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Battery Switches   to   DC Power Supply Converter Module

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Battery Switches

Battery Switches 

Buy Battery Switches Items Including
  • LTC4002ES8-4.2PBF: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
  • AD-155B: 155 Watt Single Output with Battery Charger (UPS Function)
  • AD-155A: 152W Single Output with Battery Charger (UPS Function)
  • LTC1514IS8-3.3: Step-Up/Step -Down Switched Capacitor DC/DC
  • LTC1759CG: Smart Battery Charger Controller
Category: Enclosed-Multiple Output
Pwm Driver

Pwm Driver 

Buy Pwm Driver Items Including
  • L6205D: Dmos Dual Full Bridge Driver Operating Supply Voltage: 8-52V
  • SR312: 3.2W Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver
  • SR412: 4.8W Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver
  • SR712: 6.4W Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver
  • A3958SB: Dmos Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver Motor Types: Stepper Bipolar, Brushed DC
Category: Constant Current LED Drivers
Power White LED

Power White LED 

Buy Power White LED Items Including
  • LTC3453EUF: Synchronous Buck-Boost High Power White LED Display Driver
  • 10W-LED-FLOOD: 10W 6000K Cool White LED Floodlight
  • MCDL-L20-750HPCW: 4W High Power Cold White LED 3.7VF @ 1A
  • ZLL4D: Flashlight with 5 White LEDs 16 High-Power LEDs (Tools)
  • SOL9: Solar Panel LED Shed Light Easy to Install (Tools)
Category: High Power LEDs
Wireless Meter

Wireless Meter 

Buy Wireless Meter Items Including
  • BR250: Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera
  • BR200: Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera
Category: Other Meters
Mounting Tool

Mounting Tool 

Buy Mounting Tool Items Including
  • 308: Panavise Weighted Base Mount (Vices & Holders)
  • LF-852D: 600W Surface Mount Rework Station
  • RCWCTE: Resistor Current Sense 0.05 Ohm Surface Mount 1206
  • 6387-ST-T-2: 4MM Red Banana Jack Panel Mount
  • LF-852D-II: 1000W Esd-Safe Surface Mount Rework Station
Category: Soldering/de-Soldering Station
Electronic Measuring Equipment

Electronic Measuring Equipment 

Buy Electronic Measuring Equipment Items Including
  • 5145: Interconnection Device (Test & Measurement)
  • 1325-02: 1325 Stackable Banana Jack
  • 5012: Looped Color-Coded Mountable Terminal
  • 3760-0: 3760 Interconnection Device
  • 5931-6: 5931 Interconnection Device
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
Power Supply Tube

Power Supply Tube 

Buy Power Supply Tube Items Including
  • TLC7705QD: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO8
  • UC3906DW: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO16
  • TPS3305-33DGN: 2 Channel Power Supply Management CKT PDSO8
  • ADM1025ARQZ: 6 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO16
  • TPS70748PWP: 2 Channel Power Supply Support CKT PDSO20
Category: Voltage Supervisory
Electromechanical Counter

Electromechanical Counter 

Buy Electromechanical Counter Items Including
  • XTC5400: Multi-Range Timer Counter (Industrial Automation)
  • RC102C: Rate Indicator 6 Digit Counter RPM 4 Digit 1 /8 DIN PNP Sensor
  • XC410: Counter LED NPN/PNP 6DIGIT 36MM X 72MM 90-270V AC/DC
  • XC1200: Multifunction Counter (Industrial Automation)
  • I-30: Adjustable Timer from 1 Second to 3 Minutes Voltage . 12V. D.C
Category: Counters & Timers
Industrial Computing

Industrial Computing 

Buy Industrial Computing Items Including
  • USB-2560: 4 Port Industrial USB 2.0 Hub (Miscellaneous)
  • NS-205-IP67: Unmanaged 5 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch with IP67 Casing
  • NS-208PSE: 8 Port Industrial 10/100 Mbps PoE (Pse) Ethernet Switch
  • NS-205: Unmanaged 5 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch (Networking)
  • NS-205G: Unmanaged 5 Port Industrial 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet Switch
Category: Switches
Power Quad

Power Quad 

Buy Power Quad Items Including
  • LP339M/NOPB: Low Power Quad Comparator (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC1444ISPBF: Ultralow Power Quad Comparator with Reference
  • LTC1443CSPBF: Ultralow Power Quad Comparator with Reference
  • MPI-806H: 80W 17 Pin ATX Quad-Output Power Supply
  • LPT42: Quad Op-Amp 13000 UV Offset-Max 4 MHZ Band Width PDSO14
Category: Comparators (SMD)
Constant Current Drivers

Constant Current Drivers 

Buy Constant Current Drivers Items Including
  • LDH-45A-350: DC-DC Step Up Constant Current LED Driver 12 Volts 350 Milliamps 30.1 Watts
  • LDD-300H: DC-DC Constant Current LED Driver Pin Style
  • LDD-300HW: DC-DC Constant Current LED Driver Wire Style
  • LDD-300L: DC-DC Constant Current LED Driver Pin Style
  • LDD-300LW: DC-DC Constant Current LED Driver Wire Style
Category: Encapsulated
Nicd NiMH Battery

Nicd NiMH Battery 

Buy Nicd NiMH Battery Items Including
  • LTC4010CFEPBF: High Efficiency Standalone Nickel Battery Charger Controller
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1511CSWPBF: 4A Battery Charge Controller
  • LTC1732EMS-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
Category: Battery Management
Data Acquisition Serial

Data Acquisition Serial 

Buy Data Acquisition Serial Items Including
  • AD7891AP-1: LC2MOS 8 Channel 12 Bit High Speed Data Acquisition System
  • AD7891APZ-1: LC2MOS 8 Channel 12 Bit High Speed Data Acquisition System
  • AD974ARS: 4 Channel 16 Bit 200 Ksps Data Acquisition System
  • AD7891AP-2: LC2MOS 8 Channel 12 Bit High Speed Data Acquisition System
  • AD7891APZ-2: LC2MOS 8 Channel 12 Bit High Speed Data Acquisition System
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Multifunction Counter

Multifunction Counter 

Buy Multifunction Counter Items Including
  • XC1200: Multifunction Counter (Industrial Automation)
  • B8035: Enclosure Bezel for K8035 for Multifunction Up/Down Counter
Category: Counters & Timers
SATA External Cable

SATA External Cable 

Buy SATA External Cable Items Including
  • F2N1192TT03-APL: External Serial ATA (Esata) Cable Fast Data Transfers Up to 3 Gbps
  • F2N1192-06-W: External Serial ATA (Esata) Cable Interface Speed: Serial ATA 150/300
Category: IDE/SATA
12V Power Converter

12V Power Converter 

Buy 12V Power Converter Items Including
  • AXA016A0X3Z: Austin Superlynx 12V SIP Non-Isolated Power Module
  • AXH005A0XZ: AXH005A0X Micro Lynx 12V in ADJ Out
  • PTH12060WAS: PTH12060W Power Supply Module 1 Output 10A 12V
  • IBC28AQW4812-RE: Semi-Regulated Wide Input QUARTer-Brick 12V (Open Frame)
  • IBC28AQW4812-RA: Semi-Regulated Wide Input QUARTer-Brick 12V (Open Frame)
Category: DC-DC Converters
Circuit Protectors

Circuit Protectors 

Buy Circuit Protectors Items Including
  • TISP4015L1BJR-S: 15V 22A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AA (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4290M3AJR-S: 290V 24A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AC (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4070L3BJR-S: 70V 13A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AA (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4165M3LM-S: 165V 32A Silicon Surge Protector DO-92 (Circuit Protection)
  • TISP4180M3LM-S: Bi-Directional Thyristor Overvoltage Protector (Circuit Protection)
Category: Transient Surge Absorbers
Linear Sensors

Linear Sensors 

Buy Linear Sensors Items Including
  • HLC1395-001: Linear Sensor-Diffuse (Infrared)
  • HOA1404-003: Position Linear Sensor-Diffuse 5.08-5.08MM
  • HOA1180-001: Linear Sensor-Diffuse (Infrared)
  • HOA1180-003: Linear Sensor-Diffuse (Infrared)
  • HOA1406-001: Linear Sensor-Diffuse (Infrared)
Category: Infrared
Cast Aluminum Enclosures

Cast Aluminum Enclosures 

Buy Cast Aluminum Enclosures Items Including
  • 03-125B: Case Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure (Metal)
  • 1550A: Case Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure (Metal)
  • 03-125C: Case Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure (Metal)
  • 03-125A: Case Die-Cast Aluminum Enclosure (Metal)
  • GBS39MF: Sealed Die-Cast Aluminum Case with Flange (Metal)
Category: Metal
RJ11 Jacks

RJ11 Jacks 

Buy RJ11 Jacks Items Including
  • 4P4C-MOD-JACK: 4P4C RJ14 Modular Jack 4 Positions (RJ11)
  • MJV0808KX06: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions (RJ11)
  • 3008F-6621-R: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • 623K-6P6C-R: 6P6C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
  • SY005-6P4C-R: 6P4C RJ11 Modular Jack 6 Positions
Category: RJ11
Serial Cards

Serial Cards 

Buy Serial Cards Items Including
  • 28440: Serial RFID Read/Write Module (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32390: Serial RFID Reader and 4 Tag Sampler Kit (RFID/Smart Card)
  • 32322: Smart Card 2KB Serial Eeprom 5MS Write (Use with Read/Write Part 2123477)
  • 32321: Smart Card 256B Serial Eeprom 2.5MS Write (Use with Read/Write Part 2123477)
  • 28140: Serial EM4100 RFID Card Reader Module (without Tags) (Sensors)
Category: RFID/Smart Card
Battery Wires

Battery Wires 

Buy Battery Wires Items Including
  • BH-9V-A-R: Battery Holder for a 9 Volt Battery has 6 Inch Wires
  • SBH-331-AS-R: Battery Holder 3 AA Wires with Cover and Switch
  • SBH-341-1A: Battery Holder 4 AA Wires with O Switch with Cover
  • BH-364-A: Battery Holder 6 AA Wires
  • BH-311-2A-R: Battery Holder for Single AA has 6 Inch Wires
Category: Holders & Clips
Smart Relays

Smart Relays 

Buy Smart Relays Items Including
  • VN340SP-E: VN340SP Quad High Side Smart Power Solid State Relay
  • VN330SP-E: VN330SP Quad High Side Smart Power Solid State Relay
Category: Power Switch
Ferrite Components

Ferrite Components 

Buy Ferrite Components Items Including
  • B66287PX187: B66287P Epcos --Ferrite Core ELP N87 Ferrite Core, ELP, N87
  • CZB2BFLTE301P: Multilayer Ferrite Chip Bead (Inductors)
  • 80P-G3YB: 2W Round Ferrite Speaker
  • NCB1206B320TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
  • NCB0805A601TR050F: NCB 1 Functions 0.5A Ferrite Chip
Category: Ferrite Products
Fluke Cases

Fluke Cases 

Buy Fluke Cases Items Including
  • C35: Polyester Black and Yellow Soft Carrying Case
  • C90: Zippered Soft Carrying Case for Digital Multimeter
Category: More Products
DC Converter Efficiency

DC Converter Efficiency 

Buy DC Converter Efficiency Items Including
  • SXE15-48S3V3: 15 Watt Single Output High Efficiency DC/DC Converter
  • SXN15-48S3V3: Single Output 15 Watt High Efficiency DC/DC Converter
  • LTC1265CS-3.3PBF: 1.2A High Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • LT1303CS8PBF: Micropower High Efficiency DC/DC Converter with Low Batte
  • LES25A48-3V3EJ: Eighth-Brick Single Output High Current High Efficiency
Category: Open Frame
Semiconductor Tools

Semiconductor Tools 

Buy Semiconductor Tools Items Including
  • AC1059: Socket for Model AD210 IC (Development Tools)
  • STR71X-SK/RAIS: Rectifier CF 1/4 10K 5% R (Development Tools)
  • UK003010: -Picstart Plus Flash (Development Tools)
  • AC2626L4: General Purpose Probe IC (Development Tools)
  • LMX9830SM/NOPB: LMX9830 -Bluetooth┬« Serial Port Module
Category: Development Tools
Soldering Iron Station

Soldering Iron Station 

Buy Soldering Iron Station Items Including
  • 108ESD: 80W Replacement Soldering Iron
  • TC201T: Weller 24W Replacement Soldering Iron
  • 44-415403: 1/64 Inch Conical Sharp Replacement Soldering Tip
  • 44-415410: 3/16 Inch Chisel Replacement Soldering Tip
  • 44-415402: 1/32 Inch Semi-Chisel Replacement Soldering Tip
Category: Soldering Equipment
Tyco Board

Tyco Board 

Buy Tyco Board Items Including
  • 640456-4: Two Part Board Connector 4 Contact Male
  • 640456-5: Two Part Board Connector 5 Contact Male
  • 1-640454-2: 12 Contact Male Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • 640457-3: 3 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
  • 640457-5: 5 Contact Male Right Angle Two Part Board Connector
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
DC Power Supply Converter Module

DC Power Supply Converter Module 

Buy DC Power Supply Converter Module Items Including
  • ATS030A0X3SRZ: DC-to-DC Power Converter Module High Efficiency
  • ATH016A0X3-SRZ: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module
  • ZY7007LG: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module Output Power: 39W
  • ATA016A0X3-SRZ: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module
  • SQ48T15033-NBB0G: SQ4815033 1 Output DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module
Category: Open Frame

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