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Tip Cleaner

Tip Cleaner 

Buy Tip Cleaner Items Including
  • XYT 460: Metal Wool Soldering Tip Cleaner with Stand
  • VTSTC: Professional Solder Tip Cleaner Ø: 3.54 Inch
  • TPC-14: Deoxit® Tip Tinner Cleaner/Compound (Chemicals)
  • 459: Metal Wool Replacement (Soldering Equipment)
Category: Soldering Equipment
Dinkle Terminal Blocks

Dinkle Terminal Blocks 

Buy Dinkle Terminal Blocks Items Including
  • DT128V3P-R: Connector 5MM Terminal Block Right Angle 0.61 Inch L X 0.41 Inch D X 0.55 Inch H 330V 10A
  • EK500A-03P-R: Connector Terminal Blocks 3 Position 5MM Solder Thru-Hole 20A
  • EK500V-03P-R: EK Connector Terminal Blocks 12-24AWG
  • EK500V-02P-R: Connector Terminal Blocks 2 Position 5MM Solder Straight Thru-Hole 20A
  • EK500A-02P-R: Connector Terminal Blocks 45&Deg
Category: Terminal Blocks
Solderless Connectors

Solderless Connectors 

Buy Solderless Connectors Items Including
  • SVM2-4-R: Connector Terminal Spade Blue 16-14 AWG #8 Stud Vinyl
  • YA6CL2TC14E2: Lug Terminal 6AWG 55.63 Mm 11.18MM (Solderless)
  • 19164-0045: Connectors Permaseal Butt Splc 14-16 AWG (Solderless)
  • 19164-0063: Connectors Ring Permaseal (Solderless)
  • 19039-0002: Unspecified Connectors Snap (Solderless)
Category: Solderless
Boe Bot Kit

Boe Bot Kit 

Buy Boe Bot Kit Items Including
  • 28108: QTI Line Follower Appkit for the Boe-Bot (Kits)
  • 28202: Gripper Kit for the Boe-Bot Robot
  • 28124: Robotics with the Boe-Bot Parts Kit
  • 28107: Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit Wheel Position Controlled Navigation
  • 572-28132: Boe-Bot Refresher Pack (Components)
Category: Kits
Thyristor Triac

Thyristor Triac 

Buy Thyristor Triac Items Including
  • Q4025L6: Thyristor Triac 400 Volt 250A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB Isolated Bulk
  • BT134-600E,127: BT134-600E Thyristor Triac 600 Volt 27A 3 Pin SIP
  • Q2004L3: Thyristor Triac 200 Volt 55A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-220AB Isolated
  • Q6040K7: Thyristor Triac 600 Volt 400A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-218AC
  • Q8035P5: Thyristor Triac 800 Volt 350A 4 Pin (3+Tab) TO-3 Fastpak
Category: Thyristor
Battery Charger Battery Charger

Battery Charger Battery Charger 

Buy Battery Charger Battery Charger Items Including
  • LTC4006EGN-4PBF: Battery Charger Li-Ion 4000MA 16.8 Volt 16 Pin Ssop N
  • LTC4006EGN-2PBF: Battery Charger Li-Ion 4000MA 12.6 Volt 16 Pin Ssop N
  • LTC4006EGN-6PBF: Battery Charger Li-Ion 4000MA 8.4 Volt 16 Pin Ssop N
  • LTC4008EGNPBF: Battery Charger 4000MA 3 Volt to 28 Volt 20 Pin Ssop N
  • LTC1760CFWPBF: Battery Charger Li-Ion/Li-Pol/Nicd/NiMH 4000MA 48 Pin Tssop
Category: Battery Management
Wire 16 Awg

Wire 16 Awg 

Buy Wire 16 Awg Items Including
  • 16PE: AWG Plain Enamel Magnet Wire -1/4 Lb (32 Ft.)
  • 824-0: 16 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 824-2: 16 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 824-9: 16 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
  • 824-5: 16 AWG Dual Rated Stranded Hook-Up Wire 100 Foot
Category: Hook-Up
USB Temperature Logger

USB Temperature Logger 

Buy USB Temperature Logger Items Including
  • EL-USB-2+: Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger
  • EL-USB-2-LCD+: Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger with LCD
  • EL-USB-1: USB Temperature Data Logger
  • EL-USB-TC: Thermocouple USB Data Logger
  • EL-USB-1-PRO: Temperature USB Data Logger
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Connector Female Male

Connector Female Male 

Buy Connector Female Male Items Including
  • 3285: BNC Cable Terminated Female-Male-Female
  • 31-208-RFX: BNC Female-Male-Female RF TEE Adapter Jack-Plug-Jack
  • 70107-0005: Connector Housing Male 6 Position 2.54 Mm Crimp Straight Cable Mount SL™
  • RCA-M-BNC-F: Connector RCA Male/BNC Female RF
  • 200-155: Connector RF BNC T-Adapter Male to Female to Female
Category: RF Connectors
Rg Coax Cable

Rg Coax Cable 

Buy Rg Coax Cable Items Including
  • 4864-K-24-R: SMA Male to SMA Male Coax Cable Length: 2FT
  • V115 6.0-R: Cable Assembly RG59/U 6.0 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • 4846-K-6-R: 6 Inch SMA Male to SMA Male Cable (Assortments)
  • RG6-3: Cable Assembly RG6 3 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm
  • RG6-6: Cable Assembly RG66 Foot BNC to BNC 75 Ohm (RG6)
Category: Cable Assembly
Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic Capacitors 

Buy Electrolytic Capacitors Items Including
  • R470/35: 470 µF 35 Volt Radial Electrolytic Capacitor
  • KA220025H1628: Aluminum Axial Electrolytic Capacitor
  • GB102LB: Grab Bag Assorted Electrolytic Capacitors Radial
  • EEU-EB1V102: EB 1000uf 35V Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  • EEU-FC1V152S: FC 1500 µF 35V Electrolytic Capacitor (Organic)
Category: Axial Electrolytic
Panel LCD

Panel LCD 

Buy Panel LCD Items Including
  • PM428: 3.5 Digit LCD Digital Panel Meter
  • PM128: 3.5 Digit LCD Panel Meter
  • PM-128BL: 3.5 Digit LCD Digital Panel Meter
  • PMLCD: Digital Panel Meter LCD -9V DC 3 1/2 LCD Panel Meter
  • DPM 2AS-BL: Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LCD 3.5 200MVDC 0.32 Inch Digit Height LED Backlit
Category: 3.5 Digits
International Rectifier Diodes

International Rectifier Diodes 

Buy International Rectifier Diodes Items Including
  • HFA08TB60PBF: 9A Silicon Rectifier Diode
  • 1N1184A: Diode 100 Volt 2 Pin DO-5
  • 40CPQ100PBF: Diode Schottky 100 Volt 40A 3 Pin (3+Tab) TO-247AC
  • 26MB80A: Diode Rectifier Bridge Single 800 Volt 25A 4 Pin D-34
  • 40HFR60: Diode Switching 600 Volt 40A 2 Pin DO-5
Category: General Purpose Diodes
9V Batteries

9V Batteries 

Buy 9V Batteries Items Including
  • VINNICS9V/GP6F22MS: Zinc Chloride 9V Battery 9V, 300MAH Battery (Non-Rechargeable)
  • BC6-R: 9V Battery Snap with 6 Inch Leads (Holders & Clips)
  • GBH-1009-R: Metal 9V Battery Holder Clip Holds One 9V Battery
  • 12BH079-GR: Metal 9V Battery Holder Clip Holds One 9V Battery
  • 121-0426/IM-GR: 9V Battery Holder with JP2411-2P Connector
Category: Holders & Clips
Sjt Wire

Sjt Wire 

Buy Sjt Wire Items Including
  • M682-12: 6 Foot SJT Power Cord with Pigtail 3 Conductor
  • GPC-029-16A: 6 Foot Detachable Power Cord (3 Conductor)
  • 3271J86: 6 Foot Detachable Power Cord (3 Conductor)
  • 6952299: 14 Foot Detachable Power Cord (3 Conductor)
  • LL39965: 10 Foot 3 Conductor Hospital Grade Power Cord
Category: 3 Conductor
Connector Telephone

Connector Telephone 

Buy Connector Telephone Items Including
  • 300-147IV: Connector Telephone/Telecom Female 6 Position Straight 6 Terminal 1 Port
  • 554546-1: Connector Telephone/Telecom Female 8 Position Crimp Straight Panel Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port
  • 5-569278-3: Connector Modular Plug PL 8 Position 1.02 Mm Crimp Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 5E
  • 5555140-4: Connector RJ -25 Female 6 Position 2.54MM Solder Right Angle Thru-Hole 6 Terminal 1 Port
  • 5-569530-3: Connector Modular Plug PL 8 Position 1.02 Mm Crimp Straight Cable Mount 8 Terminal 1 Port Box Cat 3
Category: Telecom & Datacom
Xlr Jack

Xlr Jack 

Buy Xlr Jack Items Including
  • SN37A12B: 1/4 Inch Right-Angle Phone Jack (Audio/Video)
  • MT332B: Long Frame Telephone Jacks MT JAX (Audio/Video)
  • 35RAPC2BH3: 3.5 MM Audio 3.5MM Stereo JAX HOR (Audio/Video)
Category: XLR (Professional Audio)
Mean Well

Mean Well 

Buy Mean Well Items Including
  • RCP-1UT: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • RCP-1UI: 19 Inch Rack for RCP-1000 Series Power Supplies
  • MHS014: Mounting Bracket for Power Supplies RSP-1000 Series (Hardware)
  • TBC-07: 7 Pin Terminal Block Cover for Power Supplies
  • AC PLUG-MIX: Universal Wall Adapter Clips (AC-to-DC Switching)
Category: 19 Inch Rackmount Enclosures
Kit Motor

Kit Motor 

Buy Kit Motor Items Including
  • INTELLI-INCH-LR-STARTER K: Intelli-Inch Stepper Controller & Driver Starter Kit (Motors)
  • EZ4AXIS-STARTER KIT: Controller Stepper 4 Axis+Drvr 32 Bit RS485/USB 2.25X2.25X.7 EZ4AXIS Starter Kit
  • GMC-1102: DC Motor Speed Control Kit Intermediate Level
  • 28820: Dual Motor Driver MC33926 (Kits)
  • 70108: Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit Motor: FA-130 (Mechanical)
Category: Stepper Motor Controllers
Solder Pencil

Solder Pencil 

Buy Solder Pencil Items Including
  • PES51: Weller 50W Soldering Pencil
  • ETP: Replaceable Conical Soldering Tip for Use with PES51 Soldering Pencil
  • ETH: Replaceable Screwdriver Shaped Soldering Tip for Use with PES51 Soldering Pencil
  • WES51: Weller 50W Analog Soldering Station
  • WX1010: Weller 200W High Power Digital Soldering Station
Category: Soldering Equipment
Regulated Power Supplies

Regulated Power Supplies 

Buy Regulated Power Supplies Items Including
  • JE215: Dual-Output Adjustable Linear Regulated Power Supply Kit
  • 52-192012-R: 276W Precision Regulated Power Supply
  • AD060DBAE1-J25R: 3 Wire AC Input Regulated AC-to-DC Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • FSP040-DGAA1: 40 Watt Regulated Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • JE215-SINCLAIR: Sinclair Dual-Output Adjustable Linear Regulated Power Supply Kit
Category: Table Top
LCD Color Display

LCD Color Display 

Buy LCD Color Display Items Including
  • 603-32000: Mini LCD A/V Color Display 7 in (170 Cm) TFT Display Panel
  • NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXL-CT: 7 Inch TFT Color LCD Capacitive Touch Panel Module
  • NHD-7.0-800480EF-ATXV-CT: 7 Inch TFT Color LCD Capacitive MVA Touch Panel Module
  • EZLCD-304: 4.3 Inch Smart Touch LCD Display 4.3 Inch Color TFT LCD (Serial)
  • SGD 28-M: 2.8 Inch TFT Multifunction Color Graphics Display
Category: TFT Displays
Shrink Tubing

Shrink Tubing 

Buy Shrink Tubing Items Including
  • FIT-221B-1/16-BK100: Black Polyolefin Round Heat Shrink Tubing -4 Feet
  • DWP-125-3/8-0-STK: Heat Shrink-Tubing 3/8 Inch BK 4 Foot
  • VERSAFIT-3/4-0-SP: Heat Shrink-Tubing 3/4 Inch Spool Black
  • 40025-0: Heat Shrink Tubing 3/32 Inch Black
  • VERSAFIT-3/8-0-SP: Heat Shrink Thinwall 3/8 BLK SP
Category: Heat Shrink Tubing
Stepper Motor IC

Stepper Motor IC 

Buy Stepper Motor IC Items Including
  • L297/1: L297 -Stepper Motor Controller DIP-20 Package (Interface)
  • L6228PD: Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver 36 Pin so (Interface)
  • L6506D: Stepper Motor Controller 5 Volt 20 Pin so (Interface)
  • UC3770AN: UC3770A Stepper Motor Driver 16 Pin Pdip
  • L6208D: Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver 24 Pin so (Interface)
Category: Motor / Motion Control
NPN Phototransistor

NPN Phototransistor 

Buy NPN Phototransistor Items Including
  • PS2501-1: NPN Phototransistor Output Optoisolator Package: DIP-4 (Opto Components)
  • LTR-5986D: NPN Phototransistor/Detector Power Dissipation: 100MW
  • MCT62.: MCT62 Dual Channel NPN Phototransistor Optocoupler Packaging: PDIP-8
  • TEPT5600: Silicon NPN Phototransistor
  • 4N28: Optocoupler NPN Phototransistor DIP-6 (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
RCA Adapter Female

RCA Adapter Female 

Buy RCA Adapter Female Items Including
  • 251-116: Connector RCA Adapter Female to Female 2/2 Position Straight 1 Port
  • BJ-7072-R: Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Female to RCA Female
  • BR312-R: Connector RF BNC RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • RB312: BNC Female to RCA Male Connector Plating: Nickel
  • 251-120: RCA Female to Male Jack Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
National Semiconductor Audio

National Semiconductor Audio 

Buy National Semiconductor Audio Items Including
  • LM386N-3: Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM386N-1: -Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM1875T: -20W Audio Power Amplifier
  • LM3886TF: High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
  • LM1877N-9: 14 Pin Mdip Dual Audio Power Amplifier
Category: Audio and Video
Rfi Line Filter

Rfi Line Filter 

Buy Rfi Line Filter Items Including
  • 6EDP: Power Line Filter 50HZ to 60HZ 6A 250VAC PC Pins Thru-Hole
  • PLF-3PC: EMI/Rfi Power Line Filter Compact Space and Cost Effective
  • 10VS1: Power Line Filter Multi-Purpose RFI 50HZ/60HZ 10A 250VAC Quick Connect Flange Mount
  • 10VT1: Power Line Filter Multi-Purpose RFI 50HZ/60HZ 10A 250VAC Quick Connect Flange Mount
  • 15ED1: Power Line Filter Multi-Purpose RFI 50HZ/60HZ 10A 250VAC Quick Connect Flange Mount
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Pliers Tools

Pliers Tools 

Buy Pliers Tools Items Including
  • PLIERS 5PC-R: 5 Piece Precision Stainless Steep Plier Tool Set
  • G/S(GPL-172) 4.7 -R: Tool Half-Round Long Nose Pliers Drop Forged Steel
  • LN54GV: Tool 5 Inch Thin Long Nose Pliers Cushion Grips
  • AX104-R: Tool 5.3 Inch Half Round Long Nose Pliers
  • SBP2459: 7.5 Inch Sportsman's Square Bent-Nose Pliers (Tools)
Category: Pliers Hand Tools
Monolithic Capacitor

Monolithic Capacitor 

Buy Monolithic Capacitor Items Including
  • COG22/100-R: Monolithic Capacitor Rohs Compliant (Radial Ceramic)
  • COG10/100: 10pf Monolithic Capacitor Capacitance: 10 pf
  • 171483: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor KIT Refill ±20% +10°C to +85°C
  • MD.047: Ceramic Disk Capacitor (±20%) Size: 8MM
  • MONOLITHIC KIT: Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Kit 10 Pcs. 22pf
Category: Radial Ceramic

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