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L79L05AC Family Linear Regulator   to   SPST Key Switch

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L79L05AC Family Linear Regulator

L79L05AC Family Linear Regulator 

Buy L79L05AC Family Linear Regulator Items Including
  • L79L05ACUTR: L79L05AC 5V Fixed Negative Regulator PSSO3 (Analog/Linear)
  • L79L05ACZ: L79L05AC 5V Fixed Negative Regulator BCY3 (Analog/Linear)
Category: Voltage Regulators (SMD)
IC Set Reset

IC Set Reset 

Buy IC Set Reset Items Including
  • 74279: Quad Set Reset Latch DIP-16 : Input Voltage: 5.5V (74 Series)
  • 74LS279: LS Quad Set/Reset Latch DIP-16 (74LS Series)
  • CD4013: Dual D-Type Flip-Flop DIP-14 CD4000 Series Dual D Flip-Flop with Set/Reset
Category: 74 Series
Chip Socket

Chip Socket 

Buy Chip Socket Items Including
  • 850-44-PPST: 850 44 Pin Surface Mount Chip Carrier Socket
  • 268-5401-00-1102JH: Production Chip Carrier -Lcc with Full LID 268-5401-00-1102
Category: Sockets
Stepper Motor Driver Kit

Stepper Motor Driver Kit 

Buy Stepper Motor Driver Kit Items Including
  • A4988/SP: Stepper Motor Driver for K8200 -3D Printer (Spare Part)
  • INTELLI-INCH-LR-STARTER K: Intelli-Inch Stepper Controller & Driver Starter Kit (Motors)
Category: 3D Printers
Molex Computer Cables

Molex Computer Cables 

Buy Molex Computer Cables Items Including
  • 88728-3400: 4 Contacts Male USB Cable
  • 88732-9200: USB-a Male to USB-B Male Cable 2.09 Meters (USB)
Category: USB
Cartridge Family Microphone

Cartridge Family Microphone 

Buy Cartridge Family Microphone Items Including
  • AOM-6545P-R: 2 Pin Cartridge Microphone
  • EC928P-602: Microphone Cartridge Frequency: 20-12000
  • ECM-60PC-R: Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge
  • EM-99-R: Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge
  • AMF-097A40-NB1-LF: Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone Cartridge
Category: Microphones
CPU Cooler Fan

CPU Cooler Fan 

Buy CPU Cooler Fan Items Including
  • Z9U741L001: Fan Cooler Active Fan/Heatsinkpa Ns, TSOP56
  • Z7U7Y49501: Fan Cooler Cube 1 Intel P4 478 3.4 Ns, TSOP86
Category: Active Heat Sinks
Skt Interface Connectors

Skt Interface Connectors 

Buy Skt Interface Connectors Items Including
  • 55395-0619: Connector Interface Ieee 1394 SKT with Lock SKT
  • 539840671: 6 Contact Female Right Angle Telecom and Datacom Connector Solder
Category: Interface
Li-Ion NiMH

Li-Ion NiMH 

Buy Li-Ion NiMH Items Including
  • LTC1732EMS-8.4PBF: Li-Ion Battery Charger Termination Controller
  • LT1510CGNPBF: 2A Battery Charge Controller
  • LT1510-5CGNPBF: 500KHZ 1.5A Stepdn BAT Charger
  • LT1513-2CRPBF: Irvfix Volt FIX Current
  • LT1513CRPBF: 5.4A Battery Charge Controller
Category: Battery Management
Digital Light Opto & Illumination

Digital Light Opto & Illumination 

Buy Digital Light Opto & Illumination Items Including
  • 1138: 1M 60 LED Neopixel Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip
  • 1376: 1M 30 LED Neopixel Digital RGB LED Strip (White Backing)
Category: LED Light Strips
2pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor

2pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor 

Buy 2pf Ceramic Multilayer Capacitor Items Including
  • 08055A2R0CAT2A: Capacitor 0805 NP02pf .25pf 50V 7IN TR, (Ceramic (SMD) )
  • GRM1555C1H2R0CZ01D: GRM15 Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor
Category: Ceramic (SMD)
Parallax Controllers

Parallax Controllers 

Buy Parallax Controllers Items Including
  • 27938: Little Step-U Motor Controller
  • 29144: HB-25 Motor Controller Motor Size: 0.5 HP Max -no Minimum
  • 29122: IR Remote Control Parts Kit (Radio/Transmitter)
  • 27961: Motor Mind B Enhanced Controls DC Motor Direction and Speed
  • 32203: Web Server Propeller MCU W5100 Ethernet Controller Micro SD Socket
Category: Stepper Motor Controllers
LTC1483 Family Bus Line Transceiver

LTC1483 Family Bus Line Transceiver 

Buy LTC1483 Family Bus Line Transceiver Items Including
  • LTC1483CN8PBF: LTC1483 LTC1483CN8#PBF Low EMI 1/2
  • LTC1483CS8PBF: LTC1483 LTC1483CS8#PBF Low EMI 1/2
Category: Line Driver or Receiver
Zago Manufacturing Co Toggle

Zago Manufacturing Co Toggle 

Buy Zago Manufacturing Co Toggle Items Including
  • TH 605-GY: Standard Toggle Waterproof Switch Boot Seal
  • TH 606-GY: Standard Toggle Switch Waterproof Boot Seal
  • TH609-BLK: Waterproof Seal Boot for Toggle Switches
Category: Toggle
Delta Electronics Blowers

Delta Electronics Blowers 

Buy Delta Electronics Blowers Items Including
  • BFB1224HE: DC Blower Ball 24 Volt 0.34A 8.16 Watt 2300 RPM 27.19 CFM 51.5DB Flange Mount
  • BFB0405HHA-A: DC Blower Ball Bearing 5 Volt 0.16A 0.8 Watt 8500RPM 3CFM 34.5DB Flange Mount
  • BFB1012HH: DC Blower Ball Bearing 12 Volt 1.25A 15 Watt 4000RPM 34.28CFM 57DB Flange Mount
Category: DC
Assortment Family Solderless Terminals

Assortment Family Solderless Terminals 

Buy Assortment Family Solderless Terminals Items Including
  • GB203: GB Assorted Solderless Terminals (Hardware)
  • G1C175-R: Terminal Solderless Kit 171 Pieces Spade Ring Terminal Butt Connectors
Category: Spacers & Standoffs
12V AC to AC 2A Power Supply

12V AC to AC 2A Power Supply 

Buy 12V AC to AC 2A Power Supply Items Including
  • RQ-65B: 62.5W AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supply
  • MAP40-3000: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/12V/-12V 3A/2A/0.3A 40W 8 Pin
  • NLP25-7608J: AC/DC Power Supply Triple-Output 5V/12V/-12V 2A/0.8A/0.1A 20.8W 8 Pin
Category: Open Frame
Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers

Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers 

Buy Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers Items Including
  • LMV722M: Ultra Low Noise DUA L OP AMP
  • LMH6624MA: Ultra Low Noise Wideband OP Am
  • OPA129U: Ultra-Low Noise BIA S Currnt OA (Amplifiers)
  • AD743JR-16: AD743 Op-Amp 1500 uV Offset-Max 4.5 MHz Band Width
Category: Amplifiers (SMD)
Stereo Amplifier Kits

Stereo Amplifier Kits 

Buy Stereo Amplifier Kits Items Including
  • EBST-11: Audio Stereo Amplifier Kit
  • K4003: 2X30 Watt Stereo Amplifier Kit (Audio)
  • K4005B: 400W Mono / Stereo Amplifier (Audio)
Category: Audio
DF04S Family Bridge Rectifier

DF04S Family Bridge Rectifier 

Buy DF04S Family Bridge Rectifier Items Including
  • DF04S: Diode Bridge Rectifier 1A 400V DIP-4
  • DF04S-T: DF04S 1A 400V Silicon Bridge Rectifier Diode
Category: Bridge Rectifiers
Texas Instruments Line Driver

Texas Instruments Line Driver 

Buy Texas Instruments Line Driver Items Including
  • SN74LS244N: Octal Buffers & Line Drivers with 3 St Outputs
  • SN74LS541N: 8 Channel Buffer/Line Driver Input Voltage: 7V
  • SN74HC541PW: TSSOP-20 Octal Buffer/Line Driver
  • SN74LS368AN.: Buffer and Line Driver SN74LS368AN DIP-16
  • DS26LS31CM: DS26LS31C Quad Diff Line Driver S.O (Interface)
Category: Buffer and Line Driver
Ptc Sensor

Ptc Sensor 

Buy Ptc Sensor Items Including
  • HEL-705-U-1-12-00: Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC (Sensors)
  • TD4A: TD Resistor Temperature Dependent PTC (Sensors)
Category: Temperature
Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Interconnects

Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Interconnects 

Buy Ece/Excel Cell Electronics Interconnects Items Including
  • ECT URZ: Connectr Splice Y Type 3WIRE 19-26AWG Wire (Red)
  • ECT UYZ: Connector Splice 2 Wire 22-26AWG Wire
Category: Terminals
H11A1 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers

H11A1 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers 

Buy H11A1 Family Transistor & Photovoltaic Output Photocouplers Items Including
  • H11A1-M: 1 Channel Transistor Output Optocoupler
  • H11A1SM.: H11A1 MOT Transistor Output Surface
Category: Optoisolators
Magnetic Audio Indicator & Alerts

Magnetic Audio Indicator & Alerts 

Buy Magnetic Audio Indicator & Alerts Items Including
  • SV10: Audio Indicator and Alerts Buzzer
  • SBT-1612: MG SBT16S Magnetic Transducer Speaker
Category: Piezo Buzzers
Dale/Vishay Metal Film

Dale/Vishay Metal Film 

Buy Dale/Vishay Metal Film Items Including
  • CMF5510K000FKEA: 250 Volt 1/2 Watt 10K Ohm 1% Metal Film Resistor
  • CPCF-5: 5 Watt 10K Ohm Metal Film Wirewound Resistor
Category: Metal Film
Hdsp-F201 Family LED Displays

Hdsp-F201 Family LED Displays 

Buy Hdsp-F201 Family LED Displays Items Including
  • HDSP-F201-DE000: 7 SEG Numeric Display High Efficiency RED
  • HDSP-F201: 7 SEG Numeric Display High Efficiency RED
Category: 7 Segment
Wireless Interface Devices

Wireless Interface Devices 

Buy Wireless Interface Devices Items Including
  • TEL0005: APC220 Radio Communication Module (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • 32408: Xbee Zigbee Pro 60 mW Wire Antenna Series 2 (XBP24 Z7WIT-004)
  • 32400: Xbee/Xbee Pro USB Adapter Board (Wireless Interface Devices)
  • 32402: Xbee SIP Adapter Onboard 3.3V Regulator (Radio/IR Controls)
  • 32405: Xbee 1MW Wire Antenna Series 1 (XB24 Awi-001) Support
Category: Wireless Interface Devices
Through Hole Mount Inverting

Through Hole Mount Inverting 

Buy Through Hole Mount Inverting Items Including
  • 43860-0016: Inverted Modular Jack Assembly (Telecom & Datacom)
  • 1-406541-1: MJ Invert 1X1 PNL GRD .100 S/T (RJ45)
Category: Telecom & Datacom
SPST Key Switch

SPST Key Switch 

Buy SPST Key Switch Items Including
  • MX1A-C1NN.: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O
  • 7914G-1-000E: SPST Electromechanical Switch Key Switch N.O Single Pole
  • IG-406D-2341: SPST Round Keylock Switch
Category: More Products

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