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AC/DC Adaptor Universal   to   Stepper Motor Controller Driver

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AC/DC Adaptor Universal

AC/DC Adaptor Universal 

Buy AC/DC Adaptor Universal Items Including
  • FSP065-RAC: 65W 19V Universal Notebook High Efficiency AC Adaptor R-Rac
  • PSC11A050: 10 Watt Universal Switching Adaptor (Wall Transformers)
  • PSA30U-240: 30 Watt Universal Switching Adaptor Lightweight (Table Top)
  • PSA65U-180: 60 Watt Universal Switching Adaptor High Efficiency (Table Top)
  • PSA30U-150: 30 Watt Universal Switching Adaptor Lightweight (Table Top)
Category: Table Top
Cts Oscillators

Cts Oscillators 

Buy Cts Oscillators Items Including
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-14.31818-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
  • CB3LV-3C-10.0000-T: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 10 uf Surface Mount 2916
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Transient Protection

Transient Protection 

Buy Transient Protection Items Including
  • ERZ-V20D431: Transient/Surge Absorber (Circuit Protection)
  • ERZ-V14D621: Transient/Surge Absorber (Circuit Protection)
  • ERZ-V05D390: Transient Surge Absorber (Circuit Protection)
  • ERZ-V10D112: Transient/Surge Absorber (Circuit Protection)
  • ERZ-V14D560: Transient/Surge Absorber (Circuit Protection)
Category: Transient Surge Absorbers
CMOS Counter

CMOS Counter 

Buy CMOS Counter Items Including
  • CD4040: 12 Stage Binary/Ripple Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4060: 14 Stage Ripple/Carry Binary Counter/Divide DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4518: CD4517 Dual BCD UP Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
  • CD4024: 7 Stage Binary Counter DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • CD4516: Binary Up/Down Counter DIP-16 (4000 Series)
Category: 4000 Series
Bearing Sleeves

Bearing Sleeves 

Buy Bearing Sleeves Items Including
  • AD0405LB-K90(S): 5 Volt DC Brushless Fan 4.5 CFM Ball/Sleeve
  • KDE1206PTS1: KDE DC Fan 60 X 60 X 25 MM 12 Volts 22.5 CFM 0.15 Watts Sleeve Bearing
  • CMWLTH FP-108-1-S1/T-R: Fan 115VAC 105 CFM 120X120X38 Sleeve Bearings Terminal
  • C9025S12L: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • 8312GHL: DC Brushless Tubeaxial Fan Bearing Type: Sleeve
Category: DC Brushless Fans
Step Transformers

Step Transformers 

Buy Step Transformers Items Including
  • VC-100: International Step-Up/Step-Down Autotransformer
  • GPC-1005: GPC 220VAC/110VAC Step-Down Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • GPC-1003R: GPC 110VAC/220VAC Step-Up Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • GPC-1003: GPC 220VAC/110VAC Step-Down Transformer (AC-to-AC)
  • PSUC100: 100W Step Up Voltage Convertor Input Voltage: 110VAC/60HZ
Category: Power Transformers
Mini Audio Cable

Mini Audio Cable 

Buy Mini Audio Cable Items Including
  • EN3C4M: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • EN3C18F26: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • EN3C3F: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • EN3C6M: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
Category: XLR (Professional Audio)
Holder Accessory

Holder Accessory 

Buy Holder Accessory Items Including
  • GFS603-R: GFS Fuse Holder Panel Mount Screw Capacitor
  • GFM-501E: Fuse Holder PC Fuse Clip 5MM DIA Fuse Side Leads
  • 03453LF1HX020: 345 International Shock-Safe Fuse Holder Knob
  • 57000000001: 570 Fuse Holders 2 Pin Bulk (Circuit Protection)
  • 01530009Z: 153 Fuse Holder Vertical Mount (Circuit Protection)
Category: Holders & Clips Fuses
Tyco Fittings

Tyco Fittings 

Buy Tyco Fittings Items Including
  • 5535032-4: Connector DIN 41612 F 96 Position 2.54MM Press Fit Straight Thru-Hole
  • 5-102699-2: Connector Shrouded Header HDR 6 Position 2.54MM Press Fit Straight Thru-Hole
  • 222006-1: 222006 Receptacle Press FIT Coml BNC
  • 1489779-1: 1489779 Cage Assy Press FIT 17 SFP
  • 222462-1: 222462 Receptacle Press FIT Coml BNC
Category: Amp/Tyco
Low Noise Power Supply

Low Noise Power Supply 

Buy Low Noise Power Supply Items Including
  • LTC1435CSPBF: Linear High Efficiency Low Noise Synchronous Step-Down Switc
  • LTC1435AISPBF: LTC1435A 2A Switching Controller
  • LT6203IMS8: Dual 100MHZ Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
Category: DC to DC Power Supply
Design Test Equipment

Design Test Equipment 

Buy Design Test Equipment Items Including
  • 1817-5F: No-Clean Desoldering Braid Advanced Braid Design
  • 1815-5F: No-Clean Desoldering Braid Advanced Braid Design 0.55 Inch
  • 1816-5F: No-Clean Desoldering Braid Advanced Braid Design 0.075 Inch
  • SA6-R: Electric Desolder Pump Slim Design
Category: Desolder Braid
Socket Card

Socket Card 

Buy Socket Card Items Including
  • 876550004: 87655 184 Contact Female Right Angle Single Part Card Edge Conn Solder
  • MEC1-120-02-S-D-A: Connector Card Edge Mini Edge-Card Socket
  • 54697-1440: 54697 144 Contact Female Right Angle Single Part Card Edge Conn
  • 3415-0001: 3000 .100 Inch Connector Card Edge without Mounting Flange
  • 877051021: 240 Contact Female Straight Single Part Card Edge Connector Solder
Category: Sockets
Video Connectors

Video Connectors 

Buy Video Connectors Items Including
  • 12B: Connector Audio Jack 1/4 Inch Phone 3C Open
  • 251-116: Connector RCA Adapter Female to Female 2/2 Position Straight 1 Port
  • 41: Connector Audio Jack 3.5MM 2C Metal (Audio/Video)
  • 250-710: 250 Connector XLR 3 PIN Male
  • 250: Connector Audio Plug 1/4 Inch Phone 2C Black
Category: Audio/Video
Cap Accessory

Cap Accessory 

Buy Cap Accessory Items Including
  • 46650-51: Connector Accessories 51 Ohm RF /Microwave Termination
  • 752702000: Switch Accessories Black (Push Button)
  • AT3079JB: Switch Access 15MM Sculptured Cap with Lens Diffuser
  • B32-1010: Tactile Black KEY CAP BLK (Switches)
  • 213485-1: CPC Sealing Capacitor Assembly Size 13
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Crimper Crimp Tool

Crimper Crimp Tool 

Buy Crimper Crimp Tool Items Including
  • HT-303-R: Solderless Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool
  • W-HT-1919: Crimp Tool Multi Series 14-24 AWG
  • HT-225D-R: Tool Hand Crimp Tool HT-225D Multi-Series Contacts
  • HT-202A-R: Non-Insulated Terminal D-Sub Crimping Tool
  • HT-568R-R: Ratcheted Modular Connector Crimping Tool
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Microcontroller Kits

Microcontroller Kits 

Buy Microcontroller Kits Items Including
  • KARDW: Ardweeny Microcontroller Kit Fully Arduino-Compatible!
  • DV164006: KIT ICD2 Simple Suit with USB Cable
  • KIT-GSA: Getting Started with Arduino Kit V2.0 (Microcontrollers)
  • A000048: ATMEGA328P Microcontroller with Uno Bootloader
  • BB-ARDUINO: Barebones Arduino Circuit Kit (Microcontrollers)
Category: Microcontrollers
Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools 

Buy Cutting Tools Items Including
  • PLIERS 5PC-R: 5 Piece Precision Stainless Steep Plier Tool Set
  • TTK-070: Modular Cut/Crimp/Strip Tool
  • GPL-101-R: 4.5 Inch Spring-Return Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  • MS549JV: Tool 4 Inch Tapered Head Diagonal Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • 1PK-717: Tool 5 Inch Diagonal Wire Cutters
Category: Cutter Hand Tools
Demo Board

Demo Board 

Buy Demo Board Items Including
  • DM163025: Picdem FS USB Demo Board
  • 910-32300: Propeller Starter Kit + Free Official Guide Propeller Demo Board
Category: Microchip Series
Male Connector Fitting

Male Connector Fitting 

Buy Male Connector Fitting Items Including
  • 914793: Vertical Male Connector Type B for Backplane
  • 923190: Vertical Male Connector Type a with PEG for Backplanes
  • 215605-4: 96P.IEC-C Male Conn (PCB Connectors)
  • 74029-6000: 2 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Press FIT Receptacle
  • 74029-8000: 12 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector Press FIT Receptacle
Category: Backplane
Banana Plug Installation

Banana Plug Installation 

Buy Banana Plug Installation Items Including
  • 6383-0: Black Banana Plug User Installed (18-22 Awg)
  • 6383-2: Red Banana Plug User Installed (18-22 Awg)
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
USB Interface IC

USB Interface IC 

Buy USB Interface IC Items Including
  • CY7C68001-56PVXC: High Speed USB Interface Device 56 Pin Ssop (Network)
  • LM3525M-H/NOPB: USB Power High Slide Switch Single 2.7 Volt to 5.5 Volt 2.25 Amp 8 Pin SOIC N Rail
  • LM3525M-L/NOPB: LM3525 Single Port USB Power Switch (Interface)
  • TPS2051AD: Current-Limited Power-Distribution Switch (USB)
  • LM3526M-L/NOPB: LM3526 Dual Port USB Switch + OC FLG (Interface)
Category: USB
PC 104 Plus

PC 104 Plus 

Buy PC 104 Plus Items Including
  • 1375795-1: 102 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 1375800-1: 1658621 Assembly 120 POS PC104 Plus
  • 104338-7: 1375800 034 Lopro HDR SP 15DP HT KK
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
DC Power Supply Programmable

DC Power Supply Programmable 

Buy DC Power Supply Programmable Items Including
  • LPS43: Programmer Picstart Plus 16C/17CFOR More 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • PSS-3203GP: 96W Single-Output Programmable Linear DC Benchtop Power Supply
  • LT3844IFEPBF: DC Controller Single Output Step Down 4 Volt to 60 Volt 16 Pin Tssop Ep
  • AXA010A0X3-SRZ: 10-14V DC I/P 0.75 to 5.5V DC O/P (Open Frame)
Category: Open Frame
Contact Cleaner Pen

Contact Cleaner Pen 

Buy Contact Cleaner Pen Items Including
  • D100P: Deoxit® D-Series Pen Applicator (Miscellaneous)
  • S100P: Deoxit® D-Series Shield Pen 6 mL Pen (Chemicals)
  • D100L-P6C: Deoxit® D-Series D100L Precision Oiler (Chemicals)
Category: Miscellaneous
Audio Video Cable Connectors

Audio Video Cable Connectors 

Buy Audio Video Cable Connectors Items Including
  • A3M: Q-G® Cord Plug Connectors (Audio/Video)
  • A3F: Q-G Cord Plug Connectors (Audio/Video)
  • A3MS: General Purpose Audio Connector (Audio/Video)
  • 255-110: Cable Mono Audio RCA 6 Foot
  • SL404F: SL 4 Position Audio Male Connector (Audio/Video)
Category: Audio/Video
Green LED Lighting

Green LED Lighting 

Buy Green LED Lighting Items Including
  • LTL-2550G: Lamp LED Light BAR Single Color LED Green 14.05MM
  • LTL-2885G: Lamp LED Light BAR Single Color LED Green 19.05MM
  • LTL-2500G: Lamp LED Light BAR Single Color LED Green 8.89MM
  • HLMP-3950: Standard-Output LED (Light Emitting Diode)
  • HLMP-2500: Single Color LED Green 8.89 Mm (Light Bar)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Laser Meter

Laser Meter 

Buy Laser Meter Items Including
  • FLUKE-419D: Laser Distance Meter (Test & Measurement)
  • FLUKE-424D: Laser Distance Meter (Test & Measurement)
  • FLUKE-414D: Laser Distance Meter (Test & Measurement)
  • VTUSD2: Ultrasonic Distance Meter with Laser LCD with &FRAC12
  • " Digits
Category: Other Meters
Shielded Wires

Shielded Wires 

Buy Shielded Wires Items Including
  • 5578-100: 3 Conductors Foil-Shielded Chrome Gray PVC Jacket
  • 8723 060100: Cables Wire 2PR Chrome 8723-100 Foot Shielded 22AWG Stranded Reel
  • 8723 060-U500: Cables Wire 2PR Chrome 8723-500 Foot Shielded 22AWG Stranded BOX
  • 5574-100: Cables Foil Shielded 300V Chrome Gray PVC
  • 5411-CL-1000: 22 AWG 5 Conductor no Shield 300 Volt (Bulk Cable)
Category: Cables
120VAC Relay

120VAC Relay 

Buy 120VAC Relay Items Including
  • K10P-11A15-120: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • PRD-7AG0-120: PRD General Purpose Power Relay
  • G2R-24-AC120: G2R Relay DPDT 10A 1206.5KOHM, Thru-Hole, BLK
  • MK2P-I: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
  • BTA6-2C-J-CW-120VAC: General Purpose Blade and Octal Relay
Category: General Purpose
Stepper Motor Controller Driver

Stepper Motor Controller Driver 

Buy Stepper Motor Controller Driver Items Including
  • L6228PD: Stepper Motor Controller 2.8A PDSO36 (Interface)
  • L6208D: Stepper Motor Controller 5.6A PDSO24 (Interface)
  • INTELLI-INCH-LR-STARTER K: Intelli-Inch Stepper Controller & Driver Starter Kit (Motors)
  • UC3770AN: High Performance Stepper Motor Driver Circuit
  • PDN1200: Unipolar Stepper Motor IC
Category: Motor / Motion Control

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