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Passive Devices

Passive Devices 

Buy Passive Devices Items Including
  • CK06BX683K: Universal Serial Bus Single-Chip Host and Device Controller PQFP64
  • RGEF1000: Polyswitch Overcurrent Protection PTC Device
  • RXEF010-2: Radial Leaded Resettable Device
  • RXEF050-2: Radial Leaded Resettable Device
  • C0603C189C5GAC TU: C0603 High-Performance Eeprogrammable Logic Device 15NS C-Temp PLCC-28
Category: Fuses
Power External

Power External 

Buy Power External Items Including
  • SSL20C-7605: PWR Sply Table 20W Single Output External POW
  • WIZFI220: Ultra Low Power "Serial-to- WiFi " Module with External Power Amplifier
  • 28024: USB2SER Development Tool USB Power, no External Supply Required
Category: Table Top
Mass Air Flow Sensors

Mass Air Flow Sensors 

Buy Mass Air Flow Sensors Items Including
  • AWM2100VH: Microstructure Sensor (Air Flow)
  • AWM2100V: Flow Sensor Specialty Analog Circuit
  • D6FP0010A1: Flow Sensor Mass Air ±5% 3 Pin
Category: Air Flow
IC Package Converter

IC Package Converter 

Buy IC Package Converter Items Including
  • AD7893ARZ-5: LC2MOS 12 Bit Serial 6 Micro SEC ADC in 8 Pin Package
  • AD7893AR-5: LC2MOS 12 Bit Serial 6 Micro SEC ADC in 8 Pin Package
  • AD5314BRM: DAC 2.5V to 5.5V 500 Micro Ampere (Analog/Linear)
  • ADC0809CCV/NOPB: 8 Ch 8 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters
Mcu Programmer

Mcu Programmer 

Buy Mcu Programmer Items Including
  • ATTINY13-20PU: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 1KB in-Sytem Programmable Flash
  • AT89S52-24PU.: 8 Bit Microcontroller with 8KB in-System Programmable Flash
  • ATMEGA8515-16PU: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
  • ATMEGA8515L-8PC: 8 Bit AVR Microcontroller with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
  • ATMEGA8-16AU.: 8 Bit Avr® with 8K Bytes in-System Programmable Flash
Category: Microcontrollers
RF Attenuators

RF Attenuators 

Buy RF Attenuators Items Including
  • 4108-10DB: BNC Male-to-Female 50ω Attenuator
  • 4108-20DB: BNC Male-to-Female 50ω Attenuator
  • 4108-6DB: BNC Male-to-Female 50ω Attenuator
  • 47: 0 MHz -18000 MHz RF /Microwave Fixed Attenuator
Category: BNC
Texas Instruments Processor

Texas Instruments Processor 

Buy Texas Instruments Processor Items Including
  • TPS3307-25DGN: TPS3307 Triple Processor Supervisior (Interface)
  • TPS3307-33DGN: TPS3307 Triple Processor Supervisior (Interface)
  • TPS3305-18D: TPS3305 Dual Processor Supervisior (Interface)
  • TPS3707-33D: Processor Supervisory Circuit with Power-Fail
  • TPS3307-18DGN: TPS3307 Triple Processor Supervisior (Interface)
Category: Supervisory Circuits MPU
Clock Components

Clock Components 

Buy Clock Components Items Including
  • CRTCP-A50-B: Real-Time Clock Calendar with Enerchip™ Battery and 50µAh Integrated Power Management -DIP
  • CRTCP-A50: Real-Time Clock Calendar with Enerchip™ Battery and 50µAh Integrated Power Management -SMT
  • MOCD207R2M: 2.5V/3.3V 1:10 Differential ECL/Pecl/Hstl Clock Driver
  • C1206C562J5GAC TU: Independent Clock Dual Hotlink Ii Reclocking Deserializer BGA-256
  • GRM1885C1H3R9CZ01D: Logic Clock Driver 1 to 10 Fan out Buffer CMOS 3.3VOLT QSOP20 (PCG20)
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Mini Plug Cable

Mini Plug Cable 

Buy Mini Plug Cable Items Including
  • EN3C4M: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • A9002-4P-R: A9002 Plug Mini DIN Male 4PIN with Strain Relief
  • EN3C3F: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • EN3C6M: EN3 TM Mini Weathertight Cord Connector
  • 10136-6000EC: .100 Inch Mini D Ribbon Connector 36 Position Plug Shielded
Category: XLR (Professional Audio)
Panel Lock

Panel Lock 

Buy Panel Lock Items Including
  • 11TL1-3D: Toggle Switch Single Pole Lock Lever Solder Panel Mount
  • 70982-1003: Connector Accessories 3/16 HEX Screwlock M3 EXT Thrd
  • 2TL1-3D: TL Switch Toggle, MS24659-23D (Toggle)
  • 4TL1-12A: TL Series Toggle Switch 4 Pole 3 Position
  • 4TL1-3D: TL Series Toggle Switch MS24660-23D
Category: Toggle
Industrial Cord

Industrial Cord 

Buy Industrial Cord Items Including
  • WP25: 25W High-Quality Soldering Iron
  • 200PHG-40W: Economical High-Performance Soldering Iron
Category: Irons
LED Display Panels

LED Display Panels 

Buy LED Display Panels Items Including
  • LTM-8647AG: 2 Digit 14 Segment Alphanumeric LED Display (7 Segment)
  • LTD-6910HR: LED Display 7 Segment Numeric High Efficiency RED
  • LTP-3786G: Displays Panel 2 Digit 30 LED Green CA 18 Pin DIP (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-521A: Displays Panel 2 Digit 16 LED Red CA 18 Pin DIP Tube
  • LTC-4727JR: Displays Panel 4 Digit 35 LED Sup Red CC 16 Pin Pdip (7 Segment)
Category: 7 Segment
35V Capacitor

35V Capacitor 

Buy 35V Capacitor Items Including
  • UVZ1V331MPD: VZ Capacitor Radial 330uf 35V 20% 105C 10X16X5MM
  • A2200/35-R: GSA Capacitor Axial 2200uf 35V 20% 85C 16X30MM
  • T354A105K035AT: T354 Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 1 uf through Hole Mount
  • T350E475K035AS: T350 Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 4.7 uf through Hole Mount
  • TAP106M035SCS: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 10 uf through Hole Mount
Category: Tantalum
IC Protector

IC Protector 

Buy IC Protector Items Including
  • ADG467BR-REEL7: Channel Protector 18 Pin SOIC W Tape and Reel
  • ADG467BRZ: Amplifiers Misc Octal Channel PRO Tector IC
  • ADG467BRSZ: Channel Protector 20 Pin Ssop Otector IC
  • TPN3021: TVS 38V 9A Silicon Surge Protector (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • P0300SA: Thyristor 20A Silicon Surge Protector DO-214AA
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Temperature Thermistors

Temperature Thermistors 

Buy Temperature Thermistors Items Including
  • NTC-502-R: Negative Temperature Coefficient (Ntc) Thermistor
  • NTC-104-R: Negative Temperature Coefficient (Ntc) Thermistor
  • NTC-503-R: Negative Temperature Coefficient (Ntc) Thermistor
  • NTC-302: Negative Temperature Coefficient (Ntc) Thermistor
  • NTC-204-R: Negative Temperature Coefficient (Ntc) Thermistor
Category: Thermistors
Zigbee Controller

Zigbee Controller 

Buy Zigbee Controller Items Including
  • 32409: Xbee Zigbee 1.25 mW Wire Antenna (XB24 Z7WIT-004)
  • 32408: Xbee Zigbee Pro 60 mW Wire Antenna Series 2 (XBP24 Z7WIT-004)
Category: Wireless Interface Devices
Fiber Panel

Fiber Panel 

Buy Fiber Panel Items Including
  • 1061521000: 106152 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106161-0000: 106161 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106170-0520: 106170 Simplex Fiber Optic Adapter (Audio/Video)
  • 106170-0000: Connector Fiber Optics BSC Back Panel Adapter ZR Sleeve (Audio/Video)
  • ABCU-5700RZ: Fiber Optic Transceiver 1250MBPS (Tx)
Category: Fiber Optics
Terminal Block Assembly

Terminal Block Assembly 

Buy Terminal Block Assembly Items Including
  • 6PCV-02-006: Assembly (Terminal Blocks)
  • 7-1437653-4: 1437653 6PCV-15-006=6PCV Assembly
  • 6-1437652-7: 6PCV-04-006=6PCV Assembly
  • 6-1437648-1: 4PCV-03-006=4PCV Assembly
  • 8-1437652-2: 1437652 6PCV-05-006=6PCV Assembly
Category: Terminal Blocks
Audio Wire

Audio Wire 

Buy Audio Wire Items Including
  • 7BB-20-6: Audio Indicator and Alerts Diaphragm Piezo Wire Lead
  • SV4: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer Flange-Mounted
  • SVM24: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer
  • MT332B: General Purpose Audio Connector Jack MT JAX
  • 8445 060100: Cables 100 Foot 22AWG Unshielded 5 Conductor Audio (Assortments)
Category: Piezo Buzzers
Cable Null

Cable Null 

Buy Cable Null Items Including
  • 10D1-20406-R: Serial Null Modem Cable DE9 Female to DE9 Female
  • 10D1-20410: Serial Null Modem Cable DE9 Female to DE9 Female
  • 10D1-13310: Serial Null Modem Cable DB25 Male to DE9 Female
Category: Cable Assembly
Tube Audio Amp

Tube Audio Amp 

Buy Tube Audio Amp Items Including
  • TDA7294V: Audio Amp Speaker 1 Channel Mono 100W Class-Ab 15 Pin (15+Tab) Multiwatt V Tube
  • TDA2040V: 20W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • TDA2030H: 18W 1 Channel Audio Amplifier PZFM5 (Analog/Linear)
  • TPA2005D1DGN: 1.4W Mono Filter-Free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier
  • TPA701DGN: 700 Milliwatt Mono Low-Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
Category: Audio and Video
Channel Fuse

Channel Fuse 

Buy Channel Fuse Items Including
  • SMD185F-2: Dual P-Channel Specified Powertrench® Mosfet
  • MINISMDC020F-2-T/R: P-Channel Specified Powertrench® Mosfet
  • SMD075F-2: Dual N-Channel Specified Powertrench® Mosfet
  • MINISMDC075F-2-T/R: P-Channel Specified Powertrench® Mosfet
  • NANOSMDC012F-2: P-Channel Specified Powertrench® Mosfet
Category: Resettable Fuses
Red LED Lights

Red LED Lights 

Buy Red LED Lights Items Including
  • MCDL-314ED: Standard-Output LED (Light Emitting Diode) Standard-Output
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • K5600R: Advertisement LED Display with RED LEDs 12 Character Positions
  • CJKIT-21170: 3X3X3 Red LED Cube Soldering Iron: 129040 (Jameco P/N), Solder: 94570 (Jameco P/N)
  • BVU-5M1QN1: Standard-Output LED (Light Emitting Diode) (IrLED)
Category: Lighting
USB Cable Male to Female

USB Cable Male to Female 

Buy USB Cable Male to Female Items Including
  • 10U2-02110-E-BK: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable (USB)
  • 280206: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable-Black 6 Feet
  • 10U2-02106-E-R: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable-Beige 6 Feet
  • 10U2-02115-E-BK: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable-Black 15 Feet
  • 10U2-02103-E: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable-Beige 3 Feet
Category: USB
Wire Wound

Wire Wound 

Buy Wire Wound Items Including
  • CR100K-L.50: 3 Watt Round Potentiometer 1 & 13/16 Inch 500K Ohm 3% Wire Wound
  • 3540S-1-502-VP: Potentiometer 10 Turn Wire Wound 2 Watt 5K Ohm
  • 3290W-1-503: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 25 Turn 1W 50000 Ohm
  • 3057Y-1-500: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 22 Turn 1W 50 Ohm
  • 3290H-1-102: Potentiometer Resistor Trimmer Wire Wound 25 Turn 1W 1000 Ohm
Category: Trimmers
Bright Green LED

Bright Green LED 

Buy Bright Green LED Items Including
  • BR-B2134-12V: Standard Output Green LED
  • HLMP-1540-IJ000: T-1 (3 Mm) Ultra-Bright LED Lamp
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Post Connectors

Post Connectors 

Buy Post Connectors Items Including
  • 350980-3: Connector Power .045 Post Contact Auplbr
  • 5227677-1: 5227677 BNC PCB RT ANG Jack with Post
  • 227673-1: 227673 BNC PCB Vertical Jack with Post
  • 66460-7: 66460 PIN .062 DIA .025 SQ Post LP
  • 103185-3: Square Post Wire to Board Connector
Category: RF Connectors
Pos Switch

Pos Switch 

Buy Pos Switch Items Including
  • SK14DG13: Switch Keylock KEYLOCKSP3T POS 123GOLD PC with Bracket
  • 76RSB06T: 76 Series Thru-Hole DIP Switches SPST Rocker
  • 90B05ST: 90B Switch DIP 5 POS on Off
  • 76PSB03T: 76 Switch DIP 3 POS on off SPST
  • 78B07ST: 78 Switch DIP 7 POS on off SPST
Category: DIP
Pressure Sensing

Pressure Sensing 

Buy Pressure Sensing Items Including
  • 1696: 1/2 Inch Circular Force Sensing Resistor (Pressure)
  • 1645: Force-Sensing Resistor 1.72 Inch Flexible Square Pad
Category: Pressure
Raychem Wire

Raychem Wire 

Buy Raychem Wire Items Including
  • RNF-100-1/4-BK-SP: Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 BK 500 Foot Spool
  • RNF-100-3/8-BK-FSP: Heat Shrink Thinwall 3/8 BLK
  • 674983J001: 0.29 Inch (7.3MM) Black Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing -164 Feet Reel
Category: Heat Shrink Tubing

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