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Combo Electronics

Combo Electronics 

Buy Combo Electronics Items Including
  • SMT-300: Combo Surface Mount Prototyping Board
  • SMT-1300: Combo Surface Mount Prototyping Board
  • FLUKE-179/EDA2: Electronics Combo Digital Multimeter Kit"
Category: Proto Boards
Solar Energy Battery

Solar Energy Battery 

Buy Solar Energy Battery Items Including
  • 38074: 5 Watt Solar Panel Battery Trickle Charger
  • SOL5N: Portable Solar Panel Charger 12V 125MA
  • SOL18U: Solar Panel with Built-in Battery 5.5V 800MA Output
Category: Solar Panels
Square D Terminal

Square D Terminal 

Buy Square D Terminal Items Including
  • TSS-105-04-G-D-RA: 929 .100 Shrd Terminal Strip (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
  • TST-115-04-G-D-RA: QSE .100 Shrded Terminal Strip (Headers and PCB Receptacles)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Timer Module

Timer Module 

Buy Timer Module Items Including
  • VM136: Interval Timer Module Blinking Light, Warning Light
  • MTRTC001: The Chronodot Module (Timers & Clocks)
  • K8027: Relay Output Module for K8006RS (Timers & Clocks)
  • BS2SX-IC: Basic Stamp 2SX Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads and Motors
  • BS2P24-IC: Basic Stamp 2P 24 Pin Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads Motors and Sensors
Category: Timers & Clocks
Pump Testing Equipment

Pump Testing Equipment 

Buy Pump Testing Equipment Items Including
  • HB-017: High Vacuum Manual Desoldering Pump
  • VTDESOL3U: Vacuum Desoldering Pump with 30W Heater (Soldering Equipment)
  • VTD5: H.Q Desoldering Pump Aluminum Body in 1 Piece
  • 08-033: Manual Non-Electric Desolder Pump
  • VTD3: Desoldering Pump with Anti-Static Tip Antistatic Tip
Category: Desolder Pumps & Guns
International Antenna

International Antenna 

Buy International Antenna Items Including
  • W5I-BO-07: WIZ610WI Internal Antenna (Networking)
  • 28501: PMB-688 GPS Sirf Internal / External Antenna High Sensitivity
Category: Networking
Red LED Display

Red LED Display 

Buy Red LED Display Items Including
  • LSD3H66F-20/A-PF-08: Single Digit 7 Segment Numeric LED Displays
  • HDSP-3401: Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-7301: 0.30 Inch Single Digit 7 Segment LED Display -Red
  • LTD-6910HR: LED Display 7 Segment Numeric High Efficiency RED
  • 5082-7650: 7 Segment Numeric High Efficiency Red Single Digit LED Display
Category: 7 Segment
Imaging Cameras

Imaging Cameras 

Buy Imaging Cameras Items Including
  • FLIR I5: Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR I40: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR B50: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR E50: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR B40: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Category: Environmental
Latch Assembly

Latch Assembly 

Buy Latch Assembly Items Including
  • 745404-1: 5745404 Slide Latch Assembly KIT
  • 5745407-1: Slide Latch Assembly KIT
  • 206942-1: Slidelatch Clip Assembly KIT
  • 1658621-2: Receptacle Assembly Center & Military Polarization
  • 1761608-5: Header Assembly Short Eject Latch
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Bluetooth IC

Bluetooth IC 

Buy Bluetooth IC Items Including
  • LMX9830SM/NOPB: LMX9830 -Bluetooth┬« Serial Port Module
  • ADC128S022CIMT/NOPB: ADC Micromodule Bluetooth 60 Fbga
Category: Development Tools
Circuit Board Indicator

Circuit Board Indicator 

Buy Circuit Board Indicator Items Including
  • 553-0322-200: LED Circuit Board Indicator
  • 550-0001-863: Diffused LED Circuit Board Indicator LED Color: Green
  • 550-0002-820: Dual LED Circuit Board Indicator (T1 3/4)
  • 561-0001-852: LED Circuit Board Indicator LED Color: Red (2 X 5 MM)
  • 550-2205-802: LED Circuit Board Indicator Housing (T1 3/4)
Category: T1 3/4
Electric Square

Electric Square 

Buy Electric Square Items Including
  • PCC-3: Fuses Electric FUSE-0.75A 250VAC 450VDC 50000A (IR) through Hole
  • 170M1318: Fuses Electric FUSE-125A 690VAC 200000A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • CYIL1SM0300AA-QDC: Image Sensor-CMOS 250FPS Square Surface Mount (Photo Electric)
  • CYIL1SE0300AA-QDC: CYIL1SE0300AA Image Sensor-CMOS 250FPS Square Surface Mount
  • CYIL1SM4000AA-GDC: Image Sensor-CMOS 15FPS -0.50-3.80V Square Surface Mount (Sensors)
Category: Fuses
Transmitter Video

Transmitter Video 

Buy Transmitter Video Items Including
  • 15-2400VTS: 2.4GHZ Video and Audio Transmitter with Alarm
  • 15-2400VRS: 2.4 GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver
  • 15-UA102: Single Channel Active Twisted Pair TX / RX Kit
  • 15-UV101: Active VGA Extender Kit
  • 15-2400RSK: 2.4GHZ Two Way RS485 Data and Digital I/O Transceiver Kit
Category: Transmitters/Receivers
SATA External Enclosures

SATA External Enclosures 

Buy SATA External Enclosures Items Including
  • ENTONE 4755: SATA External Enclosure Uses SATA/Esata Connection
  • RM-206H: Hard Disk Drive Removable Enclosure
Category: External HDD Enclosures
IR Modules

IR Modules 

Buy IR Modules Items Including
  • RX433N: 433 MHz Receiver Module (900-6895) no Adjustments Required
  • 27984: FM Radio Receiver Module (Radio/IR Controls)
  • TEL0026: Bluetooth Module V3 the Bluetooth Chip: CSR BC417143
  • 30086: RN-42 Bluetooth Module (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • TEL0005: APC220 Radio Communication Module (Wireless Interface Devices)
Category: Receivers
Multiplexer Channel

Multiplexer Channel 

Buy Multiplexer Channel Items Including
  • DG406DN: 16 Channel Single Ended Multiplexer PQCC28
  • ADG408BR: 8 Channel SGL Ended Multiplexer PDSO16
  • DG303BDJ: Dual 1 Channel Single Pole Double Throw Switch
  • DG408DY: Linear 8 Channel High-Performance CMOS Analog Multiplexer
  • PCA9546APW,112: Multiplexer 4 Channel I2C-BUS Switch with Reset (Logic)
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Hdmi Dvi Video

Hdmi Dvi Video 

Buy Hdmi Dvi Video Items Including
  • 30HM-15328-MO: 30HM Adapter Hdmi Female/Dvi Male Black
  • 10HM-15128-02: Cable Hdmi Male/Dvi-D 2 Meter Black (Assortments)
  • 516-008: Dvi-D Fem Link to Hdmi Male Adapter
Category: Audio/Video
220uf Capacitor

220uf Capacitor 

Buy 220uf Capacitor Items Including
  • R220B25-R: KM Capacitor Radial 220uf 25V 20% 105C 8X11X3.5MM
  • A220/50-VP-R: GSA Capacitor Axial 220uf 50V 20% 85C 10X17MM
  • TPSE227M010R0100-CT: TPS Capacitor Low ESR 220uf 10V 20% E Case 100 Mohm 7IN RL
  • T520D227M010AT E018: T520 Passive CAP Polymer 220uf 10V 20% D Case 018 TR, (Tantalum (SMD) )
  • UHE1H221MPD-VP: He Capacitor Radial 220uf 50V 20% 105C 10X16X5MM
Category: Organic
Foot Surge Protector

Foot Surge Protector 

Buy Foot Surge Protector Items Including
  • SUPER 7: SUPER 7 Standard 7 Outlet Surge Protector 7 Outlets
  • 51W1-13206: 6 Outlet Surge Protector 6 Outlets
  • 51W1-10204: 6 Outlet Surge Protector 6 Outlets
Category: Surge Protectors
AC Battery Chargers

AC Battery Chargers 

Buy AC Battery Chargers Items Including
  • AD-155B: 155 Watt Single Output with Battery Charger (UPS Function)
  • 01322: TB6AC 50 with 5A AC/DC Dual Power Balancing Charger
  • GC220A12-AD1: 218W AC/DC Power Adaptor with Charger Function
  • GC220A24-R7B: 218W AC/DC Power Adaptor with Charger Function
  • GC120A12-R7B: 120W AC/DC Power Adaptor with Charger Function
Category: Chargers
Class D Audio Amplifiers

Class D Audio Amplifiers 

Buy Class D Audio Amplifiers Items Including
  • TPA3001D1PWP: Mono 15W Class-D Audio Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • TPA2005D1DGN: 1.4W Mono Filter-Free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
  • AD1994ACPZ: No Lead 25W 2 Channel Audio Amplifier QCC64
Category: Audio and Video
Micro Measurements

Micro Measurements 

Buy Micro Measurements Items Including
  • STEVAL-IPE003V1: Electricity Meter Measurement Board 1 Current Transformer Shunt
  • STEVAL-IPE002V1: Electricity Meter Measurement Board 2 Current Transformers
  • 8150: Micro Probe KIT with RT Angle Banana Blug
  • G/S(SF-207-BL)-R: Test Clip Micro Blue 1.5 Inch Long
  • XM-BLK: Micro Test Clip Color: Black
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Key Accessory

Key Accessory 

Buy Key Accessory Items Including
  • 15-04-9209: Connector Accessories 100 KK Polarizftg KEY Polyester
  • 3435-0: Connector Accessories Keying Plug Polybutylene Terephthalate Gray
  • 206509-1: 206509 Connector CPC Series Keying Plug
  • 100526-9: Connector Accessories Receptacle Coding Key Strawberry Red
  • 15-04-0292: Connector Accessories Polarizftg KEY FT PC Form BLK 4071301
Category: Rectangular Connectors
SMD Transducer

SMD Transducer 

Buy SMD Transducer Items Including
  • 12065A102GAT2A: 1206 Transducers Unipolar 3.8V ~ 24V 8 MA SOT-89 (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • TMP17FS: Low Cost Current Output Temperature Transducer
  • AD590JF/883B: Temp Sensor Temperature Transducer IC
  • AD7730LBRZ: ADC Transducer IC Low Power Vers (Analog/Linear)
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
AC to USB Adapter

AC to USB Adapter 

Buy AC to USB Adapter Items Including
  • SW013US-0500020US: 1W USB-Type AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • FEF0500050A1BU: 2.5W Mini USB-Type Slim AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • GFP051-0505-1: 2.5W Mini USB-Type AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • 1128: 5W Mini USB-Type Slim AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • PSM11R-050-USB: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer Output: 5VDC
Category: Wall Transformers
Fc Fiber Connector

Fc Fiber Connector 

Buy Fc Fiber Connector Items Including
  • 1061521000: 106152 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • AFBR-53D5Z: Fiber Optic Transceiver 770-860NM
  • HFBR-1424: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 125MBPS
Category: Fiber Optics
Arduino Sensors

Arduino Sensors 

Buy Arduino Sensors Items Including
  • E000019: Non-Invasive AC Current Sensor (100A Max)
  • DFR0018: 9 Piece Multiple Sensor Set Type: Analog (Arduino)
  • SEN0114: Soil Moisture Sensor (Arduino Compatible) Power Supply: 3.3V or 5V
  • DFR0129: Capacitive Touch Kit for Arduino Operation Voltage:5V (Components)
  • DFR0028: Digital Tilt Sensor (Arduino Compatible) (Components)
Category: Components
USB to Power Adapter

USB to Power Adapter 

Buy USB to Power Adapter Items Including
  • PSSUSB4U: USB Switching Power Adapter -5VDC / 1A Cooler Running (AC-to-AC)
  • SA050100R1340: USB 5V 1A (1000MA) Wall Power Adapter
  • PSC03R-050-R: 2.5 Watt USB Interchangeable Wall Transformer Includes: USA AC Clip
  • PSM11R-050-USB: AC to DC Power Supply Wall Adapter/Transformer Output: 5VDC
  • GS05E-USB: 5 Watt AC/DC Single Output Wall-Mounted Adapter -Euro Plug
Category: Wall Transformers
Murata Components

Murata Components 

Buy Murata Components Items Including
  • LQG15HN2N7S02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type
  • LQG15HN6N2S02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type
  • LQP15MN3N9B02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Film Type
  • LQG15HN6N8J02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Monolithic Type
  • LQP15MN1N2B02D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Film Type
Category: Surface Mount Inductors
Bussmann Agc Fuses

Bussmann Agc Fuses 

Buy Bussmann Agc Fuses Items Including
  • AGC-35: AGC Fuse Glass Fast 1-1/4 X1/4, (Circuit Protection)
  • BK-AGC-3-R: AGC Fuse Glass Fast Agc-3 R 1 (Circuit Protection)
  • AGC-1/4: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 0.25A 250VAC 35A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • BK-AGC-8-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 8A 250VAC 200A (IR) Inline/Holder
  • BK-AGC-1-R: Fuses Electric Fuse-Fast 1A 250VAC 35A (IR) Inline/Holder
Category: Fuses

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