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Analog Devices Line Driver

Analog Devices Line Driver 

Buy Analog Devices Line Driver Items Including
  • AD8328ARQZ: SP Amp Line Driver Amp Single 5.25 Volt 20 Pin Qsop
  • ADM1385ARS: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
  • ADM211ARS: O.1uf Line Driver -IC (Interface)
  • ADM3202ARNZ: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver PDSO16
  • ADM3222ARS: Low Power 3.3V RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Parallax Hardware

Parallax Hardware 

Buy Parallax Hardware Items Including
  • 725-28995: Acrylic IR Stand with Hardware Dark Colored Acrylic Stand
  • 725-32008: Acrylic Ping) ) Stand with Hardware Dark Colored Acrylic Stand
  • 570-28015: Ping) ) Mounting Bracket Kit (Hardware)
Category: Arduino
Nxp Semiconductors Multiplexer or Switch

Nxp Semiconductors Multiplexer or Switch 

Buy Nxp Semiconductors Multiplexer or Switch Items Including
  • 74HC4066D,652: 74HC4066 Quad Bilateral Switch (Analog/Linear)
  • 74HC4051N,652: 8 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
  • 74HC4053D,652: Triple 2 Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
Category: Multiplexer or Switch
CK06 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor

CK06 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor 

Buy CK06 Family Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Items Including
  • CK06BX333K: CK06 Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 100V X7R 0.033 uf
  • CK06BX222K: CK06 Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer 200V X7R 0.0022 uf
  • CK06BX564K: CK06 Capacitor Ceramic 50V BX 0.56 uf through Hole Mount
  • CK06BX104KTR1: CK06 Capacitor Radial Molded BX .1uf 200V 10% 0.29X0.290.2LS T/R
  • CK06BX274K: CK06 Fifo Asynchronous Dual Fifo 1K X 9 20NS 5VOLT TSSOP56 (PA56)
Category: Radial Ceramic
LM339A Family Comparator

LM339A Family Comparator 

Buy LM339A Family Comparator Items Including
  • LM339AN: LM339A Comparator Quad ±15 Volt 30 Volt 14 Pin Plastic DIP Tube (Analog/Linear)
  • LM339AM/NOPB: LM339A LM339M Linear Quad Comparator SOIC-14
Category: Comparators
Variable Resistor Values

Variable Resistor Values 

Buy Variable Resistor Values Items Including
  • ASST8-R: 350 Piece 1/4W Resistor Assortment -70 Values
  • ASST1270-R: 107837 (70 Value) (1/2W) (Component Kits)
  • SMR-1206-SB-R: 1/4 Watt SMD 1206 Chip Resistor Assortment Kit
  • 16-500: Assortment of 1/8W 0805 SMD Chip Resistors
  • K/RES-E3: Pack of 480 E3 Series Resistors (Assortments)
Category: Component Kits
Logic & CMOS 74AHCT Series

Logic & CMOS 74AHCT Series 

Buy Logic & CMOS 74AHCT Series Items Including
  • 74AHCT1G125GW,125: Ahct Bus Buffer/Line Driver
  • 3 State (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT1G04DBVR: Single INV Erter (74AHCT Series (SMD) )
  • SN74AHCT74D: SOIC-14 Dual D-Type Flip-Flop with Clear and Preset
  • SN74AHCT245DW: SOIC-20 Octal Bus Transceiver with 3 State Outputs
Category: 74AHCT Series (SMD)
SPST Reed Relay

SPST Reed Relay 

Buy SPST Reed Relay Items Including
  • BR-1050: Reed Relays SPST -no 0.5A 12VDC 1.05KOHM Thru-Hole
  • EDR2D1A0500Z: Reed Relays SPST -no 0.5A 5VDC 500OHM Thru-Hole
  • HE751A0500: 5 Volt 500 Ohm Single Pole Single Throw Normally Open Relay
Category: Reed
Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Fuses & Circuit Breakers 

Buy Fuses & Circuit Breakers Items Including
  • 35-2110-BU: Circuit Breaker 10A 250VAC 2 Pin Bulk
  • 35-2105-BU: 5A Pushbutton Circuit Breaker (Resettable Fuses)
  • 35-2115-BU: 2 Terminal Circuit Breaker Panel Mount
  • 35-2120-BU: 2 Terminal Circuit Breaker Current: 20A
  • 1410-G111-L2F1-S01-1.5A: Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker
Category: Resettable Fuses
Ebm-Papst Fan Accessories

Ebm-Papst Fan Accessories 

Buy Ebm-Papst Fan Accessories Items Including
  • 78128-2-4039: Thermal Management Accessories Metal Finger Guard 240MM
  • LZ30P: Finger Guard 127X127
Category: Fan Guards
BS170 Family Mosfet

BS170 Family Mosfet 

Buy BS170 Family Mosfet Items Including
  • BS170.: Transistor BS170 N Channel Mosfet 60V TO-92FOR More About Transistors Click Here
  • BS170: Transistor Mosfet N Channel 60 Volt 0.5 Amp 3 Pin TO-92 Bulk :
Category: Mosfets
Arduino USB

Arduino USB 

Buy Arduino USB Items Including
  • A000059: USB Serial Light Adapter
  • CJKIT-20259: DIY: Alarms -(Includes Arduino Uno & USB Cable)
  • CJKIT-20259B: DIY: Alarms -(without Arduino Uno & USB Cable)
  • CJKIT-21338: Passive Brake Light USB Cable for Programming the Arduino
Category: Educational
SMD Resistor Assortment

SMD Resistor Assortment 

Buy SMD Resistor Assortment Items Including
  • SMR-1206-SB-R: 1/4 Watt SMD 1206 Chip Resistor Assortment Kit
  • 16-500: Assortment of 1/8W 0805 SMD Chip Resistors
Category: Component Kits
Lumex Opto

Lumex Opto 

Buy Lumex Opto Items Including
  • SSL-LX5093SWC/A: White Water Clear T1 3/4 LED (IrLED)
  • SSL-LX3353SYD: Standard Output Yellow LED (IrLED)
  • SSL-LX5093XUSBC: Super Blue Water Clear LED Size: T1-3/4
Category: IrLED
Texas Instruments Data Transmission

Texas Instruments Data Transmission 

Buy Texas Instruments Data Transmission Items Including
  • AM26LV32CD: AM26LV31CD Interface (Data Transmission (SMD) )
  • SN65HVD21D: Line Transceiver PDSO8 (Data Transmission (SMD) )
  • SN65LVDS100D: Line Transceiver PDSO8 (Data Transmission (SMD) )
  • XTR101AP: 11.6-40V DIP-14 2 (Data Transmission)
  • SN75LBC176D: Drv/Rec 5V RS485 Diff Bus Transceiver
Category: Data Transmission (SMD)
Vishay Dale Resistors

Vishay Dale Resistors 

Buy Vishay Dale Resistors Items Including
  • MDP1603120RGD04: MDP 03 DIP Resistor Networks 120 Ohms
  • CPCF-5: 5 Watt 10K Ohm Metal Film Wirewound Resistor
  • CPCP-10-2: 10 Watt 30 Ohm Ceramic Wirewound Resistor Power: 10W
  • CMF5510K000FKEA: 250 Volt 1/2 Watt 10K Ohm 1% Metal Film Resistor
  • NH25020R00FJ01: Resistor Wirewound 20 Ohm 1% 250W ±20PPM/C Aluminum Housed AXL Flange Mount Skin Pack
Category: Fixed Single-through Hole
Synchronous Step Up Controller

Synchronous Step Up Controller 

Buy Synchronous Step Up Controller Items Including
  • LT3782EFEPBF: 2 Phase Step-Up Controller
  • LTC1700EMSPBF: LTC1700EMS#PBF no Rsense Synch
  • LTC1876EGPBF: High Efficiency 2 Phase
Category: DC to DC Power Supply
Motion Control Boards

Motion Control Boards 

Buy Motion Control Boards Items Including
  • KAE-T0V10-BDV1: Servo PIC-Servo SC Motion Control Board (Motors)
  • KAE-T0V10-BD3PHV1: Servo PIC-Servo SC 3PH Motion Control Board
  • KAE-T3V1-BDV1: Stepper PIC-Step Motion Control Board (Motors)
Category: Servo Motor Controllers
Chemtronics Soldering Equipment

Chemtronics Soldering Equipment 

Buy Chemtronics Soldering Equipment Items Including
  • 60-3-5: Soder-Wick® no Clean Desoldering Braid (Soldering Equipment)
  • 60-4-5: Soder-Wick® no Clean Desoldering Braid (Soldering Equipment)
Category: Desolder Braid
On Semiconductor Temperature Sensor

On Semiconductor Temperature Sensor 

Buy On Semiconductor Temperature Sensor Items Including
  • ADM1030ARQZ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 8BIT 1CEL
  • ADM1021AARQZ: Temperature Sensor Low Cost Microprocessor
  • ADM1027ARQZ: Temperature Sensor Digital Serial 2 Wire/3 Wire 24 Pin Qsop Tube
  • ADT7476ARQZ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 8BIT 2.50CEL
  • ADT7461AARMZ: Digital Temperature Sensor-Serial 8BIT 1CEL
Category: Temperature Sensors (SMD)
Ratchet Crimping Tools

Ratchet Crimping Tools 

Buy Ratchet Crimping Tools Items Including
  • HT-303-R: Solderless Terminal Ratchet Crimping Tool
  • HT-336G-R: Ratchet Crimping Tool
  • TTK-070: Modular Cut/Crimp/Strip Tool
Category: Crimper Hand Tools
Omron Relay Socket

Omron Relay Socket 

Buy Omron Relay Socket Items Including
  • PT08-0: Connector Relay Socket SKT 8 Position Solder Straight Thru-Hole
  • P6B-04P: Connector Relay Socket 4 Position Solder Straight Thru-Hole
  • PYF14A-E-R: 14 Contact Relay Socket (Rectangular Connectors)
Category: Sockets
390pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor

390pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor 

Buy 390pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Items Including
  • 08051A391JAT2A-CT: Capacitor 0805 NP0390pf 5% 100V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • 08055A391JAT2AT/R: Capacitor 0805 NP0390pf 5% 50V Unmarked 7IN T/R (Ceramic (SMD) )
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Flange Mount Card Edge Connectors

Flange Mount Card Edge Connectors 

Buy Flange Mount Card Edge Connectors Items Including
  • 3415-0001: 3000 .100 Inch Connector Card Edge without Mounting Flange
  • 3462-0001: Connector Card Edge Socket 26 Position 2.54MM IDT Right Angle Flange Mount
  • 3461-0001: 20 Contact Female Right Angle Single Part Card Edge Conn
Category: Card Edge
Belden Coaxial Cable

Belden Coaxial Cable 

Buy Belden Coaxial Cable Items Including
  • 9259 010100.: 9259 Standard Analog Video Cable RG-59/U Type (Assortments)
  • 8281 010100.: 8281 Precision Video Cable for Analog and Digital (Assortments)
Category: Cables
Crystal 1 Mhz

Crystal 1 Mhz 

Buy Crystal 1 Mhz Items Including
  • OSC1: TTL Oscillator Full can (Frequency Control)
  • AD650AD: Voltage-Frequency Converter 1 MHz CDIP14
  • AD650JN: Voltage-Frequency Converter 1 MHz PDIP14
  • AD650BD: Voltage-Frequency Converter 1 MHz CDIP14
  • AD7740KRMZ: Voltage-Frequency Converter 1 MHz PDSO8
Category: Converter
Voltage Detection Circuit

Voltage Detection Circuit 

Buy Voltage Detection Circuit Items Including
  • LT4256-3CGNPBF: Positive High Voltage HOT Swap Controller with Open-Circuit Detect
  • LT4256-3IGN: Positive High Voltage HOT Swap Controller with Open-Circuit Detect
Category: Hot Swap Controller
LT1180A Family Bus Line Transceiver

LT1180A Family Bus Line Transceiver 

Buy LT1180A Family Bus Line Transceiver Items Including
  • LT1180ACSWPBF: LT1180A Dual Line Transceiver PDSO18
  • LT1180AINPBF: LT1180A Dual Line Transceiver PDIP18
  • LT1180ACNPBF: LT1180A LT1180ACN#PBF ¦10KV 5V RS23
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Binding Post Terminals

Binding Post Terminals 

Buy Binding Post Terminals Items Including
  • BB-3T5D: 2390 Point Solderless Breadboard
  • BB-4T7D: 3220 Point Solderless Breadboard
Category: Solderless Breadboards
Blue Clip

Blue Clip 

Buy Blue Clip Items Including
  • G/S(SF-207-BL)-R: Test Clip Micro Blue 1.5 Inch Long
  • 1825-6: Blue Standard Solderless Stackable Banana Plug with Safety Collar 10 Pack
  • MDP-6: Blue Stackable Double Banana Plug with Cable Guide
  • 2708.: 9 Slot Test Lead Rack Holder
Category: Test Leads,Plugs,Jacks & Clips

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