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Battery Sizes

Battery Sizes 

Buy Battery Sizes Items Including
  • AA2500APZ: NiMH-Rechargeable Battery Size: AA
  • 228: Battery Contact Case Mounting
  • 52: Battery Clip THM Mounting
  • 628: Battery Contact THM Mounting
  • 209.: Battery Contact Case Mounting
Category: Holders & Clips
Socket DDR

Socket DDR 

Buy Socket DDR Items Including
  • 1473005-1: 1473005 Semi Hard Tray DDR Socket 200P
  • 1612507-3: Hard Tray ASS Y DDR Sodimm SOC
Category: Sockets
High Diodes

High Diodes 

Buy High Diodes Items Including
  • SMAJ17A-13-F: C Bend Quad High Performance Audio Operational Amplifier SOIC-14
  • 1N5408-R: 1000V 3A Rectifier Diode High Current Capability: 3.0A
  • FJH1100.: High-Speed Fet-Input Operational Amplifier
  • BYV26C-TAP: High-Speed Fully-Differential I/O
  • MUR1100EG: Ultrafast E Series with High Reverse Energy Capability Switchmode Power Rectifier
Category: Ultrafast Diodes
Multiconductor Wire

Multiconductor Wire 

Buy Multiconductor Wire Items Including
  • 8451 010100: Wire Audio Control/Instrumentation Cable 1PR Black Shielded 22AWG
  • 8451 010U500: Cables Wire 1PR 22AWG Stranded Unreel (Assortments)
Category: Cables
RF Inductors

RF Inductors 

Buy RF Inductors Items Including
  • B78108S1395J: B78108S 1 Element 3900 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • B78108T1332K: B78108 T 1 Element 3.3 uH Ceramic-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • B78108T1473K: MCC 1 Element 47 uH Ceramic-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • 9230-94-TR-RC: Inductor RF Choke Molded 100NH 10% 25MHZ 40Q-Factor Phenolic 1.1A AXL T/R
  • 5300-25: Inductor Leaded 1 Element 100 uH Ferrite-Core
Category: Inductor
Regulated DC Converter

Regulated DC Converter 

Buy Regulated DC Converter Items Including
  • LM2717MT-ADJ/NOPB: LM2717 Adj Dual Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • LT1946EMS8PBF: 1.2MHZ Boost DC/DC Converter with 1.5A Switch and Soft-Star
  • EQW020A0F1Z: 36-75VDC Input
  • 20A
  • 3.3VDC Output Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converter
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Foil Shielding

Foil Shielding 

Buy Foil Shielding Items Including
  • 5578-100: 3 Conductors Foil-Shielded Chrome Gray PVC Jacket
  • 5574-100: Cables Foil Shielded 300V Chrome Gray PVC
  • 9991-500: 16AWG 4 Conductor Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded Plenum Cable
  • 9944-1000: 18 AWG 4 Conductor Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded Plenum Plrc (Ul) CL3P/CMP White Cable
  • 9942-1000: 22 AWG 4 Conductor Consolidated Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded Plenum Plrc (Ul) CL3P/CMP Cable
Category: Cables
DC Design Power Supply

DC Design Power Supply 

Buy DC Design Power Supply Items Including
  • HVGC-100-350A: 100 Watt Single Output LED Power Supply Constant Current Design
  • HVGC-150-350A: 150 Watt Single Output LED Power Supply Constant Current Design
  • HLG-80H-C350A: 90W Single Output LED Power Supply Constant Current Design
  • HLG-80H-C700A: 90W Single Output LED Power Supply Constant Current Design
  • HLG-80H-C350B: 90W Single Output LED Power Supply Constant Current Design
Category: LED
Surface Mount Oscillators

Surface Mount Oscillators 

Buy Surface Mount Oscillators Items Including
  • SG-615P-10.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 10 KHZ Surface Mount
  • CB3LV-3C-10.0000-T: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 35V 10 uf Surface Mount 2916
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
  • CB3LV-3C-50.0000-T: Capacitor Tantalum Solid Polarized 6V 330 uf Surface Mount 2917
  • SG-615P-16.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 16 KHZ Surface Mount
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Hi Limit Switch

Hi Limit Switch 

Buy Hi Limit Switch Items Including
  • 201LS1: LS Electromechanical Switch Limit Switch
  • LSZ54: LSZ Electromechanical Switch Enclosed Switch
  • 1LS1: Electromechanical Switch Enclosed Switch N.O./N.C
  • 1LS131: Electromechanical Switch Enclosed Switch 10A
  • 1LS3: Electromechanical Switch Enclosed Switch N.O./N.C
Category: More Products
SCR Electronics

SCR Electronics 

Buy SCR Electronics Items Including
  • 5552563-1: HDW KIT SCR Lock Vert Mounting
  • 553811-2: Assembly EMI Recepticle 24 Posn SCR LK
  • 553811-1: Assembly EMI Recepticle 24 Posn SCR LK
  • 553602-1: 553602 Plug Assembly 50 Posn SCR LK L pf
  • 5553813-4: Assembly EMI Recepticle 50 Posn SCR LK
Category: Telecom & Datacom
D-Sub Hoods

D-Sub Hoods 

Buy D-Sub Hoods Items Including
  • 17-1587-3: DE9 Black Plastic D-Sub Hood with Internal Cable Clamp
  • GC040-R: Backshell Hood D-Sub Plastic 9PIN
  • 1015-9M-R: Backshell Hood D-Sub Cast Metal 9PIN
  • GTT25AT: Backshell Hood D-Sub Plastic Dual 25PIN
  • 1015-25SC-R: Backshell Hood D-Sub Metalized 25PIN
Category: Hoods
Fiber Optic Detectors

Fiber Optic Detectors 

Buy Fiber Optic Detectors Items Including
  • OPF430: Fiber Optic Photodiode Detector 800-900NM
  • OPF420: Fiber Optic Photodiode Detector 800-900NM
  • OPF482: Fiber Optic Photodiode Detector Panel Mount
Category: Photodiode
Analog to Digital Converter Circuit

Analog to Digital Converter Circuit 

Buy Analog to Digital Converter Circuit Items Including
  • AD73360LAR: Analog Front End Specialty Telecom Circuit PDSO28
  • AD9895KBCZ: Analog Front End Specialty Consumer Circuit PBGA64
  • AD73360AR: Analog Front End Specialty Telecom Circuit PDSO28
  • AD7400YRWZ: ADC Specialty Analog Circuit PDSO16 (Analog/Linear)
  • AD974ANZ: ADC Specialty Telecom Circuit PDIP28 IC
Category: Analog Front End
Red LED Lamp

Red LED Lamp 

Buy Red LED Lamp Items Including
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
  • HLMP-4000: Red and Green Bi-Color LED Lamp
  • 5219450F: 521-9450 Opto Discrete LED Lamp
  • 5219246F: 521-9246 Opto Discrete LED Lamp
  • 585-1215: Red LED Replacement Lamp 28VDC 625NM Midflange Base
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Digital Volume

Digital Volume 

Buy Digital Volume Items Including
  • AD5222BR10: AD5222 2 Channel Volume Control Circuit PDSO14
  • EMA-1710: 9 Segment LCD Meter Suited for Low or High Volume Applications
Category: Digital Potentiometers
Drive Enclosures

Drive Enclosures 

Buy Drive Enclosures Items Including
  • RM-206H: Hard Disk Drive Removable Enclosure
  • ENTONE 4755: SATA External Enclosure Uses SATA/Esata Connection
  • G/S435: 3.5 Inch Hard Drive Bracket Short
Category: External HDD Enclosures
Electronic Set

Electronic Set 

Buy Electronic Set Items Including
  • 5901B/POM: Electronic Bench DMM Test Lead Kit
  • CF 1/4 750K 5 TR: Resistor SET 1/4WATT 750K Ohm Carbon
  • RN 1/4 T1 22R1 1 TR: Resistor SET 1/4 Watt 22.1 Ohm Metal
  • 6303: 4 Wire Kelvin Probe Set with Double Banana Plug Leads
  • CF 1/4 2M 5 TR: Resistor SET 1/4WATT 2M Ohm Carbon
Category: 1/4 Watt Carbon Film
LED Current

LED Current 

Buy LED Current Items Including
  • DFR0244-B: LED Current Meter 10A (Blue) Measure Current: 0-9.99A DC (Arduino)
  • DFR0245-R: LED Current Meter 50A (Red) LED Current Meter 50A (1 Unit) (Arduino)
  • HLMP-1719-A0002: T-1 Single Color LED Yellow 3 Mm
  • HLMP-1790-A00A2: T-1 Single Color LED Green 3 Mm
  • HLMP-D150-C0002: T-1 3/4 Single Color LED Deep RED 5 Mm
Category: Standard Output LEDs (SMD)
Data Rate Conversion

Data Rate Conversion 

Buy Data Rate Conversion Items Including
  • AD1895AYRS: 192 KHZ 8:1 Stereo Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
  • AD1896AYRS: 193 KHZ 8:1 Stereo Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
  • AD1893JST: Low Cost Sampleport 16 Bit Stereo Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter
  • AD1890JPZ: Data Conversion Misc 20 Bit Converter IC
  • AD1890JP: Specialty Consumer Circuit PQCC28 (Converter)
Category: Converter
Wire Length Meter

Wire Length Meter 

Buy Wire Length Meter Items Including
  • PCM-2295-03M: Hdmi Cable Male to Male 3 Meters Length: 3 Meters (9.8 Feet)
  • PCM-2296-03M: Hdmi to Male Dvi-D Cable Length: 3 Meter (Assortments)
Category: Cable Assembly
Green LED Display

Green LED Display 

Buy Green LED Display Items Including
  • LTS-6460G: LED Display 7 Segment (7 Segment)
  • HDSP-5601: 0.56 Inch Green 7 Segment LED Display
  • LTS-312AG: LED Display 7 Segment 0.3 Inch Single Digit Numeric LED Display
  • HDSP-7801: 7 Segment Numeric High Performance Green Single Digit LED Display
  • HDSP-5621: 7 Segment Numeric High Performance Green Dual Digit LED Display
Category: 7 Segment
Screw White

Screw White 

Buy Screw White Items Including
  • MGT2420: 24VAC 830MA Output AC-AC Wall Adapter (AC-to-AC)
  • MGT1220: 12VAC 1670MA Output AC-AC Wall Adapter (AC-to-AC)
Category: Wall Transformers
BNC Coaxial Connectors

BNC Coaxial Connectors 

Buy BNC Coaxial Connectors Items Including
  • 95625: BNC Coaxial Connector Orientation: Right Angle
  • 31-325: Crimp Type 50ω Male BNC Coaxial Connector
  • 31-347: BNC Coaxial Connector Orientation: Straight
  • UG-89C/U: RF BNC Coaxial Cable Clamp RF Connector
  • 68175-5RFX: BNC Coaxial Terminating Connector for RG59
Category: RF Connectors
Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge 

Buy Pressure Gauge Items Including
  • 700G/TRACK: Logging Software for 700G Series Pressure Gauge
  • FLUKE-700PTPK: Pneumatic Test Kit for 700G Series Pressure Gauge under 1000PSI
  • FLUKE-700HTPK: Hydraulic Test Kit for 700G Series Pressure Gauge over 1000PSI
  • FLUKE-700G04: Precision Pressure Test Gauge
  • FLUKE-700G07: Precision Pressure Test Gauge
Category: Other Meters
Series Switches

Series Switches 

Buy Series Switches Items Including
  • JX-44: Lever Hinge for Honeywell and Microswitch ZX Series Switches
  • LB15RKW01-5C24-JC: Switch LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton (Push Button)
  • CD4066: Quad Bilateral Switch DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • CD4016: Quad Bilateral Switch DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • SN74CB3T3245PW: CB3T/3VT Series 8 Bit Driver True Output
Category: 4000 Series
Socket Cap

Socket Cap 

Buy Socket Cap Items Including
  • 50842120: 12 Contact Male and Female Power Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 770029-1: 12P Umnlii in-Line Capacitor Housing KIT
Category: Pin & Socket
Allegro Drivers

Allegro Drivers 

Buy Allegro Drivers Items Including
  • A6276SA: Through-Hole LED Driver 16 Bit PDIP-24
  • UDN2981A-T: 8 Channel Source Driver PDIP18
  • A6276ELP: Gull Wing LED Driver 16 Bit PDSO-24
  • A6276SLW: Gull Wing LED Driver 16 Bit PDSO-24
  • A6277ELW-T: Gull Wing LED Driver 8 Bit PDSO-20
Category: Display Drivers
DC to DC Power Converters

DC to DC Power Converters 

Buy DC to DC Power Converters Items Including
  • CXA20-48D12: 20 Watt DC/DC Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • ATH016A0X3-SRZ: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module
  • ZY7007LG: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module Output Power: 39W
  • ATA016A0X3-SRZ: Non-Isolated DC/DC Converter Module
  • SQ48T15033-NBB0G: SQ4815033 1 Output DC-DC Regulated Power Supply Module
Category: Open Frame
Digital Transmitters

Digital Transmitters 

Buy Digital Transmitters Items Including
  • TFP410PAP: Tipanelbus Digital Transmitter (Display Drivers)
  • HFBR-1414Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 20MBPS
  • HFBR-14E4: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 160MBPS
  • HFBR-1402: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 5MBPS
  • HFBR-1424: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 125MBPS
Category: Discrete

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