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Charger IC

Charger IC 

Buy Charger IC Items Including
  • LTC4010CFEPBF: High Efficiency Standalone Nickel Battery Charger Controller
  • LT1510-5CGNPBF: 500KHZ 1.5A Stepdn BAT Charger
  • LT1510CS8PBF: 200KHZ 1.2A Stepdn BAT Charger
  • LTC1729CS8-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
  • LTC4002ES8-4.2PBF: Standalone Li-Ion Switch Mode Battery Charger Controller
Category: Battery Management
PCB Products

PCB Products 

Buy PCB Products Items Including
  • 416-K: Photofabrication Kit (More Products)
  • 59050-010: PCB Mount Sensor 2 Pin (More Products)
  • 59045-010: PCB Mount Sensor 2 Pin (More Products)
Category: More Products
Carrier Pin

Carrier Pin 

Buy Carrier Pin Items Including
  • 850-44-PPST: 850 44 Pin Surface Mount Chip Carrier Socket
  • 27120: Basic Stamp 2 Carrier Board 24 Pin DIP Socket
  • EXB-V8V220JV: Resistor Thick Film Array 22 Ohm 5% ±200PPM/°C Isol Molded 8 Pin 1206 (4 X 0603) Concave SMD Punched Carrier T/R
  • EXB-2HV470JV: Resistor Thick Film Array 47 Ohm 5% 1/4W ±200PPM/°C Isol 16 Pin 1506 (8 X 0402) Convex SMD Punched Carrier T/R
  • EXB-38V100JV: Resistor Thick Film Array 10 Ohm 5% ±200PPM/C Isol Molded 8 Pin 1206 (4 X 0603) Convex SMD Punched Carrier T/R
Category: Thick Film (SMD)
Network Cables Connectors

Network Cables Connectors 

Buy Network Cables Connectors Items Including
  • 300-168: 8P8C RJ45 Round-Cable Modular Plug
  • 5-554739-3: Connector 8 Contact Male (RJ45)
  • EKTV-UD14-R: CAT 5E Keystone RJ45 Jack (Networking/Telecom)
  • 300-066: 6P6C RJ12 Modular Plug (RJ11)
  • 300-062: 4P4C Handset Modular Plug (RJ11)
Category: RJ45
National Semi

National Semi 

Buy National Semi Items Including
  • LM2676T-5.0/NOPB: LM2676-5.0 National Semi LM2676T-5.0/N OPB
  • LM2679S-5.0/NOPB: LM2679-5.0 National Semi LM2679S-5.0/N OPB
  • LMH0030VS/NOPB: Interface Misc National Semi LMH0030VS/NOP B
  • DS90C383BMT/NOPB: National Semi DS90C383BMT/N OPB (Interface)
  • LM2575T-5.0/LF03: LM2575 National Semi LM2575T-5.0/L F03
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Fuse Plugs

Fuse Plugs 

Buy Fuse Plugs Items Including
  • GLT101-R: Automobile Plug Screw Assembly with Strain Relief
  • DC PLUG 3'-R: Automobile Fused DC Power Plug (Cable Assembly)
Category: AC/DC Power
Access Control Keypads

Access Control Keypads 

Buy Access Control Keypads Items Including
  • HAA2866: 3 Output Relay Digital Access Control Keypad (Switches)
  • HAA85BL: Self Contained Digital Access Control Keypad with Backlight
  • HAA2890: Dual Relay Digital Access Control Reader Keypad -Weatherproof
  • HAA86C: Standalone Proximity Access Control Keypad: 3X4 Keys
Category: Keypad
Blue Mounting

Blue Mounting 

Buy Blue Mounting Items Including
  • KF12/13-LENS-AB250: Blue Lens for Panel Mount Indicator
  • DPM 950S-EB-B: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Blue
  • DPM 750S-EB-B: 3.5 Digit Backlit LCD Voltmeter Blue
  • 641239-5: 05P MTA100 Conn Assembly Blue 30AU
  • HAA100B: Electronic Flashing Light-Blue (Incandescent)
Category: 3.5 Digits
Cable Plug RCA

Cable Plug RCA 

Buy Cable Plug RCA Items Including
  • 3502: 139 Connector Audio Plug RCA Phono 2C Metal
  • CRR-204Y-MM-R: Cable RCA Male to Male 4 Ft Yellow Plug
  • (CRR-204-MM BLACK PLUG)-R: Cable RCA Male to Male 4 Foot Black Plug
  • 255-126: STEREO-2RCA Male Plugs to 2RCA Male Plugs 6 Foot Cable
  • 255-121: STEREO-2RCA Male Plugs to 2RCA Male Plugs 3 Foot Cable
Category: Audio/Video Cables
Design Kits

Design Kits 

Buy Design Kits Items Including
  • 12-800: Tin Plating Copper Kit (More Products)
  • 416-K: Photofabrication Kit (More Products)
  • DK-START-3C25N: Cyclone III FPGA Starter Kit (More Products)
  • 28103: Board of Education (Serial) -Full Kit (Prototyping Systems)
  • 27291: Basic Stamp 2 OEM Module (Kit Form) (Prototyping Systems)
Category: More Products
Series Cap

Series Cap 

Buy Series Cap Items Including
  • EEU-FC0J332: Capacitor Aluminum AL Lytic CAP Radial FC Series
  • EEU-FM1A152L: Capacitor Aluminum AL Lytic CAP Radial FM Series
  • 0452005.MR: Fuse Nano Slow Blow 452 Series SMT 5 AMP (Circuit Protection)
  • 0453015.MR: Fuse Nano Fast Acting 453 Series SMT 15 AMP
  • ECA-1CHG102: Capacitor Aluminum AL Lytic CAP Radial NHG Serie
Category: Organic
Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections 

Buy Electrical Connections Items Including
  • SN5S-6N: Deoxit® SN5 Shield Spray 150 mL Spray (Chemicals)
  • VS10N051C: SPDT -Nc Basic Miniature Switch
  • VS10N021C2: SPDT -Nc Basic Miniature Switch
Category: Miscellaneous
Murata Resonator

Murata Resonator 

Buy Murata Resonator Items Including
  • CSTLS3M58G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
  • CSTLS8M00G53-B0: Ceralock Frequency Controls:Resonators
  • CSTCC2M00G53-R0: Ceramic Resonator 2MHZ 3 Pin SMD T/R
  • CSTCC3M58G53-R0: Ceramic Resonator 3.58MHZ 3 Pin Csmd T/R
  • CSTLS4M00G53Z-B0: Resonators (Frequency Control)
Category: Ceramic Resonators (SMD)
5V USB Power Adapter

5V USB Power Adapter 

Buy 5V USB Power Adapter Items Including
  • PCMP15: USB Power Pack for Mobile Use -5V/700MAH Li-Ion (Adapters)
  • SA050100R1340: USB 5V 1A (1000MA) Wall Power Adapter
  • FEF0500050A1BU: 2.5W Mini USB-Type Slim AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • SW013US-0500020US: 1W USB-Type AC/DC Wall Adapter
  • CC001-BLK: 5 Volt DC @ 1 Amp USB Car Charger Output: 5V @ 1A
Category: Wall Transformers
Chip Carrier

Chip Carrier 

Buy Chip Carrier Items Including
  • 268-5401-00-1102JH: Production Chip Carrier -Lcc with Full LID 268-5401-00-1102
  • 850-44-PPST: 850 44 Pin Surface Mount Chip Carrier Socket
  • ERJ-8GEYJ221V: ERJ8G Thick Film Chip Resistor 1206, 220OHM
  • EXB-38VR000V: EXB3 Chip Resistor Array 0OHM
  • EXB-A10P103J: Exba Chip Resistor Network 10KOHM
Category: Plcc
IC Speaker

IC Speaker 

Buy IC Speaker Items Including
  • LM386N-1: Audio Amp Speaker 1 Channel Mono 0.325W Class-Ab 8 Pin Mdip Rail
  • LM3886TF: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
  • TDA2040V: 20W Hi-Fi Audio Power Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • MC34119P: Low Power Audio Amplifier (Analog/Linear)
  • TDA2030H: 18W 1 Channel Audio Amplifier PZFM5 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Audio and Video
High Voltage Input DC Converter

High Voltage Input DC Converter 

Buy High Voltage Input DC Converter Items Including
  • LTC1265CS-3.3PBF: 1.2A High Efficiency Step-Down DC/DC Converter
  • LT1676IS8PBF: Wide Input Range High Efficiency
  • LT1776IS8PBF: Wide Input Range High Efficiency
  • LM2575HVT-ADJ/NOPB: LM2575HV-ADJ High Input Voltage LM2575
  • LT1776CS8PBF: Wide Input Range High Efficiency
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Rs Electronic Components

Rs Electronic Components 

Buy Rs Electronic Components Items Including
  • RS 2 51R 5 TR: Resistor RS 2 51R 5 TR
  • GRM188R71H822KA01D: 3.3V Full Duplex RS-485 Drivers & Receiver
  • RSF 2 15K 5 TR: RS Resistor RSF 2 15K 5 TR 15KOHM
  • RSF 2 47R 5 TR: RS Resistor RSF 2 47R 5 TR 47OHM
Category: 1/8 Watt Carbon Film
Solar Energy

Solar Energy 

Buy Solar Energy Items Including
  • EDU02: Solar Energy Experiment Kit -10 Projects Clear Instructions
  • CJKIT-21066: Solar Energy Converter/Transmitter Kit
  • SP3-37: Power Film Flexible Thin-Film Solar Module
  • MP3-25: Flexible Thin Film Solar Module 25MA @ 3V
  • SP4.2-37: Flexible Thin Film Solar Module 22MA @ 4.2V
Category: Flexible Film Solar Cells
USB 1.0 Cable

USB 1.0 Cable 

Buy USB 1.0 Cable Items Including
  • 10U2-02110-E-BK: USB-a Male to USB-a Female 2.0 Cable (USB)
  • 10U2-02210-BK: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable-Black 10 Feet
  • 10U2-02210: USB-a Male to USB-B Male 2.0 Cable-Beige 10 Feet
  • SBT-UPPC: USB IEEE1284 6 Foot Parallel Adapter (USB to 36 Pin Centronics)
Category: USB
BNC Male to RCA Male

BNC Male to RCA Male 

Buy BNC Male to RCA Male Items Including
  • RB312: RB Coonnector RF BNC-RCA Adapter
  • BJ-7055-R: Connector RF BNC Male to RCA Male
  • BR312-R: BR Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • 11X1-02106: 6 Foot RG-59 BNC-to-RCA Cable RG-59 Cable
Category: RF Connectors
Plugs & Caps

Plugs & Caps 

Buy Plugs & Caps Items Including
  • TMP-SR02-BLACK-R: RJ45 Plug Color Cap/Boot Round Strain Relief
  • TMP-SR02-GRAY: RJ45 Plug Color Cap/Boot Round Strain Relief
  • TMP-SR020-BLUE-R: RJ45 Plug Color Cap/Boot Round Strain Relief
Category: RJ45
Solderless Board

Solderless Board 

Buy Solderless Board Items Including
  • 53408-1: 1.00MM (.039INCH) Pitch Board-to-Board Header
  • 9082: Provision for on-Board Bypass Capacitor 8 Pins SOIC
  • 9163: Proto-Board 14/16 SOIC 16PIN SIP (Solderless Breadboards)
  • 700-32305: Breadboard SET 3-12X30 Sockets 4-2X24 Boards (Prototyping Systems)
  • 9161: Surfboard Surface Mount Adapter (Solderless Breadboards)
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Red Neon Light

Red Neon Light 

Buy Red Neon Light Items Including
  • FLROD1: Red Liquid Neon Light Tube 15&Quot
  • Red Lightning Neon Light Tube
  • 2954-X-11-373-10: Neon Panel-Mount Light Indicator
  • 2415-3-12-216-1: 125V Red LED Panel Mount Indicator
Category: Neon Lamps
Filter Inductors

Filter Inductors 

Buy Filter Inductors Items Including
  • IHD3EB391L: 390UH Filter Inductor
  • BL01RN1A2A2B: BL01 Inductor Type Lead EMI Filter
  • BLM15BB220SN1D: Chip Emifil Inductor Type Chip Ferrite Bead
  • BLM18EG121SN1D: Inductor Type for GHZ Noise Chip Ferrite Bead
  • BLM21AG221SN1D: Chip Ferrite Bead on-Board Type (DC) EMI Suppression Filter
Category: EMI/Rfi Filters
Optical Connector Cable

Optical Connector Cable 

Buy Optical Connector Cable Items Including
  • 432000: 30 Contact Female Straight Ffc/Fpc Connector
  • 5492458-1: Connector Fiber Optics KIT MM CER 125UM
  • HFBR-4511Z: Connector POF Simplex PL Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • 503571-1: 503571 KIT Conn CER O-Mold 125UM BAY
Category: Fiber Optics
Diode Modules

Diode Modules 

Buy Diode Modules Items Including
  • UM650-5-G: Optoelectronics 650NM Line Laser Diode Module
  • UM650-5-C: 650NM Cross Hair Laser Diode Module
  • 08UMM-A: Laser Diode Module Mount X-Y Tilt
  • 1N4448WS-7-F: Power Supply Module DC-DC Regulated 10 Watt 1 Ouput
  • SDA004-7: Power Supply Module DC-DC Regulated 9.6 Watt 2 Ouput
Category: Modules
Control Light Switches

Control Light Switches 

Buy Control Light Switches Items Including
  • K8072: DMX Controlled Relay Switch Kit (Lighting)
  • ZCTR-04: Ambient Light Switch 12 or 24 Volts DC Operation
  • RP-RUB-45-000-NB: 45° Optical Tilt Switch Vertical Mount
  • RP-RUB-30-000-NB: 30° Optical Tilt Switch Vertical Mount
  • RV-RUG-00-000-BB: Centrifugal Force Switch
Category: Optical Switches
Sealing Tapes

Sealing Tapes 

Buy Sealing Tapes Items Including
  • 3314G-1-105/23BR1MEG: Sealed Cermet 4MM Singleturn 10K 10% Top G T/R (Variable Resistors)
  • 1N4733A: Diode Zener 1 Watt Hermetically Sealed Glass Silicon Diode DO-41
  • 3314J-1-502E: 3314 Sealed Cermet 4MM Singleturn 5K 10% Top J T/R (Trimmers)
  • 3296W-1-501R: 3296 Sealed Cermet 3/8IN 25TURNS, (Trimmers)
Category: BI Tech/Beckman Trimmers
Power Amp Kit

Power Amp Kit 

Buy Power Amp Kit Items Including
  • K1823: 1 Amp Power Supply Kit
  • GE12I12-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE24I12-P1J: GE24 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE24I09-P1J: GE24 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
  • GE12I18-P1J: GE12 Interchangeable AC Plugs (Plug Kits Sold Separately)
Category: Wall Transformers

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