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Stainless Spring

Stainless Spring 

Buy Stainless Spring Items Including
  • 42973-2: Connector Accessories Retaining Spring Stainless Steel
  • PLIERS 5PC-R: 5 Piece Precision Stainless Steep Plier Tool Set
  • 745779-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch
  • 745255-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch 2/BAG
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Texas Instruments Programmer

Texas Instruments Programmer 

Buy Texas Instruments Programmer Items Including
  • TICPAL22V10Z-25CNT: OT Programmable Logic Device 25 Ns PDIP24
  • TIBPAL22V10ACNT: High-Performance Impact Programmable Array Logic Circuit
  • TL431AID: Programmable Voltage Reference
  • DS90C385AMT/NOPB: +3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 24 Bit Flat Panel Display LINK-87.5 MHZ
  • DS90C363BMT/NOPB: +3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 18 Bit Flat Panel Display LINK-65 MHZ
Category: LVDS Circuits
Hardware Spacers

Hardware Spacers 

Buy Hardware Spacers Items Including
  • GB140LB: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • GB140: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • CS-10: Spacers Hardware Standoff PCB Mounting Snap-On
  • PCST4C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.8 X 0.5
  • 4508-440BR7: Spacers HEX Male/Female Standoff
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Coded Switches

Coded Switches 

Buy Coded Switches Items Including
  • 94HAB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HBB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HAB16RAT: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HAB10T: 94H Rotary Coded SWITCH-10POSITIONS Binary Coded Decimal Latched
  • 94HAC16T: Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Complement Latched
Category: DIP
Cable Power Supply

Cable Power Supply 

Buy Cable Power Supply Items Including
  • ATX-400-RV-R: At/ATX Power Supply Extension Cable
  • 123855-1: 2 Conductor "8 Inch Style Power Cords for Laptops and Power Supplies
  • PEC-SJT: 3 Conductor Computer Power Supply Extension Cords
  • A1265-KIT: Original USB Charger Adapter and Cable (Wall Mount)
Category: Internal Power
Modbus Data Acquisition

Modbus Data Acquisition 

Buy Modbus Data Acquisition Items Including
  • PET-7015: Data Logger 7 Channel RTD Input with 3
  • PET-7017: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hi-Volt
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Ieee 1394 Connectors

Ieee 1394 Connectors 

Buy Ieee 1394 Connectors Items Including
  • 55395-0619: Connector Interface Ieee 1394 SKT with Lock SKT
  • 539840671: 6 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder
Category: Interface
Frequency Oscillators

Frequency Oscillators 

Buy Frequency Oscillators Items Including
  • OSC1: TTL Oscillator Full can (Frequency Control)
  • LTC6902IMSPBF: Multiphase 5KHZ -20MHZ Oscillator with Ssfm
  • LTC6903HMS8PBF: 1 KHZ to 68 MHZ Serial Port Programmable Oscillator Crystal Clock
  • SG-615P-16.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 16 KHZ Surface Mount
  • RTL20105/01: Oscillator Transistor-Transistor Logic Full Can
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Calibration Fluke

Calibration Fluke 

Buy Calibration Fluke Items Including
  • FLUKE-754: Documenting Process Calibrator
  • FLUKE-753: Documenting Process Calibrator
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Amphenol Interconnect

Amphenol Interconnect 

Buy Amphenol Interconnect Items Including
  • 31-6: Amphenol BNC 50OHM Male Cap & Chain ( RF Connectors)
  • 83-1R: Connector UHF Amphenol# Receptacle
  • 31-320-RFX: Cable Terminated Male BNC Connector Crimp Plug
  • 112431: BNC Connector B/H Jack Isolated
  • 112116: BNC Connector Plug Crimp RG58
Category: RF Connectors
Cutter Oval

Cutter Oval 

Buy Cutter Oval Items Including
  • MS54J: Tool 4 Inch Flush Oval Head Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • MS54V: Tool Oval Head Semi-Flush Cutter
  • BNC2493: 7 Inch Bent Oval Nose Cutter 7 Inch Standard (Tools)
  • NNC2480: Tool 5.25 Inch Oval Needle Nose Cutter Serrated Jaws
Category: Cutter Hand Tools
Voltage Inverter

Voltage Inverter 

Buy Voltage Inverter Items Including
  • LTC1550LCS8PBF: Low Noise Switched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Inverter
  • TPS60400DBVT: Charge Pump Voltage Inverter (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC1550LCGN: Low Noise Switched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Inverter
  • LTC1550LIGNPBF: Low Noise Switched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Inverter
  • LTC1550CGNPBF: Low Noise Switched Capacitor Regulated Voltage Inverter
Category: Charge Pump
Microprocessor Systems

Microprocessor Systems 

Buy Microprocessor Systems Items Including
  • LM81BIMT-3/NOPB: Serial Interface Acpi-Compatible Microprocessor System Hardware Monitor
  • CY8C29666-24PVXI: System on Chip Multifunction Peripheral PDSO48 (Microcontrollers)
  • CY8C21534-24PVXI: System on Chip Multifunction Peripheral PDSO28 (Microcontrollers)
  • CY8C29866-24AXI: System on Chip 1812 NP0 .01uf 2% 50V 7IN TR Hazmat
  • ADM1021AARQZ: Temperature Sensor Low Cost Microprocessor
Category: Microcontroller Peripherals
Quad Switch

Quad Switch 

Buy Quad Switch Items Including
  • LTC1064CSWPBF: Low Noise Fast Quad Universal Switched Capacitor Filter Building Block
  • DG212BDY: Quad 1 Channel Single Pole Single Throw Switch
  • DG641DY: 4 Channel Audio/Video Switch PDSO16
  • DG613DY: Quad SPST DCMOS Analog Switch SO-16 45 Ohm
  • VN340SP-E: VN340SP Quad High Side Smart Power Solid State Relay
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
CAT5E Ethernet

CAT5E Ethernet 

Buy CAT5E Ethernet Items Including
  • 10X5-82212: CAT5E Network Crossover Cable Length: 12 Feet
  • 10X5-83110: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 10 Foot 4 Pair
  • 10X5-82103: Modular Network Cable 350MHZ (Cat 5E Ethernet)
  • 10X5-82415: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 15 Foot
  • 10X5-82215: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 15 Foot
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
Pin & Socket Connectors

Pin & Socket Connectors 

Buy Pin & Socket Connectors Items Including
  • 1-66105-9: 66105 24-20 AWG Pin & Socket Connectors
  • 1-66099-5: 66099 18-16 AWG Pin & Socket Connectors
  • 66101-2: 18-16 AWG Pin & Socket Connectors
  • 56-725-019: 700 25 Shell Size PIN / Socket Filtered Adapter
  • PTF08A-A-R: Blade and Octal Relay Socket Contact Form: DPDT
Category: Circular
Power Factors

Power Factors 

Buy Power Factors Items Including
  • LT1248CNPBF: 1.5A Power Factor Controller
  • L4981AD: 2A Power Factor Controller 115 kHz Switching Freq-Max PDSO20
  • LT1509CNPBF: 1.5A Power Factor Controller with Positiont Regulator
  • ML4800CP: Power Factor Correction PWM Contrlr 0.2MA 81KHZ 16 Pin Pdip W Rail
  • UC2854BDW: Advanced High-Power Factor Preregulator
Category: Power Factor Correction
Rg 6 Cable Wire

Rg 6 Cable Wire 

Buy Rg 6 Cable Wire Items Including
  • RG6-6: Cable Assembly RG66 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm (RG6)
  • RG6-3: Cable Assembly RG6 3 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • 11X1-02106: 6 Foot RG-59 BNC-to-RCA Cable RG-59 Cable
  • 4846-K-6-R: Cable ASM SMA RG 1740.5FT SMA Male 50 Ohm
  • 4846-K-72-R: Cable ASM SMA RG1746FT SMA Male 50 Ohm (Assortments)
Category: RG6
Electrician Tool Kits

Electrician Tool Kits 

Buy Electrician Tool Kits Items Including
  • FLUKE-87-5/E2 KIT: Fluke 87V/E Industrial Electrician Combo Kit
  • FLUKE-179/1AC-II KIT: Fluke 179/1AC-II Electrician's Multimeter and Voltage Tester Combo Kit
Category: Multimeters
Thermal Imaging Flir

Thermal Imaging Flir 

Buy Thermal Imaging Flir Items Including
  • FLIR I5: Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR I40: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR B50: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR E50: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR B40: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Category: Environmental
Male Centronics

Male Centronics 

Buy Male Centronics Items Including
  • SBT-UPPC: USB IEEE1284 6 Foot Parallel Adapter (USB to 36 Pin Centronics)
  • GC012-R: Connector Centronic Male (D Ribbon/Centronics)
Category: Printer
Ad DC Converter

Ad DC Converter 

Buy Ad DC Converter Items Including
  • ADS-15548: ADS-155 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
  • ADS-5524: ADS-55 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
  • ADS-15512: ADS-155 155W Single Output with 5V 3A DC-DC Converter
  • ADS-5512: ADS-55 55W Single Output with 5V 5A DC-DC Converter
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
Light Panels

Light Panels 

Buy Light Panels Items Including
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • 1850-1-10-201-1: Round Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • KF12/13-LENS-AB250: Blue Lens for Panel Mount Indicator
  • KF12/13-LENS-AB260: Clear Lens for Panel Mount Indicator
  • KF12/13-LENS-AB240: Green Lens for Panel Mount Indicator
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
Fiber Optic Video Cable

Fiber Optic Video Cable 

Buy Fiber Optic Video Cable Items Including
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • 503571-1: 503571 KIT Conn CER O-Mold 125UM BAY
Category: Fiber Optics
Wire Terminal Strips

Wire Terminal Strips 

Buy Wire Terminal Strips Items Including
  • 485043-1: 485043 5.8 MM2 Brass Wire Terminal
  • 1-87175-0: 87175 Phenolic Barrier Terminal Strip
  • 16-02-0109: SSW Phosphor Bronze Tin over Nickel Finish Wire Terminal
  • 08-65-0122: 41815 Phosphor Bronze Gold Finish Wire Terminal (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 16-02-0069: SSQ Wire Terminal SL Crimp Terminal 24-30 AWG Reel Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Panasonic IC

Panasonic IC 

Buy Panasonic IC Items Including
  • EEU-FC1A681: 10VDC 680uf 10X12.5 LS 5MM Bulk ST (Capacitors)
  • EEU-FC2A330L: 100VDC 33uf 8X15 LS 3.5MM Bulk ST (Capacitors)
  • ERT-J1VR103J: Thermistor NTC 10K Ohm 5% 2 Pin 0603 Surface Mount Solder Pad 4300K Paper T/R
Category: Radial Electrolytic
Level Controllers

Level Controllers 

Buy Level Controllers Items Including
  • K2639: Liquid Level Controller (Measurement)
  • CJKIT-20453: Water Level Control Kit Soldering Iron and Solder
  • GMC-1102: DC Motor Speed Control Kit Intermediate Level
  • SM-10: Satellite PPL Turning Control 950MHZ 2150MHZ Signal Meter
  • SF-02: Analog Satellite IF Level Meter
Category: Other Meters
Field Effect Transistors

Field Effect Transistors 

Buy Field Effect Transistors Items Including
  • NDS355N: N-Channel Logic Level Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
  • PMBFJ177,215: P-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Jfets (SMD) )
  • PMBFJ309,215: N-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Mosfets (SMD) )
  • 2N7002DW-7: Dual Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor 60VDS 1A
  • PMBFJ174,215: P-Channel Silicon Field-Effect Transistor (Jfets (SMD) )
Category: Jfets (SMD)
External Enclosures

External Enclosures 

Buy External Enclosures Items Including
  • ENTONE 4755: SATA External Enclosure Uses SATA/Esata Connection
  • RM-206H: Hard Disk Drive Removable Enclosure
Category: External HDD Enclosures
Amplifier Chips

Amplifier Chips 

Buy Amplifier Chips Items Including
  • ABA-52563-BLKG: 0 MHz -3500 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • MGA-53543-BLKG: 50 MHz -6000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • MGA-62563-BLKG: 100 MHz -3000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • MGA-665P8-BLK: 500 MHz -6000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
  • MGA-72543-BLKG: 100 MHz -6000 MHz RF /Microwave Wide Band Low Power Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)

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