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Green LED Display

Green LED Display 

Buy Green LED Display Items Including
  • LTS-6460G: LED Display 7 Segment (7 Segment)
  • LTC-5848G: 4 Digit 7 Segment Numeric LED Display Character Height: 0.56 Inch
  • HDSP-5601: 0.56 Inch Green 7 Segment LED Display
  • LTS-312AG: LED Display 7 Segment 0.3 Inch Single Digit Numeric LED Display
  • HDSP-7801: 7 Segment Numeric High Performance Green Single Digit LED Display
Category: 7 Segment
Screw White

Screw White 

Buy Screw White Items Including
  • MGT2420: 24VAC 830MA Output AC-AC Wall Adapter (AC-to-AC)
  • MGT1220: 12VAC 1670MA Output AC-AC Wall Adapter (AC-to-AC)
Category: Wall Transformers
BNC Coaxial Connectors

BNC Coaxial Connectors 

Buy BNC Coaxial Connectors Items Including
  • 95625: BNC Coaxial Connector Orientation: Right Angle
  • 31-325: Crimp Type 50ω Male BNC Coaxial Connector
  • 31-347: BNC Coaxial Connector Orientation: Straight
  • UG-89C/U: RF BNC Coaxial Cable Clamp RF Connector
  • 68175-5RFX: BNC Coaxial Terminating Connector for RG59
Category: RF Connectors
Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge 

Buy Pressure Gauge Items Including
  • 700G/TRACK: Logging Software for 700G Series Pressure Gauge
  • FLUKE-700PTPK: Pneumatic Test Kit for 700G Series Pressure Gauge under 1000PSI
  • FLUKE-700HTPK: Hydraulic Test Kit for 700G Series Pressure Gauge over 1000PSI
  • FLUKE-700G04: Precision Pressure Test Gauge
  • FLUKE-700G07: Precision Pressure Test Gauge
Category: Other Meters
Series Switches

Series Switches 

Buy Series Switches Items Including
  • JX-44: Lever Hinge for Honeywell and Microswitch ZX Series Switches
  • LB15RKW01-5C24-JC: Switch LB Series Illuminated Pushbutton (Push Button)
  • CD4066: Quad Bilateral Switch DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • CD4016: Quad Bilateral Switch DIP-14 (4000 Series)
  • SN74CB3T3245PW: CB3T/3VT Series 8 Bit Driver True Output
Category: 4000 Series
Socket Cap

Socket Cap 

Buy Socket Cap Items Including
  • 50842120: 12 Contact Male and Female Power Connector Crimp Receptacle
  • 770029-1: 12P Umnlii in-Line Capacitor Housing KIT
Category: Pin & Socket
Allegro Drivers

Allegro Drivers 

Buy Allegro Drivers Items Including
  • A6276SA: Through-Hole LED Driver 16 Bit PDIP-24
  • UDN2981A-T: 8 Channel Source Driver 50V -0.5A DIP-18
  • A6276ELP: Gull Wing LED Driver 16 Bit PDSO-24
  • A6276SLW: Gull Wing LED Driver 16 Bit PDSO-24
  • A6277ELW-T: Gull Wing LED Driver 8 Bit PDSO-20
Category: Display Drivers
DC to DC Power Converters

DC to DC Power Converters 

Buy DC to DC Power Converters Items Including
  • SLW05A-033: SLW05 5W Encapsulated DC-to-DC Converter Input Range: 9-18VDC
  • SDM30-12S15: SDM30 25.5W DC-DC Single Output Wide 2:1 DC Input Range
  • SLW05C-12: 5W DC-DC Regulated Single Output Converter 2:1 Wide Input Range
  • SKE10B-15: Isolated Encapsulated DC-to-DC Converter 1000VDC Isolation
  • SDM30-48S15: SDM30 30W DC-DC Single Output Wide 2:1 DC Input Range
Category: Encapsulated
Digital Transmitters

Digital Transmitters 

Buy Digital Transmitters Items Including
  • TFP410PAP: Tipanelbus Digital Transmitter (Display Drivers)
  • HFBR-1414Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 20MBPS
  • HFBR-14E4: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 160MBPS
  • HFBR-1402: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 5MBPS
  • HFBR-1424: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 125MBPS
Category: Discrete
AC/DC Power Module

AC/DC Power Module 

Buy AC/DC Power Module Items Including
  • IRM-30-5: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 5 Volts 6 Amps 30 Watts
  • MOC256M: Power Supply Module DC-DC Regulated 6 Watt 1 Ouput
  • IRM-30-24ST: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 24 Volts 1.3 Amps 31.2 Watts
  • LPT54: 3 Output 50W AC/DC REG PWR Supply Module (Open Frame)
  • HC24-2.4-AG: HC24 1 Output AC/DC Regulated Power Supply Module
Category: Encapsulated
Fluke Data Acquisition

Fluke Data Acquisition 

Buy Fluke Data Acquisition Items Including
  • FLUKE-754: Documenting Process Calibrator
  • FLUKE-753: Documenting Process Calibrator
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
RJ45 Connectors Bulk

RJ45 Connectors Bulk 

Buy RJ45 Connectors Bulk Items Including
  • 45-5113-BU: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 45-5110-BU: DE9 MALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
  • 553240-1: 553240 Cover Dust MOD Adptr
Category: Adapters
Saleae Logic Analyzer

Saleae Logic Analyzer 

Buy Saleae Logic Analyzer Items Including
  • LOGIC 8: 8 Channel Logic Analyzer (Testers)
  • LOGIC 4: 4 Channel Logic Analyzer (Testers)
  • LOGIC PRO 16: 16 Channel Logic Pro Analyzer (Testers)
  • LOGIC PRO 8: 8 Channel Logic Pro Analyzer (Testers)
Category: Testers
Epson Crystals

Epson Crystals 

Buy Epson Crystals Items Including
  • C-001R-32.7680K-A: Passive Crystal 32.768KHZ 6pf
  • MA-506-16.0000M-C: Passive Crystal 16 KHZ 18pf Surface Mount
  • MC-306-32.7680K-A: Passive Crystal 32.768KHZ 12.5pf Surface Mount
  • C-002RX-32.7680K-E:PBFREE: Passive Crystal 32.768KHZ 6pf Cylindrer Rohs
  • MA-505-25.0000M-C: Passive Crystal 25 KHZ 18pf Surface Mount
Category: Crystals
Plug Crimper

Plug Crimper 

Buy Plug Crimper Items Including
  • HT-214D: IDC DIP Plug Crimping Fixture Tool with Dual Slot DIP Plug Attachment
  • 4804-R: Connector SMA RG174 Male Plug
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Cable Seal

Cable Seal 

Buy Cable Seal Items Including
  • 794273-1: 04P Umnl Interface Seal (Pin & Socket)
  • 213889-2: 213889 CPC Recepticle Sealed Size 17-3
  • 794275-1: 06P Umnl Interface Seal (Pin & Socket)
  • 206708-1: CPC Series Connector Plastic Plug 9 POS
  • 213905-1: CPC Plug Assembly Series 5 SZ 17-3
Category: Circular
Board Mount

Board Mount 

Buy Board Mount Items Including
  • 617-A015P-AJ221: Right Angle Board Mount Connector Contacts: 15
  • 60PC4F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
  • 62PC7F: Right-Angle Receptacle for Printed Circuit Board Mounting DIN Connector
  • 57PC5F: 5 Contact Board Mount DIN Connector Receptacle
  • 57PC5FS: 5 Contact Board Mount DIN Connector Receptacle
Category: DIN Connectors
Blue Enclosure

Blue Enclosure 

Buy Blue Enclosure Items Including
  • 3601: Metal Aluminum Enclosure Color: Blue
  • BTV-001A: Bug Tray Blue Vertical Ribs 5 Compartments no Lid
  • BTO-001: Bug Tray Blue Open Frame no Lid (Plastic)
  • MK181: AC Power Voltage LED Blue LED Operated on Mains Voltage
Category: Plastic
Access Keypad

Access Keypad 

Buy Access Keypad Items Including
  • HAA2866: 3 Output Relay Digital Access Control Keypad (Switches)
  • HAA2890: Dual Relay Digital Access Control Reader Keypad -Weatherproof
  • HAA85BL: Self Contained Digital Access Control Keypad with Backlight
  • HAA86C: Standalone Proximity Access Control Keypad: 3X4 Keys
Category: Keypad
Cat 3 Cable

Cat 3 Cable 

Buy Cat 3 Cable Items Including
  • 10X5-82603: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 3 Foot Yellow 8P8C
  • 10X5-82403: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 3 Foot Blue
  • 10X5-82203: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 3 Foot
  • 10X8-221-03: Cable CAT 6 Patch Gray 3 Foot RJ45 Molded Boot
  • 10X5-82103: Modular Network Cable 350MHZ (Cat 5E Ethernet)
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
High Power Supply Voltage

High Power Supply Voltage 

Buy High Power Supply Voltage Items Including
  • HLG-120H-48A: HLG-120H LED Series Power Supply High Efficiency with PFC
  • CS2080A3: 6.0KV to 7.4KV High Voltage Power Supply
  • LTC4006EGN-2PBF: 4A 1 Channel Power Supply Management High Efficiency
  • LTC4006EGN-6PBF: 4A 1 Channel Power Supply Management
  • LTC4261CUFDPBF: 1 Channel Power Supply Support CKT
Category: Battery Management
Semi Equipment

Semi Equipment 

Buy Semi Equipment Items Including
  • 44-413072: 0.8MM Semi-Chisel Soldering Tip
  • 44-415402: 1/32 Inch Semi-Chisel Replacement Soldering Tip
  • 44-415405: 1/8 Inch Semi-Chisel Wide Replacement Soldering Tip
  • 44-413071: 3.2MM Semi-Chisel Wide Soldering Tip
  • GAS/PROF: Portasol Semi-Professional Gas Soldering Iron
Category: Soldering Equipment
Controller Hub

Controller Hub 

Buy Controller Hub Items Including
  • LM2575T-ADJ/NOPB: LM2575 Adj PCI I/O Controller HUB PBGA652
  • I-7520U4: Isolated RS-232 to 4 RS-485 Active Hub
  • I-7514U: Isolated 4 Channels RS-485 Active Hub (Test & Measurement)
  • I-7563: USB to One Channel RS-485 Converter with a Three Way RS-485 Hub
  • CY7C1480V33-200AXC: USB Micro Controller Unit with Hub ADC PWM 64LQFP (PLLs)
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Fet Amplifiers

Fet Amplifiers 

Buy Fet Amplifiers Items Including
  • LF353N/NOPB: Wide Bandwidth Dual Jfet Input Operational Amplifier
  • TL062ACD: 8 SOIC Dual J-Fet Op-Amp (Amplifiers)
  • TL072BCD: Low Noise J-Fet Dual Operational Amplifier
  • OPA4131NA: General-Purpose Fet-Input Operational Amplifier
Category: Amplifiers
Indicator Switches

Indicator Switches 

Buy Indicator Switches Items Including
  • 900-100: AC-to-DC Adjustable 7 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • K2ABHLCADA: Dpst Rocker Switch with Green Indicator LED Rating: 16A @ 125/250VAC
  • HAA80: Remote Control Panel Switch 2 LEDs for Status Indication
  • 900-051: AC-to-DC Adjustable 6 Output Unregulated Switching Wall Adapter
Category: Wall Mount
Weller Replacement Tips

Weller Replacement Tips 

Buy Weller Replacement Tips Items Including
  • MTG22: Replacement Solder Tip for WLC200
  • ETS: Replacement Soldering
  • ST1: Replacement Soldering Screwdriver Tip
  • ETR: Replacement Soldering
  • ST5: Replaceable Single Flat Tip Soldering Tip for Use with WP25
Category: Soldering Equipment
AC Power Adapter Type

AC Power Adapter Type 

Buy AC Power Adapter Type Items Including
  • IRM-30-5: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 5 Volts 6 Amps 30 Watts
  • IRM-30-12: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 12 Volts 2.5 Amps 30 Watts
  • IRM-30-15: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 15 Volts 2 Amps 30 Watts
  • IRM-30-24: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 24 Volts 1.3 Amps 31.2 Watts
  • IRM-30-48: Miniature AC/DC Module Type Power Supply 48 Volts 0.63 Amps 30.2 Watts
Category: Encapsulated
PC Line Drivers

PC Line Drivers 

Buy PC Line Drivers Items Including
  • ADM560JR: Bus Line Transceiver Ultralow Power +3.3V
  • ADM561JRZ: Bus Line Transceiver Ultralow Power +3.3V
  • PCI1520PDV: PCI to PC Card Controller (Interface)
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Sealed Relays

Sealed Relays 

Buy Sealed Relays Items Including
  • JTN1AS-PA-F-DC24V: 30 AMP Compact Economical Relay (Miniature)
  • AZ942-1CT-12DE: Single Pole Double Throw Mini Relay (Miniature)
  • G6A-274P-ST-US-DC24: G6A Low Signal 2 Form C PCB, 24VDC, Sealed
Category: Miniature
Housing Panel

Housing Panel 

Buy Housing Panel Items Including
  • 43025-0800: 43025 Microfit 3.0 DR Recepticle Panel Mount 8CKT
  • 43025-1600: 43025 Microfit 3.0 DR Recepticle Panel Mount 16CKT
  • 43025-0200: 43025 Microfit 3.0 DR Recepticle Panel Mount 2CKT
  • 15-06-0240: 42474 Panel Mount Receptacle Blind Mate Mini FIT JR Series
  • 207019-1: 36 Contact Female Multiway Rack and Panel Conn
Category: Discrete Wire Housing

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