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Single Tip   to   Amphenol Interconnect

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Single Tip

Single Tip 

Buy Single Tip Items Including
  • ST5: Replaceable Single Flat Tip Soldering Tip for Use with WP25
  • 44-413069: 1.6MM Single Flat Soldering Tip
  • FSP065-RAC: 65W 19V Universal Notebook High Efficiency AC Adaptor R-Rac
Category: Soldering Equipment
DC to DC Inverters

DC to DC Inverters 

Buy DC to DC Inverters Items Including
  • LT3487EDDPBF: Boost and Inverting Switching Regulator for CCD Bias
  • AXH003A0XZ: Module DC-DC 1 Output 0.75 Volt to 3.63 Volt 3A 5 Pin SIP Module
  • AXH010A0X3Z: Module DC-DC 1 Output 0.75 Volt to 3.63 Volt 10A 10 Pin SIP
  • LT3472EDDPBF: Boost and Inverting DC/DC Converter for CCD Bias
  • LT1173CN8-5PBF: LT1173 Micropower DC-DC Converight Angleer Adjustable and Fixed 5V
Category: DC-DC Converters
I2C Parallel

I2C Parallel 

Buy I2C Parallel Items Including
  • DFR0063: I²c/Twi LCD1602 Module I2C ADDRess:0X20-0X27 (0X20 Default)
  • PCA9564PW,112: Parallel Bus to I2C-BUS Controller (Microcontrollers)
  • DFR0154: I2C/TWI LCD2004 Module I2C ADDRess: 0X27 (Parallel)
  • AD5383BST-5: DAC 32 Chn 5V Single Supply 12 Bit (Analog/Linear)
Category: Parallel
Test Equipment Kits

Test Equipment Kits 

Buy Test Equipment Kits Items Including
  • GSR-107: 6 Piece Solder Aid Kit 6 Pieces
  • GTK-2000: 7 Piece Soldering Aid Kit Soldering Wick
  • PSI100K: Weller PSI-100K 25W to 125W Cordless Soldering Iron Kit
  • SOLDER STARTER: 9 Piece Soldering Starter Kit Solder Stand
  • K/STARTULF: Soldering Starter KIT with Lead-Free Solder -110V
Category: Soldering Equipment
Inverter Power Supply

Inverter Power Supply 

Buy Inverter Power Supply Items Including
  • SD-15A-12: Power Supply DC to DC Converter 15 Watt 9-18VDC12@1.25A Enclosed CE
  • SD-200C-48: Power Supply DC to DC Converter 201.6 Watt 36-72VDC 48@4.2A Enclosed CE
  • SD-500L-48: Power Supply DC to DC Converter 504 Watt 19-72VDC 48@10.5A Enclosed CE
  • SD-15B-24: Power Supply DC to DC Converter 15 Watt 18-36VDC 24@0.625A Enclosed CE
  • TS-1500-124F: Power Supply DC-AC Inverter 1.5KWATT 24VDC 120VAC@60HZ Ul/Cul/Ce
Category: Enclosed
Regulator Capacitor

Regulator Capacitor 

Buy Regulator Capacitor Items Including
  • LP2985AIM5-5.0/NOPB: Low Dropout Regulator 5 Volt 0.35A 5 Pin SOT-23 Tape and Reel
  • LP2985IM5-3.3/NOPB: Low Dropout Regulator 3.3 Volt 0.35A 5 Pin SOT-23 Tape and Reel
  • C1206C226K9PAC TU: C1206 3.3V Fixed Positive Low Drop out Regulator 0.2V Dropout PDSO4
  • C1206C332J5GAC TU: C1206 Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator 1.24V +/-1% SOT-23
  • LT1054CP: Swth Capacitor V/Converter with Regulators
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
1200uf Capacitor

1200uf Capacitor 

Buy 1200uf Capacitor Items Including
  • UHE1C122MPD-VP: He Capacitor Radial 1200uf 16V 20% 105C 10X24X5MM
  • EEU-FC1V122: Capacitor Aluminum Lytic 1200uf 35V 20% (16 X 20MM) Radial 7.5MM 2205MA 5000H 105°C Bulk
Category: Radial Electrolytic
Digital Auto

Digital Auto 

Buy Digital Auto Items Including
  • DVM3218: Pen Type Digital Multimeter Auto Range or Manual Range
  • DVM205AM: Automotive Digital Multimeter Auto/Manual Range Selection
  • DM-932: 3999 Count Handheld Multimeter
Category: Multimeters
Fiber Transmitters

Fiber Transmitters 

Buy Fiber Transmitters Items Including
  • HFBR-1412TZ: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM
  • HFBR-1414TZ: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 55MBPS
  • HFBR-1412Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 5MBPS
  • HFBR-1119T: Fiber Optic Transmitter Data Link for 266 Megabaud
  • HFBR-1414Z: Fiber Optic Transmitter 792-865NM 20MBPS
Category: Discrete
Keystone Terminal

Keystone Terminal 

Buy Keystone Terminal Items Including
  • 904: #6 Stud Lockwasher Terminal Lug 0.865 Inch Length
  • EKTV-UD14-R: CAT 5E Keystone RJ45 Jack (Networking/Telecom)
  • 5012: Looped Color-Coded Mountable Terminal
  • 5001: Looped Color-Coded Mountable Terminal
  • 6092: Fully Insulated Banana Jack
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips
High Temperature Connectors

High Temperature Connectors 

Buy High Temperature Connectors Items Including
  • 1-640456-5: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Straight
  • 1-640457-0: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Right Angle
  • 1-640456-6: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Straight
  • 1-640456-1: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Straight
  • 1-640456-8: MTA-100 Friction Lock High Temperature Header-Straight
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Blue LED Lamp

Blue LED Lamp 

Buy Blue LED Lamp Items Including
  • TLHB4400: LED -3 MM Lamp Blue 15 MCD
  • TLHB5400: LED -5 MM Lamp Blue 15 MCD
  • LSL8B: LED Strip -Blue -3 ' 3 Inch -12VDC (Neon Lamps)
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Cell Lithium

Cell Lithium 

Buy Cell Lithium Items Including
  • TL-5101/P: Cell Lithium Primary 3.6V 0.95AH 2 Pin Battery Type: 1/2 AA
  • TL-5101/S: Cell Lithium Primary 3.6V 0.95AH 2 Pin Battery Type: Sub-AA
  • 28986: Li-Ion Power Pack / Charger -2 Cell (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 6CR2450: 3V Six Coin Cell Lithium Battery Pack
  • CR2450: 3V Coin Cell Lithium Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
Category: Lithium (Non-Rechargeable)
Hand Tool Grips

Hand Tool Grips 

Buy Hand Tool Grips Items Including
  • MS54J: 4 Inch Flush Oval Head Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • S475NJS: 5 Inch Tapered Head Diagonal Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • 170M: 5 Inch General-Purpose Shearcutter with Red Grips
  • MS545JV: 4 Inch Slim Line Tapered Head Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • 55133: LED Lighted Helping Hand (Tool Soldering)
Category: Cutter Hand Tools
Adapter Technologies

Adapter Technologies 

Buy Adapter Technologies Items Including
  • 1597: DB25 Male to RJ45 Modular Connector 8P8C (Adapters)
  • AF1805-A: 10 Watt AC-to-DC Switching Wall Transformer Power Supply
  • 2094.0-R: DIN-Rail Power Supply Mounting Rail
  • SA121A6F-11: 19 Watt Regulated Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • SA122AOU-11: 24 Watt Regulated Switching Table-Top Power Supply
Category: Table Top
LED Lamp Color

LED Lamp Color 

Buy LED Lamp Color Items Including
  • HLMP-4000: Red and Green Bi-Color LED Lamp
  • 5219248F: 521-9248 LED Uni-Color Yellow 583NM 2 Pin T-1 3/4 Bulk
  • 5219326F: 521-9326 LED Uni-Color Green 565NM 2 Pin T-1 Bulk
  • 5219327F: 521-9327 LED Uni-Color Green 565NM 2 Pin T-1 3/4 Bulk
  • 5219450F: 521-9450 Opto Discrete LED Lamp
Category: Standard Output LEDs
Cable Tie Tools

Cable Tie Tools 

Buy Cable Tie Tools Items Including
  • 0302TG-7-R: Universal Cable Tie Tool
  • VTCTT: Cable Tie Too Works Up to 0.09 Inch Wide Cable Ties Cutter Included
Category: Other Hand Tools
Tool Metal

Tool Metal 

Buy Tool Metal Items Including
  • HT-204-R: Nibbling Tool for Cutting
  • GMC160: 6 Inch Metal Dial Calipers (Measurement Hand Tools)
  • 1821-N: Aluminum Tool Case 13 Inch X 9 Inch X 7.5 Inch (Metal)
  • GMC200: 6 Inch Digital Display Calipers (Tools)
  • DCA150B: Digital Caliper with Large Screen (Measurement Hand Tools)
Category: Measurement Hand Tools
Stainless Spring

Stainless Spring 

Buy Stainless Spring Items Including
  • 42973-2: Connector Accessories Retaining Spring Stainless Steel
  • 745779-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch
  • 745255-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch 2/BAG
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Texas Instruments Programmer

Texas Instruments Programmer 

Buy Texas Instruments Programmer Items Including
  • TICPAL22V10Z-25CNT: OT Programmable Logic Device 25 Ns PDIP24
  • MSP-EXP430G2: Launchpad Experimenter Board with 2 Programmable LEDs
  • TIBPAL22V10ACNT: High-Performance Impact Programmable Array Logic Circuit
  • TL431AID: Programmable Voltage Reference
  • DS90C385AMT/NOPB: +3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 24 Bit Flat Panel Display LINK-87.5 MHZ
Category: More Products
Hardware Spacers

Hardware Spacers 

Buy Hardware Spacers Items Including
  • GB140LB: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • GB140: GB Assorted Spacers & Standoffs (Hardware)
  • CS-10: Spacers Hardware Standoff PCB Mounting Snap-On
  • PCST4C: PCB &Fan Mounting Hardware Size (In.) : 0.8 X 0.5
  • 1124-6-AL-7: Spacer 1/4 RND #6 AL 1/4 Inch LNG
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
Coded Switches

Coded Switches 

Buy Coded Switches Items Including
  • 94HAB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HBB16T: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HAB16RAT: Switch DIP Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Latched
  • 94HAB10T: 94H Rotary Coded SWITCH-10POSITIONS Binary Coded Decimal Latched
  • 94HAC16T: Rotary Coded SWITCH-16POSITIONS Hexadecimal Complement Latched
Category: DIP
Voltage Datalogger

Voltage Datalogger 

Buy Voltage Datalogger Items Including
  • R5003: AC Voltage/Current Datalogger (Test & Measurement)
  • EL-USB-3: Datalogger DC Voltage 0-30VDC USB Interface
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Cable Power Supply

Cable Power Supply 

Buy Cable Power Supply Items Including
  • ATX-400-RV-R: At/ATX Power Supply Extension Cable
  • HLG-150H-30B: HLG-150H 150W Single Output Switching Power Supply (LED)
  • PEC-SJT: 3 Conductor Computer Power Supply Extension Cords
  • 123855-1: 2 Conductor "8 Inch Style Power Cords for Laptops and Power Supplies
  • A1265-KIT: Original USB Charger Adapter and Cable (Wall Mount)
Category: Internal Power
Modbus Data Acquisition

Modbus Data Acquisition 

Buy Modbus Data Acquisition Items Including
  • PET-7015: Data Logger 7 Channel RTD Input with 3
  • PET-7017: Data Logger 8 Channel Analog in with Hi-Volt
  • WISE-7144: Controll Unit Wise 8CHANNEL PoE Modbus TCP
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Distribution Blocks

Distribution Blocks 

Buy Distribution Blocks Items Including
  • 15-U101BT: BNC to Terminal Block Video Balun (Utp Tx/Rx 600M)
  • DB-5: Distributio Power Block 60 Volts 75 Amps Per Block 5 Position
  • 15-U104: 4XBNC to 1XRJ45 with Exceptional Interference Rejection
  • 15-UA102: Single Channel Active Twisted Pair TX / RX Kit
Category: Video Distribution Modules
Ieee 1394 Connectors

Ieee 1394 Connectors 

Buy Ieee 1394 Connectors Items Including
  • 55395-0619: Connector Interface Ieee 1394 SKT with Lock SKT
  • 539840671: 6 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder
Category: Interface
Frequency Oscillators

Frequency Oscillators 

Buy Frequency Oscillators Items Including
  • OSC1: TTL Oscillator Full can (Frequency Control)
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
  • LTC6902IMSPBF: Multiphase 5KHZ -20MHZ Oscillator with Ssfm
  • LTC6903HMS8PBF: 1 KHZ to 68 MHZ Serial Port Programmable Oscillator Crystal Clock
  • SG-615P-16.0000MC: Passive Oscillators 16 KHZ Surface Mount
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Calibration Fluke

Calibration Fluke 

Buy Calibration Fluke Items Including
  • FLUKE-754: Documenting Process Calibrator
  • FLUKE-753: Documenting Process Calibrator
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Amphenol Interconnect

Amphenol Interconnect 

Buy Amphenol Interconnect Items Including
  • 31-6: Amphenol BNC 50OHM Male Cap & Chain ( RF Connectors)
  • 83-1R: Connector UHF Amphenol# Receptacle
  • 31-320-RFX: Cable Terminated Male BNC Connector Crimp Plug
  • 112431: BNC Connector B/H Jack Isolated
  • 112116: BNC Connector Plug Crimp RG58
Category: RF Connectors

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