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Cherry Products

Cherry Products 

Buy Cherry Products Items Including
  • MP201701: Cylindrical Magnetically Proximity Sensor
  • GS100701: Commercial Grade Gear Tooth Speed Sensors
  • MX1A-C1NN.: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O
  • G84-4100PTAUS: Keyboard Notebook 83KEY USB BLK
  • G81-1800HQAUS.: 81 KEY Keyboard
Category: More Products
Protection Tape

Protection Tape 

Buy Protection Tape Items Including
  • S07K40GS2: Varistor Protection:Transient Voltage Suppressor-Varistor
  • S10K 40: Varistor Protection:TVS-Varistor
  • S10K250: Varistor Protection:Transient Voltage Suppressor-Varistor
  • S10K60: Varistor Protection:Transient Voltage Suppressor-Varistor
  • S14K140: Varistor Protection:Transient Voltage Suppressor-Varistor
Category: Varistors
LED Replacement Lamps

LED Replacement Lamps 

Buy LED Replacement Lamps Items Including
  • 585-1215: Red LED Replacement Lamp 14VDC 625NM Midflange Base
  • 585-1413: Yellow LED Replacement Lamp 14VDC 588NM Midflange Base
Category: Panel Mount Indicators
Null Modem

Null Modem 

Buy Null Modem Items Including
  • 10D1-20406-R: Serial Null Modem Cable DE9 Female to DE9 Female
  • 10D1-20410: Serial Null Modem Cable DE9 Female to DE9 Female
  • 10D1-13310: Serial Null Modem Cable DB25 Male to DE9 Female
  • 10D1-13306: Serial Null Modem Cable DB25 Male to DE9 Female
Category: Cable Assembly
USB to 5 Pin

USB to 5 Pin 

Buy USB to 5 Pin Items Including
  • 801373: Dual USB to Miniature USB 2.0 Cable Length: 2 Feet
  • 801374: Dual USB-a to Mini 5 Pin USB-B Mini 5 Pin 2.0 Cable-Clear
  • 10U2-15106: USB-a Male to USB-Mini 5 Pin 2.0 Cable (Assortments)
  • CB-0000E1-S1: 5 Pin USB a to Mini-B Cable Length: 2M (Assortments)
  • U10-00061: USB a Female-to-Mini USB 5 Pin Female Adapter
Category: USB
RJ45 Female

RJ45 Female 

Buy RJ45 Female Items Including
  • CD031: 8P8C (RJ45) Female to 8 PIN Screwless Spring Terminal (5PCS)
  • EKTV-UD14-R: CAT 5E Keystone RJ45 Jack (Networking/Telecom)
  • 94927-088LF: 8 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder Jack
  • 555164-1: 8P8C RJ45 Modular Jack 8 Positions
  • 31D1-17400: DE9 FEMALE-to-RJ45 Adapter (Networking/Telecom)
Category: RJ45
Automatic Switches

Automatic Switches 

Buy Automatic Switches Items Including
  • NS-205PSE-24: Standards Automatic Mdi/Mdi-X Crossover for Plug-and-Play
  • AVS12CB: Power Misc 600V 12A Triac TO-220AB (Analog/Linear)
  • AVS1ACP08: AVS10/12CONTROLLE R (Power Management Circuit)
Category: Power Management Circuit
Count Function

Count Function 

Buy Count Function Items Including
  • MAS830L: 2000 Count Digital Multimeter No. Of Functions: 7
  • DM-932: 3999 Count Handheld Multimeter
  • MT-1270: 1999 Count Digital Multimeter (Test & Measurement)
  • DDM423: 2000 Count Digital Multimeter DC Voltage: 600V
  • MN26T: Extech 4000 Count 11 Function Multimeter with Autorange
Category: Multimeters
Clamp Tool

Clamp Tool 

Buy Clamp Tool Items Including
  • HT-5023-R: 6.6 Inch Wire Cutter/Stripper (Stripper Hand Tools)
  • GV-190: Universal 360 Degree Table Clamp Vise (Tools)
  • MA-1209LA: LED Table Clamp Magnifier Lamp (Bench Lights Lighting)
  • EX830: 1000A Clamp Meter with IR Thermometer
  • MA220: 400A AC/DC Clamp Meter (Multimeters)
Category: Multimeters
Multi Wire Cable

Multi Wire Cable 

Buy Multi Wire Cable Items Including
  • 9991-500: 16AWG 4 Conductor Multi-Conductor Foil Shielded Plenum Cable
  • 1166-48-0: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-12-0: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-12-2: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
  • 1166-48-2: Alligator-Banana Plug Patch Cord (Assortments)
Category: Cable Assembly
Buck Regulator

Buck Regulator 

Buy Buck Regulator Items Including
  • LM25576MH/NOPB: LM25576 42V 3.0AMP Buck Regulator
  • LTC3445EUF: I2C Controllable Buck Regulator with Two LDO
  • LM2696MXA/NOPB: LM2696 3A COT Buck Switching REG (Analog/Linear)
  • LTC1708EG-PGPBF: Dual Adjustable 5 Bit VID High Efficiency
  • LTC1530CS8PBF: Linear High Power Synchronous Switching Regulator Control
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
LED Controllers

LED Controllers 

Buy LED Controllers Items Including
  • VM192IR: RGB LED Controller-IR Version (Lighting Controller)
  • LINKM: USB Smart LED Controller (Adapters)
  • CHLSC1: RGB LED Controller with IR Remote Control (DC-to-DC Converter)
  • BLINKM: The Smart LED Full-Color RGB LED with 24 Bit Color Control
  • 4416-12-0-010-1: LED Panel-Mount Light Indicator
Category: Lighting Controller
Amp Batteries

Amp Batteries 

Buy Amp Batteries Items Including
  • PGA202KP: Prog Gain Inst AMP (Battery Management)
  • 787444-1: Connector Battery HDR 5 Position 5MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole 5 Terminal 1 Port
  • LFP128100: 12.8V 10AH 128WH Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIFEPO4) Rechargeable Battery
  • INA122U: Inst AMP Single SUP PLY (Battery Management)
  • PB-360N-48: 360 Watt Single Output Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Category: Battery Management
Raychem Shrink Tubing

Raychem Shrink Tubing 

Buy Raychem Shrink Tubing Items Including
  • RNF-100-1/4-BK-SP: Heat Shrink Tubing 1/4 BK 500 Foot Spool
  • 674983J001: 7.3MM Heat Shrink Tubing
  • RNF-100-3/8-BK-FSP: Heat Shrink Thinwall 3/8 BLK
Category: Heat Shrink Tubing
Digital Voltage Regulator

Digital Voltage Regulator 

Buy Digital Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • LP3990MF-1.8/NOPB: 150 Milli AMP Linear Voltage Regulator for Digital Applications
  • LP3990MF-2.5/NOPB: 150 Milli AMP Linear Voltage Regulator for Digital Applications
  • ADS1254E: Low Dropout (Low Drop out) Voltage Regulator
  • LM317HVT/NOPB: Linear Regulator Switch Digital Single SOT-23
  • TSA1203IF: ADC 1.15A Switching Regulator 2600 KHZ Switching Freq-Max PDSO5
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
Infrared Cameras

Infrared Cameras 

Buy Infrared Cameras Items Including
  • FLIR I7: Lightweight Infrared Camera (Environmental)
  • EXTECH IRC30: Compact Infrared Camera (Environmental)
  • FLIR I3: Compact Infrared Camera (Environmental)
  • FLIR I40: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  • FLIR B50: Lightweight Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Category: Environmental
Outlet Strips

Outlet Strips 

Buy Outlet Strips Items Including
  • 54133: 5 Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector with EMI/Rfi Filtering
  • 51W1-10204: 6 Outlet Surge Protector 6 Outlets
  • SY005+SY027-R: 1 Foot 3 Conductor Detachable Power Cord
  • 121-2594: 22 Inch 3 Conductor Detachable "Y"-Type Double Plug Power Cord
Category: Surge Protectors
International Power Adapters

International Power Adapters 

Buy International Power Adapters Items Including
  • K1D-3004008-V03: Molex to Serial ATA Power Adapter Cable -5 Inch
  • GCA15-R: Cable Assembly 3.5 Inch Disk Drive Power Adapter
  • 11W3-S6800-6IN: 6 Inch SATA Disk Drive Power Adapter
  • 435-1118-01: 175 Watt Open Frame Quad Output Power Supply
  • VC-100: International Step-Up/Step-Down Autotransformer
Category: Internal Power
Cushion Grips

Cushion Grips 

Buy Cushion Grips Items Including
  • MS54J: Tool 4 Inch Flush Oval Head Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • S475NJS: Tool 5 Inch Tapered Head Diagonal Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • MS545JV: Tool 4 Inch Slim Line Tapered Head Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • MS549JV: Tool 4 Inch Tapered Head Diagonal Cutter with Green Cushion Grips
  • LN54GV: Tool 5 Inch Thin Long Nose Pliers Cushion Grips
Category: Cutter Hand Tools
Enclosure Cases

Enclosure Cases 

Buy Enclosure Cases Items Including
  • H2320-R: Enclosure Case Aluminum 5 Inch X4 Inch X3 Inch
  • 203-112C-1-R: Enclosure Case ABS Clear Top 4.9 Inch LX3.4 Inch W
  • 203-112D-1-R: Enclosure Case ABS Clear Top 6.3 Inch LX3.2 Inch W
  • H2300-R: Enclosure Case Aluminum 4.0 Inch X2 Inch X2.8 Inch
  • SY0207-R: Enclosure Case Metal 7.5 Inch X9.8 Inch X3.2 Inch
Category: Metal
Socket Clips

Socket Clips 

Buy Socket Clips Items Including
  • 3505-8014: Short Retainer Clip (2514 Loprof GPP SMA 1.0A 100V Rohs 5K
  • 3505-8040: Short Retainer Clip (2540 Loprof GPP DO-41 1.0A 50V Rohs 5K
  • 3505-8120: 3505 Long Retainer Clip (2520 Loprof Gates TSSOP14
  • 3505-8030: 3505 Short Retainer Clip (2530 Loprof Header)
  • 3505-8016: Short Retainer Clip (2516 Loprof GPP SMA 1.0A 100V Rohs 5K
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Ptc Temperature Sensor

Ptc Temperature Sensor 

Buy Ptc Temperature Sensor Items Including
  • TD4A: TD Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC (Sensors)
  • HEL-705-U-1-12-00: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC (Sensors)
Category: Temperature
Cat 5E 350MHZ

Cat 5E 350MHZ 

Buy Cat 5E 350MHZ Items Including
  • 10X5-82405: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 5 Feet Long
  • 10X5-82103: Modular Network Cable 350MHZ (Cat 5E Ethernet)
  • 10X5-82415: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 15 Foot
  • 10X5-82215: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 15 Foot
  • 10X5-82503: Modular Network Cable UTP CAT5E 350MHZ 3 Foot RED
Category: Cat 5E Ethernet
RCA Mono Audio Cable

RCA Mono Audio Cable 

Buy RCA Mono Audio Cable Items Including
  • 255-110: Cable Mono Audio RCA 6 Foot
  • RCA-CBL-6FT-G: Cable MONO-6FT RCA Male -Male Gold Plate
Category: Audio/Video Cables
Ferrite Chokes

Ferrite Chokes 

Buy Ferrite Chokes Items Including
  • B82722-J2302-N1: 2 Element 1200 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor Choke
  • B78108S1395J: B78108S 1 Element 3900 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • B82111-B-C23: B82111 B 1 Element 15 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • 5800-680-RC: 5800 1 Element 68 uH Ferrite-Core General Purpose Inductor
  • B82114RA4: Inductor Leaded VHF-Choke 900 Ohm 60 MHZ
Category: Inductor
Blue Insulator

Blue Insulator 

Buy Blue Insulator Items Including
  • WR30B-M: 30 AWG Solid Silver Plated Copper Wire Kynar™ Insulated
  • WR30B-C: 30 AWG Solid Silver Plated Copper Wire Kynar™ Insulated
  • 9312-6: 16 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
  • 9306-6: 22 AWG PVC Insulated Stranded Tinned Copper Wire
  • 328308: Wire Capacitor Blue 16-14 (Terminals)
Category: Wire-Wrap
Wireless Inspection Camera

Wireless Inspection Camera 

Buy Wireless Inspection Camera Items Including
  • BR250: Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera
  • BR200: Video Borescope/Wireless Inspection Camera
Category: Other Meters
Mylar Tape

Mylar Tape 

Buy Mylar Tape Items Including
  • 19003-0013: Quick Disconnect Terminal 18-22 AWG Female 19.81MM 8.02MM Electro-Tin Mylar Tape
  • 19070-0133: 19070 Connectors Insulkrimp RNG TNG Taped Type: Ring (Terminals)
  • 19016-0043: 19016 Krimptite™ Quick Disconnect Terminal 14-16 AWG 0.250 Inch Tab
  • ECW-U1105KCV: Capacitor 1 uf 100 Volt Plyeth 10% 9.8X6.3X5.1MM Surface Mount Tape and Reel
  • B32529-C 103-J189: Capacitor 0.01 uf 63 Volt-40 Volt AC Plye 5% 7.2X2.5X6.5MM Radial 5MM Tape and Reel
Category: Terminals
Connector Pro

Connector Pro 

Buy Connector Pro Items Including
  • 28-526-10: 526 Socket ZIF 28PIN Low-Pro
  • 5103310-3: Low PRO Header 16P Right Angle Black
  • 58529-1: Connector Accessories Terminals Tool
  • 1-1761608-3: 532955 IDC Low PRO Header 40P Vert SHT L
  • 1761606-6: IDC Low PRO Header 16P Vert LG LA
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
ADC Analog

ADC Analog 

Buy ADC Analog Items Including
  • AD9200ARSZ: ADC Analog 10 Bit 20 Msps (a/D (SMD) Converters)
  • AD7663AST: 16 Bit 250 Ksps CMOS ADC (Analog/Linear)
  • ADS8504IBDW: ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter 1 Ch 12 Bit
  • AD7730BNZ: 2 Ch 19 Bit Delta-Sigma ADC Serial Access PDIP24
  • AD574AJD: 1 Ch 12 Bit Successive Approximation ADC
Category: A/D (SMD) Converters

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