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DC Voltage

DC Voltage 

Buy DC Voltage Items Including
  • VM-2: DC Voltage Monitor KIT with 7 LEDs
  • FLK-V3001 FC: Fluke V3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module
  • AVM7030: Analog DC Voltage Panel Meter 30V Range: 0 -30V
  • AVM7015: Analog DC Voltage Panel Meter 15V Range: 0 -15V
  • AVM6015: Analog DC Voltage Panel Meter 15V Range: 0 -15V
Category: Other Meters
DC Power Supply Unit

DC Power Supply Unit 

Buy DC Power Supply Unit Items Including
  • RKP-CMU1: RKP 1U Rack Control and Monitoring Single Unit
  • RPK: United Kingdom Wall Adapter Clip (AC-to-DC Switching)
Category: Rack Mount
DC to DC Regulator

DC to DC Regulator 

Buy DC to DC Regulator Items Including
  • GS120A24-P1M: GS120A AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Table-Top Power Supply
  • MTR-09219: AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • MTR-09304: AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • GS12U15-P1I: GS12U AC-to-DC Regulated Switching Wall Adapter
  • LT1943EFEPBF: 4.3A Switching Regulator
Category: Wall Transformers
ADC Connector

ADC Connector 

Buy ADC Connector Items Including
  • LM12H458CIVF: 14 Contact Female Straight Two Part Board Connector
  • ADC-002A-1: DC Power Jack with 2.0MM Center Pin Low Profile Design
  • ADC-002A-2: DC Power Jack with 2.5MM Center Pin Low Profile Design
Category: AC/DC Power
Detector IC

Detector IC 

Buy Detector IC Items Including
  • A5347CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5349CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5364CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5350CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
  • A5354CA: Smoke Detector IC with Interconnects Up to 125 Detectors
Category: Temperature Sensors
High Current Switches

High Current Switches 

Buy High Current Switches Items Including
  • LTC3443EDEPBF: High Current Micropower 600KHZ Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LTC3441EDEPBF: High Current Micropower Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter
  • LES25A48-3V3EJ: Eighth-Brick Single Output High Current High Efficiency
  • TPS2032D: Current Limited Power Distribution Swtch (USB)
  • TPS2051AD: Current-Limited Power-Distribution Switch (USB)
Category: Switching Voltage Regulators
Battery Meter

Battery Meter 

Buy Battery Meter Items Including
  • BATTEST: Pocket Battery Tester AAA (LR3) (Test & Measurement)
  • BATTEST2: Multi-Purpose Battery Tester with LCD Display (Test & Measurement)
  • VTTEST7: Battery Tester 3.9 Inch X 2.5 Inch X 1.3 Inch for Batteries:
  • MK115: KIT Pocket VU Meter, Power Supply: 3V Battery (not Incl.)
  • DVM401: Digital Environment Meter Luxmeter: (Environmental)
Category: Other Meters
Analog Isolator

Analog Isolator 

Buy Analog Isolator Items Including
  • AD210BN: Isolation Amplifier 15 kHz Band Width PDIP12
  • AD202KN: Isolation Amplifier 1500V Isolation-Min
  • AD204JN: Isolation Amplifier 750V Isolation-Min
  • AD204KY: Isolation Amplifier 1500V Isolation-Min
  • AD202JN: Isolation Amplifier 750V Isolation-Min
Category: Amplifiers
Digital Power Control

Digital Power Control 

Buy Digital Power Control Items Including
  • WISE-7160: 6 Channel Power Relay Output and 6 Channel Isolation Digital Input PoE Module
  • PET-7051: 16 Channel Isolation Digital Input Power over Ethernet I/O Data Acquisition Module
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
High Side Current Sense

High Side Current Sense 

Buy High Side Current Sense Items Including
  • LT1787HVCS8: Precision High Side Current Sense Amplfier
  • LT6100IMS8: Precision Gain Selectable High Side Current Sense Amplifier
  • LT1787HVIS8PBF: Precision High Side Current-Sense Amplifiers
  • LT1787IS8PBF: Precision High Side Current Sense Amplfier
  • LT1787CMS8PBF: Precision High Side Current-Sense Amplifiers
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Mounting Clamps

Mounting Clamps 

Buy Mounting Clamps Items Including
  • 206070-3: Cable Clamp KIT Bulk PKG
  • 31-3301: Cable Terminated Male BNC Connector Clamp Solder Plug
  • 901-128-11: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector Clamp Solder Plug
  • 69475: Connector RF BNC Plug Clamp RG179
  • 82-856: HN Cable Terminated Male RF Connector Clamp Plug
Category: RF Connectors
Spc Connectors

Spc Connectors 

Buy Spc Connectors Items Including
  • 1597: DB25 Male to RJ45 Modular Connector 8P8C (Adapters)
  • SPC15168: 4-40 Slotted Thumb Screw Length: 2.85 Inch
Category: Adapters
Dual Schottky Diodes

Dual Schottky Diodes 

Buy Dual Schottky Diodes Items Including
  • UC3610DW: Dual Schottky Diode Bridge
  • LT3463EDDPBF: Dual Micropower DC/DC Converter with Schottky Diodes
  • LT3466EDDPBF: Dual Full Function White LED Step-Up Converter with Built-in Schottky Diodes
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Tyco Blocks

Tyco Blocks 

Buy Tyco Blocks Items Including
  • 282837-2: Terminal Block PCB Mount Side Entry Wire
  • 796682-2: 17.5A Modular Terminal Block 1 Row
  • 796949-5: 796949 5 POS Terminal Block PCB Mount
  • 796949-6: 796949 6 POS Terminal Block PCB Mount
  • 1546163-1: Flat Base END Section Terminal Block
Category: Terminal Blocks
Panel Connectors

Panel Connectors 

Buy Panel Connectors Items Including
  • G1B235-R: Connector BNC Bulkhead
  • 31-221-VP: Connector BNC Vp Receptacleeptacle Bulkhead 50 Ohm
  • 02-453-R: Socket STD DIN Female 6PIN Panel Mount
  • CH-7818-N-R: Connector SMA Jack to Jack Straight Panel Mount
  • 112431: BNC Connector B/H Jack Isolated
Category: RF Connectors
Electronic Voltage

Electronic Voltage 

Buy Electronic Voltage Items Including
  • 7906A: Negative Voltage Regulator Package: TO-220/3
  • DHR4E4A101K2BB: Capacitors High-Voltage Cearmic Cap
  • GRM43D1X3D221JY01L: Capacitors Monolithic Ceramic Medium-Voltage
  • VM7-150-5%B: Dual Low Drop Voltage Regulator
  • VM-2: DC Voltage Monitor KIT with 7 LEDs
Category: Voltage Regulators
Battery Pack Charger

Battery Pack Charger 

Buy Battery Pack Charger Items Including
  • 28986: Li-Ion Power Pack / Charger -2 Cell (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 28988: Li-Ion Boe-Bot Power Pack-Charger (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 28989: Li-Ion Power Pack Charger Full Kit (Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable) )
  • 01281: TLP-4000 Universal 1A Smart Charger for Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Pack
Category: Lithium-Ion (Rechargeable)
Pin Heatsink

Pin Heatsink 

Buy Pin Heatsink Items Including
  • 205-00036-001: Heatsink DIP 14/16 Pin ICs 1.18 Inch X0.64 Inch X0.65 Inch Black
  • 574402B03200G: Heatsink TO-2201HOLE 2 Pins Horizontal
  • 529801B02500-R: Heat Sink Heatsink TO-2183 Hole 2 Pins
  • 531002B02500-R: Heat Sink Heatsink TO-2202 Holes 2 Pins
Category: Passive Heat Sinks
Schurter Filter

Schurter Filter 

Buy Schurter Filter Items Including
  • 5110.0343.1: Power Entry Modules with Straight Power Filter Current: 3A
  • 8843-2SP: Power Entry Module Male Rating: 6A 250V
Category: AC Power Filtered Receptacles
Cable Length Meter

Cable Length Meter 

Buy Cable Length Meter Items Including
  • 5313118067FO: Dvi-D Single Link Cable Length: 2 Meters (6.5 Ft.)
  • PCM-2296-03M: Hdmi to Male Dvi-D Cable Length: 3 Meter (Assortments)
  • PCM-2295-03M: Hdmi Cable Male to Male 3 Meters Length: 3 Meters (9.8 Feet)
Category: Cable Assembly
Receptacle Wiring

Receptacle Wiring 

Buy Receptacle Wiring Items Including
  • 39000080: 5569 Phosphor Bronze Tin Finish Wire Terminal (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 39000060: 5566 Phosphor Bronze Tin Finish Wire Terminal (Rectangular Connectors)
  • 15-24-7040: 42385 Receptacle Header Assembly (Mini-Fit B.M.I Series)
  • 15-24-7243: 42385 Receptacle Header Assembly (Mini-Fit B.M.I Series)
  • 171825-2: Vertical Header-without Self-Retaining Features Posts Wire to Board Connector
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Full Rectifier

Full Rectifier 

Buy Full Rectifier Items Including
  • MDA990-6: Diode Bridge 600V PRV Full Wave Bridge
  • MDA990-3: Diode Bridge 200V PRV Full Wave Bridge
  • A3976KLB: Motor Driver PWM Full 24 SOIC 0.5A
  • IRLML2402TRPBF: 1201 mA 20V N-Channel Si
  • IRFI840G: 4.6A 500V 0.85 Ohm N-Channel Si
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Acquisition Data Logger

Acquisition Data Logger 

Buy Acquisition Data Logger Items Including
  • EL-USB-2+: Temperature and Relative Humidity USB Data Logger
  • DL-100T485: Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with RS-485 Module
  • EL-USB-2-LCD: Humidity and Temperature Data Logger
  • EL-USB-TC-LCD: Thermocouple Data Logger with LCD and USB Interface
  • WISE-5800: User-Defined I/O & Data Logger Module
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Test Signal Generators

Test Signal Generators 

Buy Test Signal Generators Items Including
  • PCSU200: USB PC Oscilloscope and Signal Generator Function Generator:
  • PCSGU250: All in One: USB PC Oscilloscope and Function Generator
  • MK105: Signal Generator Kit (Test & Measurement)
  • 32115: Jtagulator 24 I/O Channels with Input Protection Circuitry
Category: Signal Generators/Analyzers
Keyboard Switches

Keyboard Switches 

Buy Keyboard Switches Items Including
  • ML1A-11JW.: Keyboard Switch (Tactile)
  • MX1A-C1DN.: Keyboard Switch (Tactile)
  • MX1A-C1NN.: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O
  • 07-30008-000: Keyboard 16 Key 0.03MA 12VDC 16 Total Buttons
  • 07-30009-000: Keyboard 16 Key 30MA 12VDC 16 Total Buttons
Category: Tactile
Radial Crimp

Radial Crimp 

Buy Radial Crimp Items Including
  • V420LT20A: Varistor Line Voltage Radial Metal Oxide 560V 90J Thru Hole
  • V47ZT1: Varistor Low to Medium Voltage Radial Metal Oxide 38V 1.8J
  • V68ZT2: Varistor Low to Medium Voltage Radial Metal Oxide 56V 3J
  • V82ZT12: Varistor Low to Medium Voltage Radial Metal Oxide 68V 15J
Category: Varistors
Indicator Bulbs

Indicator Bulbs 

Buy Indicator Bulbs Items Including
  • 9950-X-00-00000-0002: Neon Bulb with Resistor (Lamps)
  • R9-71N-05-120V-YELLOW-R: Opto Lamp Panel Yellow Neon 120V Solder Terminals
  • R9-71N-05-120V-GREEN-R: Opto Lamp Panel Green Neon 120V Solder Terminals
  • R9-71N-05-120V-RED-R: Neon Panel Mount Lamp Input Voltage: 120V
Category: Neon Lamps, Panel Mount, Indic
BNC Male to BNC Male Adapter

BNC Male to BNC Male Adapter 

Buy BNC Male to BNC Male Adapter Items Including
  • BR312-R: BR Conn RF BNC-RCA Adapter BNC Male to RCA Female
  • 40958-Y: Connector RF BNC LAN
  • CH-7820-N-R: Connector RF Adapter SMA Male to BNC Female
  • SB-321-R: Connector RF Adapter SMA Female to BNC Male
  • 200-155: Coonnector RF BNC T-Adapter
Category: RF Connectors
CMOS Crystal Oscillator

CMOS Crystal Oscillator 

Buy CMOS Crystal Oscillator Items Including
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-33.3330-T: Surface Mount CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator 3.3V 50PPM 20+7033.3330MHZ
  • CB3LV-3C-14.31818-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Tantalum Low

Tantalum Low 

Buy Tantalum Low Items Including
  • TPSC336K010R0375-CT: Capacitor Low ESR 33uf 10V 10% C Case 375 Mohm 7IN RL
  • TPSC106M025R0500-CT: Capacitor Low ESR 10uf 25V 20% C Case 500 Mohm 7IN RL
  • TPSC107M006R0150-CT: Capacitor Low ESR 100uf 6.3V 20% C Case 150 Mohm 7IN RL
  • TPSD107M010R0080-CT: Capacitor Low ESR 100uf 10V 20% D Case 80 Mohm 7IN RL
  • TPSD227K006R0100-CT: Capacitor Low ESR 220uf 6.3V 10% D Case 100 Mohm 7IN RL
Category: Tantalum (SMD)

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