station with Fume Extractor
  • 12-800: Tin Plating Copper Kit (More Products)
  • 14-024: Premier Positive Acting Single-Sided Circuit Board 2X4 Inch
  • DATAK 14-234: Double-Sided Pre-Sensitized Circuit Board 3X4 Inch
Category: Printed Circuit Boards
Memory Battery

Memory Battery 

Buy Memory Battery Items Including
  • COMP-16-3NMH: 3.6V 80MAH Rechargeable NiMH Battery 3 Pin PC Mount Package
  • M4Z28-BR00SH1: Battery 48MAH (Eprom)
Category: NiMH (Rechargeable)
Socket Adapter

Socket Adapter 

Buy Socket Adapter Items Including
  • SC2000: Programming Socket Adapter -5MM X 7MM
  • 08-350000-11-RC: Connector Socket Adapter RC SOIC to 8DIP
  • 16-350000-11-RC: Connector Socket Adapter RC 16SOIC to 16DIP
  • 56-725-019: 700 25 Shell Size PIN / Socket Filtered Adapter
  • 16-600-10: Connector DIP Adapter Header 16 Position 2.54MM Solder Straight through Hole
Category: Sockets
IC Converters

IC Converters 

Buy IC Converters Items Including
  • AD7741BRZ: V2F and F2V Single & Multi-Channel VF IC (Converter)
  • SA612AD/01: Up Down Converter Volt Mixer 500 MHz 8 Pin so /Oscillator
  • ADC0804LCN: 8 Bit Μprocessor-Compatible A/D Converter
  • ADC0831CCN: Analog to Digital Converter Single SAR 8 Bit Serial 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • DAC0800LCN: 8 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
Category: A/D Converters
Parallel Connector

Parallel Connector 

Buy Parallel Connector Items Including
  • 39-00-0181: 5566 ALS Series 8 Bit Right Parallel in Serial out Shift Register
  • 89400-0520: Parallel Word Input Loading 0.03 us Settling Time 14 Bit DAC PDSO28
  • 53520-0420: Parallel Word Input Loading 0.02 us Settling Time 14 Bit DAC PQFP48
  • LM12H458CIVF: 14 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 22-28-4052: Parallel Word Input Loading 0.02 us Settling Time 14 Bit DAC PQFP48
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
IC Testing

IC Testing 

Buy IC Testing Items Including
  • ICS-01-R: Pin Straightener Tool
  • RIC-20: 0.30 Inch Wide Plastic IC Storage Tubes (Used)
  • 08-609(HT103A): Tool DIP IC Extractor
  • VTPLCC: Tool Plcc Extractor Suitable for 18 Pin to 124 Pin Plcc ICs
  • RIC-220: 0.600 Inch Wide Plastic IC Storage Tubes (Used)
Category: Other Hand Tools
200V Capacitors

200V Capacitors 

Buy 200V Capacitors Items Including
  • 12061C332KAT2A: Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 200V X7R 0.01 uf Surface Mount 1206
  • 1206YG105ZAT2A: 1206 Capacitor Ceramic 200V X7R 0.0022 uf through Hole Mount
  • SR152C102KAA: SR Capacitor Ceramic 200V X7R 0.001 uf through Hole Mount
  • 08052U100CAT2A: U Capacitor 0805 COG 10pf .25pf 200V Unmarked 7IN Paper
  • 12062C473KAT2A: Capacitor 1206 X7R .047uf 10% 200V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Power Rectifiers

Power Rectifiers 

Buy Power Rectifiers Items Including
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
  • ASTEC LPT65: LPT65 Rectifier Schottky Barrier 100VRRM 5A Power Di 5
  • MUR820G: Switchmode Power Rectifier (Ultrafast Diodes)
  • MUR3020PTG: Switchmode Power Rectifier (Ultrafast Diodes)
  • BAV199-7-F: BAV199 SRAM Asynchronous 8K X 8 20NS 5VOLT Low Power PDIP28 (PT28)
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
Surface Mount Terminals

Surface Mount Terminals 

Buy Surface Mount Terminals Items Including
  • RT1402B7TR7: RT14 Resistor Network Film Terminator 1W Surface Mount 50OHM
  • 71439-0364: 64 Contact Female Straight Board Stacking Connector Surface Mount
  • 15244455: 8981 4 Contact Male Power Connector Surface Mount
  • RT1400B7TR7: RT14 Resistor Network Film Terminator 1W Surface Mount 50OHM/25OHM
  • 71436-0164: 64 Contact Male Straight Board Stacking Connector Surface Mount Plug
Category: Network (SMD)
Ms Connectors

Ms Connectors 

Buy Ms Connectors Items Including
  • 205734-7: 9 Contact Female D Subminiature Connector
  • 745183-3: 9 Contact Female D Subminiature Connector
  • 745410-7: 9 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 745414-7: 50 Contact Male D Subminiature Connector
  • 745116-2: 745116 50 Recepticle Right Angle/Ms STD
Category: PCB Mount
Circuit Motor

Circuit Motor 

Buy Circuit Motor Items Including
  • UC3770AN: High Performance Stepper Motor Driver Circuit
  • LTC2902-1IGN: Linear:Power:S Upervisory Circuit
  • LTC694IS8: Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
  • LTC691IN: Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
  • LTC694CS8-3.3PBF: 3.3V Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit
Category: Motor / Motion Control
Fluke True RMS

Fluke True RMS 

Buy Fluke True RMS Items Including
  • FLUKE-115 / 2538790: Fluke 115 True RMS Multimeter
  • FLUKE-117,2538815: Fluke 117 True RMS Digital Multimeter
  • FLUKE-87-5: True RMS Digital Multimeter with Built-in Thermometer
  • FLUKE-365: True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter (Multimeters)
  • FLUKE-28IIEX/ETL: Intrinsically Safe True-RMS Digital Multimeter
Category: Multimeters
Electrical Fluke

Electrical Fluke 

Buy Electrical Fluke Items Including
  • 1587/ET62MAX+KIT: FLUKE1587/ET Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting Kit
  • T5-1000 USA: Voltage Continuity and Current Tester
Category: Multimeters
Differential Voltage

Differential Voltage 

Buy Differential Voltage Items Including
  • AD629AR: High Common-Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier
  • DS26LV31TM/NOPB: Iclow Voltage RS422 Driver (Rs 422/423)
  • AD628ARZ: SP Amplifier High Common-Mode Voltage
  • ADA4922-1ARDZ: High Voltage Differential 18 Bit ADC Driver
  • LTC1392IS8PBF: Micropower Temperature (PLLs)
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Digital Signal Processors

Digital Signal Processors 

Buy Digital Signal Processors Items Including
  • TMS320VC5402PGE100: Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
  • TMS32C6713BGDPA200: Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor
  • DSPB56367AG150: 24 Bit Digital Signal Processor
  • TMS320DM642AGDKA6: Video/Imaging Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor
  • TMS320F2812GHHA: Flash-Based Digital Signal Processor (Ti Series)
Category: Digital Signal Processor(Dsp)
12V Incandescent Bulb

12V Incandescent Bulb 

Buy 12V Incandescent Bulb Items Including
  • R9-71B-05-12V-RED-R: Opto Lamp Panel RED 12 Volt Solder Terminals
  • K8088: RGB Controller Kit Suited for Both Incandescent Bulbs and LEDs
  • NN792-12V-12CM-RED: Panel Mount Lamp Red
  • NN792-12V-12CM-GRN: Panel Mount Lamp Green
Category: Incandescent, Panel Mount, Ind
Power Logger

Power Logger 

Buy Power Logger Items Including
  • PET-7015: Data Logger 7 Channel Rtd Input with 3 Wire Rtd Lead Resis
  • PET-7017: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hi-Volt 4 Channel Isolated
  • PET-7051: 16 Channel Isolation Digital Input Power over Ethernet I/O Data Acquisition Module
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage 

Buy Battery Voltage Items Including
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1511CSWPBF: 4A Battery Charge Controller
  • NHB60H3A2H: NiMH Rechargeable Battery Voltage: 3.6V (Nicad (Rechargeable) )
  • 4R25-EV: 6V Zinc Chloride Lantern Battery Nominal Voltage: 6.0V
Category: Battery Management
Leaded Capacitors

Leaded Capacitors 

Buy Leaded Capacitors Items Including
  • SA101C222KAA: 0.0022µF 100V Axial-Lead Capacitor Capacitance: 0.0022µ
  • F
  • SR211C473KAA-VP: 0.047µF 100V Axial-Lead Capacitor (Radial Ceramic)
  • DC.001: Capacitor Ceramic Disc 20% .001uf 50V
  • ECQ-V1H104JL: Ecqv Capacitor Film Leaded Stacked 50V .1uf 5%
Category: Axial Ceramic
Wire 14 Awg

Wire 14 Awg 

Buy Wire 14 Awg Items Including
  • WJW-70B: Wire Jumper Kit 22 AWG 140 Pieces 14 Lengths 10 Colors 10 of Each Length
  • WJW-60B-R: 350 Piece Jumper Wire Kit (Assortments)
  • 19202-0031: 2 MM2 Copper Alloy Wire Terminal (Solderless)
  • 1-643813-4: 22 AWG Standard MTA 100 Connector Assembly
  • 02-09-5106: .093 Inch Female Crimp Terminal Brass Gold Finish 14-20 AWG
Category: Jumper Wires

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