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Bright White LEDs   to   Digital Converters

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Bright White LEDs

Bright White LEDs 

Buy Bright White LEDs Items Including
  • MCDL-5013UWC: 5MM Round Ultra Bright White LED (IrLED)
  • MK147: Dual White LED Stroboscope Two Super Bright White LEDs
Category: IrLED
Slotted Screwdrivers

Slotted Screwdrivers 

Buy Slotted Screwdrivers Items Including
  • GSD-407-IN: 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GTK-2130: 28 in-1 Mini Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • 3106: 6 Piece Long Neck Screwdriver SET (Tools)
  • 53521: Felo 500 Series 6 Piece Screwdriver Set (Tools)
  • GTK-2113: 12 in-1 Mini Screwdriver Set with Leather Pouch
Category: Screwdriver Hand Tools
Mass Flow Sensors

Mass Flow Sensors 

Buy Mass Flow Sensors Items Including
  • AWM2100V: Flow Sensor Specialty Analog Circuit
  • AWM2100VH: Microstructure Sensor (Air Flow)
  • D6FP0010A1: Flow Sensor Mass Air ±5% 3 Pin (Omron)
Category: Air Flow
R75 Philips

R75 Philips 

Buy R75 Philips Items Including
  • BC807-40,215: Discrete Transistor GP TAPE-7 SOT23 R75
  • BC817-40,215: Discrete Transistor GP TAPE-7 SOT23 R75
  • BC846B,215: Discrete Transistor GP TAPE-7 SOT23 R75
  • BC846BW,115: Discrete Transistor GP TAPE-7 SOT323 R75
  • BC849C,215: Discrete Transistor Low Noise TAPE-7 SOT23 R75
Category: General Purpose (SMD)
Arduino WiFi

Arduino WiFi 

Buy Arduino WiFi Items Including
  • A000058: WiFi Shield R3 with Integrated Antenna
  • TEL0047: WiFi Shield V2.1 for Arduino (802.11 B/G/N)
  • ASD2121-R: Tinyshield WiFi TI CC3000 WiFi Module: (Shields)
Category: Shields
Cat Crossover

Cat Crossover 

Buy Cat Crossover Items Including
  • 10X5-82212: CAT5E Network Crossover Cable Length: 12 Feet
  • 10X5-83110: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 10 Foot 4 Pair
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
Network Tool Kits

Network Tool Kits 

Buy Network Tool Kits Items Including
  • NM7010B+: Plug-in Network Module for W3150A+
  • STEVAL-IHM002V1: Evaluation Kit for Bldc and AC Motor Control Board Indart
  • STEVAL-IHM003V1: Evaluation Kit for Bldc and AC Motor Control Power Driver Board 300W
  • STEVAL-IHM006V1: Evaluation Kit for AC/AC Chopper Driver (Networking)
  • STEVAL-ILL004V1: Development Kits and Tools (Networking)
Category: Networking
Power Cable Reel

Power Cable Reel 

Buy Power Cable Reel Items Including
  • JS-1116-T-R: JS-1116 Terminal Power PIN for 114930 22-26AWG .5A
  • C4202TOB02: Terminal Power PIN Female ATX for P/N147387
  • 02-08-1002A-VP: Contact Female 18-22 AWG Brass Tin LP
  • 02-08-1002C-VP: Contact Female 12-14 AWG Brass Tin LP
  • 02-08-1004A-VP: Contact Female 18-22 AWG Phosphor Bronze
Category: Power Connector
9V AC to AC Adapter

9V AC to AC Adapter 

Buy 9V AC to AC Adapter Items Including
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Adjustable 7 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • PSA18U-090: AC to DC Switching Table Top Adapter Output Volts: 9V DC
  • EA1018B-2U: AC to DC Slim Line Switchng Wall Adapter 9 Volts 2 Amps 18 Watts
  • PSC10A-090S: AC to DC 9V Wall Mount Transformer Output Voltage: 9VDC
  • EA1030U: AC to DC Switchng Wall Adapter 9 Volts 3 Amps 27 Watts
Category: Wall Mount
Surface Mount Electronics

Surface Mount Electronics 

Buy Surface Mount Electronics Items Including
  • GRM1885C1E102JA01D: GRM18 Capacitors:Fixed:Ceramic:Surface Mount
  • GRM3165C1H100RD01D: GRM31 Capacitors:Fixed:Ceramic:Surface Mount
  • SG-615P-10.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 10 KHZ Surface Mount
  • 5788667-1: 50 Right Angle Surface Mount Header Compact Flash
  • GRM319R71C224KA01D: GRM31 Capacitors:Fixed:Ceramic:Surface Mount
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Air Testing Equipment

Air Testing Equipment 

Buy Air Testing Equipment Items Including
  • VTAC1: Air Compressor (116 Psi) with Gauge and Work Light (Tools)
  • A1126B: QFP 14MM² Hot Air Nozzle Tip
  • A1135B: Plcc 17.5MM² Hot Air Nozzle Tip
  • A1260B: SOP 8.6MM X 18MM Hot Air Nozzle Tip
  • LF-853D: 900W Lead-Free Multi-Function Soldering Rework Station with Fume Extractor
Category: Soldering Equipment
Microphone with Amplifiers

Microphone with Amplifiers 

Buy Microphone with Amplifiers Items Including
  • PGA2500IDB: Digitally Controlled Microphone Preamplifier
  • PM-3: Pre-Amplifier with Electret Microphone Output Signal 300 mV (Audio)
  • SSM2019BRW: 1 Channel Audio Preamplifier PDSO16
Category: Amplifiers
DC to DC Converter Step Up Voltage

DC to DC Converter Step Up Voltage 

Buy DC to DC Converter Step Up Voltage Items Including
  • LT1961EMS8EPBF: 1.5 AMP 1.25MHZ Step UP Switching Regulator
  • LTC3422EDDPBF: 1.5AMP 3MHZ Synchronous Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Output Disconnect
  • LT3479EFEPBF: 3A 42V 3MHZ Step-Up Regulator
  • LT3479EDEPBF: 3A 42V 3MHZ Step-Up Regulator
  • LM2577T-ADJ/LB03: Con Volt DC-DC Single Output Step Up 5 Pin (5+Tab) TO-220 Rail
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Cord Clips

Cord Clips 

Buy Cord Clips Items Including
  • 1166-48-0: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-12-0: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-12-2: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-48-2: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 5525: Pomona Micrograbber Test Clip Patch Cord Kit
Category: Cable Assembly
Pigtail Wiring

Pigtail Wiring 

Buy Pigtail Wiring Items Including
  • M682-12: 6 Foot SJT Power Cord with Pigtail 3 Conductor
  • 32V86S297: 6 Foot Power Cord with Pigtail 3 Conductor
  • 72WV866SSDI: 6.58 Foot Power Cord with Pigtail (Cable Assembly)
  • SY005-E-R: 6.6 Foot Power Cord with Pigtail 3 Conductor
  • 444010-4: Power Cord with Pigtail Length: 4 Feet (2 Conductor)
Category: 3 Conductor
Circuit Breaker Components

Circuit Breaker Components 

Buy Circuit Breaker Components Items Including
  • 35-2110-BU: 10 AMP Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2105-BU: 5A Pushbutton Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2115-BU: Circuit Breaker 15A 250VAC 2 Pin Bulk
  • 35-2120-BU: Circuit Breaker 20A 250VAC 2 Pin Bulk
  • 1410-G111-L2F1-S01-1.5A: Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker
Category: Resettable Fuses
Cooling Fan Motor

Cooling Fan Motor 

Buy Cooling Fan Motor Items Including
  • B011388-12H-3M: Fan 12VDC 39.80 CFM 80X80X25230MA Ball Bearings
  • R1G133-AA17-02: DC Motorized Impeller 24 Volt 28W 3900RPM 212CFM 63DB Flange Mount
  • R1G220-AB35-52: DC Motorized Impeller Ball 24 Volt 106W 3150RPM 620.9CFM 76DB Flange Mount
Category: DC Brushless Fans
250V Capacitors

250V Capacitors 

Buy 250V Capacitors Items Including
  • UVZ2E101MHD: Capacitor Radial 100uf 250V 20% 105C 16X31X7.5MM
  • B32529-C3103-K: B32529 Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 250V 0.01 uf
  • C1206C475K3PAC TU: C1206 Capacitor 12064.70uf 25.0V X5R T/R (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • B32520C3473J: B32520 Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 250V 0.047 uf
  • B32521-C3104-K289: B32521 Capacitor Metallized Film Polyester 250V 0.1 uf
Category: Metal Polyester (Mylar) Film
Fiber Optics Devices

Fiber Optics Devices 

Buy Fiber Optics Devices Items Including
  • OPF372A: Fiber Optic LED Emitter 830-870NM Panel Mount
  • OPF430: Fiber Optic Photodiode Detector 800-900NM
  • OPF420: Fiber Optic Photodiode Detector 800-900NM
  • HEDL-5540-I06: Specialty Optoelectronic Device (Discrete)
  • HEDL-5540-A13: Specialty Optoelectronic Device 500CPR 8MM
Category: Photodiode
DC LED Driver

DC LED Driver 

Buy DC LED Driver Items Including
  • LDH-45A-350: DC-DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 350 Milliamps 30.1 Watts
  • LDH-45A-500: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 500 Milliamps 43 Watts
  • LDH-45A-700: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 700 Milliamps 44.8 Watts
  • LDH-45A-1050: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 1050 Milliamps 45.15 Watts
  • LDH-45A-350W: DC to DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 350 Milliamps 30.1 Watts
Category: Encapsulated
Capacitor Assortment

Capacitor Assortment 

Buy Capacitor Assortment Items Including
  • 751-00012: Capacitor Pack -0.01 uf Capacitor (Assortments)
  • 81859: 520 Piece 50V Ceramic Disc Capacitor Kit ±20% +10°C to +85°C
  • GB100: Assorted Ceramic Disc Capacitor Grab Bag
  • GB101: Assorted Mylar Capacitors Quantity: 100 (Grab Bags)
  • GB100LB: Assorted Ceramic Disc Capacitors Grab Bag
Category: Grab Bags
Modulator Demodulator

Modulator Demodulator 

Buy Modulator Demodulator Items Including
  • AD630JNZ: Mod and Demod Modulator/Demodulator IC
  • MC1496P.: Mod and Demod LM1496N Linear Balanced Modulator-Demodulator DIP-14 (Analog/Linear)
  • AD8346ARUZ: 800 MHz -2500 MHz RF /Microwave I/Q Modulator
  • AD8349ARE: 700 MHZ to 2700 MHZ Quadrature Modulator
  • AD630BD: Specialty Consumer Circuit 700MHZ Mod/Demodular
Category: Mod and Demod
Monitor Design

Monitor Design 

Buy Monitor Design Items Including
  • BS2SX-IC: Basic Stamp 2SX Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads and Motors
  • BS2P24-IC: Basic Stamp 2P 24 Pin Module that Control and Monitor Timers Keypads Motors and Sensors
Category: Basic Stamp Proto Boards
Epoxy Material

Epoxy Material 

Buy Epoxy Material Items Including
  • G/S(PCB-365)-R: Protoboard General-Purpose Prototyping Board
  • PC643-R: PC Plugboard General-Purpose Prototyping Board
  • 9163: Proto-Board 14/16 SOIC 16PIN SIP (Solderless Breadboards)
  • 33205: 5 Pin SMD Breadboard Adapter (Prototyping Systems)
Category: Proto Boards
Corcom Filters

Corcom Filters 

Buy Corcom Filters Items Including
  • 6J4: J Power Line Filter, J0=F7657
  • 1EGG1-2: Filtered Power Entry Module
  • 6EEAP: Power Line Filter 50HZ to 60HZ 6A 250VAC PC Pins Thru-Hole
  • 6ED1: Power Line Filter 50HZ to 60HZ 6A 250VAC Quick Connect Panel Mount
  • 6EDP: Power Line Filter 50HZ to 60HZ 6A 250VAC PC Pins Thru-Hole
Category: AC Power Line Filters
Yellow Screw

Yellow Screw 

Buy Yellow Screw Items Including
  • 5205817-1: 5205817 Femal Screw Lock Kit
  • JK-904B: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 19.8MM Black/Yellow (Plastic)
  • JK-905B-R: Knob 1/4 Inch Shaft 14.6MM JK-905B Black/Yellow
  • D20418-39: D-Sub Connector Hood Hardware Consists of Two Washers
  • 5748270-2: 5748270 Female Screwlock ZN Pltd
Category: Plastic
RCA to RCA Adapter

RCA to RCA Adapter 

Buy RCA to RCA Adapter Items Including
  • BJ-7072-R: Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Female to RCA Female
  • BR312-R: BR Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • 28050: RCA to Breadboard Adapter Standard RCA Female Socket
  • 13043: Bi-Directional RCA Female to S-Video Male Adapter
  • RB312: RB Coonnector RF BNC-RCA Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
Insulation Displacement Connector

Insulation Displacement Connector 

Buy Insulation Displacement Connector Items Including
  • 3473-7600: Insulation Displacement (Idc) Connector 10 Position Female
  • 3626-6600: Insulation Displacement (Idc) Connector 24 Position Female
  • HT-214-R: IDC Connector Crimping Fixture Tool
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Texas Instruments Circuits

Texas Instruments Circuits 

Buy Texas Instruments Circuits Items Including
  • TPS3306-18DGK: Dual Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power Fail
  • TPS3808G01DBVT: Programmable Delay Supervisory Circuit
  • TIBPAL16R4-25CN: Low-Power High-Performance Impact PAL Circuit
  • TL7726ID: Logic and Timing Misc Clamping Circuit < AZ
  • TL7726CP: Logic and Timing Misc Clamping Circuit < AZ
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Digital Converters

Digital Converters 

Buy Digital Converters Items Including
  • AD2S82AKP: Synchro or Resolver to Digital Converter PQCC44
  • AD2S80ATD: Synchro or Resolver to Digital Converter CDIP40
  • LTC1400CS8PBF: 12 Bit 400 Ksps Analog to Digital Converter
  • AD574AJNZ: ADC Mono 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter
  • TLV2556IPW: 12 Bit 11 Channel Serial Analog to Digital Converter
Category: Converter

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