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Dual Jfet Op Amp   to   Analog Voltage Regulator

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Dual Jfet Op Amp

Dual Jfet Op Amp 

Buy Dual Jfet Op Amp Items Including
  • TLE2062ACD: TLE2062A Excalibur Low Power Jfet OP AMP
  • TLE2062ID: Excalibur Low Power Jfet OP AMP
  • LF442CN: Low Power Jfet Input Op Amp Packaging: DIP-8 (Analog/Linear)
  • LF412CP.: LF412 Low Offset Low Drift Jfet Input OP AMP Packaging: MDIP-8 (Hi-Speed OP-Amps)
  • TL062IP: Low Power Jfet Inpu T OP Amps
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Open Frame AC/DC Power Supply

Open Frame AC/DC Power Supply 

Buy Open Frame AC/DC Power Supply Items Including
  • NLP150L-96S3: Open Frame Switching DC Power Supply
  • LPS175: 175W Open-Frame AC-to-DC Switching Power Supply (Open Frame)
  • MAP55-1024: AC/DC Power Supply Single-Output 24V/28V 2.5A/2.2A 55W 11 Pin
  • PQ-100B: Open Frame Switching DC Power Supply 100% Full-Load Burn-In
  • LPP-100-27: 102.6 Watt AC/DC Power Supply Universal AC Input/Full Range
Category: Open Frame
Amp 12 Position White Connector

Amp 12 Position White Connector 

Buy Amp 12 Position White Connector Items Including
  • 1-640551-2: Connector Accessories 12 Position Closed End Dust Cover Polyester White
  • 1-643067-2: 643067 12P MTA156 Molded Cover
  • 1-643075-2: 643075 12P MTA100 Molded Cover
  • 640717-1: 640717 12P Umnl Strain Relief
Category: Rectangular Connectors
SMA Solder Male

SMA Solder Male 

Buy SMA Solder Male Items Including
  • 1050756-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 1050525-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 901-9867-RFX: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector Solder Plug
  • 1050548-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
  • 1051643-1: Cable Terminated Male SMA Connector
Category: RF Connectors
DC Plug 2MM

DC Plug 2MM 

Buy DC Plug 2MM Items Including
  • 722RA: 12V 5A 2MM Diameter DC Power Plug or Jack
  • PCL722A: 722A 12V 5A 2MM Diameter DC Power Plug or Jack
Category: AC/DC Power
Analog Devices CMOS Amplifiers

Analog Devices CMOS Amplifiers 

Buy Analog Devices CMOS Amplifiers Items Including
  • AD8534ARZ: Analog Quad CMOS Rail-to-Rail OP AMP (Analog/Linear)
  • PM7524HP: 8 Bit Buffered CMO S D/A C (Amplifiers (SMD) )
  • AD8607ARZ: OP Amp Analog Dual Precision CMOS Rail-Rail
  • AD8531ARZ: Analog Single 250MA Rail to Rail OP A
  • AD8532ARZ: OP Amp Analog PB Free AD8532AR (Amplifiers (SMD) )
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Input Poe

Input Poe 

Buy Input Poe Items Including
  • WISE-7151: 16 Channel Isolation Digital Input PoE Module
  • WISE-7144: 8 Channel Isolated Sink Type Open Collector Output and Digital Input PoE Module
  • WISE-7160: 6 Channel Power Relay Output and 6 Channel Isolation Digital Input PoE Module
  • PET-7015: Data Logger 7 Channel Rtd Input with 3 Wire Rtd Lead Resis
  • PET-7026-48V: 6 Channel Analog Data Acquisition Input
Category: Data Acquisition & Control
Axial Ceramic Tape

Axial Ceramic Tape 

Buy Axial Ceramic Tape Items Including
  • SA102A101JAA: SA 100pf Ceramic Axial Capacitor
  • SA101C222KAA: 0.0022µF 100V Axial-Lead Capacitor Capacitance: 0.0022µ
  • F
  • SA105C103KAA: SA 0.01µF Ceramic Axial Capacitor
  • B78108T1332K: B78108 T 1 Element 3.3 uH Ceramic-Core General Purpose Inductor
Category: Axial Ceramic
Silicon Controlled Diode

Silicon Controlled Diode 

Buy Silicon Controlled Diode Items Including
  • T106D1: 400 Volt 4 AMP TO-220 Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifier Diode
  • 2N5061: Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier Diode Voltage: 60V
  • C122M: Thyristor Diode Silicon Controlled Rectifier 8A 600V TO-220
  • TYN616RG: Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier Clip Assembly Technology
  • C106B1: Silicon Controlled Rectifier Glassivated Surface for Reliability and Uniformity
Category: Thyristor
Crimp 18 Awg Contact

Crimp 18 Awg Contact 

Buy Crimp 18 Awg Contact Items Including
  • 170360-1: Connector Power Univ M-N-L PIN 22-18 AWG
  • 770904-1: 770904 Mini Umnl SOK 22-18 AWG SN
  • 794229-1: Mini UMNL2 SOK 22-18 AWG SN LP
  • 08-52-0113: 6838 .156 Inch KK Trifurcon Terminal Brass Tin Finish 18-20 AWG
  • 39-00-0038: 5556 Mini-Fot Jr Female Contact 18-24 AWG Tin (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Power Connector
Magnetic Reed Contact Switch

Magnetic Reed Contact Switch 

Buy Magnetic Reed Contact Switch Items Including
  • MKA-14103-1015-R: SPST -no Magnetic Reed Switch
  • MKC-27103: SPST -no Magnetic Reed Switch
  • 35-756-BU: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • MPS45WGW: Magnetic Proximity Reed Switch
  • RI-01C: Switch Magnetic DRY Reed SPST
Category: Magnetic Reed
Assortment Dips

Assortment Dips 

Buy Assortment Dips Items Including
  • GB206: Assorted DIP Switches Grab Bag 50 Pack
  • SWITCH KIT: 180 Piece Assortment of Switches with Component Cabinet
  • GB103: Assorted Tantalum Capacitors Dipped Epoxy
  • GB108LB: Assorted TTL Series DIP's & SMD's Types: 74, 74ALS, 74HC, 74HCT, 74LS, & 74S
  • GB109: Assorted Linear Series DIP & SOIC Packages (Grab Bags)
Category: Assortments
Female Feed

Female Feed 

Buy Female Feed Items Including
  • 4119-75: BNC Male-to-Female Feed-through Termination
  • 3-640620-3: MTA-100 (.100 Inch ) IDC Connectors Feed-Thru Style
  • 3-640620-4: MTA-100 (.100 Inch ) IDC Connectors Feed-Thru Style
  • 1658622-6: Socket Connector 26 Contacts 30 Gold
Category: Headers and PCB Receptacles
Parallel Input IC

Parallel Input IC 

Buy Parallel Input IC Items Including
  • MC145151P: Linear Parallel Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer
  • AD7835AS: Quad Parallel Input Loading 10 us Settling Time
  • MC74HC595ADG: 8 Bit Serial-Input/Serial or Parallel-Output Shift Register with Latched 3 State Outputs
  • LTC1666IG: Parallel Word Input Loading
  • AD7845KP: Parallel Word Input Loading 2.5 us Settling Time
Category: D/a (SMD) Converters
Bcd Decoder Logic

Bcd Decoder Logic 

Buy Bcd Decoder Logic Items Including
  • CD4511BE: BCD to 7 Latch/Decoder/Driver DIP-16
  • SN7445N: Bcd-to-Decimal Decoder/Driver (Logic)
  • SN74LS47D: Decoder/Driver Bcd-7 Segment DEC Oder/Driver
  • SN7447AN: Decoder and Demux Bcd-7 Segment Decoder/Driver
  • CD4028: BCD to Decimal Decoder Packaging: DIP-16 (4000 Series)
Category: Decoder and Demux
Amp 2 Position Circular Connector

Amp 2 Position Circular Connector 

Buy Amp 2 Position Circular Connector Items Including
  • 206151-2: 206151 37 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 206433-2: 206433 8 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 796095-2: 796095 4 Contact Polyethylene Female
  • 206137-2: 206137 7 Contact Polyethylene Male
  • 788157-2: 788157 9 Contact Polyethylene Male
Category: Circular
Rubber Seal Protectors

Rubber Seal Protectors 

Buy Rubber Seal Protectors Items Including
  • 172888-2: Connector Accessories Seal Protector Gray
  • 794276-1: Connector Accessories Seal Protector 6 Position Silicon Rubber Blue
  • 794272-1: Connector Accessories Seal Protector 3 Position Silicon Rubber Blue
  • 794270-1: Connector Accessories Seal Protector 2 Position Silicon Rubber Blue
  • 794274-1: Connector Accessories Seal Protector 4 Position Silicon Rubber Blue
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Resistor 1 8W

Resistor 1 8W 

Buy Resistor 1 8W Items Including
  • CF 1/8 100K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%100K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 20K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%20K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 10M 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%10M Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 200K 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%200K Ohm Carbon Film
  • CF 1/8 91R 5 TR: Resistor 1/8 Watt 5%91 Ohm Carbon Film
Category: 1/8 Watt Carbon Film
Plunger Button on off Switch

Plunger Button on off Switch 

Buy Plunger Button on off Switch Items Including
  • PBS-10B: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPST on-(Off)
  • R18-29B: Pushbutton Switch Contact Form: SPST on-(Off)
  • MPA206N: Switchingitch Pushbutton
  • TP21SH9ABE: Toggle Switch Pole Throw Configuration: Dpst
  • R18-29A-ROHS: Push Button Switch off Momentary (on) Round Plunger 1 Amp 250VAC Momentary Panel Mount
Category: Push Button
Hfbr Fiber Cable

Hfbr Fiber Cable 

Buy Hfbr Fiber Cable Items Including
  • HFBR-4511Z: Connector POF Simplex PL Crimp Straight Cable Mount
  • HFBR-RUD500Z: BLK Plast Cable Dplx 500 Mtrs Rohs (Discrete)
Category: Fiber Optic
Lug Audio Connectors

Lug Audio Connectors 

Buy Lug Audio Connectors Items Including
  • PC142AX: 3.5 MM Audio Connector Jack (Audio/Video)
  • SL414F: General Purpose Audio Connector Plug (Audio/Video)
  • 112AX: 1 Contact Female Circular Connector Solder Jack HI D JAX
  • SL404F: SL 4 Position Audio Female Connector (Audio/Video)
  • 750: 3.5MM Mono Audio Plug (Audio/Video)
Category: Audio/Video
Button Switch PCB SPDT

Button Switch PCB SPDT 

Buy Button Switch PCB SPDT Items Including
  • TP12SH8ABE: Switch PB SPDT on-Mom RA PCB (Push Button)
  • TP12SH9AVBE: Switch PB SPDT Onmom Vert RA PCB (Push Button)
  • TP12SH9ABE: Switch PB SPDT on-Mom RA PCB (Push Button)
  • 8121SD9RGE: SPDT Pushbutton Switch 1A 120VAC (Push Button)
Category: Push Button
CAT5 Angle

CAT5 Angle 

Buy CAT5 Angle Items Including
  • 5569255-1: STK MJ Assembly 8POS 2X2 Shld CAT5
  • 5558344-1: MJ 8POS Right Angle CAT5 Shld PNL GND
  • 5558342-1: MJ 8POS Right Angle CAT5 Shld PC GND
Category: RJ45
RJ12 Cables

RJ12 Cables 

Buy RJ12 Cables Items Including
  • 300-066: 6P6C RJ12 Modular Plug (RJ11)
  • VTLAN2: LAN Tester for RJ45 RJ12 RJ11 RJ10 & BNC
  • VTLAN3: LAN Tester for RJ45 RJ12 RJ11 RJ10 & BNC LED Indication
  • VTLAN5: LAN Tester for RJ45 (8P8C) RJ12 (6P6C) RJ11 (6P2C) LED Indication
  • VTLAN4: Lan Tester RJ45 RJ12 RJ11 Max Length ±984FEET LED Indication
Category: Cable Testers
Cebek Recorder

Cebek Recorder 

Buy Cebek Recorder Items Including
  • C-9701: Digital Voice Recorder/Player (Speech/Recognition)
  • C-9702: Message Recorder / Player Voltage: 3VDC (Speech/Recognition)
Category: Speech/Recognition
Switched Capacitor Converter

Switched Capacitor Converter 

Buy Switched Capacitor Converter Items Including
  • LTC1044ACN8: Switched Capacitor Converter
  • TC962EPA: Switched Capacitor Converter
  • LM2660M: 100MA Switch Capacitor Converter (Analog/Linear)
  • TC7660SCOA: TC7660S Switched Capacitor Converter
  • TC7662BEOA: Switched Capacitor Converter
Category: Charge Pump
Power Op Amp Audio

Power Op Amp Audio 

Buy Power Op Amp Audio Items Including
  • LM2902M/NOPB: OP Amp Digital Audio Processor with Codec
  • LM4871M: 3W Audio Power Amplifier with Shutdown Mode
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
SMB through Hole Connector

SMB through Hole Connector 

Buy SMB through Hole Connector Items Including
  • 414963-1: Board Terminated Female SMB Connector
  • 5221111-1: Jack PCB Vertical Series SMB Jack PCB
  • 415340-1: Board Terminated Female SMB Connector
  • 413990-1: Connector SMB Female 50OHM Solder Straight Thru-Hole Gold over Nickel
  • 414026-2: Connector RF Jack Assembly SMB RT ANG
Category: RF Connectors
Horizontal Inductor

Horizontal Inductor 

Buy Horizontal Inductor Items Including
  • 2109-H-VP: 2100 47µH Toroid Horizontal Inductor Idc: 3.6A
  • 2105-H-VP: 2100 22µH Wirewound Horizontal Inductor
  • 2301-H-VP: 2300 1 Element 10 uH General Purpositione Inductor
  • LQW15AN6N2C00D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Horizontal Wire Wound
  • LQW18AN22NG10D: Chip Coil for High Frequency Horizontal Wire Wound Inductor
Category: Inductor
Analog Voltage Regulator

Analog Voltage Regulator 

Buy Analog Voltage Regulator Items Including
  • MC78L05ABDG: MC78L05A Analog Voltage Regulator 100MA 5V
  • MC7812BTG: Analog Voltage Regulator 1A 12V (Analog/Linear)
  • 7912T: -12V 2.2A Negative Voltage Regulator TO-220 Output Current in Excess of 1A
  • MC7805CTG: 2.2A 5V Positive Voltage Regulator
  • LM2940T-9.0/NOPB: LM2940 1A Low Dropout Voltage Regulator 9V
Category: Voltage Regulators

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