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Continuous Servo

Continuous Servo 

Buy Continuous Servo Items Including
  • 900-00008: Continuous Rotation Servo Bidirectional Continuous Rotation
  • 1248: Continuous Rotation Servo Motor 5.1 Kg-Cm @ 6V
  • 900-00025: High Speed Continuous Rotation Servo (Motors)
  • CYS-S3003: Continuous Rotation Servo (Motors)
Category: Analog Servos
Female Jack Screw

Female Jack Screw 

Buy Female Jack Screw Items Including
  • DB9S-SFJ: Metal Solder-Cup Connector Female Solder Cup
  • 200875-1: 200875 Socket Assembly M Series
Category: D-Subminiature
Op-37 Family Op-Amps

Op-37 Family Op-Amps 

Buy Op-37 Family Op-Amps Items Including
  • LT1360CN8PBF: OP Amp OP-Amp 1500 uV Offset-Max
  • LT1361CS8: Dual Op-Amp 1500 uV Offset-Max
Category: Amplifiers
P50 Family Rectangular Connectors

P50 Family Rectangular Connectors 

Buy P50 Family Rectangular Connectors Items Including
  • P50-160S-R1-EA: Connector Rectangular PAK50 Connector/Rohs
  • P50-120P-RR1-EA: Connector Rectangular Rectifier CF 1/2 390R 5 TR
Category: .100 Inch (2.54MM) Series
DFRobot Controllers

DFRobot Controllers 

Buy DFRobot Controllers Items Including
  • TEL0023: Bluetooth Bee 1. Bluetooth Chip: CSR BC417143 (Radio/IR Controls)
  • DRI0002: 2A Dual Motor Controller (Preassembled)
  • DFR0225: Romeo V2 all-in-One Controller (Microcontrollers)
  • TEL0026: Bluetooth Module V3 the Bluetooth Chip: CSR BC417143
  • ROB0103: DIY Spider Robot Romeo-all in One Controller (Arduino Compatible Atmega 328)
Category: Wireless Interface Devices
On Mini Toggle

On Mini Toggle 

Buy On Mini Toggle Items Including
  • 7107P3YV4BE: SPDT Mini Toggle Switch
  • A105SYZB: SPDT Mini Toggle Switch
  • TT11AGPC9T1/4: SPST Toggle Switch 0.4VA @ 20VDC/125VAC
Category: Toggle
PIC Proto Board

PIC Proto Board 

Buy PIC Proto Board Items Including
  • 32212: Propeller Proto Board P8X32A-Q44 Propeller Chip
  • B502: Surface Mount Proto Board with Multiple Patterns
  • VM134: PIC™ Programmer Board (Eprom/Flash)
  • 40010: P8X32A Quickstart Proto Board Kit (Propeller Series)
  • B516: Protoboard Surface Mount Proto Board
Category: Proto Boards
Counter Decoder

Counter Decoder 

Buy Counter Decoder Items Including
  • MC14017BCPG: Decade Counter / Divider Decoder/Driver (Logic)
  • CD4026: Decade Counter/Divider Counter and 7 Segment Decoding in One Package (4000 Series)
  • CD4017: CMOS Decade Counter with 10 Decoded Outputs (4000 Series)
  • HCTL-2032-SC: 32 Pin Decoder/Counter SOIC (Discrete LEDs )
  • HCTL-2021-A00: Specialty Interface Circuit PDIP20
Category: 4000 Series
Spring Latch

Spring Latch 

Buy Spring Latch Items Including
  • 745779-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch
  • 745255-2: Connector Accessories Spring Latch 2/BAG
  • 745255-3: 745255 Spring Latch Bulk PKG
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Amp Hand Crimping Tools

Amp Hand Crimping Tools 

Buy Amp Hand Crimping Tools Items Including
  • 58078-3: Tool Frame with out Dies
  • 58495-1: Terminal Socket AMP Series 1 CPC Circular
  • 59824-1: 59824 Tetra-Crimp HT Assembly
  • 354940-1: 354940 Pro-Crimper III Frame with O Dies
Category: Rectangular Connectors
Keystone Battery Holder

Keystone Battery Holder 

Buy Keystone Battery Holder Items Including
  • 103: 20MM Coin Cell Battery Holder
  • 140: Battery Holder Aluminum 2 AA Solder Lugs .561 Inch Od X 1.988L
  • 1065: THM Vertical 20MM Coin Cell Battery Holder
  • 2462: THM Dual AA Cell (in Series) Battery Holder
  • 2468: THM Dual AAA Cell (in Series) Battery Holder
Category: Holders & Clips
Commercial Micro-D

Commercial Micro-D 

Buy Commercial Micro-D Items Including
  • 836199003: 83619 9 Contact Male D Microminiature Connector Solder Plug
  • 83421-9041: Comm-D 9 Socket/D-Sub 9 Socket 72.0 (Cable Assembly)
  • 83422-9018: 15 Contact Female D Microminiature Connector Crimp Receptacle
Category: D-Subminiature
Wire Wrap Hand Tool

Wire Wrap Hand Tool 

Buy Wire Wrap Hand Tool Items Including
  • HSR30: Strip-Wrap-Unwrap Tool (Regular)
  • WWT-100: 30 AWG Wire Wrapping Tool
Category: Stripper Hand Tools
On Semiconductor Line Driver

On Semiconductor Line Driver 

Buy On Semiconductor Line Driver Items Including
  • MC74HC541ADWG: Octal 3 State Noninverting Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver
  • MC74LCX16244DTG: Buffer-Line Driver 16 Channel Non-Inverting 3 State CMOS 48 Pin Tssop Rail FR 16BIT 3ST
  • MC74VHCT541ADTG: Buffer-Line Driver 8 Channel Non-Inverting 3 State CMOS 20 Pin Tssop Rail FR 3ST Octl
  • MC74HC541ANG: Octal 3 State Noninverting Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver
  • MC100LVEL16DTG: Line Receiver 1 Receiver 8 Pin Tssop Rail Difrential
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Texas Instruments 74AHCT Series SMD

Texas Instruments 74AHCT Series SMD 

Buy Texas Instruments 74AHCT Series SMD Items Including
  • SN74AHCT04D: SOIC-14 HEX Inverter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT1G04DCKR: Single Inverter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT1G04DBVR: Single INV Erter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT138D: SOIC-16 3 to-8 Decoder/Demultiplexer (Cmo Logic)
  • SN74AHCT00D: SOIC-14 Quad 2 Input Nand Gate (Cmo Logic)
Category: 74AHCT Series (SMD)
ATF16V8BQL Family Spld

ATF16V8BQL Family Spld 

Buy ATF16V8BQL Family Spld Items Including
  • ATF16V8BQL-15JU: Spld 15NSQTR PWR (Plds)
  • ATF16V8BQL-15PU: 250 Gate Epld 15 NS Wafer IND Temp Green
Category: Plds
Hcpl-3700 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers

Hcpl-3700 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers 

Buy Hcpl-3700 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers Items Including
  • HCPL3700: HCPL-3700 AC/DC Hi-Speed Logic
  • HCPL-3700-000E: AC/DC to Logic Interface Optocoupler
Category: Optoisolators
16V AC Adapter

16V AC Adapter 

Buy 16V AC Adapter Items Including
  • AC-0000C4: DB9 Male to RJ45 Adapter Cable (Networking/Telecom)
  • SPA065VS21C: 65W Slim Universal Notebook AC Adapter Rohs Compliant
  • FSP120-AAC: 120W 19V Universal Notebook AC Adapter Rohs Compliant
  • PSA08R-050-1.3: 5 Volt 1 Amp AC-to-DC Switching Interchangeable Wall Adapter (AC Clips not Included)
  • GE18I24-P1J: 18W Interchangeable AC Plug AC-to-DC Wall Adapter Power Supply
Category: Table Top
PS2502-4 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers

PS2502-4 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers 

Buy PS2502-4 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers Items Including
  • PS2502-1: Darlington Photocoupler Optoisolator Packaging: DIP-4 (Opto Components)
  • PS2502-4: Quad NPN High Density Mounting Phototransistor 40 Volt (Optoisolators)
Category: Optoisolators
Cabinet Component

Cabinet Component 

Buy Cabinet Component Items Including
  • 74LS SERIES KIT: 420 PC 74LS00 Series IC Cabinet Kit (Assortments)
  • CD4000 SERIES KIT: 4000 Series CMOS IC Cabinet Kit (Assortments)
  • LINEAR SERIES KIT: 480 PC Linear IC Cabinet Kit (Assortments)
  • UP02: Cabinet Mounting Plate for 19 Inch Cabinets
  • SWITCH KIT: 180 Piece Assortment of Switches with Component Cabinet
Category: Component Kits
Molex Crimp Tools

Molex Crimp Tools 

Buy Molex Crimp Tools Items Including
  • W-HT-1921: Hand Crimp Tool & Wire Cutter/Wire Stripper/Bolt Cutter
  • 63811-1000: Crimpers Application Tooling Hand Crimp Tool for Mini-Fit Jr
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Crystal Oscillator 1 Mhz

Crystal Oscillator 1 Mhz 

Buy Crystal Oscillator 1 Mhz Items Including
  • OSC1: TTL Oscillator Full can (Frequency Control)
  • CB3-3C-10.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-80.0000-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • CB3LV-3C-14.31818-T: SMD CMOS/Ttl Clock Oscilator, (Oscillators (SMD) )
  • OSC20: Crystal Oscillator 20MHZ 100PPM 5V 20MA 10NS R/F
Category: Oscillators (SMD)
Digital Voltmeter Display

Digital Voltmeter Display 

Buy Digital Voltmeter Display Items Including
  • DPM 959B: Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200MV Fsr Volt/Amp 0.75 Inch Digit Height
  • DPM 340: Digital Volt Meter Panel Mount LED 3.5 200MVDC 0.43 Inch Digit Height Snap-In
  • EMV-1125: Display LCD Voltmeter 3.5DIGIT 200MV Full Scale Auto-Zero/Pol Note:
Category: Meter Panel Mount
Zif IC Sockets

Zif IC Sockets 

Buy Zif IC Sockets Items Including
  • 40-6554-11: Socket ZIF40DIP.600 RH Down on Soldr Tail Gold
  • 24-526-10: 526 Socket ZIF 24DIP Solder Tail Tin
  • 228-1296-00-3303: ZIP Socket 0.15A Switching Controller PDSO6 (Zif)
Category: Sockets
Crystal Oscillator 20MHZ

Crystal Oscillator 20MHZ 

Buy Crystal Oscillator 20MHZ Items Including
  • OSC20: Crystal Oscillator 20MHZ 100PPM 5V 20MA 10NS R/F
  • TQR49S20M0000A2010-R: Crystal Oscillator 20.000MHZ HC49/Us 20pf Low Profile
  • TQR49U14M7456A2010: 11.0592MHZ 50PPM HC49/U 32 pf Crystal Oscillator
  • TQR49S5M0000A2010: Low Profile Crystal Oscillator Frequency: 5MHZ
  • OSC10.000: Crystal Oscillator 10MHZ 100PPM 5V 20MA 10NS R/F
Category: Crystals
Wireless Interface Devices Robotics

Wireless Interface Devices Robotics 

Buy Wireless Interface Devices Robotics Items Including
  • 32401: Xbee 5V/3.3V Adapter Board (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • 32403: Xbee/Xbee Pro Adapter Board (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • 32400: Xbee/Xbee Pro USB Adapter Board (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • DFR0050: Xbee USB Adapter TTL Adapter (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • 30086: RN-42 Bluetooth Module (Wireless Interface Devices)
Category: Wireless Interface Devices
Socket Sip Socket

Socket Sip Socket 

Buy Socket Sip Socket Items Including
  • GB120: Grab Bags PGA Simm SIP and Semiconductor Sockets
  • GB120LB: Grab Bags PGA Simm SIP and Semiconductor Sockets
  • 2011-1X36-R: 36 Pin Machine Tooled Strip Sockets Current: 1A
  • 6100-1X10-R: 0.1 Inch Single in Line Machine Tooled Pins Socket
  • 6100-1X30W-R: .100 Inch Single in-Line Wire Wrap Machine Tooled Strip Socket
Category: Sockets
6V Zener Diode

6V Zener Diode 

Buy 6V Zener Diode Items Including
  • 1N5233B: 6V 500MW 5% Zener DO3 5 (Diodes & Rectifiers)
  • 1N5340BG: 6V 5W Silicon Unidirectional Voltage Regulator Diode
  • 1SMB5919BT3G: 400W Unidirectional Silicon TVS Diode
Category: Zener Diodes
65A Transistor

65A Transistor 

Buy 65A Transistor Items Including
  • STP8NK100Z: 6.5A 1000V 1.85 Ohm N-Channel Si Power Mosfet TO-220AB
  • IRF7313TRPBF: 6.5A 30V 0.029 Ohm 2 Channel
  • IRF9630PBF: 6.5A 200V 0.8 Ohm P-Channel Si
  • IRFB4227PBF: 65A 200V 0.024 Ohm N-Channel Si
Category: Mosfets
Full Bridge Rectifier

Full Bridge Rectifier 

Buy Full Bridge Rectifier Items Including
  • MDA990-3: Diode Bridge 200V PRV Full Wave Bridge
  • A3976KLB: Motor Driver PWM Full 24 SOIC 0.5A
Category: Bridge Rectifiers

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