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Buy Wall Transformers Items Including
  • AF1805-A: 12.5 Watt AC-to-DC Switching Wall Transformer Power Supply
  • GSCV2000S012V024: European Plug Wall Transformer
  • MGT2450P: 50W 24V 2.1A AC to AC Screw Terminal Wall Transformer
  • PSC03R-050-R: 2.5 Watt USB Interchangeable Wall Transformer Includes: USA AC Clip
  • DCU120050D4740: AC to DC Unregulated Wall Transformer
Category: Wall Transformers
Buy Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Batteries Items Including
  • VINNICS9V/GP6F22MS: Zinc Chloride 9V Battery 9V, 300MAH Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
  • LR14AM2: 1.5V C-Cell Alkaline Battery 6700MAH (Non-Rechargeable)
  • LR03AM4: 1.5 Volt AAA Alkaline Batteries Non-Rechargeable
  • ALK AAA (EN92): Energizer® Alkaline Battery
  • ALK D EN-95: Energizer 1.5V D-Cell Alkaline Battery
Category: Alkaline (Non-Rechargeable)
Buy Opto & Illumination Discrete LEDs Items Including
  • 5219250F: Green Discrete LED Lamp
  • MCDL-314ED: Standard-Output LED (Light Emitting Diode) Standard-Output
  • UT1871-81-M1-R: 5.0MM Round LED Lamp Emitting Color: Super Red
  • LG3330: LED Uni-Color Green 565NM 2 Pin T-1 3/4
  • UT6371-41-M1-R: UT6371-41 M1 LED Uni-Color Red 660NM 2 Pin T-1 Box
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Buy Wire & Cable Audio/Video Cables Items Including
  • AC-3-10FT-R: RCA Mono Audio/Video Cable Color: Yellow
  • RCA2F-3.5M-4: 4 Inch RCA Audio Video Cable -3.5MM Stereo Plug to 2 RCA Stereo Jacks
  • 255-110: 6 Foot Audio/Video RCA Male to Male Cable
  • 3RCA-4PM: 6 Foot Audio Video Cable -3.5MM Jack to 3 RCA Plugs Trrs
  • 11X1-02106: 6 Foot RG-59 BNC-to-RCA Cable RG-59 Cable
Category: Audio/Video Cables
Buy Light Bar Discrete LEDs Items Including
  • HLMP-2655.: HP High Efficiency Red Light Bar Square
  • LTL-2620HR: LED Rectangular Light Bar
  • LTL-2720Y: LED Rectangular Light Bar
  • HLCP-B100: LED Uni-Color Red 645NM 8 Pin SIP (Light Bar)
  • HLCP-H100: LED Uni-Color Red 645NM 16 Pin DIP (Light Bar)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Buy Alternative Energy Solar Cells & Glass Items Including
  • SOL3: 1 Volt 200 mA Encapsulated Solar Cell (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
  • SOL4: Encapsulated Solar Cell (2V/200MA) (Alternative Energy (Solar) )
  • SOL1: Encapsulated Solar Cell Solar Panel Material: Polycrystalline
  • SOL2: Encapsulated Solar Cell Solar Panel Material: Polycrystalline
  • FAD-1: 1.2V Solar Cell with 5 Inch Leads
Category: Glass Solar Cells
Buy Wire & Cable Assortments Items Including
  • UL1007-10CS: 10 Color Stranded Wire Kit Assortment (Hook-Up)
  • WJW-60P-R: 350 Piece Refill Jumper Wire Set (Assortments)
  • 8451 010U500: 8451 22AWG Multiconductor Cable (Assortments)
  • WJW-60B-R: 350 Piece Jumper Wire Kit (Assortments)
  • 8723 060100: 8723 Shielded 22AWG Multiconductor Cable (Assortments)
Category: Jumper Wires
Buy Flexible Film Solar Cells Items Including
  • SP3-37: Power Film 3V 22MA Flexible Thin-Film Solar Module
  • MP3-25: 3V 25MA Flexible Thin Film Solar Module 25MA @ 3V
  • SP4.2-37: 4.2V 22MA Flexible Thin Film Solar Module 22MA @ 4.2V
  • MPT6-150: Power Film 6V 100MA Flexible Thin-Film Solar Module
  • MPT15-75: 15.4V 50MA Flexible Thin Film Solar Module 50MA @ 15.4V
Category: Flexible Film Solar Cells
Buy Phihong Wall Transformers Items Including
  • PSC03R-050-R: 2.5 Watt USB Interchangeable Wall Transformer Includes: USA AC Clip
  • PSAA20R-480: Wall Transformer Regulated 48V @ .42A 2.1MM Removeable Interchangeable AC Plugs
  • PSC11A050: 10 Watt Universal Switching Adaptor (Wall Transformers)
  • RPA: USA Wall Adapter Clip Compatible Clip for USA Outlet Use
  • PSA08R-050: 5 Watt Wall Adapter Interchangeable Plug Series us Plug Included
Category: Wall Transformers
Buy Lite-on LED Displays Items Including
  • LTC-4624JD: 7 Segment 3 Digit LED Display
  • LTD-6610E: Displays Panel 2 Digit 16 LED Orange CA 18 Pin DIP
  • LTS-4940AHR: 7 Segment Numeric Display Module 1 Digit 8 LED Hi-Eff
  • LTA-1000G: LED Rectangular Bar Graph Array
  • LTA-1000HR: LED Rectangular Bar Graph Array
Category: 7 Segment
Buy Idc Rectangular Connectors Items Including
  • 640440-6: MTA-100 IDC Receptacle Connector -22 AWG Closed End without Tabs
  • 8000-6-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) Polarized 6 Position IDC Socket Connector
  • 8000-8-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) Polarized 8 Position IDC Socket Connector
  • 8000-20-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 20 Position
  • 8000-14-R: 0.1 Inch (2.54MM) IDC Socket Connector 14 Position
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Buy Proto Boards Items Including
  • 32212: Propeller Proto Board (Prototyping Systems)
  • B502: Surface Mount Proto Board with Multiple Patterns
  • 40010: P8X32A Quickstart Proto Board Kit (Propeller Series)
  • B505: Surface Mount Proto Board SOIC
  • 22-516: PCB Perforated Bare Phenolic Prototype Boards
Category: Proto Boards
Buy Atmel Semiconductor ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • ATTINY24A-PU: Atmel 8 Bit Microcontroller
  • ATMEGA328P-PU: Atmel 32KB Flash Microcontroller 8BIT
  • ATTINY45-20PU: 8 Bit Microcontroller (Atmel Series)
  • AT91SAM-ICE: SAM3/SAM4/SAM7/SAM9/SAMA5 Microcontroller Emulator
  • ATTINY2313-20PU.: AVR 2K FL ASH 128B SRAM 1 UART 5V -
Category: Atmel Series
Buy Fairchild Semiconductor Multiplexer or Switch Items Including
  • FSAL200QSCX: Analog Multiplexer Quad 2:1 16 Pin Qsop
  • MM74HC4053MTC: Analog Multiplexer Triple 2:1 16 Pin Tssop
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
Buy Function Generators Items Including
  • FG-8102: 2MHZ Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • FG-7005C: 5MHZ Digital Sweep Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
  • DFG-1020: 20MHZ DDS Function Generator
  • DFG-9010: 10MHZ DDS Function Generator
  • FG-8110: 10MHZ Function Generator (Test & Measurement)
Category: Function Generators
Buy Idc Ribbon Cable D-Sub Connectors Items Including
  • 1658615-2: 025 LP HDF Plug AP 30DP (Idc Ribbon Cable)
  • 1658614-2: 025 LP HDF Rcpt AP 30DP (Idc Ribbon Cable)
  • 1658613-1: 037 LP HDF Plug MS 30DP (Idc Ribbon Cable)
  • CWR-180-373-0003W/O: 37 Pin Male IDC D-Sub Male Tin Connector
  • 1658612-4: Connector D-Subminiature Socket 9 Position 2.77 Mm IDT Right Angle Cable Mount 9 Terminal 1 Port
Category: IDC Ribbon Cable
Buy Serial Computer Products Items Including
  • USB-AD9: 6FT USB2.0 Male to RS232 (DB9) Serial Cable
  • TDS-715: Tiny Serial-to-Ethernet Device Servers with PoE (Networking)
  • M2M-711D: Serial to Wi-Fi Converter (Networking)
  • LP-P11011-S6: Cyberpro Isip High Speed Serial Card Conforms to PCI V2.2 Plug and Play
  • HU2Z40: USB 2.0 4 Port Hub Compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 (Data Rate 1.5/12/480 Mbps)
Category: Adapters
Buy Littelfuse Passive Components Items Including
  • 03540001ZXGY: Fuse Blocks 2 Pin Bulk Current Rating: 20A, 300V (Ul/Csa)
  • 05200101Z: 520 PCB Mount Fuse Block 2 Pin Bulk 5X20MM
  • 0314010.HXP: Fuse Miniature Fast Acting 10A 250 Volt Holder Cartridge 6.3 X 32 Mm Ceramic Bulk
  • 01550310ZXA: 155 Inline Fuse Holders 2 Pin Bulk in-Line
  • 03540601ZXGY: Fuse Hldr 3AG 20A 300V Solder 1 Pole MTG PCB Mount Ul/Csa
Category: Circuit Protection
Buy Rectifiers, Bridge ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • 26MB80A: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 800 Volt 25A 4 Pin D-34
  • 26MT60: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 600 Volt 25A 5 Pin Case D-63
  • GBPC3504W: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 400 Volt 35A 4 Pin Case Gbpc-Watt Bulk
  • 26MB120A: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 1.2K Volt 25A 4 Pin D-34
  • 26MB60A: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 600 Volt 25A 4 Pin D-34
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Buy RJ11 Straight Items Including
  • MODCBL35: Modular Telephone Cable RJ11-6P4C 35 Foot L
  • 8101-64107: RJ11-6P4C 7 Foot Modular Telephone Cable Flat
  • MTP-64-U: MTP 6P4C RJ11 Modular Plug 6 Positions
  • 504-207: DE9 MALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 31D3-36200: DB25 MALE-to-RJ11 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
Category: RJ11 Straight
Buy Mounting Hardware Interconnects Items Including
  • 24A071: DIN Rail Mounting Clip for K10
  • 14-522-R: Jack Screw NUT Washers SET (Mounting Hardware)
  • JS4403LW: Jack Screw with Lock Washer (Mounting Hardware)
  • 5205817-4: Female Screwlock Kit (Mounting Hardware)
  • 3341-17-BULK: Screw J/Socket KIT/MDR/4-40-4-40/FLAJ Socket HS (Mounting Hardware)
Category: Mounting Hardware
Buy General Instruments ICs & Semiconductors Items Including
  • MC1458P: Dual ±15V General Purpose Op Amp
  • LM358M/NOPB: OP Amp Dual General Purpose ±16 Volt/32 Volt 8 Pin SOIC
  • LF444CN/NOPB: OP Amp Quad General Purpose ±18 Volt 14 Pin Pdip
  • LM358N/NOPB: OP Amp Dual General Purpose ±16 Volt/32 Volt 8 Pin Pdip
  • LMC6482AIN/NOPB: OP Amp Dual General Purpose to I/O ±7.75 Volt/15.5 Volt 8 Pin Pdip
Category: Amplifiers
Buy Mounting Hardware Discrete LEDs Items Including
  • PT18H013: T1 ¾ LED Ring Clip (Mounting Hardware) Color: Black
  • LA27B: LED Mounting Hardware for T1 LMH100
  • CLB300CTP: T1-3/4 Clear LED Mounting Hardware
  • CLF280CTP: T1-3/4 Clear LED Mounting Hardware
  • HLMP-2550: LED Mounting Hardware L Bararray L-Bar Uni-Color
Category: Mounting Hardware
Buy Crimp Interconnects Items Including
  • 447647-3: Connector SMA PL 12.4GHZ Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • 225395-8: Connector BNC PL 50 Ohm Crimp Straight Cable Mount Gold
  • 41854: Crimp Terminal 18-22AG Female 14.25MM 4.45MM Tin Strip on Reel
  • 1051664-1: Connector SMA PL 0HZ to 12.4GHZ 50 Ohm Crimp Straight Cable Mount Gold
  • 63811-4400: Connector Accessories Hand Crimp Tool Handtool
Category: SMA
Buy Cinch Connectors Terminal Blocks Items Including
  • MS-9-142.: Connector Terminal Block 9 Position
  • MS-20-140: 140 Terminal Block Marker 1-20 9.53MM
  • MS-25-140: 140 Terminal Block Marker 1-25 9.53MM
  • 8-140: 8 Contact 9.53MM Double Row Barrier Terminal Block
  • MS-8-142.: 142 Barrier Strip Terminal Block
Category: Terminal Blocks
Buy Interconnects Terminals Items Including
  • OSTTA020161: 5.0MM Series 1 Interlock Terminal Block
  • OSTTE030161: Ostte 3.5MM Series Terminal Block
  • OSTTA030161: 5.0MM Series 1 Interlock Terminal Block
  • SVS1-3.7-R: SVS1 Single Spade Terminal 16-22 AWG 21MM 5.7MM
  • OSTTA034163: Connector Terminal Blocks 3 Position 5.08MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole
Category: Terminal Blocks
Buy On Semiconductor Level Translator Items Including
  • MC100ELT24DG: Translator TTL to ECL 8 Pin SOIC (Logic)
  • MC100EPT20DG: Translator LvCMOS/Lvttl to Lvpecl 8 Pin SOIC
  • MC10H125FNG: Translator Mecl to TTL 20 Pin PLLc (Logic)
  • MC14504BDTG: Voltage Level Shifter CMOS/Ttl to CMOS 16 Pin Tssop
  • MC100LVELT23DG: Translator LVDS /Lvpecl to Lvttl 8 Pin SOIC
Category: Level Translator
Buy Medical AC-to-DC Items Including
  • GSM90B12-P1M: Medical AC to DC Switching Table Top Power Supply 12 Volts 6.67 Amps 80.04 Watts
  • GSM90B15-P1M: Medical AC to DC Switching Table Top Power Supply 15 Volts 6 Amps 90 Watts
  • GSM90B19-P1M: Medical AC to DC Switching Table Top Power Supply 19 Volts 4.74 Amps 90 Watts
  • GSM90B24-P1M: Medical AC to DC Switching Table Top Power Supply 24 Volts 3.75 Amps 90 Watts
  • GSM90B48-P1M: Medical AC to DC Switching Table Top Power Supply 48 Volts 1.87 Amps 89.76 Watts
Category: Table Top
Buy Molex Shunts & Shorting Blocks Items Including
  • 15-29-1024: 7859 Connector Shunt Female 2 Position 2.54 Mm Straight SL™
  • 15-38-1024: Connector Shunt Female 2 Position 2.54 Mm Straight SL™
  • 90059-0007: Connector Micro Shunt Female 2 Position 2.54 Mm Straight SL™
  • 380020358: Connector Jumper 2 Position 14.27MM Stterminal Block Jumper 2 Pos
  • 90059-0009: Connector Micro Shunt Female 2 Position 2.54 Mm Straight SL™
Category: Shunts & Shorting Blocks
Buy Logic Controllers Items Including
  • MC100EL1648DG: Voltage Controlled Oscillator Amplifier 8 Pin SOIC
  • 8228: System Controller/Bus Driver Packaging: DIP-28 (74S Series)
  • RTL20105/01: Oscillator Transistor-Transistor Logic Full can 60.00MHZ 70MA 5NS
Category: Miscellaneous